Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD


  1. pygronze

    pygronzeDetik Yang lalu

    I would put him up for adoption

  2. Jhay D

    Jhay D15 detik yang lalu

    Smh. God help us all for ignorance

  3. Tony Hines

    Tony HinesMenit Yang lalu

    I volunteered at a kids camp last week and a kid put nail polish on me. I didn’t really want him to though.

  4. Alex Hunter

    Alex Hunter8 menit yang lalu

    Honestly the idea of being transgender just makes me sick

  5. BEASTED! !

    BEASTED! !14 menit yang lalu

    My brother played with nailpolish when i was little. I have never seen anything wrong with it. I Think its kinds cool!

  6. K PRICE

    K PRICE16 menit yang lalu

    Maybe Im being insensitive but I really don't think mothers should let their small boys get colored nail polish. I mean why?!

  7. The Life of Tony

    The Life of Tony22 menit yang lalu

    I don’t like gay niggas either

  8. Crazy Chole

    Crazy Chole25 menit yang lalu

    Girl against gay: mabye they need to spend more time with there dad... Me: TRIGGERED (My Dad is dead :p )

  9. Bobcat Adventures

    Bobcat Adventures26 menit yang lalu

    Am a male and I paint my nails and am straight

  10. euli johnson

    euli johnson27 menit yang lalu

    People don't think anymore they just rock with anything... They act like it's cool to be confused.. That's why it's a gender barrier in the first place.

  11. Jordan Raquel

    Jordan Raquel39 menit yang lalu

    Lady: Are you gonna love him any less? Mother's love is truly unconditional.

  12. RayyyXOX

    RayyyXOX39 menit yang lalu

    What if a girl wants blue nails? Does that make her too masculine because blue is a "boy color"??

  13. Jessie Mezera

    Jessie Mezera52 menit yang lalu

    The people who are against it were raised incorrectly. How disappointing.

  14. Sarah Rhinehart

    Sarah Rhinehart52 menit yang lalu

    3:45. I don’t give a shit what her religion is. She should just keep her mouth shut👿

  15. The BahamianPrincess

    The BahamianPrincessJam Yang lalu

    LMFAOOO why traci always gotta be the bad guy 😂😂

  16. Goldddustwoman

    GoldddustwomanJam Yang lalu

    This episode was really bad thought the women would be better than this

  17. realitycheck 111

    realitycheck 111Jam Yang lalu

    So gay

  18. City Boy Summer

    City Boy SummerJam Yang lalu

    Imagine getting caught lacking by John Quinones lmao

  19. Corrie Mayne

    Corrie MayneJam Yang lalu

    Kids will be kids. Who the hell are these people? 😂

  20. Michael T

    Michael TJam Yang lalu

    I'm gay and I've never had the urge to wear pink nail polish, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest what people do to their own bodies.

  21. Daniehasnolife

    DaniehasnolifeJam Yang lalu

    Pink was a masculine colour to begin with.

  22. MiloB1024

    MiloB10242 jam yang lalu

    oh god no the lens noo

  23. Matthias Fridolin Warburg

    Matthias Fridolin Warburg2 jam yang lalu

    Why do people give a shit about how otheres raise their kids? The girl at 3:48 is too brainwashed by her shitty religion to accept everyone, and let them do whatever the fuck they please

  24. sportifry

    sportifry2 jam yang lalu

    At 3:37 the lady is Muslim but you can see all of her arm. Smh

  25. Kayree Nova

    Kayree Nova2 jam yang lalu

    I absolutely love this show, but this is the worst episode I’ve seen for close mindedness! The stereotypes people are raised with, boys blue girls pink, is disgusting. I hope future generations will abolish these useless rules

  26. Mark Anthony Ancheta

    Mark Anthony Ancheta2 jam yang lalu

    woah.. it's just color!

  27. Yuyu Htoo

    Yuyu Htoo2 jam yang lalu

    I did paint my nephews nails pink. And put make up on him. Once he turned 9 or 10, he won’t let me do it because he knew that it’s a girls thing by that age. I see no problems with nails polish on a kid boy.

  28. Julie Vaz

    Julie Vaz2 jam yang lalu

    people really out here thinking nail polish is going to turn a kid gay

  29. ryster bro

    ryster bro3 jam yang lalu

    My kid gonna one of the normal ones not one of these confused fags

  30. Kiera-lyndsey Pask

    Kiera-lyndsey Pask3 jam yang lalu

    No offence but this is bullsh*t like no one is like that with me wearing big things yet they say boy can’t wear nail varnish 😭😡😤

  31. briar /briare

    briar /briare3 jam yang lalu

    People do it as a hobby not to become more feminine

  32. Manffaaa

    Manffaaa3 jam yang lalu

    Girl playing football People: Dont care Boy cheerleaders Wait that's not a thing-

  33. G1raffie Nek0

    G1raffie Nek04 jam yang lalu

    OK, to be honest, that's disgusting, boy with nailpolish? 😓😓😓

  34. Rea Jairaj

    Rea Jairaj4 jam yang lalu

    Can you make a cameing out

  35. Rose SnowDragon

    Rose SnowDragon4 jam yang lalu

    This is unfortunately our society where a girl can do boy stuff but a boy can’t do girl stuff. When I get kids and my son wants a manicure with pink nail polish then he can If my daughter wants a football I give her a football. We can teach our kids to be themselves and not put them in this gender roled society

  36. Theify

    Theify4 jam yang lalu

    Fuck the gays bro end of story

  37. draft menship

    draft menship4 jam yang lalu

    And that’s why people love drag queen and James Charles

  38. Rose H

    Rose H4 jam yang lalu

    When I was young, I always did my brothers make up. And painted his nails. Most of the time we played with barbies. But that didn’t suddenly made him gay. And even if he was it would still be okay. Kids are just kids, they don’t judge. And us adults have a lot to learn from them.

  39. Angelika Fischer

    Angelika Fischer4 jam yang lalu

    i dont get these people like you don’t need to be gay to wear pink nails he can still be a boy but just with pink nails what’s the problem about that? (my opinion)

  40. Jarjar Star

    Jarjar Star4 jam yang lalu

    Lol read the subtitles

  41. datgirl meredith

    datgirl meredith5 jam yang lalu

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that that kid pit nail polish on a fucking camera?! 😂😂

  42. Niamh Lamport

    Niamh Lamport5 jam yang lalu

    It’s really sad how many people actually disapproved of him wearing pink nail polish. Like it’s fucking nail polish. Who cares.

  43. Umayal Nagappan

    Umayal Nagappan5 jam yang lalu

    What if someone just identified Stacy even before the act

  44. Savannah Pedersen

    Savannah Pedersen5 jam yang lalu

    fuck this bs I hate all the people reacting so rude

  45. Aneisha Moorsaleen

    Aneisha Moorsaleen5 jam yang lalu

    oh god this shit pisses me off

  46. Jennikka Kietsathit

    Jennikka Kietsathit6 jam yang lalu

    Girl: “My religion is against homosexuality so I think it’s very wrong” John:”Do you think it causes homosexuality?” Girl”No not really” Then why’d you bring it up?! I’m not sure if I’m hearing that conversation wrong but there was no need to bring up homosexuality and your religion if you didn’t think that. Also what does homosexuality gotta do with nail polish?

  47. Alexandria Mclean

    Alexandria Mclean6 jam yang lalu

    Im not agenst this at all cause my bro did that, first as black then purple and back to normal

  48. CT Flavors

    CT Flavors6 jam yang lalu

    You treat your kid like a girl he will turn out confused about his sexuality, trust me I’ve seen it happen before first hand .

  49. Nunu Socool

    Nunu Socool6 jam yang lalu

    I would paint. My nails blue then

  50. Nunu Socool

    Nunu Socool6 jam yang lalu

    See i hate white people cuz they are so quick to judge

  51. Dylane

    Dylane6 jam yang lalu

    this video made me so emotional I felt like crying peoples reactions were mostly awful boys and girls should wear what they want.

  52. Montie Good

    Montie Good6 jam yang lalu

    No it’s not om

  53. Kuroi Seraphic

    Kuroi Seraphic7 jam yang lalu

    People step up for more sensitive and damaging topics but they can't accept the fact that a boy likes pink, wow

  54. chelsiii whoo

    chelsiii whoo7 jam yang lalu

    When I go get my acrylics done, my boyfriend gets his manicure and gets clear gel done as well 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽🤪

  55. R0b L

    R0b L7 jam yang lalu

    Turn English Captions on and go to @3:13 😂😂😂

  56. 1000 subscribers without a video

    1000 subscribers without a video7 jam yang lalu

    3:14 Turn on the subtitle :')

  57. Taiyah’s fantastic Life

    Taiyah’s fantastic Life7 jam yang lalu

    How fucking stupid are these woman the first and second must be a donkey let the boy do his thing you stupid idiots your taking the piss

  58. Jonathan Lord

    Jonathan Lord8 jam yang lalu

    Gotta love Traci ! Nobody sells 'rude' like she does !

  59. Kitten Mitten

    Kitten Mitten8 jam yang lalu

    Girl: *Does boy things* Everyone: You do you boo! Boy: *Wears pink* Everyone: GAAAAAAAAYYYY

  60. Crazycoogaming 1

    Crazycoogaming 18 jam yang lalu

    Tracey again...

  61. Sitab's Mayhem

    Sitab's Mayhem8 jam yang lalu

    you cant spell manicure without man

  62. Hhkj Uuuhhj

    Hhkj Uuuhhj8 jam yang lalu

    I’ve only got one male figure in my family (my grandad) and I’m 100% straight so all these women going against it need to grow up

  63. alexa gomez

    alexa gomez8 jam yang lalu

    Wow what idiots I can’t stand these ignorant people

  64. eldria varnado

    eldria varnado9 jam yang lalu

    Traci’s acting is so good it makes me hate her

  65. Passive Aggressive Flamingo

    Passive Aggressive Flamingo9 jam yang lalu

    Don’t come to MY free AMERICA, with your old world gender roles & presume to tell an American child, how he/she should be. You can go right back to wherever oppressive pit you’re from. Oh, YOU can come into HIS free country & pollute it with the garbage mentality that destroyed yours? Come into HIS country & feel comfortable suppressing HIS dreams, while you pursue yours? Nah. Leave your bullshit at the border or don’t bother filling out a Visa application. We have ENOUGH colonial-minded assholes, to deal with as it is.

  66. Owls Gaming

    Owls Gaming9 jam yang lalu

    I want to throw hands at the second girl

  67. Socks

    Socks9 jam yang lalu

    "This is what a man's hands look like; see? They're rough!" I laughed so hard at that, I don't know why. I think it's just how he insults his own hands like that "they're rough!" and it's not true anyway, there are plenty of male hand models.

  68. Hi Lee

    Hi Lee9 jam yang lalu

    You know Long time ago Blue was meant for girl and Pink for boys. I don't get it why is pink only girls color. It is like red but mixed with white. What's wrong wearing pink color??? COLORS ARE GENDERLESS

  69. Clifton Joseph

    Clifton Joseph9 jam yang lalu

    stop being so judgmental let the boy get his own color im so mad right now when she said "no color for a boy" any boy can have his own color!

  70. eNeN

    eNeN9 jam yang lalu

    Whats wrong wd pink?

  71. Socks

    Socks10 jam yang lalu

    "You could have clear nail polish." Gee, what a look, the nail polish that just looks like regular nails. Like buying expensive speakers but you're told you can only play that song which is 3 minutes of silence. I tried clear nail polish once and everyone kept asking me why I put so much glue on my fingers; it's just a tacky look, no offense. And on the other hand; I don't get how they're uncomfortable with boys having a manicure unless it's a clear manicure, I mean it's still a manicure. And "he should do more activities with his dad" What if he doesn't have a dad? I know he had a dad introduced later but it's just that lack of foresight. Anyway, a lot of men in my country have nail polish, mainly because of a campaign about domestic violence and they all show their support by painting their nails blue, some of the manliest guys ever go to my university, they have the big beards down to their knees and the muscle singlets but even they have blue nail polish, it's not like men can't get it. I mean, even if you're afraid of the likelihood of him being gay; it's such a mild form of expression, nail polish is 100% reversible, he could apply nail polish remover whenever he wants to. People are acting like wearing nail polish is such an extreme permanent thing, I mean they are all there getting their nails done anyway, they would know how it works. The only thing I will agree with is that he seems pretty young, I mean I don't like seeing makeup or nail polish on little girls or boys because I think they should still have time to enjoy being a child, not have to spring into adulthood where everything's about presentation and you worry about your appearance all of the time. And the other thing is; I would be concerned for him if he was bullied over it, that doesn't mean he shouldn't have his nails polished but it's more or less a thing to do over the school holidays or until he's really popular, because bullies can be relentless even from the tiniest detail. But that doesn't mean he doesn't know who he is, and even if he doesn't know who he is yet (because not everyone does); it's still helpful for him to explore and figure out for himself, try different things, experiment within reason, at least he's doing it with his mum, so he's not alone, at least he's exploring his style with a very safe thing like nail polish. It's not like he's getting a haircut or makeup, and I'd be far more worried if he was getting a piercing or a tattoo, I could understand the outrage if that were happening. Frankly, men's fashion is boring, I say this as someone who worked in the fashion industry, there isn't much available to men (without traipsing further into items that are considered feminine) besides: T-shirts, jeans, shorts, suits, clean-shaven face or beard. Hardly anything that men can do with their nails, even most of their hairstyles are all the same thing, maybe he just wants something interesting. Even Donald Trump has fake tan/makeup on his face, a lot of his supporters still think he's masculine, not meant as an insult, just an observation. Nails aren't a big deal. They should be proud of him for taking care of his nails when most boys get them damaged or bite them off or let them grow in different lengths, letting them get dirty underneath. If anything, it shows he cares about his hygiene. And if they want a gender neutral colour; go for green nails.

  72. jeffrey hu

    jeffrey hu10 jam yang lalu

    Did the boy actually paint the camera lens with polish at the end?????

  73. Rickya Cole

    Rickya Cole10 jam yang lalu

    Who actually clicked on the video because you guys thought it was NBA Youngboy 💀💀💀💀

  74. Rikae69420 YT

    Rikae69420 YT10 jam yang lalu

    Those women are stupid and love is love I know a little boy who wants to be a girl and people do not get bullied he is adored by all

  75. Itsyaboi Juan

    Itsyaboi Juan11 jam yang lalu

    The 2nd woman said YoU cAn GeT hIm MiXeD uP that made me pissed

  76. alexyp

    alexyp11 jam yang lalu

    i am a guy and pink's my favorite color and purple since i was a boy ( single parent raised by my mom only ) .. i am not gay i just like the color so chill. and if your kid is gay just accept them, any sorta drama at all from a parent or sibling on that topic is X 10 worse.

  77. Daily Juan

    Daily Juan11 jam yang lalu

    If a kid is 10 he doesnt know who he is or what he wants yet in life. He goes with mom and sees this and wants to do it too. He doesnt know better. If the mom tells him no its what women do, he would learn and when he gets older chances are he wont want to wear nail polish. I understand if someone older wants it done. Okay thats fine I support you for who you are but a child has no idea who they are yet. If you tell him this is for women and when he grows up he still wants it then support your son for who he is but not at this age. People dont even know what major they want to study in college but a 10 year old is supposed to know that nail polish is who he is!? Change my mind please

  78. La Vi

    La Vi11 jam yang lalu

    I don’t like it either.

  79. Abran Lujan

    Abran Lujan11 jam yang lalu

    Y'all gays want everybody to respect yall. Well respect people's religion

  80. far side

    far side11 jam yang lalu

    Everybody should be free to do whatever they want the problem is that unlike sport witch makes no sense to talk about gender, despite the fact that there are very "masculine" activities (rugby, football) but still a sport and even if u are a child u will not define yourself sexually in anywhere ..... in this case the nails are pure estetic thing and for the kid witch is not fully sexually mature is not something "necessary", also if he likes it I think he could at least wait until he can fully understand and be totally confident in what he does.