YouTube Videos That Sent Their Creators To Prison


  1. Ray H

    Ray H3 bulan yang lalu

    Stoppp rambblinggg

  2. arlene gallagher

    arlene gallagher5 bulan yang lalu

    I think you'd feel differently about Matthew if you had someone close to you killed like that. He deserved 8 years for what he done and then put the family through.

  3. Heidi Webster

    Heidi Webster9 bulan yang lalu

    14:23 Music?

  4. ella

    ella9 bulan yang lalu

    The confession made me cry

  5. spongeboob

    spongeboob9 bulan yang lalu

    Guy rapes underage girls gets 5 yrs Guy jumps on train almost gets 15.........ok

  6. Cosmic86

    Cosmic8610 bulan yang lalu

    I agree with the sentence Matt got because most people in the world would be so hesitant to admit to killing a man, take the easy way out if they had gotten away with it and live on with the guilt they caused. What Matt did was very mature and even felt compassion for the family he disrupted unintentionally by his actions. Hell, even the video he made proved that he's truly in distress by the mistakes he made and doesn't want to repeat said mistakes towards those who are doing the same thing he did. As for the three fucks on the train, they did it mainly for views and I'm pretty sure the rules over where they live are slightly different than ours. Which is probably why the main kid got a longer sentence. Though seriously, who the fuck would attempt to hitchhike on a train without proper gear and consent from the train company? (Who if they had the ability, could sponsor them)

  7. Harkeill

    Harkeill11 bulan yang lalu

    Whether you turn yourself in or not, if your actions end in sniffing out someone's life doesn't matter. You should still get the max sentence.

  8. Gaius Julius Caesar

    Gaius Julius CaesarTahun Yang lalu

    Honestly, those 5 dudes that did the robbery “pranks” are lucky they didn’t meet someone with a gun. If that had been in the states, I don’t believe they would’ve made it out of every situation safe like they had.

  9. nathan smiddy

    nathan smiddyTahun Yang lalu

    And yet u think how much cash IDreporter pays them with ads.. So what's the next prank going to be? Maybe they got a life sentence and saying out loud that " we are from death row " haha yeah not that funny!

  10. Mary Jane Jarabe

    Mary Jane JarabeTahun Yang lalu

    What. The. Fuv

  11. insane H1tman

    insane H1tmanTahun Yang lalu

    Man I know I'm late but I started watching your videos today the first one being inside North Korea you most recent one each one I see I like it more and more

  12. TheMaddenFTW

    TheMaddenFTWTahun Yang lalu

    He probably has a hard time but I respect him for taking responsibility and telling the truth. If I ever had to go to prison and my lawyer said don't talk about it or turn yourself in I will turn myself in to do what's right

  13. Daniela Elliott

    Daniela ElliottTahun Yang lalu

    to the people saying that the drunk driver should've gotten more time, I have to say I disagree. A man lost his life, and the decades lost for him and his family is alot compared to six and a half years in a jail cell. But the justice system shouldn't be a form of revenge for the family, an eye for an eye. It's supposed to make the world safer for people and giving severe punishments doesn't necessarily do that. Having said that, from the clips shown it seems like the guy thought he'd just get away with it if he came forward and wouldn't need to feel guilty anymore, like he could "make up for it" with a IDreporter video, which was mislead. Though maybe it did prevent a drunk driving car collision, who knows.

  14. donpatt1981

    donpatt1981Tahun Yang lalu

    Trollstation is just stupid for doing this shit

  15. donpatt1981

    donpatt1981Tahun Yang lalu

    What if somebody fucked them up? Or they got shot by someone?

  16. donpatt1981

    donpatt1981Tahun Yang lalu

    Although somebody did get killed, and i really feel sorry for his family, i believe his remorse. He couldve gotten away with it but he turned himself in. He took responsibility. The train guy will most likely not get jail time. He will get a suspended sentence. Child porn. Fuckin sickening. That should get serious time

  17. Armani Morris

    Armani MorrisTahun Yang lalu

    alot of the trollstation facts were off this may be a bit biased seeing as im from the uk but you have to watch theyre videos to understand that they arent the villians you paint them out to be.

  18. Sparky Summers

    Sparky SummersTahun Yang lalu

    Tbh the most outrageous thing in this video is you saying "could care less" when you clearly meant "couldn't care less".

  19. Les Beyer

    Les BeyerTahun Yang lalu

    Blacked out or not he still killed a man you must have you head up your ass what an idiot

  20. Jag Girl

    Jag GirlTahun Yang lalu

    I agree with you on Mathew. He should have got a fair and just sentence under the circumstances. But each country has their own laws regardless..

  21. Jeice

    JeiceTahun Yang lalu

    Trollstation is cool

  22. The Gaming Sloth

    The Gaming SlothTahun Yang lalu

    Omg this was posted on my birthday 🎂

  23. Killerworm99 Gaming2

    Killerworm99 Gaming2Tahun Yang lalu

    Im having a horrible experience with other youtubers. I DM’d Vexxed on Discord, and hes helping a lot

  24. Killerworm99 Gaming2

    Killerworm99 Gaming2Tahun Yang lalu


  25. mimmi2211

    mimmi2211Tahun Yang lalu

    Willem didn't get anything for his train vid. No prison or anything...the court ruled this.

  26. Dead By Whiskey

    Dead By WhiskeyTahun Yang lalu

    vexxed is an actual pussy... he doesnt understand that real is better than fake pranks

  27. Dead By Whiskey

    Dead By WhiskeyTahun Yang lalu

    lol this narrator is insane. he killed a man. 6 years do 3 isn't bad... also matthew was damn near smiling during that video

  28. hope dies

    hope diesTahun Yang lalu

    Hey, child porn is ok if the underage child with an underdeveloped brain who you've manipulated and groomed is "thrilled" to be a part of it. Fucking scum.

  29. Dutch Creepy

    Dutch CreepyTahun Yang lalu

    I have the upmost respect to Matthew. He confessed even when he was encouraged to keep quiet. We need more of those people on this planet.

  30. Kaytie

    KaytieTahun Yang lalu

    I think trollstation is in the UK i may be wrong but the accents are leading me to believe so, Im in the UK and this really pisses me off. I believe the people who did this are violent unlike the other cases, the people that did this have to have a violent or horrible personality to commit such a thing. How the hell is this a prank? It coudlve traumatised people, if youre telling me he didnt know what backlash this would cause then you're lying, he must be really fucking dumb to think he couldve gotten away with it. People and little children were thinking they were going to die, enough said imagine how fucking scary that is. They all deserve what they got.

  31. Kaytie

    KaytieTahun Yang lalu

    I feel sorry for Matthew and the victim, You see you never know whats going to happen accidents happen even if they are big ones that end in someone dying, It wasnt intended but he did do something wrong which was drinking and driving, you never know the consequences until you're facing them, I'm glad he turned himself in It was the right thing to do, he obviously isnt evil or the murderer type, I hope the victim rests in piece.

  32. yeet yeet

    yeet yeetTahun Yang lalu

    Im not sure you will read comment number 10.666 on a video of 2 years ago but i have to disagree about the sentence of Matthew, I know that not many people would turn them selves in comming out clean but a couple of parents just lost their son, i believe they would be very, very devestated so i think that something close to max sentence is maybe the last thing the state could do to get some retribution for the family, this definitly showed me how devestating drink and driving can be

  33. Nuetrell

    NuetrellTahun Yang lalu

    Matthew didn't murder Vincent, since it was on an accident, it's manslaughter. At least you said "manslaughter" @ 1:30.

  34. Marius Giraud

    Marius GiraudTahun Yang lalu

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  35. durian111

    durian111Tahun Yang lalu

    Mathew should go full 8 years, it not about him, it about the victim family, you think giving him 6 and half years fair, it not what society think it what the family think so they could go on in their life knowing their son death not die in vain and they get justice.

  36. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry BlossomTahun Yang lalu

    of cours violia isnt pressing charges, he walked up to HQ and said "heres flowers and cake, im terribly sorry and it will never happen again"

  37. Jeremy Zavorski

    Jeremy ZavorskiTahun Yang lalu

    Rip Vincent

  38. LifeWhyz Music

    LifeWhyz MusicTahun Yang lalu

    _Underage_ girls is a euphemism for _teenage sluts._ *Pedophilia is disgusting.* But these aren't pre-pubescent girls we're talking about. Let's not pretend they were having tea parties and some predator (Mike Lombardo) snatched them away from their coloring books and barbie dolls. These are girls who who are finding guys online because they're looking to fuck. Don't believe me? Just look at the hyper-sexualization of Disney and Nickelodeon. They're priming these kids to pump out orphans and STDs by the time they hit puberty. His case isn't unique. It's just another symptom of the sex culture we're seeing on TV. And who owns all that stuff again?

  39. LifeWhyz Music

    LifeWhyz MusicTahun Yang lalu

    It's pretty ballsy for that family to want him to get _more_ time. I love my son dearly; more than _anything_ in this world. But if these exact circumstances were my own, I'm not sure that I could ask for _more_ time for Matthew. He was wrong for drinking and driving, sure. But he wasn't a murderer. Given the fact that he had a _choice_ to get away with it or face the consequences, his decision serves as proof that he's got a heart; he's not a _bad_ person. This weighed on his conscience enough to want to turn _himself_ in. You don't see that every day. I'm not sure I could turn myself in for a murder I committed, _accidentally or not._ Prison isn't going to fix the heartbreak and pain either. His decision to accept responsibility and to also raise awareness for drinking & driving would have had a much more profound impact on their son's memory than letting Matthew sit in prison. Instead, he'll more than likely be corrupted by institutional living and their son's memory will be replaced by bitterness for a system that isn't designed to _fix_ anything. And so, the only one who wins is the state, who will collect a lot of money for a prisoner sitting in their custody who's homicide charges never even had to face trial.

  40. Giocommentary

    GiocommentaryTahun Yang lalu

    for Mathew, i have to say he's incredibly brave for coming out. but i understand the Jury/Judge and i would have done the same. although he is trying to repent, the victim will never come back that is a harsh lesson in reality, although he has been so kind the family is still pressing for a longer sentence to see justice for their kid. in my opninon the jury made the good call, i won't give him max for his show of respect, remorse, and grief. i will not give him less for coming out now instead of when it happened, he's not doing this for the victim his family, he's doing it for his own peace of mind, this might sound cruel but its true, a crime is a crime and the law can't bend over to any excuse.

  41. Lo Fi Mike

    Lo Fi MikeTahun Yang lalu

    Who asks a little girl to masturbate that's tough

  42. mike charbs

    mike charbsTahun Yang lalu

    I’ve been very drunk b4 and still knew what I was doing. I didn’t always do the right thing but I knew if it was bad or good. When Ur drunk u just don’t care. Being drunk is no excuse but child porn is 10 times worse. The pedo knows exactly what they are doing and that’s it’s not right but keep doing it anyway. It affects way more ppl and causes way more harm. The pedo will have a fun time in the clink for sure. Hope he gets big bubba as a celly lol Good times are waiting for him so his 5 years(or whatever it was) will be a lot longer than the drunks. I think the pedo should have got more time but knowing he will have his asshole widened and/or face rearranged helps me sleep at night. Think of it this way if you met a drunk that “accidentally” drove drunk and killed someone and a pedo(and u know they are that) who would u hang with? If anyone answers pedo u need to have ur head examined. PEACE!!!!!!

  43. BigManAlex

    BigManAlexTahun Yang lalu

    surprised ally law isn't on here

  44. Blaze EST

    Blaze ESTTahun Yang lalu

    Feelings and impact are not considered in judgement in front of lady justice

  45. Parker Jackson

    Parker JacksonTahun Yang lalu

    That mans confession is so sad but I’m sure he will get and be a better person

  46. shane lauer

    shane lauerTahun Yang lalu

    Troll Station is like REAL FUC*ING TERRORISM! They should face terrorists charges imo.

  47. shane lauer

    shane lauerTahun Yang lalu

    DAMN! NICE ASS PRISON CELL! The ones in the U.S. make this look like heaven. Where is the steel toilet, bunk beds and the steel sink?

  48. shane lauer

    shane lauerTahun Yang lalu

    Troll Station is the dark side of the dark web bad. Don’t do this stuff people.

  49. shane lauer

    shane lauerTahun Yang lalu

    I’d be too scared to do the train. I’d be like When is this damn thing going to stop?

  50. shane lauer

    shane lauerTahun Yang lalu

    For a first time offense 6.5 years is too long. You are right.

  51. Metadragon

    MetadragonTahun Yang lalu

    There was a channel where parents abused their children on camera for millions to see but they remain free. But make a nazi joke and they come bangong down your door

  52. Dvid perez

    Dvid perezTahun Yang lalu

    15 fockin years... how about a month and $5k fine

  53. Life of Random

    Life of RandomTahun Yang lalu

    Nice videos you have a new subscriber dude :)

  54. corbin87445

    corbin87445Tahun Yang lalu

    Why would you make a confession? You take that kind of shit to your grave.

  55. NovaPrime1869

    NovaPrime1869Tahun Yang lalu

    God damn you talk fast as fuck, slow the fuck down man

  56. Jacob Ry

    Jacob RyTahun Yang lalu

    WTF. 15 years for jumping on a fricking TRAIN, endangering your own life. While killing someone gets 6.5 years?!?!

  57. The Tiefling Fox

    The Tiefling FoxTahun Yang lalu

    I respect the first guy for what he did to make things right. I would have done the same in his shoes. Hope he is doing well. The other channels can go fuck themselves especially the troll nation bimbos. If they did that in America, the cops would have shot them since the pigs here don't have good trining and shoot without letting someone surrender.

  58. Crazy Jesse

    Crazy JesseTahun Yang lalu

    It's understandable to feel bad for the guy the way it is framed in this video. The only problem is the actual facts surrounding the situation are very different than what is being portrayed. For starters he didn't escape anywhere, he had two skull fractures and was hospitalized from the scene of the accident. It also doesn't mention the part about him screaming in the hospital denying to the police he had killed anyone. I think anyone who has seen all the evidence will come to the conclusion that he is actually a dirty weasel trying to get a lesser sentence. I apologize for having to rant for longer than you're probably willing to read, but I am deeply disturbed by the millions of people being duped into thinking this guy is some kind of hero.

  59. OJK

    OJKTahun Yang lalu

    15 fckin years thats retarded...

  60. shmack

    shmackTahun Yang lalu

    Idk if mathew saved any lifes from making that video

  61. Steelo

    SteeloTahun Yang lalu

    I swear vexxed is my favorite youtuber now turned off adblock just for you

  62. Tricia Lewis

    Tricia LewisTahun Yang lalu

    My brother was hit my a drunk driver and left died kid took off my brother was in the US forestry he now lives in a nursing home he needs 24 hour 7 days a week care I haven't heard my brother talk or walk feed himself dress himself use the bathroom with a tube down his throat in 6 years yet the ass hole coward who hit him did I mention my brother was walking on the sidewalk when he got hit and was left face down in a puddle of mud not going to go into details about all his injuries. This kid just walked out of prison serving only 6 years . Don't ever compare whats fair or not fair for these idiots and how much time they get,they ripp families apart he took a life he chose to get behind the wheel to me they deserve life prison . No excuse for drink8ng and driving none how about you go whisper in my brothers ear that the kid didn't deserve as much time and see what he says oh wait he can't and hasn't in over six years my brother has 3 massive wholes in his brain ....