Yair Rodriguez on training for Jeremy Stephens, UFC Fight Night predictions | ESPN MMA


  1. Asdrúbal Castillo

    Asdrúbal CastilloBulan Yang lalu

    Jeremy? Who da fck is dat gay? Come on Pantera!!!

  2. Steve Legend

    Steve LegendBulan Yang lalu

    He never mentioned how he has been training eye pokes, scratches and general unsportsman like behaviour, huh surprised by that...

  3. Joseph Underwood

    Joseph UnderwoodBulan Yang lalu

    I predict a 1st round eye poke...yourrear

  4. Feint

    FeintBulan Yang lalu

    My cardio is terrible and I’m only at 400 ft above sea level 😭

  5. Joe v

    Joe vBulan Yang lalu

    Pinche chamaco!!

  6. Patrick Cunningham

    Patrick CunninghamBulan Yang lalu

    I hope an inadvertent eye poke doesn't ruin this fight

  7. Angry Chileh

    Angry ChilehBulan Yang lalu

    He went to work out at the top of a volcano so he could learn to poke someone's eye out better.

  8. Crystal Francis

    Crystal FrancisBulan Yang lalu

    He trained like Jon Jones and dc and was precise

  9. cunn1n6ham

    cunn1n6hamBulan Yang lalu

    I bet this fight ends in a no contest...eye poke probably Yair will poke Stephens eye and Stephens will quit.

  10. Sleazy Challenger

    Sleazy ChallengerBulan Yang lalu

    cunn1n6ham Oh yeah I totally predict that too. I totally didn’t just watch that right now......

  11. Moses89

    Moses89Bulan Yang lalu

    Eye poker 😂

  12. Pedro Rodriguez

    Pedro RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Eye Poke

  13. Steven Martínez

    Steven MartínezBulan Yang lalu

    I predict an eyepoke 😏:v

  14. dolan pls

    dolan plsBulan Yang lalu

    good to ruin the event

  15. DaeguCityBoy

    DaeguCityBoyBulan Yang lalu

    Who came here after he had eye poked?


    FAT COUNTRYBulan Yang lalu

    The eye poke was 100 percent Intentional look into it

  17. dolan pls

    dolan plsBulan Yang lalu

    pull it up jamie

  18. Patrick Young

    Patrick YoungBulan Yang lalu

    When I knock people out they don’t fucking move

  19. John Fuckyour mom

    John Fuckyour momBulan Yang lalu

    Yair by KO.Stevens is always gonna be a good fighter but will always be on the outside looking in IMO..but Also I just dont like Jeremy .

  20. Pro Fights Info

    Pro Fights InfoBulan Yang lalu

    0:35 - “Take it easy” (Nacho Libre voice)

  21. Jahaan Khan

    Jahaan KhanBulan Yang lalu


  22. Harald Haram

    Harald HaramBulan Yang lalu

    That lady looks like she might break Yair into tiny pieces and eat him

  23. caspar

    casparBulan Yang lalu

    yair getting slept, this what he gets for ducking

  24. Richard Harrow

    Richard HarrowBulan Yang lalu

    Ducking who?

  25. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz FerdinandBulan Yang lalu

    The question still remains, how good is Your-Rear?

  26. Eduardo Gomes

    Eduardo GomesBulan Yang lalu

    Dude eat alot of cars

  27. yorke wallace

    yorke wallaceBulan Yang lalu

    after the edgar loss he looks like he lost a lot of swag in his fighting style.. been rooting for him, not really expecting that much for him.. i wouldnt surprise if he gets mauled here, stephens always had that switch to turn the lights off.. for sure this will be action packed great match-up.. stephens vs volkanovski would be savage

  28. texmexspm

    texmexspmBulan Yang lalu

    I like yair but Jeremy is going for the kill.

  29. OG Jin Bling

    OG Jin BlingBulan Yang lalu

    He's on that rice and corn tortilla diet.

  30. jesusbonnie

    jesusbonnieBulan Yang lalu

    Carnitas and Tamales

  31. Alistair Overeem

    Alistair OvereemBulan Yang lalu

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to train for six and a half hours straight, watch Rocky IV then go on a midnight run, according to Jeremy Stephens.

  32. Thom smith

    Thom smithBulan Yang lalu

    Yair got the slowest KO in UFC history


    COW8OYFROMHELLBulan Yang lalu

    It's funny to see it that way. 😂

  34. ishy

    ishyBulan Yang lalu

    🤣 Didn't think about it this way

  35. Anthony L

    Anthony LBulan Yang lalu


  36. Ronald Williams

    Ronald WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    Do anybody else think he dodged Zabit?💯

  37. Oryahn

    OryahnBulan Yang lalu

    Altitude gets Tony Ferguson Sickness.

  38. Achilles !

    Achilles !Bulan Yang lalu

    Yair speaks 800 words a minute

  39. An Old Lady Plays

    An Old Lady PlaysBulan Yang lalu

    Breakdown Man that’s every Mexican d💀

  40. Biruk Tebaae

    Biruk TebaaeBulan Yang lalu

    Hi guys it yarear

  41. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    I hate the outro

  42. Rony Varghese

    Rony VargheseBulan Yang lalu

    Jeremy will win by tko

  43. snaky jones

    snaky jonesBulan Yang lalu

    Tony ferguson type to train at altitude for fight at sea level

  44. 247vancity

    247vancityBulan Yang lalu

    hey dumb dumb that’s what you’re supposed to do.

  45. Sid Sloth

    Sid SlothBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh delete this ASAP

  46. Supreer Rrere

    Supreer RrereBulan Yang lalu

    Brooooo. what a fail

  47. Kaiser de Emperana

    Kaiser de EmperanaBulan Yang lalu

    That's not a weird thing to do...

  48. Jerimiah Rhea

    Jerimiah RheaBulan Yang lalu

    "You gotta take it easy"

  49. A. Friche

    A. FricheBulan Yang lalu

    its like when goku trained for namukusei in the spaceship he used a superhot invironment

  50. VDR

    VDRBulan Yang lalu

    Ohh man of culture

  51. Love All hate none

    Love All hate noneBulan Yang lalu

    I hate fighter when they act stupid please learn from khabib mannerisms

  52. AT

    ATBulan Yang lalu

    Last Fight: Def. K. Zombie By Knockout (Round 5 - 4:59) R O U N D 5 - 4 : 5 9

  53. rjxs

    rjxsBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome fight. Was really looking forward to seeing yara fight again. Shame

  54. dominik leopold

    dominik leopoldBulan Yang lalu

    Needed a bit long didnt he

  55. The type of guy

    The type of guyBulan Yang lalu

    Yuh rear ur hear


    PABLO ESCOBARBulan Yang lalu


  57. Baltimore Fan

    Baltimore FanBulan Yang lalu

    If yair avoids takedown I believe this will be best yair we've seen and will put on a show...I know Stephens is a monster tho

  58. El 47

    El 47Bulan Yang lalu

    Baltimore Fan yair isn't going to avoid any situation

  59. itsjustaride12

    itsjustaride12Bulan Yang lalu

    Kids overrated. Jeremy is going to hurt him

  60. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Yair will destroy Jeremy. Hes a future champ. See you tomorrow casual, hope you respond

  61. Daniel W

    Daniel WBulan Yang lalu

    This woman sucks

  62. INDIA

    INDIABulan Yang lalu

    This woman should suck

  63. Josue Rodriguez

    Josue RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    This dude planning like a mf

  64. fiqipraramadhan

    fiqipraramadhanBulan Yang lalu

    He needs to take it to a distance but Stephens's gonna rock him

  65. C C

    C CBulan Yang lalu

    fiqipraramadhan lol no way Stephens getting cut finally

  66. Blessed

    BlessedBulan Yang lalu

    Of course Jeremy is going to rock him. This is MMA but what matters is if Yair can bounce back

  67. Jerry B

    Jerry BBulan Yang lalu

    The Lucky Elbow dude....

  68. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Yeah, techinique had nothing to do with it. Cus mma is luck, not technique.... IDIOT

  69. Monu Sony

    Monu SonyBulan Yang lalu

    👌👌OK OK

  70. Keith

    KeithBulan Yang lalu

    Either Yair is a tiny dude or this girl is huge.

  71. Dan Farmer

    Dan FarmerBulan Yang lalu

    John Smith 145 isn’t tiny. Rodriguez, Stephens, Holloway, Magomedsharipov and Aldo aren’t tiny.

  72. pu be

    pu beBulan Yang lalu

    @regular_dude he cuts weight and fights at 145.

  73. regular_dude

    regular_dudeBulan Yang lalu

    @GLTCH 12345 hes average height but very thin and small boned for a man of his height. The average 5'10 or 5'11 man would fight at 155 or 170 so hes a little small boned for his height.

  74. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Yair is 5 10. Hes not tiny. That girl is huge

  75. regular_dude

    regular_dudeBulan Yang lalu

    @Sophia Azhiev ya big bone structure for sure but yair is a very thin small boned guy 5'11 145lbs is very thin. The normal height of a 145er is 5'7 or 5'8. So.

  76. Frankie Cal

    Frankie CalBulan Yang lalu

    "Your Rear" - Chael Sonnen

  77. mshogun

    mshogunBulan Yang lalu

    Jeremy Stephens ko yah-rear 1st round

  78. Schizophrenic0

    Schizophrenic0Bulan Yang lalu

    @GLTCH 12345 doubt

  79. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    When Yair wins hope you reply tomorrow, casual. Yair would beat Jeremy and Zabit in the same night

  80. GongsunXin

    GongsunXinBulan Yang lalu

    will he kick ya rear?

  81. Sushi Uchiha

    Sushi UchihaBulan Yang lalu

    Yair will beat Stephen's then take out Zabitch after.

  82. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Finally someone that knows mma

  83. Sushi Uchiha

    Sushi UchihaBulan Yang lalu

    Who's the hot thot babe with Ya rear right here?

  84. Express yourself

    Express yourselfBulan Yang lalu

    I expect to see another highlight level ko similar to the Korean zombie ko. Jeremy's style will open up plenty of opportunities for ya rear.

  85. Valery Chekmazov

    Valery ChekmazovBulan Yang lalu

    This churo going to sleep

  86. Jung Kook

    Jung KookBulan Yang lalu

    @Sushi Uchiha oi muji radi ko baan

  87. Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The ReaperBulan Yang lalu

    what is churo?

  88. Sushi Uchiha

    Sushi UchihaBulan Yang lalu

    Why do you have a girls name?

  89. Bl 97

    Bl 97Bulan Yang lalu

    You better kick that foo hard foo

  90. juvie gill

    juvie gillBulan Yang lalu

    I hope Stevens loses he is a punk

  91. Schizophrenic0

    Schizophrenic0Bulan Yang lalu

    @regular_dude lol

  92. regular_dude

    regular_dudeBulan Yang lalu

    @Schizophrenic0 lee's boxing skill is good but his power is terrible he has 2 knockouts in 17 wins thats a terrible ratio and those were ground and pound kos. If he had 7kos in 17 wins that would be average. A hard ko puncher would have atleast 10 or 11kos in 17wins .

  93. Schizophrenic0

    Schizophrenic0Bulan Yang lalu

    @regular_dude lee throws pretty hard his boxing is not that bad

  94. regular_dude

    regular_dudeBulan Yang lalu

    @New Keys 19 of his 28 wins are kos. Definitely not luck. His power is a weapon its not lucky when a ko puncher gets a ko. Its lucky when a feather fisted puncher like michael chiesa or kevin lee get a ko.

  95. GongsunXin

    GongsunXinBulan Yang lalu

    @New Keys rly?

  96. Dan G

    Dan GBulan Yang lalu

    Looks Middle Eastern.

  97. En P

    En PBulan Yang lalu

    @GLTCH 12345 eh it goes both ways look at mr Capone middle eastern who passes as Mexican or some other mexican gangster rapper

  98. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    Looks mexican asf, not middle eastern lol

  99. yawel romero

    yawel romeroBulan Yang lalu

    Most brown people look similar.

  100. regular_dude

    regular_dudeBulan Yang lalu

    @GongsunXin no, we came from africa but we obviously dont alll look black

  101. Aslan

    AslanBulan Yang lalu

    Don't Fear The Reaper baseless

  102. The General

    The GeneralBulan Yang lalu

    He's going to get knocked out....am i right?

  103. Jose Villeda

    Jose VilledaBulan Yang lalu

    @williejames huff sheesh man i dont agree with him either but its just his prediction calm down

  104. GongsunXin

    GongsunXinBulan Yang lalu

    not a fact at all

  105. williejames huff

    williejames huffBulan Yang lalu

    Wrong again just like when you thought you would succeed in life

  106. Malo Son

    Malo SonBulan Yang lalu

    The Dog's Bollox no

  107. pseudosun

    pseudosunBulan Yang lalu

    I like Jeremy, but i think he's setting himself up to be in a compilation video "when trash talking goes bad." It's tragic, but i predict Jeremy loses again. Yair is very quick and long. Jeremy is coming in hard, and Yair has the answer.

  108. Stannis Baratheon

    Stannis BaratheonBulan Yang lalu

    His english is really good for getting knocked out tomorrow night.

  109. GLTCH 12345

    GLTCH 12345Bulan Yang lalu

    He will destroy Stephens, youer a casual

  110. LegacyEvoAce

    LegacyEvoAceBulan Yang lalu


  111. Israel Adesanya

    Israel AdesanyaBulan Yang lalu

    Stannis Baratheon hahahah really