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    (✿ ♡‿♡)(✿ ♡‿♡)◉‿◉

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    I so some of the stuff in a other video

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    Is it safe to eat this

  4. Hamira Bhatti

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    It doesn't show the exact amount of ingredients

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    Who loves cake 👇🏻

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    you does not eat cake

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    These all are fake recipe flop when ever I try it flops I am cook not fool

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    The first one is amazing

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    on the deserts part, it would be more helpful as to how much of the ingredients you need to use

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    Very very nice recipe 👍

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    We need to k ow the amount

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    Taiwo Fowowe what ???

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    Hi a good cooking 😂

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    The part when the dude stretches the candy stuff looked just like slime 😍😂

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    I didn’t read the title properly before clicking and I thought it was on about toothpaste..

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    My 😍😍😍😍

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    The first one is exactly from Gaza's channel


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    Its October... You guys said enjoy your summer.If you guys want more likes I can tell you how.

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    Plz don’t do the first one it will explode

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    Why are there no measurements.🙄

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    Wie kijkt dit om ideeën te zoeken voor ontbijt van morgen en ook savonds kijk ik het altijd dus ja🥰

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    I just did the first one it does not look the same but it tasted amazing

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    On the first three recipes I was always getting the recipes wrong but then I realise that I have to add more stuff to it and it’s actually perfect I like the recipe

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    0:37 i love this

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    It is s-o 🆒!!!!! 💝 💝 💝

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    "Let the summer begin" Video is released on 18th October 🤦

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    To me a small doubt. What flour is that

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    Can we skip egg on 1st recipe??

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    Who doesn’t have or doesn’t get alot of likes so just likes their comment😂

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    It’s me me lol

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    How much Flour I need for the cupcake (0:33)(come from germany)

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    The very first hack i automatically wanted to die

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    Amar coclete khub valo lage 🤤

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    Why are you putting china in a microwave

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    Ur jokes dead

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    I tried the first one it was OK it turned out good and yummy

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    Ailooooooovioooooo chocolate

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    5:07 i think ill make those for my nephews

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    Finally seen something new