YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. BlaZe

    BlaZeMenit Yang lalu

    OMG why isn't Etika in here?!

  2. juaneky /

    juaneky /Menit Yang lalu

    Like si conoces casi nada 😅😅

  3. ONU Balll

    ONU BalllMenit Yang lalu

    where is 442oons on IDreporter rewind

  4. Arden Soell

    Arden SoellMenit Yang lalu

    My boy Minecraft made the comeback

  5. Silver Z

    Silver ZMenit Yang lalu

    Copyright has been detected

  6. Retro Redneck

    Retro RedneckMenit Yang lalu

    I love how they didn't even try, but it still turned out better than 2018's rewind.

  7. Ryan Rusch

    Ryan RuschMenit Yang lalu

    This wasn’t a bad video? Why are people disliking it so much?

  8. Bugzy

    BugzyMenit Yang lalu

    There was no Etika tribute. WeirdChamp

  9. Not the Shuckmeiseter

    Not the ShuckmeiseterMenit Yang lalu

    You think you can get away with this by doing nothing and some watch mojo top 10 list it’s not even good it’s not bad it’s boring

  10. Chris billing

    Chris billingMenit Yang lalu

    This is literally just data

  11. Bob Bob

    Bob BobMenit Yang lalu

    **Make IDreporter Rewind 2019 the most disliked video on IDreporter........again**

  12. MJ the Photographer

    MJ the PhotographerMenit Yang lalu

    One word that can sum this video up: _Ehh..._

  13. Unknown person

    Unknown personMenit Yang lalu

    Its ok youtube you tried and got the best results in dislikes at least

  14. Madison Magown

    Madison MagownMenit Yang lalu

    Why can’t be just get a rewind like 2014-2017????

  15. Abdul Rahman

    Abdul RahmanMenit Yang lalu

    I think we have made disliking a trend.

  16. Daniel Bolias

    Daniel BoliasMenit Yang lalu

    this was the top 10 bruh moment of the year watching this

  17. ‎

    Menit Yang lalu

    The only good part was the part with pewdiepie wedding

  18. MrRyanYT

    MrRyanYTMenit Yang lalu

    Honestly the most boring rewind😐

  19. Blaven Hart

    Blaven HartMenit Yang lalu

    It is so bad

  20. Alicia Daniela Lema Torres

    Alicia Daniela Lema TorresMenit Yang lalu

    Army where u at👀💜✌🏻

  21. Esther Susman-Peña

    Esther Susman-PeñaMenit Yang lalu

    Can I be in it next year As the least subscribed to IDreporterr 😂

  22. Stiven C.R.

    Stiven C.R.Menit Yang lalu

    Bad, bad, bad, bad... BAAAD

  23. Skii

    SkiiMenit Yang lalu

    IDreporter be like : Hippy hoppity your data is now are property

  24. Abhilash Gregory

    Abhilash GregoryMenit Yang lalu

    Another Worse fail in 2019! Nuff Said!

  25. Olatunji

    OlatunjiMenit Yang lalu

    So most liked music video of the year huh whats missing Pew congratulations

  26. Shamlan Musallam

    Shamlan MusallamMenit Yang lalu

    Why didn't you just fly out all of those new creators and do something spectacular and worthy of being in IDreporter Rewind

  27. Enfinate

    EnfinateMenit Yang lalu

    You know you've done something right in your life when just a single playthrough of a dead game by you not just revives it but makes it most watched game of the year in couple months, hands off Felix is probably the best thing that has ever happened to youtube

  28. Lindsey T Mitchell

    Lindsey T MitchellMenit Yang lalu

    Y’all never happy with what u get smh

  29. owen.editz_

    owen.editz_Menit Yang lalu

    Watch Mojo

  30. ouh

    ouhMenit Yang lalu

    I mean they might as well give up cause this is hot trash

  31. caden jeps vlogs and more Nocioli

    caden jeps vlogs and more NocioliMenit Yang lalu


  32. BurnZ

    BurnZMenit Yang lalu

    People see in this video can copyright IDreporter ?

  33. _Bajiru_

    _Bajiru_Menit Yang lalu

    Analytics af. Plus, Martin Garrix is not even _mentioned_ in the video.

  34. Chris B

    Chris BMenit Yang lalu

    Trayning to make it better but they put T-series in

  35. Monteiperier

    MonteiperierMenit Yang lalu

    Let's get this to 10 mil dislikes

  36. Tommy Ng

    Tommy NgMenit Yang lalu

    Let's make this the most disliked videos to see what they'll do next rewind

  37. Rechgzz UwU

    Rechgzz UwUMenit Yang lalu

    Poor IDreporter wath happend to you?

  38. Licenze

    LicenzeMenit Yang lalu

    The editing is worse than twitch highlight videos so lazy

  39. Timuçin Sur

    Timuçin SurMenit Yang lalu

    Anus butter? Pfft disliked