YK Osiris - Worth It (Remix / Audio) ft. Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign


  1. ShawnJames310

    ShawnJames3102 hari yang lalu

    should of had chris brown and jerimih on it too

  2. Mr Sack CMT

    Mr Sack CMT14 hari yang lalu


  3. Daniel Cardenas

    Daniel Cardenas21 hari yang lalu

    COT DAMN TORY!! #Fireeeeee

  4. Gemini

    Gemini22 hari yang lalu

    Tory came through that bitch proper .... pf

  5. Kelly Santamaria

    Kelly Santamaria23 hari yang lalu

    La mejor camsion🥰🥰🥰🥰

  6. maximiliano brito

    maximiliano brito26 hari yang lalu

    Que porradao pesado 🎚🔈🔉🔊 Moleque manda muito!

  7. Brandon Reynolds

    Brandon Reynolds26 hari yang lalu

    🎵”I will give you the world baby girl you just have to be worth it”🎶

  8. Cassandra Schmitcke

    Cassandra Schmitcke27 hari yang lalu


  9. Esmie

    Esmie28 hari yang lalu

    Love this song💙👍

  10. B0 H4ckingt0sh

    B0 H4ckingt0shBulan Yang lalu

    :45 then it goes in

  11. simon lufu

    simon lufuBulan Yang lalu

    .... : How bout some Tory on worth it remix YK: Worth it ... : How bout some Ty Dolla on worth it Yk: Worth it

  12. Shark boii

    Shark boiiBulan Yang lalu

    We want the one with lil uzi not these people


    FAITH-ANNE JAMESBulan Yang lalu


  14. jerin browder

    jerin browderBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody put plies verse at the end of this one and actually make the song Worth It💯😂

  15. 4OE Tee Marco

    4OE Tee MarcoBulan Yang lalu

    Go head

  16. Antwon King

    Antwon KingBulan Yang lalu

    2020 anyone

  17. Sidney Brown

    Sidney BrownBulan Yang lalu

    I like you

  18. Taylor Graves

    Taylor GravesBulan Yang lalu

    This is a reimx

  19. Kamolchat K

    Kamolchat KBulan Yang lalu


  20. Victoria Curtis

    Victoria CurtisBulan Yang lalu

    This is song right here

  21. Savage G

    Savage GBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine if Melly or juicy wrld was on it

  22. Tymeria Bush

    Tymeria BushBulan Yang lalu

    Follow me on Instagram ygtrill5 if you love your mom

  23. Jamiracle Johnson

    Jamiracle JohnsonBulan Yang lalu


  24. Daniel Holmes-Hinton

    Daniel Holmes-Hinton2 bulan yang lalu

    U got good hair

  25. Daniel Holmes-Hinton

    Daniel Holmes-Hinton2 bulan yang lalu

    Nigga you u smaller than your girl

  26. Phenyo Tapela

    Phenyo Tapela2 bulan yang lalu

    Man i just found about you a few days ago on some vid trending on fb, you were donating 100s to some people in the hood and kept on saying it wasn’t you it was the holy spirit. Then i came to youtube to find out more about you, only to realize that i been missing on some good music. This song is my fav 😭💯 Played it so many times so far. God bless you man

  27. Royal City Entertainment

    Royal City Entertainment2 bulan yang lalu

    Keep ya head up big dog you destined for GREATNESS

  28. Kristen Williams

    Kristen Williams2 bulan yang lalu

    Tory Lanez went hard

  29. raedinfluence

    raedinfluence2 bulan yang lalu

    Tory kills every beat

  30. Liam Keeney

    Liam Keeney2 bulan yang lalu

    this song is fire

  31. Big Jack

    Big Jack2 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine dlove on this bitch Huntsville stand up

  32. Juda Julíano

    Juda Julíano2 bulan yang lalu

    this mix would be fire if tory lanez trash ass wasnt on it i mean funny how he goes on a Radio station talking about how if a female cant even buy her own shit he wouldnt fuck with her but up in this song he straight up lying about how he’ll give you the world give you rocks and pearls man stfu with your annoying ass auto tune

  33. thug8200

    thug82002 bulan yang lalu


  34. Joy Taufa

    Joy Taufa2 bulan yang lalu

    Omg its lit

  35. Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis2 bulan yang lalu

    Remix! So dope! 😊👍

  36. Gabrielle Dotson

    Gabrielle Dotson2 bulan yang lalu


  37. Anthony Santana

    Anthony Santana2 bulan yang lalu

    nigga is good at this shit

  38. Froglander5204

    Froglander52042 bulan yang lalu

    Torys verse is crazy fire 🔥 (Second verse btw)

  39. King Felix II

    King Felix II10 hari yang lalu

    Froglander5204 nope first verse is Tory Lanez, second Is Ty Dolla $ign and YK Osiris on the hook

  40. Kayla Nicole Breton

    Kayla Nicole Breton2 bulan yang lalu

    God bless YK Osiris 🙏

  41. Ashley Prilaman

    Ashley Prilaman2 bulan yang lalu

    TY Dolla $ign

  42. Kyrax

    Kyrax2 bulan yang lalu

    Jesus cut YK got the voice of an angel, and THEN add a couple of goat’d rappers onto it? Damnn

  43. L/Crochet love child

    L/Crochet love child2 bulan yang lalu

    In my feelings right now 🚬😔💑

  44. Liam Keeney

    Liam Keeney3 bulan yang lalu

    i love this song .this song is fire

  45. Suely De Jésus Marin

    Suely De Jésus Marin3 bulan yang lalu

    Love song 😍 🌟

  46. ً

    ً3 bulan yang lalu

    Ya she worth it,2 months later yk goes to jail for bitin her and chokin her bruhhhh

  47. Vikki Townsend

    Vikki Townsend3 bulan yang lalu

    Banger 2019

  48. Farah Aamir

    Farah Aamir3 bulan yang lalu

    Why has this become unavailable on Spotify 😭

  49. Spanky Johnson

    Spanky Johnson3 bulan yang lalu

    Current king 👑 of r&b this kid dope

  50. Josie Shyanna

    Josie Shyanna3 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine Chris brown in this remix damn

  51. J Blayze TV

    J Blayze TV3 bulan yang lalu


  52. Kyle Gilmore

    Kyle Gilmore3 bulan yang lalu

    Should of had ty verse first

  53. aygun hasanova

    aygun hasanova3 bulan yang lalu

    didnt like it

  54. Kapri Sun

    Kapri Sun3 bulan yang lalu

    Tory Kilt his part 🔥 😩

  55. Roderick Johnson

    Roderick Johnson3 bulan yang lalu

    Fight for the girl you want for the future or the past

  56. Cosima Rother

    Cosima Rother3 bulan yang lalu

    Better than de original. I'm so in love! 🤤🤤❤️ This was my favorite Song all time.

  57. Cosima Rother

    Cosima Rother3 bulan yang lalu

    Better than de original. I'm so in love! 🤤🤤❤️ This was my favorite Song all time.

  58. Angus Brett

    Angus Brett3 bulan yang lalu

    He assaulted his girlfriend so I guess she wasn’t worth it after all.

  59. Emmanuel Ballestas

    Emmanuel Ballestas3 bulan yang lalu


  60. Robert Voorhies24

    Robert Voorhies243 bulan yang lalu


  61. Present Sort Of

    Present Sort Of3 bulan yang lalu

    crappy music and the crown is so cliché it hurts nice cultural appropriation lol.

  62. jamariah love period wright

    jamariah love period wright3 bulan yang lalu

    My songgg yooo