*WORLD RECORD* USE MAX MATS IN 5 SECONDS!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #692


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    5:19 I knew that would happen. I saw that before it even happened

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    Guys I’m trying to reach 1000 subs with no video pls help me out

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    3:18 The beat goes perfect with the reloading

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    Who is here in chapter two

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    song names plsss

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    Lol the last ones were from switzerland

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    Back when bss clips were awesome

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    2:30 That ammo lol

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    If anyone is actually dumb enough to actually play swag bucks is an idiot. Because it just asks all your personal information

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    0:37 what is this sensitivity

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    1:04 me too i use to watch that Light go all the way down after doing from max height in training mode. So satisfying for sure!😍😗

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    4:32 when the storm timing came to 2 he won and there were 2 people left 2 kills what a coincidence

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    Me: wants to see record Then: I don’t watch!

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    Beaks has already done this for months ago

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    Y'a t-il des français/française dans les commentaires ? Likez si vous êtes français/française

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    Agustin 51

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    That song, my ears bleed im so sick of it

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    Max mats is 3000× I thought it was 999 or it could be 999×3 which equals 2997

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    1:03 thank me later

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    Are we all gonna ignore how perfectly in sync that reload was with the music at 3:16

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    littlebobbyduco hhhhhh parfaket

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    1:03 believe it or not it’s actually easy

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    Actual video starts 1:02 Thank me by subbing to me

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    Only OG'S can like this. Not Fortnite OG. This channel OG. Only if you remember derpy army men intro

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    The edits and builds are amazing

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    1:03 lets cut to the chase

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    0:49 BGMとピッタリで死んでる笑

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    Even though your videos are extended I still love them!