YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. YouTube

    YouTube6 jam yang lalu

    Us: “So in 2019, let’s see what you did like” Everyone else: “We like copy and pasting other people’s comments in the comment section."

  2. Adam Hall

    Adam HallJam Yang lalu

    Here before 1000 likes

  3. Mighty Cat

    Mighty CatJam Yang lalu


  4. DeadChannel.mp3

    DeadChannel.mp3Jam Yang lalu

    Worse than last years

  5. Richard Brodsky

    Richard BrodskyJam Yang lalu


  6. 2cool18

    2cool18Jam Yang lalu

    I asked for a good rewind not a top 10 list

  7. Saltkid

    Saltkid40 detik yang lalu

    Fortnite is dead

  8. Ulises Vescovo

    Ulises Vescovo41 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter tops 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Loi Huynh

    Loi Huynh41 detik yang lalu

    I rather jerking off with YT rewind 2k14 than this.

  10. Kelvin pagan

    Kelvin pagan41 detik yang lalu


  11. Mental

    Mental41 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: So in 2019 let’s se everyone’s likes Everyone: We like copying and pasting everyone comment in the comment section

  12. Glenn Wayman

    Glenn Wayman41 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: “so in 2019 lets see everyone’s likes” Everyone: “Let's copy and paste everyone’s else comments”

  13. CakeMaster 83

    CakeMaster 8342 detik yang lalu

    Yes what we wanted to see was other people’s content with some editing over it

  14. Ricardo Sandoval

    Ricardo Sandoval42 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: So in 2019 lets see everyone likes. Everyone: "Lets copy and paste everyone's else comments"

  15. 「Bunny」

    「Bunny」42 detik yang lalu

    This is actually not bad

  16. Budi Sulistiyo

    Budi Sulistiyo43 detik yang lalu

    "In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. So in 2019, we became salty."

  17. Remi Vanden Bussche

    Remi Vanden Bussche43 detik yang lalu

    It's worse because this one can't even be memed

  18. •Mery Kun•

    •Mery Kun•43 detik yang lalu

    lately I don't know what is happening to youtube with the rewinds ... they are being criticized and with many dislikes. Do things "better done" so that they are not criticized

  19. not patrick stump

    not patrick stump43 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: “so in 2019 let’s see everyone’s likes.” Everyone: “Let’s copy and paste everyone else’s comment”.

  20. NerdZilla

    NerdZilla43 detik yang lalu

    This is still bad

  21. Dawyn Darker

    Dawyn Darker14 detik yang lalu

    what happened to the comment section

  22. Aarush Dhiman

    Aarush Dhiman44 detik yang lalu

    why are comments rigged?

  23. ZÉ LUCAS

    ZÉ LUCAS44 detik yang lalu

    Pq o you tube pode usar musicas com direitos autorais e nos não??? Meio que injusto ne não?

  24. Andrew Guy

    Andrew Guy44 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: So in 2019 let’s see everyone’s likes Everyone: Let’s copy and paste each other’s comments

  25. Caity Lee

    Caity Lee44 detik yang lalu

    So is everyone copying and pasting other people's comments......?

  26. Mrbear 091

    Mrbear 09144 detik yang lalu

    Dang this new top ten channel is epic.

  27. Mason Moore

    Mason Moore44 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: “so in 2019 let’s see everyone’s likes Everyone: “let’s copy and paste everyone else’s comments”

  28. Abso 177

    Abso 17745 detik yang lalu

    Simple, nice, giving tons of smaller creators shout outs while still keeping the big ones, not political, not pushed in our faces. This is great, thank you IDreporter

  29. Flash1Done _1

    Flash1Done _145 detik yang lalu

    Everyone so in 2019 let's see everyones likes Everyone: We like coping and pasting other peoples comments in the comment section

  30. нarυ

    нarυ45 detik yang lalu

    No espero nada de ustedes y aún así logran decepcionarme.

  31. Logan Featherstone

    Logan Featherstone45 detik yang lalu

    It’s incredible how IDreporter has its most profitable year ever and reduced the budget of the IDreporter rewind video 99.99%, essentially a free lance editor made this🤯. Come on guys, you could of done better. However, thanks for mentioning PewDiePie!

  32. Twilloomy

    Twilloomy45 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: so in 2019 let's see everyone's likes Everyone: "let's copy and paste everyone's comments"

  33. Allison Ontell

    Allison Ontell45 detik yang lalu

    You know what we do like is disliking videos made by IDreporter


    SARY GACHA46 detik yang lalu