Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. Cross29

    Cross29Jam Yang lalu

    1:00 Is that a Casio A168W?

  2. Nothing New Here

    Nothing New HereJam Yang lalu

    Marvel fans : so this is how bad JL was? Dc fans : 2:18

  3. Mohamad Rajab

    Mohamad RajabJam Yang lalu

    Who else thinks this is the same mole from Stranger things?

  4. Ravlo

    RavloJam Yang lalu

    Finally good movies are on the way

  5. Jazzy Jaz

    Jazzy JazJam Yang lalu

    Just watching that short scene with all the Amazon's is already giving me goosebumps, this movie is going to be amazing.

  6. Michael Gardner

    Michael GardnerJam Yang lalu

    Is that a hommage to the shopping mall scene from commando?

  7. Jimin's booty is bigger than your Future

    Jimin's booty is bigger than your FutureJam Yang lalu

    2020 is DC's year 😍

  8. Pickers1000

    Pickers1000Jam Yang lalu

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Wonder Woman

  9. Nikhil

    NikhilJam Yang lalu


  10. Aditya Parekh

    Aditya ParekhJam Yang lalu

    WB had always good choices in trailer music.

  11. DaDopeDude

    DaDopeDudeJam Yang lalu

    Anyone else getting stranger thing vibes?

  12. Savio Mascarenhas

    Savio MascarenhasJam Yang lalu

    Can some one tell me what is the name of the remix made to blue monday...

  13. Diwakar Mandal

    Diwakar MandalJam Yang lalu

    Do release in hindi too 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Jimin's booty is bigger than your Future

    Jimin's booty is bigger than your FutureJam Yang lalu

    As a woman, I inspire to have her legs wbk

  15. Markus Salonvaara

    Markus SalonvaaraJam Yang lalu


  16. merdelune9

    merdelune9Jam Yang lalu

    A lot of people saying that the mall is the mall from Stranger Things. That mall is in Georgia. The mall in this movie is Landmark Mall in Virginia.

  17. Nick Kane

    Nick KaneJam Yang lalu

    Dc: going back to 1984 Marvel: time to show Captain America in 1984

  18. Veeerr10

    Veeerr10Jam Yang lalu

    I love the way how they are slowly removing the dark theme and switching to a lighter one without anyone noticing. And WW84 is gonna be better than Black Widow, Thank you.

  19. Muffle

    MuffleJam Yang lalu

    Hes alive??

  20. rup trofer

    rup troferJam Yang lalu

    No dark anymore.

  21. Mr_ Snowman

    Mr_ SnowmanJam Yang lalu

    Reincarnation of Steve???

  22. The Question

    The QuestionJam Yang lalu

    Marvel: Okay, we’re done with our time displaced Steve it’s your turn. DC: Yay! 🤗

  23. Satish Chandra

    Satish ChandraJam Yang lalu

    Thanos: I'm the greatest villain Joker: hold my beer Black widow: I'm the greatest female superhero(which she is not btw) Wonder Woman : hold my lasso

  24. wrckingball

    wrckingballJam Yang lalu

    Studios: start crediting your trailer musicians in your trailers. I want to listen to this. I want to hear their catalog. There are composers out there who do this for a living. Let them be heard. Credit.

  25. Vedant Deshpande

    Vedant DeshpandeJam Yang lalu

    hollywood fascination with 1984 continues 1 Stranger Things 2 AHS 1984 and now WW 84

  26. Abhishek Gunawat

    Abhishek GunawatJam Yang lalu

    She had me at 0:29 😍

  27. Slowbro

    SlowbroJam Yang lalu

    The invisible jet looks so dope in this!!!!!

  28. Random Scenes

    Random ScenesJam Yang lalu

    Yeah you showed a little too much.

  29. Ali Imran

    Ali ImranJam Yang lalu


  30. Антон Лесовой

    Антон ЛесовойJam Yang lalu

    The music sounds similar to Trevor Something - Come Back Down

  31. Slowbro

    SlowbroJam Yang lalu

    Nobody: Me: Blue monday came out in 1983

  32. ps3lover711

    ps3lover711Jam Yang lalu

    Did she just ask her dad for a ride with that lightning?

  33. Ish

    IshJam Yang lalu

    I expect to hear the music, let's get physical! In this movie! 😤😤😤

  34. Psychotic Bob

    Psychotic BobJam Yang lalu

    1984? But instead of Big Brother we get Big Sister? I'll be honest. This trailer makes the movie look terrible. Pass.

  35. Shubham Garg

    Shubham GargJam Yang lalu

    Steve: points to “that’s just a trash can” meme WW: That’s just a trash can.

  36. Lord Raiden

    Lord RaidenJam Yang lalu

    I cant stand modern mainstream hollywood, its nothing but feminist, minority bullsh it. The woman teaches the man about the world lol what a joke

  37. clit_niblr036

    clit_niblr036Jam Yang lalu

    2:04 Wonder Woman wearing her Eagle Armor. Super Sweet!

  38. BroZilla2003

    BroZilla2003Jam Yang lalu

    Wow, the sacrifice from the first movie now has no consequences. Well done DC for making yet another terrible decision

  39. Ralph Pachino

    Ralph PachinoJam Yang lalu

    Plot twist:steve trevor didnt die......maybe his plane crash landed in the arctic and he must have become frozen for some few yea..........sorry wrong show?!