YouTuber Hansol Exposed For Manipulating Abortion


  1. Where Is Waldo

    Where Is WaldoBulan Yang lalu

    Calls Hansol a master manipulator while Vexxed manipulates it's subscribers into hating him.

  2. Hero

    Hero2 bulan yang lalu

    this man spelled warcraft three different way lmao

  3. Totons

    Totons9 bulan yang lalu

    Why do you have only 500k subscribers? Your content is the best

  4. Deyker Tejeda

    Deyker Tejeda10 bulan yang lalu

    1st and second rule are debateable and twitch wouldnt really mind now

  5. WeSpeakMMA

    WeSpeakMMATahun Yang lalu

    I have a friend who does exactly like that fucking bastard... I told his girl friend about him.. She is safe now. Someday I will remove his balls.

  6. Typhoon Monsoon

    Typhoon MonsoonTahun Yang lalu

    Funny how mr.gunk is a pedo...ive seen some recent comments.. that tell me he's still up to no good still. but your friend has a lot of bad info about him online..

  7. Veeno

    VeenoTahun Yang lalu

    You can make anything look bad if you take it out of context and make up shit about people. Hansol is actually a great guy

  8. Sud

    SudTahun Yang lalu

    wow I wanna kick the shit out of this kid, fucking creep

  9. Rainbow Doodler209

    Rainbow Doodler209Tahun Yang lalu

    Hansol are the types of guys that will go out of their way to hurt people just because they can.

  10. yerdley orozco

    yerdley orozcoTahun Yang lalu

    What a poo

  11. Chen Dror

    Chen DrorTahun Yang lalu

    That should go to the police not IDreporter....

  12. Dylan

    DylanTahun Yang lalu

    So much of this info is wrong such as reckful being banned for boosting LOL

  13. ReportGaming

    ReportGamingTahun Yang lalu


  14. EpicXplosions

    EpicXplosionsTahun Yang lalu

    A vid of Hansols is in my recommended. What?

  15. Some Dude Named Rai

    Some Dude Named RaiTahun Yang lalu

    Australia is a continent and a country.

  16. Camel God

    Camel GodTahun Yang lalu

    holy shit hansol? i almost 1v2ed him and i think someone arsonist, was originally double ww monk vs double fire mage, im glad i got to kill hansol and i lost to arsonist. i have it on recording too holy shit, never thought he would be this kind of guy

  17. Genes

    GenesTahun Yang lalu

    Hahahaha what a fucking loser you are!

  18. Camel God

    Camel GodTahun Yang lalu

    back in legion season 1

  19. Alan Thomas

    Alan ThomasTahun Yang lalu

    He is total scum..... but sorry that self drawn sketch made me laugh so hard

  20. Träsktrollet

    TräsktrolletTahun Yang lalu

    I love him more now.

  21. edyH llykeJ

    edyH llykeJTahun Yang lalu

    Your drawing skills are awesome :)

  22. Inbound

    InboundTahun Yang lalu

    Yes pick on the most innocuous things that a small streamer can do so you can get more attention. Good job. Also didn't know this American was an expert on Korean subway etiquette wowee.

  23. Avrage Trinidadian

    Avrage TrinidadianTahun Yang lalu

    how is this guy (Hansol) not on the Predator watch list?

  24. rubenaunet

    rubenaunetTahun Yang lalu

    kinda sad retards like you take their time to expose people for no damn reason, what he did was fucked up but saying he should jump from a bridge and take hes life is awfull, ur a piece of shit.

  25. Tōki Enbu

    Tōki EnbuTahun Yang lalu

    "We watch Hansol, and you tell us we don't know him and you do??!!!" 5%ppl saying that? No clue....

  26. Gabbie D

    Gabbie DTahun Yang lalu

    Please do a video separately on Julian B. Seeing what he is teaching other men to do to women is encouraging assault. He clearly knows that his technique will not succeed with everyone at all times, even failing himself at the technique, but still goes on teaching despite knowing it frightens and upsets women.

  27. TheKrowaLover

    TheKrowaLoverTahun Yang lalu

    Hansol is the definition of a ultra fucboi

  28. Ner' Zhul

    Ner' ZhulTahun Yang lalu

    Dude, this all just sounds like he turned down your sexual advances, and your like mega butt hurt over it, you queers need to realise, just cos someone turns you down, it doesn't give you the right to go on a bullshit campaign

  29. Satimy

    SatimyTahun Yang lalu

    Is this satire?

  30. Rachel McCartney

    Rachel McCartney2 tahun yang lalu


  31. 😶

    😶2 tahun yang lalu

    Duh! It's cuz he's Asian. Those people get away with everything, because we automatically give them the benefit of the doubt

  32. frieza

    frieza2 tahun yang lalu

    love the drawing lol😆

  33. Highroidz PVP

    Highroidz PVP2 tahun yang lalu

    All i see is comments of probable hansol haters, who gives a shit about this honestly. good job you got the views vexxed. I hope you feel accomplished. Also a girl has a choice in whether she wants to get an abortion done or not. Last time i checked if someone tells you to jump off a bridge you dont do it. She made her decision. This is stupid, i cant believe what people would do for publicity sometimes.

  34. zewkz

    zewkz2 tahun yang lalu

    This video is actual trash lol, you just make yourself seem like a fucking faggot that is jealous that you took this much time to put a video together about another guy that has no effect on your personal life, you should probably get a hobby or do something with your life.

  35. ManOfCats

    ManOfCats2 tahun yang lalu

    2:00 "a bump in the road" *ba-dum crashhhh*

  36. Willy Bean

    Willy Bean2 tahun yang lalu

    9:30 *australasia

  37. Evan Nati

    Evan Nati2 tahun yang lalu

    the narrator sounds like hansol impregnated his girlfriend lol

  38. Mil Leez TV

    Mil Leez TV2 tahun yang lalu

    For some reason he seems like an equally dochebag like Rice Gum.

  39. SkyeKingdom

    SkyeKingdom2 tahun yang lalu

    lol I watched this guy on twitch a couple times

  40. Twise

    Twise2 tahun yang lalu

    Fake shit. Only retards would believe in this

  41. oskar ostrø

    oskar ostrø2 tahun yang lalu


  42. Kai Sang

    Kai Sang2 tahun yang lalu

    add me on fb pls

  43. NPC #618479

    NPC #6184792 tahun yang lalu

    You're king to accuse someone of sexual assault/harassment without video evidence? Just because a person who sexually harasses and assaults goes to the same club as him doesn't mean he does that. And just cuz he asked a 16 year old on a Date DATE lmao doesn't means he thinks women are objects and he's into pedophilia. God sakes he's even 20 years old you're the real piece of shit here making a living on accusing people of doing shit hey didn't even do fu

  44. Joshua Fahrney

    Joshua Fahrney2 tahun yang lalu

    I believe in cosmic Justice vexxed. 😉😜😝

  45. Joshua Fahrney

    Joshua Fahrney2 tahun yang lalu

    Here's hoping he picks up a girl who turns out to be guy by sleeping with this person Vexxed. 😉😁😇😜😝👿😈

  46. 🥀Vampiraa🥀

    🥀Vampiraa🥀2 tahun yang lalu

    3:10 Jeez I thought I drank a lot.

  47. Eagleyes0988

    Eagleyes09882 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks for the info .I was watching a IDreporter duel against jamillii and hansol acted like a complete ass. Jamillii is a blizzcon champ hansol is not so where does he get off acting like a tool cause he won some duels

  48. LunkovichTromofski

    LunkovichTromofski2 tahun yang lalu

    Of course he wants to leak the sex tape, its pretty much the only way people would believe he gets laid

  49. Unknown Porkipine

    Unknown Porkipine2 tahun yang lalu

    U sound so much like Hansol

  50. Ariok

    Ariok2 tahun yang lalu

    Why do people dislike this?

  51. Genes

    Genes2 tahun yang lalu

    Ariok Because It’s all BS

  52. MichaelD8393

    MichaelD83932 tahun yang lalu

    What's the metal song in the background at 3:30?

  53. Justin Ford

    Justin Ford2 tahun yang lalu

    Also any proof of that kid being a sub?

  54. Justin Ford

    Justin Ford2 tahun yang lalu

    lmao this video is dumb as fuck. Summit gets wasted on stream, everyone gets wasted on stream. Also everyone listens to copy righted music on stream. Id like a little more proof in some of these videos as its just some sort of childish soap opera drama shit that vexxed is making money from.

  55. Forgot to care

    Forgot to care2 tahun yang lalu

    How the fuck is stopping a girl from birthing a mistake child a bad thing? People are so fucking stupid they'll bandwagon on anything. Reading the comments I was genuinely ready for some bad shit but everything he did was tame as fuck and the people making the video knew this, hence why they exaggerated everything and bent the stories for their benefit. I mean fuck they even say shit and then have an annotation in the video like "woops we mightve exaggerated that a bit XD". The human race is fucking garbage.

  56. Seppuku_HD

    Seppuku_HD2 tahun yang lalu

    wheres the proof at? I don't believe shit unless there is proof. This just seems like a jealous kid trying to taint someones name with no proof. GG, I don't care if he did or did not do these things, it's none of my business ans its none of yours either Vexxed. Aw well. Haters gonna hate!

  57. ed yeh

    ed yeh2 tahun yang lalu

    Why don't you guys get a life and mind your own business?

  58. Mnky Legnd

    Mnky Legnd2 tahun yang lalu

    people will disagree with me but by all the goodness of heart in me i forgive this man for what he has done even the most evil of beings in this world deserve forgiveness putting out info on this person is justified but the negativity it has made i do not approve of. May we come as close to peace in this world as best as we can while we still have our lives to live.

  59. Tenecia Dartest

    Tenecia Dartest2 tahun yang lalu

    hansol's a fuckin God dude

  60. whitemo0se

    whitemo0se2 tahun yang lalu

    Remember the days when IDreporter channels made real content rather than these cheap attempts at views because of "drama". You are literally everything wrong with the IDreporter community

  61. Kerathen On hunt

    Kerathen On hunt2 tahun yang lalu

    ´well idk... he plays game thats it, i dont care about his personality and shit

  62. Kari Leitheiser

    Kari Leitheiser2 tahun yang lalu

    You are my new favorite IDreporterr

  63. BeHappy

    BeHappy2 tahun yang lalu

    what a crybaby video cause of unimportant shit

  64. Logan Green

    Logan Green2 tahun yang lalu

    lol just watched the first video ive seen of Hansol didn't even like em then hes cocky as fuck