WRC 3 - Rallye Monte Carlo: CRASH Umberto Scandola on SS3


  1. monaco lyonhaert

    monaco lyonhaertBulan Yang lalu


  2. J M

    J MBulan Yang lalu

    It's bad enough the commentator is a women, clearly no idea what she's talking about

  3. stonefly514

    stonefly514Bulan Yang lalu

    Nice one, probably a premier league reject presenter!

  4. MrDaHawk

    MrDaHawkBulan Yang lalu

    After watching “Tanak”’s crash earlier on this channel, this doesn’t seem worth mentioning. Oh, by the way, Rally drivers are insane.

  5. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaBulan Yang lalu

    You might as well not upload anything

  6. Nathan .W

    Nathan .WBulan Yang lalu

    When you spend all night watching Initial D.

  7. umi lombok tour

    umi lombok tourBulan Yang lalu

    Nathan .W nnnx

  8. F BN

    F BNBulan Yang lalu


  9. Roberts safonovs

    Roberts safonovsBulan Yang lalu

    Just buy the WRC+ all live and there you can see it all live

  10. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    You shoulden't have to

  11. Roberts safonovs

    Roberts safonovsBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value Yes it is😀

  12. Lo Value

    Lo ValueBulan Yang lalu

    It's well worth it too imho.

  13. dan katla sharpe

    dan katla sharpeBulan Yang lalu

    ditch hooking !

  14. Thomas Hill

    Thomas HillBulan Yang lalu

    Where are the highlights

  15. bonelessbeef1

    bonelessbeef1Bulan Yang lalu

    Well. They really want us to buy wrc +. Years of awful music. Now 7 second videos.

  16. benozzy003

    benozzy003Bulan Yang lalu

    That's a oops

  17. XskysthelimitX

    XskysthelimitXBulan Yang lalu

    I have seen gifs longer than this...

  18. Richard Kocksworthy

    Richard KocksworthyBulan Yang lalu

    Which corporate scumbag is running the WRC????????? the whole point of WRC and Rally is it's grass roots appeal and access for the people. It makes me sick to think now of the millions of fans who will never even exist because there parents cant afford to PAY TO WATCH!!!

  19. zwjna

    zwjnaBulan Yang lalu

    You can go and watch the rally from the grass of a mountain. But that way you won't in hell have the amazing stuff you can see in WRC+, and such a service is a damn expensive thing to maintain. True though, this channel is garbage; they could show us much more things and WRC+ would still be of enormous value for fans.

  20. Jack Bauer

    Jack BauerBulan Yang lalu

    going for the record for the shortest clip?

  21. Battle Parrot

    Battle ParrotBulan Yang lalu


  22. lexx1985100

    lexx1985100Bulan Yang lalu

    6 seconds? oh, that was nice GIF

  23. Yeah Nah

    Yeah NahBulan Yang lalu

    Am i the only who thinks that with just 3 manufactures theyre like killing the sport? Just think about this: in one event, if 3 or 4 top drivers abandon the race theres simple no wrc competition...

  24. Yeah Nah

    Yeah NahBulan Yang lalu

    @RA Productions its FIA, and in the next years with the hybrid stuff its going to be even worst.

  25. Lo Value

    Lo ValueBulan Yang lalu

    Blog about it.

  26. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    I mean that not WRC's fault

  27. Matthia6 Ma6ola

    Matthia6 Ma6olaBulan Yang lalu


  28. György Mohl

    György MohlBulan Yang lalu

    So, it might be useless to be subscribed to this channel. Every year we get shorter and shorter videos, but now we don't get anything apart from ceremonies and 7 seconds of a crash from wrc 3. It's a shame, whoever did this.

  29. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value Wow what a jerk you are you snobby a hole.

  30. György Mohl

    György MohlBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value how smart you are, i did, and i was highly disappointed. Okay it was a year ago so maybe it's better this year, i don't know. But still, hiding basically everything behind a pay wall, and not letting the masses watch the true highlights of an event, is just stupid. Why not do everything behind closed doors and at the end of the year send out a message who is the winner? Wrc+ is a great idea if you really want to follow an event and know everything. This youtube channel would be a good opportunity to make people want to know more, by making them love this sport and letting them know, there are great things waiting for them. Now, it's just "a race happened, look, these crashed and those were the fastest. Good night." If other, way way smaller sporting events can do it, why not wrc?

  31. Lo Value

    Lo ValueBulan Yang lalu

    @György Mohl You obviously haven't ever payed nor watched WRC+ so you have NO IDEA what you talk about. You are just a waste of space and I couldn't care any less!! Have a nice life

  32. György Mohl

    György MohlBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value I didn't mean the pop-up ads, i use adblocker on the desktop. But look around the videos, there's not a single moment there isn't a brand logo in the frame. One would think, reaching to wider audiences is beneficial for advertisers... Also, if there was a 5-10 minutes highlight of every day, that would be nice. I don't have 30 hours to watch or browse through every second week, while other, smaller sports are broadcasted for free with excellent quality. It's not me who's making excuses, but the directors. If we got decent quality and detailed highlights even a week later, that would be great too, i don't want them to edit real time. But no, they do everything behind doors and expect us to be interested to go in.

  33. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaBulan Yang lalu

    They are forcing you to pay for more contents. Highlights here are short and terrible

  34. mike cave

    mike caveBulan Yang lalu

    like Dakar highlights less than a minute, thank you for not showing us the rally we love :'''''-(

  35. BlueFlag Alpha

    BlueFlag AlphaBulan Yang lalu

    @Nonagon Infinity Nascar upload full races and spoil the winner in the thumbnail , so much for that

  36. Nonagon Infinity

    Nonagon InfinityBulan Yang lalu

    @Iulian Bosinceanu go to nascar’s channel. they post the full race after a couple of days, all the key moments, build up and reaction, full xfinity and trucks races too

  37. Iulian Bosinceanu

    Iulian BosinceanuBulan Yang lalu

    you can watch it but you have to pay and not here on youtube but on wrc official site...so yeah , every top motorsport today its pay to watch.

  38. Adrian Ferrari - Jogos de Esporte

    Adrian Ferrari - Jogos de EsporteBulan Yang lalu

    Just a few moments agooooo WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW

  39. Bình Đoàn

    Bình ĐoànBulan Yang lalu

    That's Is Crasher's

  40. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    7 seconds ? Seriously? If your goal is to promote WRC+ all you are doing is turn people away.

  41. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value Also did you like your own comment?

  42. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value First of all i have but racing will always be first on my list. Second you cared enough to waste time commenting that bs 14 year old responce Third the 73 people who liked my comment among others who have complained time and time again seem to care #Piggybanks Edit also what kind of fucked up logic is that "find another hobby if you don't have / don't want to spend Hundreds of dollars a year for something that should be free"

  43. Lo Value

    Lo ValueBulan Yang lalu

    @RA Productions lmfao Find an other hobby. Nobody cares!

  44. RA Productions

    RA ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    @Lo Value Yes but that dosen't make it right that excuse is way overused.

  45. Lo Value

    Lo ValueBulan Yang lalu

    @RA Productions I'm sure they are doing well without you and your hard earned money.

  46. Schaapman ,

    Schaapman ,Bulan Yang lalu


  47. Schaapman ,

    Schaapman ,Bulan Yang lalu

    Luke Allard and?

  48. Luke Allard

    Luke AllardBulan Yang lalu

    Schaapman , it’s 2020