WRC - Rallye Monte-Carlo 2020: Shakedown LIVE


  1. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia

    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia2 hari yang lalu

    No Italian cars. :(

  2. Muhadar Engineer

    Muhadar Engineer11 hari yang lalu

    miss mistsubishi miss rally indonesia...

  3. Zidanne Maulana

    Zidanne Maulana15 hari yang lalu

    19:37 gonna tell my kids he is Sid Sumner from Hollyoaks #HollyoaksSid

  4. Sunan tube

    Sunan tube18 hari yang lalu

    Daniel sordo

  5. canon fpv

    canon fpv22 hari yang lalu

    What is going on here, bad video feeds, no cameras on track, no helicopter or drone footage and what is going on with the cars, bk in 96 the cars had less power but still more entertaining than this @wrc change the cars

  6. Scheiße

    Scheiße25 hari yang lalu

    Its quite sad to see wrc with only 3 teams :(

  7. Henri T

    Henri T28 hari yang lalu

    ralli inglis ftw!

  8. Adrian Cifre

    Adrian Cifre28 hari yang lalu

    Muy buenas imagines!!! Mucho vértigo pasando esas lomadaa a 170 kmh!!! Muy preparada la reportera !!!! Thanks from buenos aires Argentina!!!!

  9. garford tanbo

    garford tanbo28 hari yang lalu

    I would like to see Katsuta a happy face on the podium this season. I would also like to ask for the official Japanese version.

  10. Lee Gilbert

    Lee Gilbert28 hari yang lalu

    @18:00 what's it take to win here Loeb "You need to stay on the road......" :D

  11. jeff davis

    jeff davis28 hari yang lalu

    less commentary. Plz. Thanks.

  12. jeff davis

    jeff davis28 hari yang lalu

    ya gotta spend the $$on solid state or skake resistant onboard cameras. Plz. Thanks. lov wrc

  13. stakisolo

    stakisolo28 hari yang lalu

    well this is real racing

  14. Andro Tech Evolution

    Andro Tech Evolution28 hari yang lalu


  15. 5thgearouttahere

    5thgearouttahere28 hari yang lalu

    15:42 Can anyone tell me what the T-shaped object beneath the upright & within the wheel is? edit Static view 17:10. Is it ballast?

  16. CR Bulldog

    CR Bulldog4 hari yang lalu

    I don’t know. It looks like it’s part of the lower hub assembly. But I swear it looks like it matches the pattern to the inside of the wheel

  17. djjlc

    djjlc28 hari yang lalu

    This stream is terrible! Can’t even tell what’s going on

  18. Jim McCulloch

    Jim McCulloch29 hari yang lalu

    For |Gods sake commentary, SHUT UP!!

  19. Jim McCulloch

    Jim McCulloch29 hari yang lalu

    Too much commentary! Lets us just watch the cars!!!!

  20. Michael Lyons

    Michael Lyons29 hari yang lalu

    Good action spoiled by the female commentator. The male one was nor much better. Bring back John Naresborough?

  21. Jakub Prażmowski

    Jakub Prażmowski29 hari yang lalu

    Super stuff. :-)

  22. rhraj

    rhraj29 hari yang lalu

    I'm happy about WRC 3, hope privateers participate with variety of cars

  23. Toly Pa

    Toly Pa29 hari yang lalu

    the cars are too fast, the internet connection can't keep up.

  24. Cristian Soto Hirth

    Cristian Soto HirthBulan Yang lalu

    Los comentaristas hablan (hablan mucho) y ríen como si ellos fueran lo entretenido del Rally

  25. ziggy matuszewski

    ziggy matuszewskiBulan Yang lalu

    Lady, where did you learn to pronounce Monte Carlo and Hyundai so badly. Those are not english words and you pronounce them as if they were english.

  26. tuna huna

    tuna hunaBulan Yang lalu


  27. eSysman

    eSysmanBulan Yang lalu

    I guess you're no longer partnering with DJI as I haven't seen any aerial footage.

  28. nicholas backaert

    nicholas backaertBulan Yang lalu

    Where or how can i see live wrc in Belgium? And i mean watching the full races, not only highlights...

  29. jenxx49

    jenxx49Bulan Yang lalu

    Wrc+ all live

  30. Andi Griesbeck

    Andi GriesbeckBulan Yang lalu

    They all sound the same,,,, Back in the 70/80/90 you could tell which car was coming just by the sound... So sad

  31. Resza Irawan

    Resza IrawanBulan Yang lalu

    go;;;;;;;;go;;;;;;; WRC indonesia

  32. S ADPR

    S ADPRBulan Yang lalu


  33. Asia Streets

    Asia StreetsBulan Yang lalu

    Think Toyota car will win the Champion this year... But I hope I am wrong

  34. Pros Sessor

    Pros SessorBulan Yang lalu

    Truth of Tänak leaving Toyota. Toyota and Tommi Mäkinen had ready agreement with Sebastien Ogier for season 2020. That was not ok for Tänak because "number one driver" in Toyota team would have been Seb. Tommi Mäkinen and Sebastien Ogier had plannned this since 2017. Märtin did not like this and they made quick decision to move Tänak to Hyundai. Greetings from Finland, Jyväskylä

  35. 조규현

    조규현Bulan Yang lalu

    Hyundai N👀👍🙏💖

  36. jose antonio marrero santana

    jose antonio marrero santanaBulan Yang lalu

    Saludos desde gran canaria ; tierra de rallyes

  37. Rafael Stalker

    Rafael StalkerBulan Yang lalu

    seeing a Japanese driver in the wrc is really cool

  38. Andrew Craig

    Andrew CraigBulan Yang lalu

    What time is the first stage uk time ?

  39. PYTE

    PYTEBulan Yang lalu

    7:30 PM

  40. Paul Taylor

    Paul TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Far to glitchy and to much talking from the commentators 👎

  41. charles house

    charles houseBulan Yang lalu

    Love the graphics

  42. Tyler Bergum

    Tyler BergumBulan Yang lalu

    I wish wrc 8 had actually all the stages in their real length so it could be the actual wrc instead of not even half of it. I hope wrc 9 has way more content

  43. Charlie  Smith

    Charlie SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Jesus the onboard was terrible!

  44. Alexander Vu

    Alexander VuBulan Yang lalu

    Yes 2020 Monte Carlo Rally.

  45. Wayed K

    Wayed KBulan Yang lalu

    Woah this is totally unwatchable because of the the cameras on the cars

  46. KaweedFul

    KaweedFulBulan Yang lalu

    Hype for this new season with my very first time on wrc+!!

  47. diesel

    dieselBulan Yang lalu

    WRC 2020 Epic

  48. Luis Rivas

    Luis RivasBulan Yang lalu

    Will tannak or Loeb Win this year?

  49. Milton Waddams

    Milton WaddamsBulan Yang lalu

    His name is Ott, not "Oit". And it's Hun-dae, not "hi-un-day". Make some effort.

  50. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaBulan Yang lalu

    No shakedown for other stages?

  51. Carlos Augusto

    Carlos AugustoBulan Yang lalu


  52. Levi Rodman

    Levi RodmanBulan Yang lalu

    Thank u ✌4 live content.

  53. Ralph Barrett

    Ralph BarrettBulan Yang lalu

    2020 is looking to be a really competitive year across all the teams, I can't wait 👍👍👍👍👍🏁

  54. Lucas Nanzer

    Lucas NanzerBulan Yang lalu

    So many problems with the transmission not good to watch.! I hope the problem is solved soon

  55. ckgtimk2

    ckgtimk2Bulan Yang lalu

    the commentators of late are just awful. Id be all in on WRClive but my god id have to mute the commentary. they're not telling the story of the event, they're just repeating generic one liners to fill air time. no one is getting hooked on this sport because of some dumb forced human interest piece on the drivers/codrivers. bring back the days of drivers like McRae telling the reporter what he really thought. there's no real emotion shown in the sport anymore bc everyone is told they have to present themselves a certain way. no one stands out and nothing is memorable.

  56. Serhiy Brytskyy

    Serhiy BrytskyyBulan Yang lalu

    Terrible lag. WRC must do big job to make me pay for such live stream :(

  57. Christopher Delacour

    Christopher DelacourBulan Yang lalu

    Where is WRC woman Beckie???

  58. Cut Program

    Cut ProgramBulan Yang lalu

    the world of wrc has changed ... Long live wrc with the 2000s

  59. GRIHA Kotovskiy

    GRIHA KotovskiyBulan Yang lalu

    Коля, давай там не трухай в поворотах!

  60. Aljaž Travnik

    Aljaž TravnikBulan Yang lalu

    Why is this so laggy?m

  61. Air Safety News 24x7

    Air Safety News 24x7Bulan Yang lalu

    Kalle speaks like Papa Harry. 😂🤣😁👍 Needs to keep it cool in the first rally and getting close as the season progresses. He has lots of years ahead to shine. Great Toyota giving cars to both him and Katsuta.

  62. Goonwood

    GoonwoodBulan Yang lalu

    the HUD is top notch !!1

  63. Mortaljorma

    MortaljormaBulan Yang lalu

    Hyvä Kalle!