1. dadygee

    dadygeeHari Yang lalu

    la Casablanca.. my head just exploaded.

  2. Aditya Meena

    Aditya Meena6 hari yang lalu

    Is this movie has released

  3. daewod1996

    daewod199614 hari yang lalu

    Ya me la vi y la.verdad si me gustó le doy un 9 de 10

  4. Fun Project

    Fun Project23 hari yang lalu

    Try to look this parody in my channel 😁

  5. Mas Manado

    Mas ManadoBulan Yang lalu

    from director of venom lol


    PBX1 GAMINGBulan Yang lalu

    This is Boring movie Old Zombieland is better

  7. oldcbsfantwo-, Roy Neary

    oldcbsfantwo-, Roy NearyBulan Yang lalu

    I saw this movie last week.

  8. Qayyum Kamil

    Qayyum KamilBulan Yang lalu

    Just watched yesterday and it was amazing movie

  9. Jeong Min Oh

    Jeong Min OhBulan Yang lalu

    I truly love Emma’s laugh

  10. Gabriela Rios

    Gabriela RiosBulan Yang lalu

    Word is, the Clintons had the joke about the cigar removed from this film, so dont expect to see it in the actual film

  11. Robert Humphreys

    Robert HumphreysBulan Yang lalu

    It was brilliant

  12. luke mcmahon

    luke mcmahonBulan Yang lalu

    Who's here after seeing the Movie?

  13. DrBarnaby

    DrBarnabyBulan Yang lalu


  14. Thomas Kwok

    Thomas KwokBulan Yang lalu

    Damn I'm glad that I didn't watch this trailer before going into the theater, they shouldn't have put the Bill Murray surprise in this one

  15. Daniel De La Rosa

    Daniel De La RosaBulan Yang lalu


  16. Daniel De La Rosa

    Daniel De La RosaBulan Yang lalu


  17. Austin Aquino

    Austin AquinoBulan Yang lalu

    Spoiler Alert: THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME!

  18. Mordecai Harmon

    Mordecai HarmonBulan Yang lalu

    Can't wait to see this movie! If you liked the original movie, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one!

  19. Vito Javier

    Vito JavierBulan Yang lalu

    just watched this spoiler alert i respect how sony put bill murray in a credit scene

  20. Cintakukepadanyai takseperisabunmandi

    Cintakukepadanyai takseperisabunmandiBulan Yang lalu

    Abigail really looks like the young kirsten dunst

  21. Ro Prin

    Ro PrinBulan Yang lalu

    How is the first song called

  22. Slice Of games

    Slice Of gamesBulan Yang lalu

    So imma say it. Abigail Breslin looks and sounds very different from what I remember but she’s definitely hotter.

  23. N Q N - OFFICIAL

    N Q N - OFFICIALBulan Yang lalu

    They: " *from Director of Venom* " Me: " *and Woody Harrelson...the Main villian of Venom 2* " Marvel fan in 2021: wow NQN OFFICIAL is a PROPHET!!!!!!

  24. Timothy W

    Timothy WBulan Yang lalu

    'From the director of Venom' LOL why would you even put that? Because he literally has no other directing credit? Why would you hire him? Venom was a flop. Oh right, you only hire people that sell their souls to satan. Talent is not factored in. Enjoy wasting all that money for a minor profit from the chinese idiots.

  25. El Jefe

    El JefeBulan Yang lalu

    You know the feeling when you love a movie but hate the franchise???

  26. zeroziro Zoro

    zeroziro ZoroBulan Yang lalu



    SIXHOTLOADSBulan Yang lalu

    Looks awful.

  28. Drake Priscilla

    Drake PriscillaBulan Yang lalu

    Columbus:You wanna know what I would like? Tallahase santa:*pushes off* IDGAF what you'd like.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Eowyn Seymour

    Eowyn SeymourBulan Yang lalu

    I know Thomas middleditch is in this movie, if anyone else here knows that Thomas middleditch is in this movie send me a comment and I call you back.

  30. tleeg74

    tleeg74Bulan Yang lalu

    Who would have thought Abigail Breslin would turn out so damn cute?

  31. I’m a nobody

    I’m a nobodyBulan Yang lalu

    Finally we got a voice trailer it been so long

  32. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneBulan Yang lalu

    Bill Murray is dead! Still not recovered after 10 years! But excited for this!

  33. The Doodlebook

    The DoodlebookBulan Yang lalu

    So trailers can say the f bombs huh

  34. Stripey Arse

    Stripey ArseBulan Yang lalu

    I hope Cynthia Knickerbocker shows up again.

  35. Guest Googolplex

    Guest GoogolplexBulan Yang lalu

    *Who’s waiting for Zombieland:Seatbelts?😸*

  36. Jackson Crook

    Jackson CrookBulan Yang lalu

    I asked Bill Murray if he was going to be in the new Zombieland movie, he didn’t say anything but I knew.

  37. Jinu Vyas

    Jinu VyasBulan Yang lalu

    Please in hindi

  38. Red Neck

    Red NeckBulan Yang lalu

    I don't understand how the blonde girl got sick, she wasn't bit.

  39. Cole littlelight

    Cole littlelightBulan Yang lalu

    i already know what the opening scene looks like and its

  40. Dynami. exe

    Dynami. exeBulan Yang lalu