Worst DIY Hacks Ever | RANKED


  1. Raina Kilbarger

    Raina KilbargerHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who noticed Elly's shirt??

  2. Amber Berndt2

    Amber Berndt23 hari yang lalu

    hey, are those mums pants

  3. PieDiePie

    PieDiePie8 hari yang lalu

    What happened to the intro

  4. Rob Smith21

    Rob Smith218 hari yang lalu

    Disagree but oh well

  5. Baby Bumblebee

    Baby Bumblebee16 hari yang lalu

    Geez link SNATCHED that’s broom

  6. Panination

    Panination19 hari yang lalu

    Hey i know this probably wont be read by the team, but if it is, i suggest suggesting that we call tampons and such menstrual products, not feminine products. Just for those people like me that have to use them but are in fact men :) love you guys!

  7. Jessica Skyes

    Jessica Skyes21 hari yang lalu

    The 1 in the Harry Styles shirt looks absolutely WRECKED!😆😆😆😆👌👌 almost looks like she got lost at 1 point

  8. Harrison Mac

    Harrison Mac24 hari yang lalu

    They soiled her pants

  9. Koki

    KokiBulan Yang lalu

    7:01 "Only the parts that matter" 🤔

  10. Ryleigh_44_

    Ryleigh_44_Bulan Yang lalu

    The Harry shirt tho ❤️❤️

  11. Mr12Relic

    Mr12RelicBulan Yang lalu

    "Turn towards me!" "I'M NOT GONNA TURN TOWARDS YOU!"

  12. M Ray

    M RayBulan Yang lalu

    didnt appreciate the pagan joke 🖕

  13. bananabuttersomethin

    bananabuttersomethinBulan Yang lalu

    Finally, one of these without Jordan.

  14. nooran yehia

    nooran yehiaBulan Yang lalu

    This is 100% Link’s season! I love everything he has done so far. From correctly guessing everyone’s ears to wearing a bra as a swim cap, he is crushing it.

  15. memethyst

    memethystBulan Yang lalu

    you know the bra purse is bad when it works better as a genie costume hat

  16. Gipglorp Alien Friend

    Gipglorp Alien FriendBulan Yang lalu

    If the ornaments are used they can be little devils.👹

  17. Katie Byrd

    Katie ByrdBulan Yang lalu

    They should do this with troom troom hacks

  18. Veronica Baty

    Veronica BatyBulan Yang lalu

    Theres a lot of passive aggressive comments in this episode and it makes me feel weird 🤣 never thought I would be saying that about a hmm episode

  19. Lafeo 007

    Lafeo 007Bulan Yang lalu

    Mythical crew, give me this weird feeling. They dont seem very normal.

  20. TheDevilRejectsNone

    TheDevilRejectsNoneBulan Yang lalu

    I agree, any noticeable reasons?

  21. Jennifer Burrier

    Jennifer BurrierBulan Yang lalu

    "Mum Jeans"? 🤔 No one, huh... Just me? Cool.

  22. Sammy Danger

    Sammy DangerBulan Yang lalu

    Always so happy when I see ranked

  23. Sarah Duropan

    Sarah DuropanBulan Yang lalu

    When I had a hysterectomy, I gave all my tampons to my best friend. This was such a missed opportunity! Hysterectomies are quite literally once in a lifetime!

  24. Frank Costello

    Frank CostelloBulan Yang lalu

    These are by far my favorites. Anytime you bring the crew together it's a good time.😍🤣😍🤣

  25. Jonathan Tabor

    Jonathan TaborBulan Yang lalu

    Link with the bra on his head just seemed so natural......

  26. Alucard Gungrave

    Alucard GungraveBulan Yang lalu

    Some food coloring bloody tampon ghosts

  27. Hannah R

    Hannah RBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like it was a hidden challenge this week to incorporate subcultures somehow into the episode such as juggalos and incels. Maybe it was a coincidence though. Who knows. 🤷

  28. Craig X

    Craig XBulan Yang lalu

    Incel is as much of a subculture as people with mental issues... you are being a bigot.

  29. SM Well

    SM WellBulan Yang lalu

    I found Waldo! (Wink at Link)

  30. Macie Savage

    Macie SavageBulan Yang lalu

    “I might loose an eye but let’s try it” is this process for everything? If so it would explain a lot

  31. Enoch Wade

    Enoch WadeBulan Yang lalu

    Im not allowed to use knifes either. 😂

  32. Caroline Blair

    Caroline BlairBulan Yang lalu

    does anyone wanna explain why link can’t use knives in like every episode

  33. Daisy Moore

    Daisy MooreBulan Yang lalu

    I just found GMM fan fiction..... oh my....

  34. anna noelle

    anna noelleBulan Yang lalu

    tampons are too expensive to be used as ornaments in my opinion

  35. m4shir0

    m4shir0Bulan Yang lalu

    I miss lizzie. And Kevin and Drew

  36. Olive The Nanday Conure

    Olive The Nanday ConureBulan Yang lalu

    Do the broom one. SAVE THE TURTLES 1 Like = 1 Saved Animal

  37. Kaylee Wallace

    Kaylee WallaceBulan Yang lalu

    'purse up bra'

  38. Hi I am Alice

    Hi I am AliceBulan Yang lalu

    no joke, AT all, if I had an outside I would make those flower jeans

  39. Dat_Gay_Boi

    Dat_Gay_BoiBulan Yang lalu

    I'm gonna make an army of jean planters and no one can stop me.

  40. Erica DeSilva

    Erica DeSilvaBulan Yang lalu

    Clearly none of them have Caribbean parents... that broom ain’t so weird

  41. Sugaa Monkey

    Sugaa MonkeyBulan Yang lalu

    I LOVE THE HARRY STYLES SHIRT, but I've never been to a concert......😭😭😩😖

  42. kylie m

    kylie m2 bulan yang lalu

    Okay, there is not a single person that I can think of in the Mythical Crew that I don't like. They all have such amazing personalities and all get along so well!

  43. Xenia Did That

    Xenia Did That2 bulan yang lalu

    The bottle broom is actually great idea for sweeping leaves outdoors because those plastic brooms wear down really fast because they’re scraping against the pavement/asphalt, that actually could be a way to recycle bottles AND not buy a new plastic broom head every month

  44. Xenia Did That

    Xenia Did ThatBulan Yang lalu

    nuggeteer true that, in the perfect world

  45. nuggeteer

    nuggeteerBulan Yang lalu

    you shouldn't be using plastic bottles in the first place.

  46. Carly Simmons

    Carly Simmons2 bulan yang lalu

    Why is every crew member AMAZING

  47. GroenFan

    GroenFan2 bulan yang lalu

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow IDreporterrinos! How you Subconsciously knew i was eating a Bagel, Lets Talk About That!

  48. WOOKY

    WOOKY2 bulan yang lalu

    Barb from Stranger Things is back

  49. Sarah Phillips

    Sarah Phillips2 bulan yang lalu

    Missed the opportunity for "mum jeans" but ok

  50. Bread

    Bread2 bulan yang lalu

    7:00 missed opportunity to use mums

  51. Saffron

    Saffron2 bulan yang lalu

    8:40 no lie would be a pretty weird Halloween costume...

  52. Ashley

    Ashley2 bulan yang lalu

    "cup matters here, NOT IN REAL LIFE THOUGH" - Rhett woke king

  53. Ariel McCarthy

    Ariel McCarthy2 bulan yang lalu

    Hold her like a koala😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🌟♥️

  54. Ariel McCarthy

    Ariel McCarthy2 bulan yang lalu

    Great episode. Everyone was good. Funny stuff.

  55. CKG 1130

    CKG 11302 bulan yang lalu


  56. aircranditioner

    aircranditioner2 bulan yang lalu

    waverly's menstrual angel, anyone?

  57. risa saruwatari

    risa saruwatari2 bulan yang lalu

    12:23 one of the best moments 😂 lol their reaction s

  58. Laughingjeans

    Laughingjeans2 bulan yang lalu

    they should have took more discussion about the tampon tree. "you would just think you made cotton ghosts" i can just imagine how every single women who saw that reacted to it lol

  59. SilverArrow Gaming

    SilverArrow Gaming2 bulan yang lalu

    I laughed so hard at this video!! 😆😆😆 This is the funniest episode in years 😆😆😆😆😆

  60. Kiera Todd

    Kiera Todd2 bulan yang lalu

    "The perfect woman for an incel" As if incels have anything but hatred towards anything and everything feminine.

  61. nuggeteer

    nuggeteerBulan Yang lalu

    cool generalization furgay

  62. peepeepoopoo

    peepeepoopoo2 bulan yang lalu

    Those tampon ornaments are bloody amazing

  63. My Perfect Mischief

    My Perfect MischiefBulan Yang lalu

    JimbobMcPeen oh no you didn’t 😂

  64. Teresa KS

    Teresa KS2 bulan yang lalu

    I have to say, you would not have a lot of "Lite" ones left over, it would be a higher percent of "heavy" ones left over, for many of us, but not all ;) Take it from some one who knows :)

  65. UNnaturallyBlue

    UNnaturallyBlue2 bulan yang lalu

    Flower pot jeans, a Tuca and Bertie cosplay

  66. TheMamapapa

    TheMamapapa2 bulan yang lalu

    gonna make that jeans flowerpot asap