Zombie At School! / 12 DIY Zombie School Supplies


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    Nando's zombie videos I like it

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    Who is allowed to bring even fake weapens to school? NOT ME

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    This video is so cool

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    I thought zombies eat brains My life is a lie

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    Stick are very good

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    This is the weirdest channel I have ever been like whats the point having that on ur bag? Like come on ur just wasting eaeth resources

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    @I Am A NoOb I said I'm sorry

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    Krishnakumar v damn no respect, u never taught of our earth being destroyed? Hmm? No one's a weirdo becuz everyone has different characteristics characteristics. Dont judge other's until u know them who they really are :]

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    So why did they do that


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    I go to school and we are not aloud to bring them

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    Now I know where my braincells died at

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    She is not that bad She is CRAFTY

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    Lady: What would you bring to school in a zombie apocalypse? Me: *a gun.*

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    It's very wonderful and funny also

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    your a good zombie human you can prank your friends

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    The zombie girl is Really cute I love zombie

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    1:10 yeah I donI think the teachers I’ll allow that.. 8:44 that either..

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    Zombie!! AAA 😂 I love zombies