Youtuber ReturnOfWilderness Scams His Own Subscribers And Gets His Youtube Account Terminated


  1. Cloudscape Mysterio

    Cloudscape Mysterio4 bulan yang lalu

    hes back


    ROLFCOPTERZZ5 bulan yang lalu

    hes a complete retard. no brain

  3. Honoured if you would join us

    Honoured if you would join us7 bulan yang lalu

    He's already back and scamming players

  4. josh carrikllo

    josh carrikllo10 bulan yang lalu

    And he does nightly gambling/raffle sessions where he makes 200m plus each time it's a fucking joke

  5. josh carrikllo

    josh carrikllo10 bulan yang lalu

    He is back

  6. consul.

    consul.Tahun Yang lalu

    He’s back

  7. consul.

    consul.Tahun Yang lalu

    But he does not make bad content

  8. That Nigerian Prince

    That Nigerian PrinceTahun Yang lalu

    He got it back

  9. Braeden Watkins

    Braeden WatkinsTahun Yang lalu

    turn down the fucking music

  10. Jame Donrel

    Jame DonrelTahun Yang lalu

    Looks like his account is back up and running

  11. AlienatedWeapon

    AlienatedWeaponTahun Yang lalu

    He's baaaaaaaack

  12. Apophis Gaming

    Apophis GamingTahun Yang lalu

    How do you pronounce alias again?

  13. Fidelity

    FidelityTahun Yang lalu

    HE'S BACK?

  14. TinyNStrong

    TinyNStrongTahun Yang lalu

    So he’s back just fyi don’t know if you made another IDreporter video about this guy

  15. Ryan James

    Ryan JamesTahun Yang lalu

    To the guy at the end of the video; you're a Richard too. ReturnOfWilderness and you should jump off a bridge.

  16. Tony Cannida

    Tony CannidaTahun Yang lalu

    His channel is up

  17. Laura Greene

    Laura Greene2 tahun yang lalu

    your stories are so obviously bias, i cant watch this kind of report

  18. xprt

    xprt2 tahun yang lalu

    he's back with a new channel...

  19. Sombie

    Sombie2 tahun yang lalu

    Hey, I only just found your channel by a comment you made on a Derren Brown video. Really good content bro, very interesting

  20. Sly RamPlays

    Sly RamPlays2 tahun yang lalu

    He's back.

  21. Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord

    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord2 tahun yang lalu

    He is back unfortunately☹️

  22. Alex S.

    Alex S.2 tahun yang lalu

    he is back again

  23. Nightmare Trooper

    Nightmare Trooper2 tahun yang lalu

    Got a good question? How are some of these people Getting there channels back besides Keemstar?

  24. BikersWithGoPros

    BikersWithGoPros2 tahun yang lalu

    If jagex wanna ban you then can and will ban you, it's their game and you can't do shit like take them to court about it as you'll get nowhere

  25. Beanos

    Beanos2 tahun yang lalu

    Vexxed your the best person ive known!

  26. Faulty Blue

    Faulty Blue2 tahun yang lalu

    Me: *shaves completely bald* *posts picture of me shaved on Facebook* Attention seekers in Facebook: *gets my picture and adds the following text:* This man has cancer, please share to end cancer and like to donate to him

  27. ReDox12 3

    ReDox12 32 tahun yang lalu

    whats u with you fuckijng voice u sound retarded

  28. Mike Defosse

    Mike Defosse2 tahun yang lalu

    hey check out the channel Defosses Do, me and my kids eat gross stuff

  29. uber2uber

    uber2uber2 tahun yang lalu

    he got hi channel back -_-

  30. Crayvd

    Crayvd2 tahun yang lalu

    It's a-lee-es. Not uh-lie-es

  31. Johnny S

    Johnny S2 tahun yang lalu

    his account is back online

  32. peter chumpis

    peter chumpis2 tahun yang lalu

    Lol if he did try to go against jagex with some lawyer I don't think odds would be in his favour.

  33. Gav Gibbs

    Gav Gibbs2 tahun yang lalu

    He got his account back lol, guess it wasn't that highly unlikely. Kappa

  34. Keagan Ashford

    Keagan Ashford2 tahun yang lalu

    Yeah this faggot Wildly Owns is still on OSRS reporting people and shit. He bragged about his IDreporter channel having 70k but never mentioned that his account got suspended. What a trash bag lmfaoo

  35. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith2 tahun yang lalu

    your welcome for the sub, and plz dont stop this, i genuinly enjoy your content and ive been binge watching them all night.

  36. RedFalcon94

    RedFalcon942 tahun yang lalu

    Guess that ban didn't last long

  37. 善狐霧

    善狐霧2 tahun yang lalu

    long past 5000 and growing

  38. Trevor Lindsay

    Trevor Lindsay2 tahun yang lalu

    hey I get it that you're talking about something that happened but don't become a drama channel

  39. Palogon

    Palogon2 tahun yang lalu

    Trevor Lindsay Vexxed is only reporting what happened with him. He is not criticizing him at all, and should not start ANY beef. If it does, ReturnOfWilderness is trying to hide something that this video was informing us on.

  40. Pyro

    Pyro2 tahun yang lalu

    i lov u

  41. Justice Varner

    Justice Varner2 tahun yang lalu

    Returnofwilderness is back on IDreporter.

  42. Kurose Chan

    Kurose Chan2 tahun yang lalu

    he's on again.......

  43. DragonWulf11

    DragonWulf112 tahun yang lalu

    for those of you defending him legally when you click I accept the rules. that is technically a contract saying so after he had broken those rules. they have rights to ban. also do to the facts saying that RuneScape dose have the right to ask IDreporter to terminate hes channel and of course IDreporter would do so otherwise RuneScape has right to sue IDreporter for copyrighted and unauthorized video of RuneScape. Also he wouldn't get in more trouble do to it being a business dispute.

  44. vargo hoat

    vargo hoat2 tahun yang lalu

    5k subs back in 2014 eh, vexxed is doing pretty good, 300k now, a few more dollars for pizza

  45. Strix

    Strix2 tahun yang lalu

    So he was like a gangster boss and the people that banned him the fbi

  46. Chaotic

    Chaotic2 tahun yang lalu

    ICE CX

  47. Yorri Mendrifind

    Yorri Mendrifind2 tahun yang lalu

    5000+. you can add one more. I've watched like ten videos of your and I've enjoyed lot of them so far. I will be subscribing emediatly

  48. Corey HighBeam

    Corey HighBeam2 tahun yang lalu

    Ay-lee-ass = alias

  49. Lacey H

    Lacey H2 tahun yang lalu

    Vexxed: "Thanks to the 5,000 subscribers." The rest of over 15,000 of us subscribers: :-(

  50. Big Brother

    Big Brother2 tahun yang lalu

    Vexxed has really weird growth sometimes, now he has over 330k subs

  51. SiMpEL

    SiMpEL2 tahun yang lalu

    Plenty of times the background music is a bit to loud so sometimes I can't hear you properly

  52. Dizzy Dezii

    Dizzy Dezii2 tahun yang lalu

    returnofwilderness is back on IDreporter

  53. Bruce Artero

    Bruce Artero2 tahun yang lalu

    5:20 Ayyy it's 2Spooky

  54. TheDemonAngel28

    TheDemonAngel283 tahun yang lalu

    Can't he just make the same content under a different name in youtube?

  55. Dohwan Woo

    Dohwan Woo3 tahun yang lalu

    song name?

  56. Blazar

    Blazar3 tahun yang lalu

    I feel that you are one of the most realistic youtubers. I feel as though I can trust your content more than others. Anyway, that's one more sub for you!

  57. Free Roblox Videos

    Free Roblox Videos3 tahun yang lalu

    he is back!

  58. Hidden Wave

    Hidden Wave3 tahun yang lalu

    so why is he unbanned again and scamming

  59. Shenika Garcia

    Shenika Garcia3 tahun yang lalu

    cool, we'll informed, be cool. :) :)

  60. Ashlee Johnson

    Ashlee Johnson3 tahun yang lalu

    I checked his channel is back.

  61. ezbean870

    ezbean8703 tahun yang lalu

    you deserve a sub

  62. Miss Time Bunny

    Miss Time Bunny3 tahun yang lalu

    So he does stupid shit and then wonders why he gets banned from everything and wants to take legal action against said companies? Really?

  63. Kit-Kat Kandy

    Kit-Kat Kandy3 tahun yang lalu

    I randomly stubble across your channel about an hour ago and I must say your videos are awesome!! You check your facts, you do research, and you know what you're talking about. Keep making videos dude, you're awesome