1. Luca Panariello

    Luca Panariello2 jam yang lalu

    '80s are back. That's enough for me. I'm already on the way to the cinema.

  2. Joebot

    Joebot2 jam yang lalu

    Some could say her outfit oversexualises her, but I actually find it empowering. It's like how they turned Bayonetta into a badass because she owned her sexuality


    RAQIB ALI2 jam yang lalu

    who think it is not one time watch trailer

  4. Daniel J. Phillips

    Daniel J. Phillips2 jam yang lalu

    Take my money.

  5. Lego Master Builder

    Lego Master Builder2 jam yang lalu

    DC: promotes a super hero, makes children dream of adventures Also DC: *World War 84*

  6. Bandi Pavai

    Bandi Pavai2 jam yang lalu

    Spider Wonder Woman the lightning godess

  7. det haripad

    det haripad2 jam yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-rmLY1L0b-Bw.html indian

  8. Noctambule

    Noctambule2 jam yang lalu

    WTF? They're sticking with clones this time?

  9. Sultan Fadillah

    Sultan Fadillah2 jam yang lalu

    Wonder Woman : swings on lightning Thor : wait, that is illegal

  10. aryan raichura 2007

    aryan raichura 20072 jam yang lalu

    Wonder woman like Black widow comment

  11. Florian H.

    Florian H.2 jam yang lalu

    Finally an authentic movie where a woman doesn't feel forced in by feminism. Thanks

  12. comics-movie studios

    comics-movie studios2 jam yang lalu

    ... What?

  13. daji

    daji2 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think I watched a trailer so many times before

  14. R Rohit Amalan

    R Rohit Amalan2 jam yang lalu

    Nice music though

  15. ADmillionaire

    ADmillionaire2 jam yang lalu

    Ww and BW are going to be the best marvel and dc has made. We can all agree they will be better than captain marvel

  16. Mohammad Bn

    Mohammad Bn2 jam yang lalu

    Wasn’t it the mall from Stranger Things season 3?

  17. MusicBoxAlsoWater

    MusicBoxAlsoWater2 jam yang lalu

    Sooooo.....Wonder Woman meets Stranger Things....

  18. deepanshu srivastava

    deepanshu srivastava2 jam yang lalu


  19. Karnager3formedgames

    Karnager3formedgames2 jam yang lalu

    I feel like they’re trying to replicate Thor ragnarok with the techno feel but looks cool nonetheless

  20. GAME ON

    GAME ON2 jam yang lalu

    יאלה גל גדות אוהבים אותך

  21. devendra singh

    devendra singh2 jam yang lalu

    Thes much people are here only to see Wonder Woman! 😅

  22. Dharma Jedi Cat

    Dharma Jedi Cat2 jam yang lalu

    I was 6 when this movie came out....

  23. Ken Sharp

    Ken Sharp2 jam yang lalu

    This movie looks great but in all fairness I'd spend 15 bucks to watch Gal Gadot do her laundry. That is a real woman right there!

  24. Steven Jeannetta

    Steven Jeannetta2 jam yang lalu

    How hard does dc try to ruin their own universe? Watches ww1984 trailer* That hard

  25. Zainudeen Birasahif

    Zainudeen Birasahif2 jam yang lalu

    Bgm really nice bring to 80an

  26. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel2 jam yang lalu

    Good timing no mcu for compitation

  27. Spappas 200

    Spappas 2002 jam yang lalu

    Stranger things vibes anyone

  28. Astronix

    Astronix2 jam yang lalu

    Is that starcourt mall from stranger things?

  29. Farhad Hossain

    Farhad Hossain2 jam yang lalu

    Why does this have so much Thor Ragnarok vibes?

  30. pizza

    pizza2 jam yang lalu

    I’m so sick of the 80s in pop culture

  31. Belajar Saham

    Belajar Saham2 jam yang lalu

    Gal smile ... that damn smile

  32. theleylegend1

    theleylegend12 jam yang lalu

    Chris Pine's death in the first WW was one of the few superhero movie death sequences that I actually felt somewhat emotional over, so it cheapens it a bit now that he's brought back.

  33. Syed Nafiul Huda

    Syed Nafiul Huda2 jam yang lalu

    Wonder Woman vs Black Widow Who do u think is better Like =black widow Reply= wonder woman

  34. 宋宋义鑫

    宋宋义鑫2 jam yang lalu


  35. takaa e

    takaa e2 jam yang lalu

    i want her to whip me with that

  36. Mr. Deadpool

    Mr. Deadpool2 jam yang lalu

    Who else thought the trailer looks and feels like a classic video game ?

  37. The mad king Aerys

    The mad king Aerys2 jam yang lalu

    1:22 holy shit that's cool.

  38. Nitin Khand

    Nitin Khand2 jam yang lalu


  39. keloo tembeloo

    keloo tembeloo2 jam yang lalu

    this is so fucking boring

  40. Furkan YAMAN

    Furkan YAMAN2 jam yang lalu

    Ragnarok tarzı WW lezzita el mamasita

  41. Cabbage Cat

    Cabbage Cat2 jam yang lalu

    WW84 more like bore ragnarok