ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (Official Music Video)


  1. Davi Play2.0

    Davi Play2.036 menit yang lalu

    2019 alguem?

  2. Cleberson

    ClebersonJam Yang lalu

    Someone is Sculpting in Nada disso Aqui em BR Droga vamos dorminar os gringos Em Dezembro tem ????? 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  3. 《GG》Biel

    《GG》BielJam Yang lalu


  4. Jana Silva

    Jana SilvaJam Yang lalu

    Ameiiiii sou a única brasileira que gosta de música internacional ♥?

  5. Night Rain

    Night Rain2 jam yang lalu

    December 2019? Alguien? :')

  6. Feuer Phönix

    Feuer Phönix2 jam yang lalu

    December 2019/January 2020/February2020/March2020/April2020/Mai2020/June2020?

  7. Dayanara Hernandez

    Dayanara Hernandez2 jam yang lalu

    Didn’t you have a friend that play games with in Middle school or high school I think

  8. caraca kakaka

    caraca kakaka4 jam yang lalu

    Quem ama eesssaa música curti ai

  9. صقر المشاعل

    صقر المشاعل4 jam yang lalu

    Wow, I love this song to Ma3i, subscribe to my channel now

  10. Gaming with Mai&Alex

    Gaming with Mai&Alex4 jam yang lalu

    Music video is so unrelateable to the song

  11. pepper mint

    pepper mint5 jam yang lalu

    Clear Your Criminal Record For Life Federal Pardon Pop Ups.

  12. Chose Truc

    Chose Truc5 jam yang lalu

    ‘Kay, but this video is literally gold 💕

  13. Kitty Bear-Chan :3

    Kitty Bear-Chan :36 jam yang lalu

    THIS MUSIC AND PERFECT !, I will sing for my love ;w;

  14. Slender Man

    Slender Man8 jam yang lalu

    3:23 baby i am black pink~~

  15. Sitayeb Ouiza

    Sitayeb Ouiza8 jam yang lalu

    Who else listen to zayn when feeling sad more ?

  16. • Brunah

    • Brunah9 jam yang lalu

    Amando essa musica slk😍

  17. Khen Kk

    Khen Kk9 jam yang lalu

    Lord i love that guy

  18. Engui Batkhuu

    Engui Batkhuu9 jam yang lalu

    Where is SIA🤔

  19. Nicole Arquero

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  20. Prajwal Gopinath

    Prajwal Gopinath10 jam yang lalu

    Its been 2 years and we still don't know what's in the suitcase

  21. Admiral BeeMoo

    Admiral BeeMoo10 jam yang lalu

    2:15 ( 1 Direction got Dissed ) Have you noticed it?

  22. Ahmad x vlogs

    Ahmad x vlogs10 jam yang lalu

    Baby I'm really here❤😔🥀

  23. Dimas Wazowsky

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  24. Helo Vitória

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  25. de 不g f

    de 不g f11 jam yang lalu

    Who is from 2023

  26. kevin garcia

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  27. Flare

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  28. Flare

    Flare13 jam yang lalu

    Just kidding 😁

  29. dureyyy nayab

    dureyyy nayab13 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE THIS SONGGG SFMM !!! 10.12.19❤️

  30. Siddharth Chauhan

    Siddharth Chauhan14 jam yang lalu

    Who is watching in 2020😂😂😂

  31. Rizal Safei

    Rizal Safei15 jam yang lalu

    baby i'am ready🥰

  32. Celine Enkler

    Celine Enkler17 jam yang lalu

    Ich hasse dieses Lied ... es erinnert mich an jmd...

  33. Akshita Sharma

    Akshita Sharma18 jam yang lalu

    28M views more and then this song will reach 1.3B

  34. Jorge patricio tadeo Aquino garelli

    Jorge patricio tadeo Aquino garelli18 jam yang lalu

    Bldo yo amo esta canción pero la escucho cuando estoy triste y me pongo peor

  35. Franz Bustamante

    Franz Bustamante18 jam yang lalu

    0.75 speed ❤️

  36. king size

    king size18 jam yang lalu

    1billion views wow.

  37. Mít Muội

    Mít Muội19 jam yang lalu

    Đỉnh ❤️

  38. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge19 jam yang lalu

    Who is better? Like: Zayn Comment: Justin Bieber

  39. Kailane Santos

    Kailane SantosJam Yang lalu

    Os dois

  40. Jasmyn Brown

    Jasmyn Brown3 jam yang lalu

    Since justin got married I didn't like him

  41. yakoub gaming

    yakoub gaming5 jam yang lalu

    Zayen is better

  42. LidThe ShadowFox

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  43. Vishwa Sonawane

    Vishwa Sonawane6 jam yang lalu

    @Millos Place stfu hater

  44. ghina khansa

    ghina khansa19 jam yang lalu

    i’ll be with you from subuh to maghrib

  45. Reyna areli Tovar Salinas

    Reyna areli Tovar Salinas19 jam yang lalu


  46. Applehead.

    Applehead.20 jam yang lalu

    I remember when this song was released 2 years ago and I was literally crazy about it since the minute they released it and now after two years am still so deeply in love with this song it’s just so unique and different we’re really lucky that Zayn and Sia did this and I hope they’d collab again in the future❤️