You'll Never Guess What Lives in Here!


  1. TheAsianJason

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    *finds snake* Mario: *tries to grab snake* Me: why?

  2. Aspen DeShazer

    Aspen DeShazerHari Yang lalu

    We found a bullsnake in our backyard blending in with the rocks

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    Woo go CitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    is there any king snake in India

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    live in the west!!!!

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    THIS is the content I'll re-subscribe for.

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    Poop? No its musk, for defense purposes... edit always watch video until end before commenting. Hahaha

  9. Cars Huynen

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    Well coyote you scared away the snakes evening dinner

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    what happened to mike

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    Do you like snakes I do and I'm your biggest fan

  13. borat grabs a lemon 09131995

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    Is it venomous? You forget to mention it. Very important information

  14. I don't have a name

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    Toothless snake xD! He pooped ? I would poop

  15. Amanda Davies

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    I have caught 5 snakes before at my house

  16. Epic Games

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    The ball python is a more docile breed of snake

  17. Mia :3

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    oh... ;-; In my old house we lived beside woods and in my back yard when I was outside I was a little girl back then I was playing with my brother dogs and, and looked beside me at my vine fence I saw a black snake at first I thought it was some black metal then I noticed it was a snake. I ran inside and told my mom and my mom's friend SOmEHow goT A kNIfE OUt and killed it. *btw my brothers dogs were hiding in their little house my moms friend made* I never knew what kind of snake it was.... but all I remember is that it was black my cousin has been bitten by a green snake I think and sat down on a rock and I don't know what happened next well if I get to 100 likes then i'll tell another story :3

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    Mario cam......wahoo

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    The Best IDreporter Show About Animals!

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    Thanks? Maybe?πŸ€”

  22. Lea Chandler

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    Are eastern black king snakes Poisonous?

  23. Trikisha Sarden

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    He should get stung by a giant wasp of hornet

  24. I am fortnite beast

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    3:26 old McDonald had a barn it was abandoned

  25. Charlise Esdaile

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    What do u do with the snakes

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    I live there in va

  27. Winter Bostwick

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    I love that Mario presented his own find, he looked so suprised and honored it was just so great. Hope to see more of him, not that I dont Love Coyote. Hes the man lol

  28. Space Raptors Infinite

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    Aren’t kingsnakes cannanibles?

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    I live in West Virginia

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    Anjing goblok main pegang aja berani amat-__-

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    YAY your filming in my home state!!πŸ’™πŸ’›

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    Nioce at 4:54 he has le snake on his hand lol

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    Look for a king cobra plz

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    I think the snake was hunting the mouse

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    Woww that's awesome

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    No offense to Mark or Coyote, but Mario has always been my favorite on this show.

  38. The Jackalope

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    -Shows dumpster- β€œYou’ll never guess what lives in here!” Me - A homeless person?

  39. Ernest Mcspadden

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    I got bitten by a mouse before ut doesn't hert as bad as a snake in fact it barely herts

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    please make more videos,I am a big fan of you!πŸ‘‹πŸ€—

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    It pooped on him! 🀣

  43. A n’ B Sporty Reaction

    A n’ B Sporty Reaction5 hari yang lalu

    My thoughts on the mouse were to grab it as quick as possible the put it somewhere so i could feed it to a snake and watch the snake eat the mouse

  44. edible toilet

    edible toilet5 hari yang lalu

    β€œyou’ll never guess what lives here” my dad when my mom kicked him out

  45. your_pal_1471

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    I was actually hiking with my dad and grand parents and it was like HOOOOOOT out side and I was in front and I see well a snake You: oh wow could not see that coming WOAH! Heh well being the nature loving kid I am I ran to it put my thumb on its head (like how u would hold a wild snake) and let it wrap around me XD My dad was surprisingly fine with it (bc it was a normal king snake not venomous) but my grand parents were TARIFFED that I just picked it up like that Note: I was 12 and watched a lot of snake vids and shows xp but Ye........ yes I did let it go of course bc it was a wild snake and it didn't poop or musk on me it was just like, Snake: why ello smol homan I is frienleh plez do nots harm :D. It was a very very friendly snake C:

  46. Dan N

    Dan N6 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know why in this episode that they are able (feels safe and confident enough) to pick up objects they intend to flip over or move to see if there’s any animal hiding underneath? Most videos they always say never just pick up something with your unprotected hands (where you are basically grabbing blind with parts of your hands) instead of using the snake hook/grabber. Do they know there are not venomous animals in they area or specific vicinity- maybe by already searching they areas they looking in?

  47. LimitlessCentury

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    β€œOh ant digs” *coyote instantly gets Vietnam flashbacks*

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    Do a horse fly bite!

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    Cayote:I will film, you present Mario: I’ll present? Cayote:yeah Mario: πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š *wholesome moment right there :,)*

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    Idk why but I love the GoPro audio

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    I’m from West Virginia

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    Should be stacking all that scrap up

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    Snake : who u callin docile ?!!! *poop attack*

  55. Carlobels

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    That snake is a paid actor. And its not a good actor. It only got one job GOT ONE JOB. JUST BITE HIM! *sigh

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    What is that place and why is there a mouse there

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  59. Captain Marvel

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    6:55 King Cobra is also immune to venom and eat other snakes but the King Cobra is the venomous version of the King Snake it also has a hood that is the only difference

  60. Captain Marvel

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    Probably if you give a match between King Cobra and King Snake the King Cobra will win

  61. Prince Obispo

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    other people when they see a snake:screams and runs away as far as possible Mario:''ooh snake'' and tries to pick it up

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    flips peace of tin oOo snake grabs with hand snake stick am i a joke to you why didn’t u use me

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    Why am I so fascinated by this? XD

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    Mario cam Coyote cam Mark cam Luigi cam

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    WEST VIRGINIA Mountain mama county road take me home

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    How are you not scared like I want to be like you

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    Do they live in the North Carolina area?

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    I caught a snake few days back and my finger is infected by it... I had no idea about its specie or anything

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    I live in West Virginia πŸ™‚

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    Hello, I am from Indonesia, I really like your video brave, I have subscribed to this channel. Please make a video with subtitles so that we from Indonesia can enjoy your videos properly and correctly.

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    Try to guys this guys if you now your a lege πŸš™πŸ”«βš°

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    Its awsome but where i live i dont have any snakes like that

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    U should have kept the snake

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    I love u guys I watch u all the time

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    Hey guys

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    Great episode; we really like seeing. Mario in the episode

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    i just thought of something.... its the fact that somehow i never thought of him being the american steve irwin

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    King snake vs king cobra pls Also ik this would be really dangerous but I really for some reason wanna see a wolf/coyote bite

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    The king snake it actually kinda nice

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    Some day I want to be like you:(( too bad we dont have money

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    Love your content