YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind



    INDOMINUS SALGADO39 detik yang lalu

    Da até pra ser perder em tanto comentário

  2. estrellita 123

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  3. Ian Brown

    Ian Brown40 detik yang lalu

    Corporate boot-lickingtube.

  4. Ben Yefet

    Ben Yefet41 detik yang lalu

    4:50 What does it mean the first Middle Eastern creator?

  5. Nathaly Luis Alba

    Nathaly Luis Alba42 detik yang lalu

    I liked all the other rewinds ;-;

  6. Mikael Dagur Steinarsson

    Mikael Dagur Steinarsson44 detik yang lalu

    Wher da Frick is Despacito

  7. Carlos ED

    Carlos ED44 detik yang lalu

    Foi melhor q o do ano passado.

  8. OmercNeb

    OmercNeb44 detik yang lalu

    Ok this wasn’t as horrible... They put Felix’s wedding in it so it’s pretty good

  9. Salmi Azul

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  10. Josiah Christian

    Josiah Christian48 detik yang lalu

    Let's goooooo good job Jimmy/ mr beast

  11. Amarusito

    Amarusito48 detik yang lalu

    is this just an ad

  12. EME421

    EME42148 detik yang lalu

    Still trash

  13. Milan Lammers

    Milan Lammers48 detik yang lalu

    yt can u just make 2020 5min of a egg post

  14. uraverageteenagegurl

    uraverageteenagegurl49 detik yang lalu

    more dislikes again... tbh, i know these videos were rlly popular and stuff but it wants the RAVE, the TALK of the TALK, ya know what im saying?

  15. Lukas Stasytis

    Lukas Stasytis49 detik yang lalu

    "in 2018 we did something you did not like so in 2019 lets not do anything' youtube has great logic :D

  16. Scott Swarbrick

    Scott Swarbrick50 detik yang lalu

    Make this comment to over 100k likes Let's do this I believe in you all

  17. SlimeyPlayz

    SlimeyPlayz50 detik yang lalu

    im putting up what you putting down

  18. Fourth Wind Hero

    Fourth Wind Hero51 detik yang lalu

    “We’re acknowledging the people you enjoy.” “Your statistics are not a IDreporter Rewind.”

  19. El Tocher

    El Tocher52 detik yang lalu

    bueno al menos sabemos que minecraft supero a fortnite xd

  20. a. z.

    a. z.54 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter, even a redemption statistic wasn't even enough

  21. Cristian Sierra

    Cristian Sierra54 detik yang lalu

    Hasta donde paso los rewind, de hacer vídeos increíbles mezclados a pasar a un vídeo que solo colocan los mejores likes, para eso uno escribe en el buscador y hay muchos vídeos así, que perdedera de tiempo...

  22. Manase Paun

    Manase Paun55 detik yang lalu

    69 like 420 comments come on I know you can do it

  23. Sono io

    Sono io56 detik yang lalu

    I gess this gone be the new most disliked youtube video Well done IDreporter 🤦‍♂️

  24. Mateo Tealdi

    Mateo Tealdi56 detik yang lalu

    Just stop trying.

  25. Imad Helwani

    Imad Helwani57 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter rewind 2018: I'm the most disliked video on IDreporter IDreporter rewind 2019: hold my repeated comments

  26. ka kun leong

    ka kun leong59 detik yang lalu

    I mean you could just give Felix to do it since you lost the touch with your user, last year he have done it pretty well and everyone liked it.

  27. M I L K Y C O W -_-

    M I L K Y C O W -_-59 detik yang lalu

    Imagine having this much inspiration

  28. Aiya Neko

    Aiya Neko59 detik yang lalu

    IDreporter Rewind 2016 is still the best :/

  29. DDBoyZ

    DDBoyZMenit Yang lalu

    youtube : puts best videos in 1 video pewdiepie: am i a joke to youw

  30. Omar Martínez

    Omar MartínezMenit Yang lalu

    Fue orible fue orible

  31. PhantomXx Z

    PhantomXx ZMenit Yang lalu

    There isn't a single comment I've seen which has less then 1K likes.

  32. MonkeyBone

    MonkeyBoneMenit Yang lalu

    No Bass. No Approve.

  33. Guikr

    GuikrMenit Yang lalu

    i don't know if i like or no,I'm truly confused

  34. Johns Thomas

    Johns ThomasMenit Yang lalu

    Yall mean af this was short sweet and to the point. I liked this one alot

  35. miguel kolvaller guezala

    miguel kolvaller guezalaMenit Yang lalu

    laki si heres latino americno :v

  36. Spidey Spoken

    Spidey SpokenMenit Yang lalu

    just because we liked those video dosent mean youll get those likes on this video lol tf were hey thinking

  37. Angelica Rivera Ambi

    Angelica Rivera AmbiMenit Yang lalu

    panas esta mejor el del año pasado no jodan -inserte gato incomodo-