Would You Take This Bet?


  1. Siarigo

    Siarigo7 hari yang lalu

    1,5? 4,5 million!

  2. Ghoti Fish

    Ghoti Fish7 hari yang lalu

    I think he's at the place in chatswood

  3. Graphic

    Graphic8 hari yang lalu

    Didn't know I was going to see some motivation here today; A good one

  4. Georgi Zaqaryan

    Georgi Zaqaryan9 hari yang lalu

    you are +

  5. Stealth Kills

    Stealth Kills10 hari yang lalu

    Half million people see it More like: 4.5 million

  6. Barbutt

    Barbutt10 hari yang lalu

    Has anyone mentioned the thumbnail image looks like Mulder from X Files?

  7. susheela Susee

    susheela Susee10 hari yang lalu

    I need 1/2 million for this bet

  8. Ford galaxie Fan club!

    Ford galaxie Fan club!11 hari yang lalu

    guys its 10 bucks come on... and if you lose it oh well, live on with your life, was a fun experiment nonetheless

  9. Kimberley Downing

    Kimberley Downing12 hari yang lalu

    It reminds me of the saying, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ But I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same. #tired

  10. Barry White

    Barry White14 hari yang lalu

    What moon hoaxes? 240 K miles.

  11. Soham Sadhukhan

    Soham Sadhukhan15 hari yang lalu

    Loss Aversion, Thinking Fast & Slow. Daniel Kahneman


    CHEBUREK16 hari yang lalu

    этот человек покрыл свои затраты и заработал на 18 таких штук

  13. yahya ahmed

    yahya ahmed18 hari yang lalu

    These people are probably fools or they assume you as a magician.... At least I would assume you as a trickster

  14. Antony Hurts

    Antony Hurts19 hari yang lalu

    I came here from Wert Dider just to make sure that you will get your money back bro)

  15. Charlie Chino

    Charlie Chino20 hari yang lalu

    110 dollars

  16. David Josi

    David Josi20 hari yang lalu

    Are you australian?

  17. Никита Королев

    Никита Королев23 hari yang lalu

    People feel naebalovo)

  18. Bodya nich

    Bodya nich24 hari yang lalu

    Good video)

  19. Mr. Hi-fi Lager

    Mr. Hi-fi Lager27 hari yang lalu

    In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, people would most likely agree on the first sentence.

  20. Dipesh Lamichhane

    Dipesh Lamichhane27 hari yang lalu

    Yku got your views man😅😅😅

  21. Ratmir Ifi

    Ratmir Ifi27 hari yang lalu

    Класс! Копни глубже!)

  22. ging er

    ging er27 hari yang lalu

    Poker players watching this are screaming lmao

  23. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark28 hari yang lalu

    Не буду смотреть видео, так как он окупился в 9 раз и теперь мне его не жалко.

  24. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark28 hari yang lalu

    Если кому-то не понятен мой посыл, то мой первый просмотр был в русской озвучке.

  25. Harvey Stewart

    Harvey Stewart28 hari yang lalu

    Are y dumb if there's a 50 50 chance of winning twenty r losing ten and u do it ten times statistically youll end up with 50 more dollars

  26. Rau Bay

    Rau Bay29 hari yang lalu

    Русские есть ?)

  27. Paul Darkness

    Paul Darkness29 hari yang lalu

    Лады. 👍 Перешел с idreporter.net/block-UCY6zVRa3Km52bsBmpyQnk6A , посмотрев там это видео с русской озвучкой.)

  28. John Daedalus

    John DaedalusBulan Yang lalu

    Maybe try a better economy.

  29. Robert Espinoza

    Robert EspinozaBulan Yang lalu

    To me i make quite a bit of money from my job so id only take the 30+ option or the 20+ dollars with multiple flips i enjoy betting just becuse i find it fun and presented in the way you did i find it expeshslly fun

  30. error code 1

    error code 1Bulan Yang lalu

    I would totally take the $20 bet I could always just mug him for it

  31. Сергей Федотов

    Сергей ФедотовBulan Yang lalu

    Лайк и просмотр из России. Спасибо Верт Дайдер за перевод!

  32. Татьяна Капинос

    Татьяна КапиносBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 You are winner! Спасибо ребятам из Vert Direr за перевод на русский🤝

  33. Ricardo Haro

    Ricardo HaroBulan Yang lalu

    I would take the first bet without too much hesitation. Am I the only one?

  34. Trystan Govender

    Trystan GovenderBulan Yang lalu

    I'd take the bet if I could flip the coin

  35. Сергей Арапов

    Сергей АраповBulan Yang lalu

    Я смотрел видео в переводе. Но вконце понял, что я должен пересмотреть его и в оригинале, потому что Дерек рискнул! ))) I watched the video in Russian translation. But at the end of the video, I realized that I mast to revise it in the original to support Derek )))

  36. ZUNE

    ZUNEBulan Yang lalu


  37. Q C

    Q CBulan Yang lalu

    VertDider's translation OK, so I came here to put my thumb up to this original video!

  38. bo ptah

    bo ptahBulan Yang lalu

    take the bet. you will be $10 up . Only losers turn down that bet.

  39. Nastia Yakusheva

    Nastia YakushevaBulan Yang lalu

    I would not bet, because you are the one who sets the rules

  40. Philip Fletcher

    Philip FletcherBulan Yang lalu

    Whatever the potential gain if you win, its still a 50/50 chance.

  41. C. Larson

    C. LarsonBulan Yang lalu

    Man if you ever read this, you should do one where you start at $20, and tell them they 'only' (you have to use that word) have to put up $10.... Or just Google Framing Bias

  42. C. Larson

    C. LarsonBulan Yang lalu

    That said, I LOVE your conclusion!

  43. Joe King

    Joe KingBulan Yang lalu

    Rich people: you're on!!

  44. Andrew

    AndrewBulan Yang lalu

    Would you bet? Win: 1 Billion US Dollars Lose: Life in prison

  45. Gary Crispin

    Gary CrispinBulan Yang lalu

    All you proved is that there are so many stupid people out there and they're not being taught anything in school... Sad really.

  46. Ploppy Ploppy

    Ploppy PloppyBulan Yang lalu

    The trouble with this bet is people are assuming it's a trick/scam. They would take this bet all day long at a bookies or stock trading, or in fact any avenue that doesn't involve apparent immediate human interaction. Most people won't take a bet if you approach them to ask them to take it - they need to initiate.

  47. Michael Cox

    Michael CoxBulan Yang lalu

    No. Next.

  48. Mark Bisson

    Mark BissonBulan Yang lalu

    4.5 mil views at this moment. You made money on your bets.

  49. Jedakiah Simonenko

    Jedakiah SimonenkoBulan Yang lalu

    An extra consideration is that it's not 50 50 if you doubt the sincerity of the bet, I would bet my mate who I've made bets before with because I know he will pay me, but if I know that I'm prepared to pay if I lose but I'm not so sure I will get my winnings even if I do win then that changes the odds subconsciously.

  50. TheEvilJade

    TheEvilJadeBulan Yang lalu

    Ask a poker player who knows about loss aversion and they will always take it if it is +EV.

  51. IshiAza Ishev

    IshiAza IshevBulan Yang lalu

    Ummmm,please stop educating the fish ... from anonymous poker pro :)

  52. Fredrickson the 96th

    Fredrickson the 96thBulan Yang lalu

    Weeeell.... In the case of a single chance bet I would definitely make my current financial situation a factor. If I was financially unstable, it would take a ratio that was incredibly favourable to me. And I'm not just referring to the money, but also the winning chance. Of course that isn't really practical, as a coin toss is an almost exactly 50-50 result, depending on how you throw it. But in that position I would probably only start considering a bet if it's 75% or more in my favour. With a surplus of money it's a different story. I'd still want the odds to be somewhat in my favour, as completely even stakes would simply not be worth it. But I'd be much more willing to take a bet when I can afford to lose it.

  53. Sabit Ullah

    Sabit UllahBulan Yang lalu

    4.5 million views already but sorry to say i'm using adblocker!

  54. loopsovershit

    loopsovershitBulan Yang lalu

    You're a pro 😊

  55. Isaac Michelsen

    Isaac MichelsenBulan Yang lalu

    I would have made the bet at $12.

  56. Ausreflect Industries

    Ausreflect IndustriesBulan Yang lalu

    Derik.... ever heard of 2-up? ANZAC day??????????

  57. Richard Hudson

    Richard HudsonBulan Yang lalu

    I'd do it for even money... Offer me $12 to $10 and I would go to the bank machine, and I would flip with you all day.

  58. Виктор Романов

    Виктор РомановBulan Yang lalu

    "Offer me $12 to $10 and I would go to the bank machine, and I would flip with you all day" - basically every casino in a nutshell

  59. Darryl Smith

    Darryl SmithBulan Yang lalu

    you are to pushy I feel like its a set up.

  60. J Will

    J WillBulan Yang lalu

    The offer to do it one hundred times is not as good as it appears unless they have more than $100 on them. If, for example, they only had $30 on them, then there is at least a 12.5% chance that they will lose all their money and never make it to the 100th flip.

  61. Danger Guru

    Danger GuruBulan Yang lalu

    I you would be in India I bet you that you gonna loose your 20dollars

  62. Julian Depaepe

    Julian DepaepeBulan Yang lalu

    this video went VIRAL what is there about IDreporter liking this video in the algorithm

  63. Gambler

    GamblerBulan Yang lalu

    this is an advertisement for the movie called 'yes man'