1. Uh No

    Uh NoJam Yang lalu

    Hey Jack is famy with the in my nibhood like if argee or donit if u dont wnat lmooa

  2. Gacha_ Cat

    Gacha_ Cat2 jam yang lalu

    Me is doing the dead of my life

  3. The pathetic one

    The pathetic one20 jam yang lalu

    😂Omg, there are SO MANY typos in this video 😂

  4. Space Turtles

    Space Turtles23 jam yang lalu

    I did a lot for you and I got to go get some food for sure lol I gotta is a day or a week after school I gotta was the night you got the house I gotta go play it for me and Shaggy is a game that you can get to your game play and get to your house play and get to play with friends play it for the game and you get the free play play it is fun to get it bruh bruh was the time to get the free game and you play the free play play it is a great way of making you want it and Shaggy was a fun and fun play it was a great play and I gotta is play it is a good thing for you bruh bruh was the time.

  5. fire dropper

    fire dropperHari Yang lalu

    Hi am good at the same people are watching a movie I just got to work on the first time and then

  6. Sander Schep

    Sander SchepHari Yang lalu

    Your Grammar Sucks Forever After

  7. Theodore Chiappone

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    Your better looks good dog goodnight. Friends?

  8. DubsCat

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    Jack this 60 fps hurts to look at, it's way too wet for my eyes. 30 please.

  9. ADDIE

    ADDIEHari Yang lalu

    Honestly I’m gonna I wanna is a time for you I am not going home to the gym and I’m gonna I was like I was gonna was the first time in the morning and I’m not going home because of my kids. I’m gonna is your birthday

  10. Echo Oblivion

    Echo Oblivion2 hari yang lalu

    hairy money and dat squadish

  11. - KettlesAreOk -

    - KettlesAreOk -2 hari yang lalu

    And I just wanna is a little too bad for ya boy you got to be happy you too lol 😂

  12. The Gamist

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    0:38 Thank me later

  13. Suddenbooch 6040

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    Jack is finally a man lol

  14. Jan Rudolecky

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    Ok Boomer.

  15. AL5 RBLX

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    Jackfiml you dysgutang I hat you

  16. Louie Duck

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    Me go bathroom me?

  17. Joseph QG

    Joseph QG3 hari yang lalu

    YGS Every Friday

  18. Carolina Leone

    Carolina Leone3 hari yang lalu

    I member hasnt the fatm its privare property sp i rain the guy said litrw duckers escaped thae cops so rum m6 homie goes in orher ways i uumps into somes bsckyard dogas chase me i kick in thae copa i said " what you doing " i Just wksing homie

  19. ScottishIndian

    ScottishIndian3 hari yang lalu

    Do you are have stupid?

  20. Emma Gonzales

    Emma Gonzales3 hari yang lalu

    1:06 I hope this was about Amy Schumer

  21. Roberto

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    Amy, you are ugly.

  22. Falcon

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    I likes video aftr skool on sonday tree weks aftr I comintid

  23. Mojo Jojo

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    Can't believe the last Friday was a long time ago. (I liked my own comment multiple times) - Mojo JoJo 🦍

  24. Mars The Red Planet

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    You’re grammar suck not good us do why every in IDreporter predicting accorded corrections no and but is. Frankly to hope yes no and jacksfjoms IDreporterd is mean grammar mine perfect his bad. Your very mean jacksfilms so don’t be mean of kola and this no yes but Joey bad and very decent, The decency of mankind bad is and no doubt but apriciat humanitarian acievmen thank you

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    This video bean sponsoreded by raycon

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    Hey 👋 was a great 👍 I is just like watching like you were said that I wanna I is a very good guy kid I was love the game but I’m it not gonna was I was like just watching your it and you then just I got a D was there was a something on it the my first time was there a good game I and I got wanna it it I love was your best name ever and then you I met you in I and you got were said I to was you your just gonna I love

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    So.. I can’t improve my grammar? It sucks forever? Danm

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    your're geramer suvks froesber and siam 10 yeardsa olsdf so learn to spelef

  29. Barret Kruse

    Barret Kruse5 hari yang lalu

    FAKE!!!! There is no such thing as 90s Punk

  30. That weird Bengali chick

    That weird Bengali chick5 hari yang lalu

    I was thinking about starting a youtube channel. Bbbbut I don't know how to edit or make good quality videos. I have a potato phone and laptop camera. I feel like I have some good ideas but I'm scared to do it.

  31. Lil Le4che

    Lil Le4che5 hari yang lalu

    b a c k e v e r y f r i d a y . . .

  32. The Paper Empire

    The Paper Empire5 hari yang lalu

    Little does he know he pronounced Ssundee wrong lol

  33. Sascha F

    Sascha F5 hari yang lalu

    How can I do to promotionate my music here? :(((((((((

  34. NotArnar

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    I'm slowly losing all my brain cells

  35. ᗪᗩᑎIEᒪ ᗯᗩᑎG

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    I am subcribd to this chanal

  36. DavieReed

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    Why are the names blurred out?

  37. Matthew W.

    Matthew W.6 hari yang lalu

    Question about the sponsor: Do the Raycon e25 earbuds have a button on them? You know, like to seek/track music, answer calls, talk to Siri/Google, etc?

  38. RTF Animations

    RTF Animations6 hari yang lalu

    The first few days ago doesn't match the requested one of the question of whether you are a few days ago doesn't match the requested one of the area and a good day I don't think it will not really a big fan is the only way back in my bed with the topic you can read about your mouth like this group and we are going through my resume is it half the cost for you read this book in my animation and I am looking to buy the same you can go by and I am looking to move to get a nap in my mouth like this is an actual f cing

  39. Baloonboy 105

    Baloonboy 1056 hari yang lalu

    And I lovesd her for a moth and he stook her. And don’t even know!

  40. hoshinator

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    this will never not crack me up i swear

  41. André Crema

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    Y’all remember Dick Reveal at 5mi subs? We’re almost there

  42. What am I doing with my life

    What am I doing with my life7 hari yang lalu

    Hi can I get a new acc today I have to do a sleepover at the park with you and you guys are you gonna I wanna is

  43. Tito Boy

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    I cool cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    It’s been 2 weeks, WHERES THE YGS

  45. El Pablo's Free Tacos

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    Any get a smidgen mad when he pronounced SSundee wrong

  46. OnlyHighSky

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    Me me big ogly boy 🔥kratos🔥

  47. Immortal NobodyX

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    Put The Pussy On The Chainwax

  48. Tree with no Hands

    Tree with no Hands7 hari yang lalu


  49. charlie-kate talks シ

    charlie-kate talks シ7 hari yang lalu

    Jenny (Karen’s mommy): hi welcome to McDonald’s how can I help you Johnny Johnny from Jonn hi y Jonn y yes papa: 🔥 KATROS 🔥

  50. Pastelo - Jello

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    0:35 yes transfebter

  51. Caden Dixon

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    I just subscrubd to you channel and was soprused that is something.

  52. Dominic Anaya

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    I think is my rublox gorlfrind mad at me 🔥KRATOS🔥

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    More YGS. Please. We need it!

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    when friday finally comes and we get another ygs i feel like 🔥 KRATOS 🔥

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    but why is my like not really sure if I like it 🔥gaylords🔥

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    Wow your dumb

  57. Dantée Baptiste

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    It had been so long since YGS I got nostalgic listening to the theme song at the end 😂

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    You are very the good you tubber plus kiip make video

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    i have austum and i take ofness to this

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    If the E25s are the best, why do the E55s cost more?