YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. YouTube

    YouTube12 jam yang lalu

    Us: “So in 2019, let’s see what you did like” Everyone else: “We like copy and pasting other people’s comments in the comment section."

  2. Adam Hall

    Adam Hall6 jam yang lalu

    Here before 1000 likes

  3. Mighty Cat

    Mighty Cat6 jam yang lalu


  4. DeadChannel.mp3

    DeadChannel.mp36 jam yang lalu

    Worse than last years

  5. Richard Brodsky

    Richard Brodsky6 jam yang lalu


  6. 2cool18

    2cool186 jam yang lalu

    I asked for a good rewind not a top 10 list

  7. Falcon

    FalconJam Yang lalu

    Hello Traveler, Rest here before scrolling down another 89 miles to find a actual comment.

  8. Ashley

    AshleyJam Yang lalu


  9. Mac O Bazzi

    Mac O BazziJam Yang lalu

    Okay step in the right direction just less crappy background music

  10. Quinoa Quinoa

    Quinoa QuinoaJam Yang lalu

    I need help. I repeat i need help I’m stranded among all these copied and pasted comments and it seems like there is no form of intelligent life anywhere.

  11. Сэмми Скретч

    Сэмми СкретчJam Yang lalu

    Music videos. Music Videos. M u s i c v i d e o s Small PP

  12. 悪いᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴʏ

    悪いᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴʏJam Yang lalu


  13. Captain Starite

    Captain StariteJam Yang lalu

    IDreporter just messed up this year rewind more than last year. Just bcz pewdiepie and minecraft is there i am going to like anyway

  14. mariusMD

    mariusMDJam Yang lalu

    Its just WatchMojo but worse

  15. Bac Nguyen Cao

    Bac Nguyen CaoJam Yang lalu

    1977 Where's the Vlog

  16. angel ruiz

    angel ruizJam Yang lalu

    The comment section is getting a little bit annoying tbh

  17. Vijay Sharma

    Vijay SharmaJam Yang lalu

    maybe they should hire like bots

  18. The_Pixeld_Materialist

    The_Pixeld_MaterialistJam Yang lalu

    Really small pp

  19. Hello world

    Hello worldJam Yang lalu

    Could you imagine the budget used for this video compared to previous rewinds .

  20. Rzy_.Pramana YT

    Rzy_.Pramana YTJam Yang lalu

    Damn.. wrong channel i thought this was IDreporter rewind video.. Not in the mood for some watchmojo videos right now...

  21. Shekar Goud

    Shekar GoudJam Yang lalu

    Everyone: “so in 2019 lets see everyone’s like’s everyone: “Let’s copy and paste everyone’s comment’s”

  22. robert resino

    robert resinoJam Yang lalu

    This wasn’t the actual remind was it? Please tell me it wasn’t

  23. ALX guerra

    ALX guerraJam Yang lalu

    Estoy viendo un Rewind y otro típico vídeo de estadísticas? :/

  24. faeze sepah

    faeze sepahJam Yang lalu


  25. The Devils of Paradis

    The Devils of ParadisJam Yang lalu

    i see...., you dislikes to vid before watching it too?

  26. Sans

    SansJam Yang lalu

    Why so many dislikes? I liked it, wow.

  27. Olivia Robinson

    Olivia RobinsonJam Yang lalu

    This is the stupidest idea go watch watchmojo

  28. Indi Dog

    Indi DogJam Yang lalu

    I know the concept of the video gets worst imo, but i legit quite amazed they put PewDiePie and OG Denzel Curry as the background music, salute to YT

  29. Frustratid

    FrustratidJam Yang lalu

    Can someone give me their genuine opinion?

  30. DawoleQ

    DawoleQJam Yang lalu

    Like, wft? Why do peapole always hate when IDreporter does anything? That's just bad and rude.

  31. em ef

    em efJam Yang lalu

    When you hit the unlike bottom for no reason .... . . . . IDreporter: "something's wrong i can feel it"

  32. weishun aw

    weishun awJam Yang lalu

    the end yes

  33. Mt. Chungette

    Mt. ChungetteJam Yang lalu


  34. chipii

    chipiiJam Yang lalu

    Good Rewind but why Enes Batur

  35. Not Sans From Call Of Duty 1

    Not Sans From Call Of Duty 1Jam Yang lalu

    C’mon guys lets like it because they actually added pewdiepie

  36. useraccountforme

    useraccountformeJam Yang lalu

    Everyone: “So in 2019, let’s see everyone’s like”

  37. Chance Lee

    Chance LeeJam Yang lalu

    Anyone miss the big boats, cool edits, and the rewind button that they used to pass around? 🥺 100 likes and let’s force IDreporter to do that again 😡😡


    I'LL NOM NOM YOUR MOMJam Yang lalu

    IDreporter continues to show just how ignorant they really are 0_O

  39. David Jones

    David JonesJam Yang lalu

    Interesting, either I'm over thinking or wrong, but did IDreporter just try to drown the comment section with a copasta? As in people copy and paste stuff to dilute the amount of negative comments? Another thing is that they have 0 cost of production on this video. Just a count down video. GG.

  40. Papyrus Undertale

    Papyrus UndertaleJam Yang lalu

    I congratulate you, to your corporation. You manage to cringe yourself in a corner again. Lackluster, boring and unoriginal. Can I strike this as re-used content?

  41. Boxs Designs

    Boxs DesignsJam Yang lalu


  42. Felix Sabu

    Felix SabuJam Yang lalu

    Seriously no KSI vs Logan Paul

  43. gem

    gemJam Yang lalu

    this looks like a school project

  44. Tony The Tiger

    Tony The TigerJam Yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  45. Galaxia Alienigena

    Galaxia AlienigenaJam Yang lalu

    They try 😹😹😹😹