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    2:25 dope selena


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    You slow you will loose😂

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    5:27 what is so special about that? It's not that fast

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    4:37 lol that gus is noob he was just lucky

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    Last year ay saw u with no subscriber but now is so many subscriber you’re so very good job👌👌👌👌👏👏👏

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    We got the same music taste♥

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    Stealing my savage still breaks my heart

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    We all know the first clip is (claude) thats smurf!

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    Nah I don't think it's Smurf it's skills


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    What is the song

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    love it

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    Please Guys

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    Hi every one..At mga ka ugat👌 Newbie lang po ako baka po pa hug din ako sa inyo huhug ko rin po kau malalaman ko rin po na na hug nyo na ako guys tulungan lang po,mabuhay mga ka ugat👌

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    3:04 why you cut the savage bruhh

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    4:40 that franco 😎😎😎💥💥💥

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    Most of them are GM and epic

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    Penege po skin gus

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    When they said u fast i thought this was gonna be an indog typing video

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    You hate indog too?

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    1:14 Fanny go through wall

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    Like Pharsa's 1st skill

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    She went above it somehow

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    If your internet fast you win, shit internet when important moment to ulti the ping goes red 199 for 1s you death instant. Montoon stun you


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    2:30 Ultra Instinct god selena

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    Skin nga po ni karrie ml name po THE SHADOW

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    Hindi hinihingi ang skin pinag iipunan yan

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    Magtrabaho ka puro ka hingi

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    that old claude not today bitch

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    Wow Selena ngayon lang ako nakakita ng selena na magaling

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    very nice hero bro love for your play

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    2:26 What a play by selena

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    Nice !!!

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    lets help each other guys hug to hug for Mobile Legends youtubers 💖

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    "Speed defines the winner." -Chou

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    I wanna send my martis video but don't know how to sending it to you bro...

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    Too much gusion clips...give chance for other heroes too

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    That claude

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    Last moskov will kill anyone even in real life for savage That's how mad he is for savage

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    Love that rage claude


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    Kumita Na Po Ba Sa Youbtube Channel Si I Fooder Ha Mga Fans Ni I Fooder

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    3:04 What a great teamates (Tigreal). He just leave the last opponent to his teamate (Chou) to finish them off so he (Chou) would get SAVAGE

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    Nah, he left because he is dying, just look at his hp bar.

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    @Choustin .C rlly? Why u need to be so negative.If you dont care,then dont reply,You just make hate speech,and that not allowed in coment section

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    Common sense

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    @heroic desire Everyone knows it but they dont comment it except you the one who's dumb and idiot like you...

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    @SNoop420 Maybe because you're an idiot

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    At 0 : 33 it said send me vour moment WTF MOMENT

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