Yolanda Hadid's Mentoring Justin Bieber Through Lyme Disease | TMZ TV


  1. Carly Guerrero

    Carly Guerrero18 hari yang lalu

    You know

  2. sierra lynn

    sierra lynn25 hari yang lalu

    Wasnt her illness caused by a leaking breast implant?

  3. Tony Gordon

    Tony Gordon25 hari yang lalu

    Lyme disease is the cover they use when they're going through recovery. He's been high as a kite.

  4. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae25 hari yang lalu


  5. sierra lynn

    sierra lynn25 hari yang lalu

    Thank you!!

  6. oli star

    oli star25 hari yang lalu

    Wasn’t she cured coincidentally when she got a big fat settlement in her divorce thanks to a clause that if she were “ill” when he left her she’s entitled to more... tmz sucks at reporting.

  7. Robert Hinton

    Robert Hinton26 hari yang lalu


  8. Dre Van

    Dre Van26 hari yang lalu


  9. Joshua Guillory

    Joshua Guillory26 hari yang lalu


  10. Anthony Jonas

    Anthony Jonas26 hari yang lalu

    Dude charlie is corny. Can't replace van or the other gay looking surfer dude.

  11. kali koka

    kali koka26 hari yang lalu

    Morgellons is now mainstream. Chelate.

  12. Charles Featherstone

    Charles Featherstone15 hari yang lalu

    @kali koka More like herxeimers reaction affecting the brain . If you have Morgelons have yourself tested for Lymes Borelia and Co infections and Sporatrichosis - Sporathrix shenki. You know I can Sh1# in my pants when doctors tell people you have SOME BUG. SOME DRUG RESISTANT SUPERBUG!!!Ever heard that?? If they tell you a Bug ask for the scientific name of what you have so you can research it.

  13. kali koka

    kali koka15 hari yang lalu

    Charles Featherstone you can beat it. Keep it natural and chelate . A.i mindwar going on.

  14. Charles Featherstone

    Charles Featherstone15 hari yang lalu

    Morgellons is a dimorphic fungi , normally a co infection of Lymes. I treated my with Potasium Iodide and itraconazole!!! for 6 months!!!


    ERIKA DOWDY26 hari yang lalu

    How come all these celebrities are getting Lyme Disease?? Are they all hiking in the same place? Cuz thats from Ticks

  16. Charles Featherstone

    Charles Featherstone15 hari yang lalu

    Celebs travel a lot and lymes is a Worldwide pandemic, many ordinary citizens have Lymes too and die , but do not get diagnosed in time most Doctors just dont give sh"" !!!!!

  17. Florijan Homec

    Florijan Homec23 hari yang lalu

    I'm no Bieber fan but where I live, if you go for a walk near the forest you have to be lucky not to get a tick... People get Lyme all the time, some have issues all their lives, its no joke... People saying he is on drugs and how he is faking it clearly have never had real health related issues or are just hating on him because of his success.

  18. A A

    A A24 hari yang lalu

    Lisa Kick Me the Olsen twins

  19. Rachel Xxxx

    Rachel Xxxx25 hari yang lalu

    They all hike on this one popular hill

  20. Lisa Kick Me

    Lisa Kick Me26 hari yang lalu

    All celebrities? Justin, Avril, who else?

  21. latieraqueen87 Pacheco

    latieraqueen87 Pacheco26 hari yang lalu

    Wow what doesn't he have?

  22. shyguy

    shyguy23 hari yang lalu

    Dre Van kapow!

  23. Dre Van

    Dre Van26 hari yang lalu


  24. jeje yay

    jeje yay26 hari yang lalu


  25. Hans Jaja

    Hans Jaja26 hari yang lalu

    You know...... you know..... you know....

  26. shyguy

    shyguy26 hari yang lalu

    How tf did Beibs get Lyme disease

  27. shyguy

    shyguy23 hari yang lalu

    Miss B. 😂 Idk sounds like a hillbilly ass occurrence to me that’s all

  28. Miss B.

    Miss B.24 hari yang lalu

    @shyguy they're just like everyone else. I guess the tick didn't know how famous he is. 🙂⁸

  29. shyguy

    shyguy24 hari yang lalu

    Miss B. How do rich celebs get hit by ticks? Weird shit

  30. shyguy

    shyguy24 hari yang lalu

    brandank99 Jruptzzz who asked you for your opinion?

  31. Miss B.

    Miss B.26 hari yang lalu

    You get it from getting bit by a tick

  32. Mad Max

    Mad Max26 hari yang lalu

    She’s so dumb and can’t speak, god!

  33. Shaok Sugaikt

    Shaok Sugaikt25 hari yang lalu

    Well she is from the NEDERLANDS!!

  34. Laxman Ankus

    Laxman Ankus26 hari yang lalu

    Love u justin bieber ♥️♥️♥️

  35. poolking36

    poolking3626 hari yang lalu

    She's not qualified to be helping Bieber. For a start she kept jumping from treatment to treatment without giving them a chance and eventually got better. She should have stook to a good plan but never did

  36. Rachel Xxxx

    Rachel Xxxx25 hari yang lalu

    poolking36 I think you really have no say considering by the fact that your profile is a creepy ass skull.. you are most likely 12 and sit at home playing video games. Pretty sure she has the right to do whatever the duck she wants to do. She’s nothing but positive and inspiring and I’m most definitely sure you know nothing sci-fi her actual treatments because you don’t know her. Why don’t you stick to fortnite.

  37. Chelsea Kay

    Chelsea Kay26 hari yang lalu


  38. Tyler Schmidtd

    Tyler Schmidtd26 hari yang lalu

    Love u guys huge fan

  39. Crescent

    Crescent26 hari yang lalu