Zombie Nail Art & Halloween Nail Hacks!


  1. Fun with Sara

    Fun with Sara3 bulan yang lalu

    Hey guys! Surprise, surprise :) I have a new nail art video for you just in time for Halloween! This nail tutorial includes 12 easy ideas that you need to try out. Some are cute and adorable, while others are a bit more spooky ;) It's the spookiest time of the year after all haha! Let me know in the comments what videos you would like to see from me going forward. DIYs, Hacks, Pranks, Routines, etc? Give me your requests and I'll make them happen :) Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have the best day ever with people you love, filled with joy and of course lots of Halloween candy! XOXO, Sara

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    Love your videos

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    Ummmmmm spiders have 8 legs

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    You could have made an actual 🕷️ but okay

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    Hi 👋 I like your ideas because day and I like your videos they’re so good 😊

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    Hi Sara l love your thoughts . love from India 🤗🇮🇳

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    I wish if I could meet you

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    Sara, you are my favorite better than wengie and wengie is good I hope to see more videos on all your channels.

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    At first Sara that looked so real but then I just watched the video and that was awesome!!!

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    Wow,your bloody nails really scared me😅😂(looks very real)

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    I love you Sara! You make me feel safe.

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    Spiders have 8 legs

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    Can one day you make penny-wish costume and

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    When Sara made her nails with the nails I thought it was real nails🥶

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    It looked so creepy 😨

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    btw i like the last one its so spocky and scary!

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    My mom HATE spibers alot alot

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    Woww I love you vids♥️ I'm from Slovakia ❤️🇸🇰

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    I love this nail arts

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    These are so CUUTE!!!! Wait... Spiders have eight legs... *Automatically triggered*

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    I have three things to say 1. U r talented 2. U r talented 3. U r talented

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    It is nice but we should be careful while sticky the nail and l want to see more house pranks between you and Katie . I love your video s


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    Do you think that you can do DIY with more hot glue gun

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    How can a person be so so so creative. I m gone mad looking at ur v.u r amazingly amazing. I'll suggest my friends to watch ur v cause it's a must

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    Happy New year

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    I love you so much sara...I love your nails so much

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    yay your amazing I play Roblox!!!

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    Dale like si hablas español

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    And also congratulations on your new. channel I subscribed love you❤❤👍💕💖

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    Sara plzzzzz drawing and painting vedio plzz

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    i hate you

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    my nails will look so good:)

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    Sara what happened to sara beauty corner

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    Sara don't spiders have 8 legs u stole 2 of their ekici picsi legs in ur design 😂🤣👻👽💀👀

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    I really liked the last one 😁

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    You a beautiful girl sara

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    Spiders have 8 legs not 6... But I love you sooooo much Sara no hate

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    thats so mean halloween is bad thats the glory of satan😡😡

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    Do you have to use the clear polish if you're a kid? Cuz I'm a kid

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    But I am a boy

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