Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD



    TYLERACTSOUT18 menit yang lalu

    A lot of these people make me mad

  2. Kate Sonawane

    Kate Sonawane35 menit yang lalu

    I really appreciate the girl who stands up for him Edit: it was two women

  3. Carina

    CarinaJam Yang lalu

    That Russian woman is the most upsetting of them all! Just so unbelievably stupid!

  4. China Chew

    China ChewJam Yang lalu

    Is this the equivalent to a girl's fav color being blue? 🤦‍♀️

  5. Maria Matsumura

    Maria MatsumuraJam Yang lalu

    Tracy the best

  6. Hertz Hur

    Hertz Hur3 jam yang lalu

    What the heck how society has fallen

  7. Red Cigarettes

    Red Cigarettes3 jam yang lalu

    *Ok boomer*

  8. Yash dash

    Yash dash3 jam yang lalu

    The reason for this issue is that he spends a lot of time with his mum and looks at what his mum does and wants to try it, and no won has hold him its a feminine thing so he thinks it is OK. And people say he wants to be like this, no because no one has hold him anything about things like clothing etc differences. So he turns gay and wears makeupp wear dresses. And people say he was born like his even though he was influenced by this mother. I'm not saying you should not love him. I'm saying instead of saying u can do anything tell him about some of the fashion differences between men and women and let him deicide.A small thing can lead to big thing.

  9. Nico Hollow

    Nico Hollow4 jam yang lalu

    *News flash:* Colors don't have genders. And even if they did, originally pink was for boys and blue was for girls until the 1940's, where it went out of style and then came back in the 80's. These people going "oh no, pink is for girls" are uneducated.

  10. Xxmoon lightxX

    Xxmoon lightxX4 jam yang lalu

    What the heck boys and girls can wear nail polish girl like wtf

  11. Vivek Ghate

    Vivek Ghate5 jam yang lalu

    Wow the first two made me so mad

  12. A N G A Y O

    A N G A Y O5 jam yang lalu

    Me: laughing because i keep thinking of tiktok

  13. Noelan Victoria

    Noelan Victoria5 jam yang lalu

    **Girl likes blue** Everybody: 😐 **Boy likes pink** Everybody: 🤯😤😡🙄

  14. Zareen Ahmedy

    Zareen Ahmedy6 jam yang lalu

    In my religion homosexuality or whatever is wrong, by no means does that means discrimination, of THATS what the boy wants let it be in my book though it would be wrong if the mom FORCED him to wear it Edit: also liking a color and wanting to spend time with your mom isn’t homosexual lol

  15. PixieIra

    PixieIra7 jam yang lalu

    “dO YoU WaNt YOuR SoN tO lOok LiKe a GiRl?!”

  16. M chsy

    M chsy7 jam yang lalu

    Why don’t we just go back to when women weren’t allowed to work, handle finances, or be considered anything other than property because it’s “what girls are supposed to do” Doubt the women in this video would like that 😂

  17. Marcela Ďobeková

    Marcela Ďobeková10 jam yang lalu

    Imagine getting your nails done over and over again in one day

  18. cambbro osu!

    cambbro osu!10 jam yang lalu

    Man I really want my nails black and iam really scared to tell my parents because they think I’ll be gay any tips?

  19. tom dahl

    tom dahl10 jam yang lalu

    straight guy. been painting them for years. they're your nails, no one else's. you can do what you want with them.

  20. Lauren Marzec

    Lauren Marzec11 jam yang lalu

    I would not raise a boy to be a girl but grow into a man.

  21. iixAngel

    iixAngel12 jam yang lalu

    As a girl I think theres a reason they didnt name nail polish "girl polish", Its literally JUST A COLOR. Literal paint for your nails, who cares

  22. Mustofa Kamal

    Mustofa Kamal13 jam yang lalu

    Well, once my friend brought nail polish to school and lots of my guy friends wanna try to put it on their nails. I think it's just for fun tho.

  23. Olga

    Olga14 jam yang lalu

    all these transphobes in the comments can go to hell :)

  24. Olga

    Olga14 jam yang lalu

    honestly he is a beautiful boy and i love him with all my heart

  25. Mr Potato

    Mr Potato15 jam yang lalu

    If i had a Kid i would get my Kid adopted

  26. Mr Potato

    Mr Potato15 jam yang lalu

    Bad parentig

  27. A B

    A B17 jam yang lalu

    Like seriously what the hell happened to the identity of a gender .A girl and a boy are very different .There are things designed for boys and there are things designed for girls .Its just that nowadays people thing if two things or people are not the exact same thing or can’t do the same thing that means that it’s racist or mean.Y’all should really shut up and stop taking everything as an insult

  28. Olga

    Olga10 jam yang lalu

    A B Oh and science about trans people says trans women’s brains are identical to cis women’s. God made them women. Now I don’t believe this kid was trans, but what do I know? The point is we have absolutely no idea how God made them, so let them figure that out themselves

  29. Olga

    Olga10 jam yang lalu

    A B You know if God said he didn’t want my son to be who he is then fuck God. I’m doing everything to support my son, not to force him into being something he’s not. It’s also interesting how you believe God created gender norms. God created male and females different in the brains, and they should be raised with that in mind. That however has absolutely nothing to do with nail polish, colours, clothes or toys. You have also absolutely no right to judge people and try to tell a little kid who they are and what they should like. Love your children no matter what and support their interests

  30. A B

    A B10 jam yang lalu

    Olga ok,we try to make them happy with raising them like their gender .You are supposed to try .God didn’t make boys so they can act like girls ok.We should raise them how they should be raised which is what most people do and those kids end up becoming normal people

  31. Olga

    Olga10 jam yang lalu

    A B The main priority in raising a child should be their happiness. If not then I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have children. If this is what would make my son happy then I’d 100% support him, just as much as if football and stereotypical manly things made him happy.

  32. Olga

    Olga10 jam yang lalu

    A B Ah looks like I disagree anyway. We raise kids to be confident in what they like. So what if they like pink nail polish? I’m not one who can deny them happiness. It’s not like they’re pushing him into it, just like you’re pushing boys out of it. Let them be themselves and let them be happy.💗

  33. joe

    joe17 jam yang lalu

    he’s a little boy for god sake, they are still figuring it out and they find it exciting or fun to do things like their mum because it makes them feel like a grown up. it’s not that deep smh

  34. Dire-Wolf Cakez

    Dire-Wolf Cakez17 jam yang lalu

    Just because most girls like pink, doesn’t mean boys can’t like it! It’s like when you see a guy wearing a pink shirt, they’re gay or something? Even if they are, you shouldn’t just judge them and classify that certain things are for a specific gender. Colours and nail polish is for any gender.

  35. Jessica

    Jessica20 jam yang lalu

    People needa let people do wtv the hell they want gosh none of your business

  36. Reyra Crawler

    Reyra Crawler22 jam yang lalu

    Pink means cancer that’s just rude to say it to a little kid they should let him be himself and not tell him what right and wrong

  37. Kendele Hall

    Kendele Hall23 jam yang lalu

    this is so unbelievable!! if he wants to do this he can it's his life. pink is not a feminine color boys can like pink if they choose to. and getting manicures is not just a famine things as well. people like that just makes me sick

  38. rachel taylor

    rachel taylor23 jam yang lalu

    My good friend, whos a boy, his favorite color is pink and rose gold. He’s bi and nobody at my school has a problem with it. I couldnt watch this happen, this really sucks.

  39. Tatumthe Tot

    Tatumthe Tot23 jam yang lalu

    WOW honestly wasn’t expecting so many shitty people in this video

  40. Lily Blackwell

    Lily Blackwell23 jam yang lalu

    They're fucking nails. Nails.

  41. Alexis avila

    Alexis avilaHari Yang lalu

    7:06 why aren’t more parents like that

  42. Mashiris

    MashirisHari Yang lalu

    I’ll get hate for what I’ll say, but if my son says he wants pink nails I would say no, but just because I’m scared he will get bullied, I’ll accept him as he is but I don’t want him to be bullied because some kids can be really brutal with their actions and words 😕😕.

  43. Mashiris

    Mashiris7 jam yang lalu

    tom dahl Wow what you said made me think. It’s true, we have to be brave.

  44. tom dahl

    tom dahl10 jam yang lalu

    if we all did as we were told, nothing would ever change. women wouldn't be able to vote or wear trousers as two examples. we have to be brave.

  45. Avery Ritter the crittter

    Avery Ritter the crittterHari Yang lalu

    I don't like her she's against gays I'm bisexual

  46. Christopher Gowan

    Christopher GowanHari Yang lalu

    i think painting nails are cool i also love the color pink

  47. Elizabet Dimitrova

    Elizabet DimitrovaHari Yang lalu

    This would be gender abuse if this wasn’t What Would You Do?

  48. Anna Mueller

    Anna MuellerHari Yang lalu

    Ngl but teenage boys look hot when the wear like pink dress shirts