YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)


  1. Atiya Spragion

    Atiya SpragionJam Yang lalu

    Yo I never heard this nigga songs till now and let me tell you something This nigga sounds disgusting completely horrible.


    QUESSOJam Yang lalu

    This actually dope after listening twice

  3. V Shoot4funjay

    V Shoot4funjayJam Yang lalu

    Like this you go be rich in 2020

  4. iDisrxptPogo

    iDisrxptPogoJam Yang lalu

    Someone gon get sued

  5. diondrove

    diondroveJam Yang lalu

    Shiiid str8

  6. Yllan Da Silva

    Yllan Da SilvaJam Yang lalu

    Igualzinho o Diego Mauricio que era do flamengo

  7. FYO Daydoe

    FYO DaydoeJam Yang lalu

    Youngboy is the Michael Jackson of our rap generation🤣

  8. Takevin

    TakevinJam Yang lalu

    Wtf he on some different shit I see you boi



    Weird cause my name is ayanha pronounced the same way ( i-ya-nuh)

  10. Realize Realies

    Realize RealiesJam Yang lalu

    Dont compare any of these clowns to him 🤞🏽 bro different

  11. Big Tallk

    Big TallkJam Yang lalu

    Ha lil ass run wit ha back.😂🤣😭

  12. WhoThatNigga OnThatNag

    WhoThatNigga OnThatNagJam Yang lalu

    Get a life herpes boy.

  13. NBA KID

    NBA KIDJam Yang lalu

    Hell yeah youngboy on fire 🔥

  14. Lesha Macc

    Lesha MaccJam Yang lalu

    NUMBER 1 trending PERIOD NBA 4kt STAND UP 💯🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  15. Brianna Woods

    Brianna WoodsJam Yang lalu


  16. Kriz Sevilla

    Kriz SevillaJam Yang lalu

    I feel bad for all the girls named iyanna rn😭

  17. Diamond Johnson

    Diamond JohnsonJam Yang lalu

    He den fucked my head up😂💯this really my boy💯🗣🔥

  18. Super Banks

    Super BanksJam Yang lalu

    Im youngboy fan dnt really like it but he need to realease (madonna)💥🔥🔥

  19. Sanaa Jackson .

    Sanaa Jackson .Jam Yang lalu

    i’m so disappointed

  20. Iced out Den

    Iced out DenJam Yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 young boy tryna remake a classical

  21. rainbow anything

    rainbow anythingJam Yang lalu

    He funny

  22. Matt Everette

    Matt EveretteJam Yang lalu

    Noo I hope that wasn’t the challenger . 😭 Chill YB already on house arrest 😒

  23. ThotBreakerQueQue

    ThotBreakerQueQueJam Yang lalu

    If he added like a little more trap to the beat and had like a beat drop dis hoe would have been perfect

  24. 1Tap Wizards

    1Tap WizardsJam Yang lalu

    Wasted 2 views on this bullshit

  25. kevin ibanez

    kevin ibanezJam Yang lalu

    who actually likes this shit 🤢

  26. David Yanowitch

    David YanowitchJam Yang lalu

    Who else felt that “everything wrong with _____ in 15 minutes or less” vibe from the sound effects?

  27. Keprin 840

    Keprin 840Jam Yang lalu

  28. Beautiful Mommie

    Beautiful MommieJam Yang lalu

    Wait a minute did he find out she was the one leaking his music? Or he just found out some she did m period because the beginning of the song he basically saying he don’t want no more dealings with her.

  29. Ahleaha Smithart

    Ahleaha SmithartJam Yang lalu

    What the fuckkkk💀💀💀

  30. Legit Jay

    Legit JayJam Yang lalu

    Dhis a diss track for all his ex's because she said she sliced my tires

  31. Ceo Kushsmoke

    Ceo KushsmokeJam Yang lalu

    Ain’t go lie this shii highkey TRASH 🤧

  32. Xaria Berry

    Xaria BerryJam Yang lalu

    #1 on trending😭

  33. Abraham Garcia

    Abraham GarciaJam Yang lalu

    Sounds like that Indian guy “It’s my life whatever I wanna do” 💀

  34. Redd Greene

    Redd GreeneJam Yang lalu

    Michael youngboy

  35. Olivia Marjorie

    Olivia MarjorieJam Yang lalu

    this song give me michael jackson and rock vibes. heat

  36. Big Tallk

    Big TallkJam Yang lalu

    Y tf she run so LD fa.🤣😭🤣

  37. ThaaDancer Arii

    ThaaDancer AriiJam Yang lalu

    Nobody: My dumbass: Dirty Diana😭 NBA Youngboy: Dirty Iyanna🤣

  38. Ajay Hamilton

    Ajay HamiltonJam Yang lalu

    New flow Michael Jackson vibes

  39. ASRfamilygaming

    ASRfamilygamingJam Yang lalu

    Bruh I wah waiting till dude say hehe 🧒🏻🕴🏻🕺🏿

  40. Simply

    SimplyJam Yang lalu

    Bald dude with the AR is the act like the goons from Disney channel