Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. Joe Kinchicken

    Joe Kinchicken33 menit yang lalu

    "A world born of millennial cucktards is doomed to fail" - that's what she wanted to say

  2. Derya

    Derya42 menit yang lalu

    Love that she's using the lasso more. Hope she makes someone tell the truth.

  3. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganJam Yang lalu

    Can't wait

  4. sar oct

    sar oct2 jam yang lalu

    what's up with hollywood and their obsession with 80's lately?

  5. Dale Deal

    Dale Deal3 jam yang lalu

    Hawkgirl : yo' girl is that ma wings? Diana : Bitch can't I have my moment here? y'all know I still can't fly Hawkgirl : Seriously? After 3 movies already??

  6. Joe Neri

    Joe Neri4 jam yang lalu

    Chris Pine just steals scenes

  7. Brandon

    Brandon4 jam yang lalu

    You know, I saw Wonder Woman for the 1st time last night. I haven't seen many post 2010 movies lately, and I heard a ton of trash talk about most of them including Wonder Woman. I think it was a decent film! I am excited for this one too!

  8. Ali Azhar

    Ali Azhar5 jam yang lalu

    Damn it the music is so good.

  9. Crestfire

    Crestfire5 jam yang lalu

    Truck flips are back!

  10. Shar Lee RV

    Shar Lee RV6 jam yang lalu

    This trailer is 300% better just for the song... And Gal of course.

  11. Wilson Kelman

    Wilson Kelman7 jam yang lalu

    Looks dope

  12. SabiUnicorn

    SabiUnicorn13 jam yang lalu

    Steve: *Dies in Wonder Woman* DC: *UNO REVERSCARD*

  13. Sunny Vidhur

    Sunny Vidhur15 jam yang lalu

    Trailer music - Blue Monday by Sebastian Böhm

  14. Bonfist

    Bonfist15 jam yang lalu

    finally, a non toxic non feminist super heroine

  15. I'm Gamer MKX

    I'm Gamer MKX15 jam yang lalu

    Please Gal Gadot don't know how to act

  16. Mr CJ

    Mr CJ16 jam yang lalu

    Feminismmm, Isssss, Cancaaa!

  17. legend be my name

    legend be my name16 jam yang lalu

    Who is watching this in 1984

  18. Muhammad Salman

    Muhammad Salman16 jam yang lalu

    Awesome music and really mixed up good with trailer

  19. Watching Time

    Watching Time17 jam yang lalu

    It's just a trash cant

  20. the gothic pirate

    the gothic pirate17 jam yang lalu

    some people, from marvel and CW could learn a lot from Gal and Patty, this is how you make a strong woman look great and gracious and everyitng, and i can not wait to see this movie and can not wait to see gal again, we do not deserve her, such a beautiful human being, on screen or not, she is a real life superhero/wonder woman, wonder woman is a hard role to play, not many could pull this off, but Gal, well, need i say anything, it is Gal, she IS wonder woman and the full of her too, thank you zack for giving us Gal as this portrait, noone could have dne a better job, no matter how hard they tried but gal, it was like breathing ;)

  21. Big K

    Big K16 jam yang lalu

    @the gothic pirate She is definitely great.

  22. the gothic pirate

    the gothic pirate16 jam yang lalu

    @Big K thank you :) she really is a goddess <3

  23. Big K

    Big K16 jam yang lalu


  24. Luna, nationaliste transgenre

    Luna, nationaliste transgenre19 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist: Steve Trevor is here an illusion created by the bad guy to keep Diana under control, I guess. Maybe Diana will think she has ruined the plans of the bad guy by destroying his military facilities while instead, she has worked for him, influenced by the fake Steve. It would partly explain the title "1984". On the other hand, a french youtubeur studying movie-making has analyzed this trailer. According to him, the look of the bad guy is a reference to Donald Trump. His skin looks orange in some specific pictures.

  25. Unknown YouTuber

    Unknown YouTuber20 jam yang lalu

    Who want this movie to be a blockbuster hit like


    VARAD COPIERS20 jam yang lalu

    majha naav jonny ahe , me chapri ahe

  27. kunal mishra

    kunal mishra21 jam yang lalu

    The trailer is so phenomenal.

  28. Quem canta reza duas vezes

    Quem canta reza duas vezes21 jam yang lalu

    1:26 perfect soundtrack!❤️

  29. ash muryode

    ash muryode21 jam yang lalu

    1:20 1:40 2:08 my favourite part

  30. Satyaki Palit

    Satyaki Palit23 jam yang lalu

    If she was in a sort of isolation till 2017, what is she doing with all that mayhem in 1984 Just a query

  31. Lucas C

    Lucas CHari Yang lalu

    You have my money.

  32. BagelBramble

    BagelBrambleHari Yang lalu

    I keep coming back for the great Hasselhoff-esque music

  33. Manish sahu

    Manish sahuHari Yang lalu

    1:20 is i only one who see "Jhonny Sins"😅😋😂

  34. RandomST

    RandomSTHari Yang lalu

    I think this is better than black widow... BTW huge fan of MU

  35. Ava-Hunt Birch-Balkin

    Ava-Hunt Birch-BalkinHari Yang lalu

    What I thought Steve died I’m so confused.

  36. JaredMithrandir

    JaredMithrandirHari Yang lalu

    What if the Crisis is the reason Steve is alive all of the sudden?

  37. C Jensen

    C JensenHari Yang lalu

    Life is good but it can be better....yup 80s music does it for me♥️

  38. Tiny Ratatouille

    Tiny RatatouilleHari Yang lalu


  39. mueed ul jahan

    mueed ul jahanHari Yang lalu

    After hearing the music, did anybody has a flash in mind of THOR RAGNAROK?

  40. Linda Muvic

    Linda MuvicHari Yang lalu

    A time when there still hope.

  41. SchAkoska™

    SchAkoska™Hari Yang lalu

    2:18 this movie also a trash can

  42. Erik S.

    Erik S.Hari Yang lalu

    Looks amazing!

  43. Crystal Wang

    Crystal WangHari Yang lalu

    If Steve dies again, DC can catch these hands.

  44. eQuariuz

    eQuariuzHari Yang lalu

    So Far NO "WOKENESS". I like it.

  45. David Paniagua Jr.

    David Paniagua Jr.Hari Yang lalu

    Who woulda thought that a standalone Joker film and Wonder Woman would upseat Batman and Superman in the DC film universe!??!

  46. José Gallardo Grajeda

    José Gallardo GrajedaHari Yang lalu

    La 1ra parte me fascinó porque no era una película asquerosamente feminista. 👍

  47. milagros9001

    milagros900118 jam yang lalu

    Tal cual. Era una buena pelicula feminista porque trataban a todos por igual

  48. Revanth Bharathwaj

    Revanth BharathwajHari Yang lalu

    Much better than Batman vs superman or justice league by miles

  49. Jhay de Jesus

    Jhay de JesusHari Yang lalu

    Epic ost 80's

  50. Majeendran G

    Majeendran GHari Yang lalu

    From India.. For daily dosage of superb bgm

  51. Kethellyn Ester Pereira Santos

    Kethellyn Ester Pereira SantosHari Yang lalu

    # Amo a Mulher Maravilha💗

  52. gary cimera

    gary cimeraHari Yang lalu

    How does Steve Trevor not know what a trash can is?

  53. milagros9001

    milagros900118 jam yang lalu

    He knows what a trash can is, is just that trash can changed since 1914

  54. Eva Freytes

    Eva FreytesHari Yang lalu

    How the fuck did i missed this trailer!? I just now saw it for the 1st time!!

  55. Jay Es

    Jay EsHari Yang lalu

    She gets her boo back

  56. John Kinney

    John KinneyHari Yang lalu

    Not interested.

  57. Abdulla Chamadia

    Abdulla ChamadiaHari Yang lalu

    Music is Blue Monday by New Order... 💖 Thank me later!!

  58. Sjur Nilsen

    Sjur NilsenHari Yang lalu

    Excellent use of Blue Monday!

  59. Asim Shahid

    Asim ShahidHari Yang lalu

    Director: George Orwell

  60. Matthew Callahan

    Matthew CallahanHari Yang lalu

    You can see Cheetah in her mutated/transformed form @2:06 in the trailer. Based on the plot leak it makes sense. That's her lying on the floor to Diana's far left in the background. She was in the trailer all along!

  61. omar bernal

    omar bernalHari Yang lalu

    Cool . were is the sountrack to this?

  62. Luis Nieves

    Luis NievesHari Yang lalu

    Nothing good is born from lies.

  63. idontcare99999 8

    idontcare99999 8Hari Yang lalu

    So why is she pointing out garbage cans? Who thought of this?

  64. Big K

    Big KHari Yang lalu

    @idontcare99999 8 you initially asked why she was doing something then you stayed you understood but were referring to why the scene is even there I understood you perfectly my response is it's just a bit of humor and that humor isn't out of place in a superhero film at no point was I rude to you so I don't know why you are being rude to me.

  65. Big K

    Big KHari Yang lalu

    @idontcare99999 8 you literally asked a question.I answered it. then you said it's out of place and I pointed out humor in a superhero movie isn't out of place.

  66. idontcare99999 8

    idontcare99999 8Hari Yang lalu

    Big K yes. So not only did you state the obvious you showed again you do not understand what and why I said what I did? You’re not going to break any records soon. I do know that but thanks for letting everyone else know what you saw in the video.

  67. Big K

    Big KHari Yang lalu

    @idontcare99999 8 it's just a bit of humor almost every super hero film has humor. It's a non issue.

  68. Big K

    Big KHari Yang lalu

    @idontcare99999 8 you asked why she was pointing out garbage cans. I said she wasn't just pointing out garbage cans for no reason she's correcting steve for misinterpreting it as art.

  69. Excel Micronics

    Excel MicronicsHari Yang lalu

    Thor: I like this one

  70. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel LopezHari Yang lalu

    I wanna see a wonder woman / thor movie. I don't care if it doesn't make sense

  71. may

    mayHari Yang lalu

    holy fuck give a raise to the people who made this trailer