You've never seen such drama after the final whistle before - Huddersfield v Barnsley


  1. Jamis Ins

    Jamis Ins5 hari yang lalu

    That’s disgusting at the end. Norfern bastards.

  2. Declan Adey

    Declan Adey5 hari yang lalu

    WBA for life

  3. bunzlbear

    bunzlbearBulan Yang lalu

    thanks goodness i fast forwarded till the end

  4. Scotland

    ScotlandBulan Yang lalu

    More drama in my toilet this morning

  5. Stephen Peacock

    Stephen PeacockBulan Yang lalu

    That was w..k, reading celebration way better

  6. steve cox

    steve coxBulan Yang lalu

    You for real .com ead

  7. twotank

    twotankBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry Posh fans, but what drama. Thanks for loading, can't understand the negative comments, this neutral loved it.

  8. Ginner Hopkins

    Ginner HopkinsBulan Yang lalu


  9. Scooch77

    Scooch77Bulan Yang lalu

    who else expected peterborough to score at the end lol

  10. Sam Dixon

    Sam DixonBulan Yang lalu

    How has this got 1.6million views....

  11. william fortune

    william fortuneBulan Yang lalu

    Fine both teams

  12. Elliot Stefaniuk

    Elliot StefaniukBulan Yang lalu

    william fortune mate it was 6 years ago

  13. Javid Mohammed

    Javid MohammedBulan Yang lalu

    Huddersfield till I die

  14. pencilpauli

    pencilpauliBulan Yang lalu

    Disgraceful scenes more like. Not playing out the game isn't drama.

  15. Midnightrambler3760

    Midnightrambler3760Bulan Yang lalu

    Getting so excited over a sport I could not give a crap about played by two teams I have never heard off in a pretty crappy looking stadium...zzzzzzzzz

  16. von gwein

    von gweinBulan Yang lalu

    English football.. lots of ... mouths

  17. COYF Tigers

    COYF TigersBulan Yang lalu

    Well done Barnsley and Huddersfield. Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire


    JAMES IRVINE2 bulan yang lalu

    what season is this?

  19. Gunna B

    Gunna B2 bulan yang lalu

    2 Nothings doing nothing for nothing alas nothing here.

  20. Steve Hoyland

    Steve Hoyland2 bulan yang lalu

    ......still waiting for the never-before seen drama. Where Is It?

  21. Marian Micu

    Marian Micu2 bulan yang lalu


  22. Fez Hat

    Fez Hat2 bulan yang lalu

    Huddersfield & Barnsley, two of the most pointless clubs in football. Neither club has won a major trophy since before the days of talking pictures! Small towns with small town inbred support.

  23. Paul James

    Paul James2 bulan yang lalu

    Fair play they are ugly inbred deviants

  24. Graham D

    Graham D4 bulan yang lalu

    This was in the days before Hudersfield acquired all those plastic glory hunting fans. When they went up to the premier league.

  25. Paul Gardner

    Paul Gardner4 bulan yang lalu


  26. Darren Hodgson

    Darren Hodgson4 bulan yang lalu

    That isn't drama.

  27. Norman Longstaff

    Norman Longstaff5 bulan yang lalu

    I thought something was going to happen NOTHING HAPPENED

  28. ken rudge

    ken rudge4 bulan yang lalu

    Seen more drama watching grass bait

  29. Paul Scott

    Paul Scott5 bulan yang lalu

    That's what football is about well done from a Liverpool supporter

  30. A.B. Deck

    A.B. Deck5 bulan yang lalu

    this surpasses the liverpool barcelona 4-0 celebrations, youre right..never seen such drama. numpty

  31. Merriman

    Merriman5 bulan yang lalu

    I've never been past Wolverhampton what is the north I thought they were all on benifits

  32. LUFC SAM

    LUFC SAM5 bulan yang lalu


  33. mufc 4 lyfe

    mufc 4 lyfe5 bulan yang lalu

    4:55 When it's the summer holidays and school has just broke up!

  34. isit1984

    isit19845 bulan yang lalu

    I was there it was a beautiful moment at the end when both sets of supporters were chanting WERE STAYING UP.. GREAT DAY..YORKSHIRE FOR LIFE

  35. hinge berr

    hinge berr6 bulan yang lalu

    Whit a loada pish, watch Peter Lovenkrands scoring for Rangers against celtic in the Scottish Cup final, that's what you call a winner!!

  36. Aaron MXJ

    Aaron MXJ6 bulan yang lalu

    I’m a palace fan so I enjoyed this😂

  37. mike A

    mike A6 bulan yang lalu

    They should have docked both teams 3 points for bringing the game into disrepute. In effect what they did was match fixing to ensure another team went down.

  38. John Casewell UK

    John Casewell UK7 bulan yang lalu

    At 6:06 '' Celebrating the success'' of coming fourth from bottom of the Championship. Jeeeeesus H some people are easily pleased.

  39. Paul L

    Paul L7 bulan yang lalu

    What a day!

  40. TimeConstrained

    TimeConstrained7 bulan yang lalu

    like watching the philosophers in the Monty Python skit.

  41. su fc

    su fc7 bulan yang lalu


  42. HTFC fan

    HTFC fan7 bulan yang lalu


  43. Pedro Thomas

    Pedro Thomas7 bulan yang lalu

    Ive seen better.. c.a.f.c playoffs sunderland. This is like a bedtime story compared to that .zzzzz