YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. Sidqi Fazri

    Sidqi Fazri14 detik yang lalu

    why this just compilation most like video?

  2. Luca Lux

    Luca Lux14 detik yang lalu

    Nothing bout art ...

  3. Alessandro Passeri

    Alessandro Passeri14 detik yang lalu

    Wait, if we give a sudden like spike to yt rewind 2013 do you think they'll remember how a good rewind is done?

  4. Alan

    Alan15 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: “so in 2019 let’s see everyones likes” Everyone: “lets copy and paste everyone elses comments”

  5. ELITE L1ghtn1ng

    ELITE L1ghtn1ng15 detik yang lalu

    This is just pure laziness. There not even trying anymore! And with how much they strike creators everyone should strike youtube!

  6. Shamar Dailey

    Shamar Dailey15 detik yang lalu

    So there really not gonna put drake’s gods plan up there 1B in 2019 wow

  7. perry

    perry17 detik yang lalu

    ok watch mojo, chill

  8. X C

    X C17 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter : Here most liked Music Video. PewDiePie : (Congratulations) Am i joke to you?

  9. Conor Cassidy

    Conor Cassidy18 detik yang lalu

    Ksi Logan 2 biggest event and didn't get on it

  10. Amparca

    Amparca18 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter Rewind 2019 it's only a compilation xd

  11. Petr Mašek

    Petr Mašek18 detik yang lalu

    Enes Batur is in this video.... Great job IDreporter promoting people who false copyright strike 👍

  12. Gabsloveherdonuts :P

    Gabsloveherdonuts :P22 detik yang lalu

    I have to admit it was better than last year, i'll give you that youtube

  13. Vintage Isaac

    Vintage Isaac22 detik yang lalu

    Uhm youtube boxing..?

  14. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia22 detik yang lalu

    I have no words I- 🤭

  15. Pascal Osterholt

    Pascal Osterholt22 detik yang lalu

    Why so much dislikes?

  16. Pablo F

    Pablo F22 detik yang lalu

    Better than 2018

  17. Sgth Taew

    Sgth Taew23 detik yang lalu

    Brasil sempre aparecendo💜

  18. Vsco PewDiePie

    Vsco PewDiePie23 detik yang lalu


  19. Sky frost 321

    Sky frost 32125 detik yang lalu

    What a lazy way to make a rewind

  20. Taylor Assed

    Taylor Assed25 detik yang lalu

    was i supposed to enjoy that?

  21. mr jona

    mr jona25 detik yang lalu

    I wanna something how the year 2016

  22. Adam MacMillan

    Adam MacMillan25 detik yang lalu

    Everyone: you messed up last year we need something new and good IDreporter: did you say reuse popular content other people made and not put any effort in?

  23. ScanShot

    ScanShot25 detik yang lalu

    2019 was a really good year ''I love you 3000'' I'll miss you

  24. Kioka

    Kioka31 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter rewind 2020 : shutdown

  25. ZKZ KING

    ZKZ KING31 detik yang lalu

    Ah s*it here go again

  26. WWE Stage Creator

    WWE Stage Creator32 detik yang lalu

    Cool list but this is not what IDreporter rewind should be

  27. Ki Rei

    Ki Rei32 detik yang lalu

    Atta wow from Indonesia neyh :))

  28. Victoriaoop

    Victoriaoop32 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter rewind literally just shaded the viewers lmao

  29. vijay b

    vijay b33 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter is definitely improving

  30. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson33 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter: this about to be goo... Us: 3.8 Mil dislikes

  31. iTorez

    iTorez34 detik yang lalu

    3:49 King Crimson 3:59

  32. The Endergamer 500

    The Endergamer 50034 detik yang lalu

    I think it was a godd rewind

  33. Ipol Lopi

    Ipol Lopi35 detik yang lalu

    4:58 king of say ASHIAPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  34. Moody_Gamer -

    Moody_Gamer -35 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter: lets make it so everyone like it Everyone: Nope...

  35. julskaye

    julskaye37 detik yang lalu

    i swear it is not as bad as last year yall just nitpicking

  36. Mett4561

    Mett456138 detik yang lalu

    It's the end of the decade why didn't you make a banger

  37. Mr Tygr

    Mr Tygr38 detik yang lalu

    If I were on IDreporter, I would have locked IDreporter🤣 3mli 👎

  38. Talitha Judge

    Talitha Judge38 detik yang lalu

    I mean at least Pewdiepie was in it....