YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. YouTube

    YouTube17 jam yang lalu

    Us: “So in 2019, let’s see what you did like” Everyone else: “We like copy and pasting other people’s comments in the comment section."

  2. Adam Hall

    Adam Hall11 jam yang lalu

    Here before 1000 likes

  3. Mighty Cat

    Mighty Cat11 jam yang lalu


  4. DeadChannel.mp3

    DeadChannel.mp311 jam yang lalu

    Worse than last years

  5. Richard Brodsky

    Richard Brodsky11 jam yang lalu


  6. 2cool18

    2cool1811 jam yang lalu

    I asked for a good rewind not a top 10 list

  7. SkyPunch

    SkyPunch4 menit yang lalu

    Most of these statistics aren't even interesting ones. At least they tried I guess?

  8. Game Magazine

    Game Magazine4 menit yang lalu

    It’s a top ten video wtf IDreporter

  9. NCR Soldier

    NCR Soldier4 menit yang lalu

    They knew what they did wrong, but they didn't know what to do right.

  10. icytrampoline

    icytrampoline4 menit yang lalu

    Will anyone ever like rewind, or is it a trend to hate on it

  11. Leo Bergenteg

    Leo Bergenteg4 menit yang lalu


  12. Ray Plunkett

    Ray Plunkett4 menit yang lalu

    Here for the dislikes

  13. H. Safdari.12

    H. Safdari.124 menit yang lalu

    Love the jelly part

  14. Oofer Oof

    Oofer Oof4 menit yang lalu

    Credits should be given to WatchMojo at the end of this video. Come on IDreporter, follow your rules!

  15. Casey the Squishier

    Casey the Squishier4 menit yang lalu

    This was actual trash they should’ve done like a huge rewind from like the past 19-20 yrs

  16. Little Cr7

    Little Cr74 menit yang lalu

    WatchMojo: *yo wtf man why you do dis*

  17. Riya Malhotra

    Riya Malhotra4 menit yang lalu

    Team naach at 2:17 really appreciated

  18. Jaka Hlastan

    Jaka Hlastan4 menit yang lalu

    This is just youtube being butthurt and making a "top 10" video and calling it a rewind

  19. The Craze Player

    The Craze Player4 menit yang lalu

    More dislikes than likes, even more than the double 😂😂😭😭

  20. Vampiredude Yt

    Vampiredude Yt4 menit yang lalu

    Kids who disliked yt rewind 2018 "Aw man here we go again"

  21. Michał Jawor

    Michał Jawor4 menit yang lalu

    omg its so terrible i cant believe myself

  22. Fact God

    Fact God4 menit yang lalu

    IDreporter: *copies WatchMojo and inserts some 2019 music WatchMojo: Am I a joke to you???

  23. Niqhil Nazri

    Niqhil Nazri4 menit yang lalu

    The richest could do this

  24. Estudios Rodros

    Estudios Rodros4 menit yang lalu

    Put Ricardo milos

  25. Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith4 menit yang lalu

    Disappointed again

  26. weird stuf

    weird stuf4 menit yang lalu

    We didn’t ask for a watch mojo video

  27. Lloyd Daniel Mascarenhas

    Lloyd Daniel Mascarenhas4 menit yang lalu

    Not gonna lie but If i was in 8th grade and youtube hired me to do a rewind with all these clips I still would do a better job than this

  28. Bruh McBruh

    Bruh McBruh4 menit yang lalu

    Still cringy as hell

  29. datGenius

    datGenius4 menit yang lalu

    Its good'nt

  30. Pinokio Grumy

    Pinokio Grumy4 menit yang lalu

    Maybe the only vidio with free ads.

  31. darrenaticxxarmyxxa'tin amlr

    darrenaticxxarmyxxa'tin amlr4 menit yang lalu

    youtube 2018: i'm the most lazy youtube rewind youtube 2019: no you're not! i am. youtube 2020: youtube 2025: youtube 2050: youtube 3000:

  32. Laiba

    Laiba4 menit yang lalu

    I just want to know who pitched the idea.

  33. CMDR Spacemanballs

    CMDR Spacemanballs4 menit yang lalu

    Tbh this time it isnt that bad

  34. osome kid

    osome kid4 menit yang lalu

    I’m only liking it because pewdiepie was in it

  35. Custom Adventurist

    Custom Adventurist4 menit yang lalu

    Pewds should copy strike this video and take all the revenue

  36. staunchs

    staunchs4 menit yang lalu

    tad bit poofy but aside from that it aight i guess

  37. Blue

    Blue4 menit yang lalu

    Last year I actually felt hate This year I don't feel anything for this

  38. oo_Commander -JT777

    oo_Commander -JT7774 menit yang lalu

    Disliked just cuz there was Fortnite here

  39. yusuf asi

    yusuf asi4 menit yang lalu

    Ok boomer

  40. Antonio Valderrama

    Antonio Valderrama4 menit yang lalu

    Badabun pvto programa de televisión 💩💩

  41. AMD Waheed

    AMD Waheed4 menit yang lalu

    Ah imma head out

  42. DesmondTheONE

    DesmondTheONE4 menit yang lalu

    I don’t know, but it was like what I expected. It is just a rewind. Top chart. What do you people want? A better ending of GoT? You will get a Witcher later this year. Calm down. Ty