Woman Doesn't Use Toilet Paper To Save Money | Extreme Cheapskates


  1. Slippy Shot

    Slippy Shot13 menit yang lalu

    Free dishwasher she be like:no to much water wasted me: But you need a dishwashers it’s a everyday thing

  2. Popped by Wealth

    Popped by Wealth41 menit yang lalu

    She’s just nasty 🤢

  3. Nichole Johnson

    Nichole Johnson2 jam yang lalu

    The dishwasher uses less water then handwashing dishes lol .. Some people go too far with saving money but it's her life and if she's happy living like that who am I to say otherwise.


    REDIXS GT3 jam yang lalu

    1:48 cameraman in a girls bathroom 🤦‍♂️

  5. Netflix N’chill

    Netflix N’chill4 jam yang lalu

    Lol everyone's like "she nasty" while the whole of India which has a population of more that 1 billion does not use toilet paper and uses faucets instead.

  6. A Singh Cheema

    A Singh Cheema6 jam yang lalu

    Going by this logic every person in India should be rich 😂

  7. S'n S

    S'n S8 jam yang lalu

    2:51 She actually thinks ppl would want to visit her🤣🤣

  8. Nadia Yaqup

    Nadia Yaqup16 jam yang lalu

    I guess she doesn't have kids , good for government to take her savings and home too after she died poor mental il girl, who you ganna save all this😨😨, by the way she look good

  9. Leeandra Rodriguez

    Leeandra Rodriguez17 jam yang lalu

    2:06 to 2:07 her:this is pretty dirty me:it in the dumpster of course its dirty

  10. lubos774

    lubos77417 jam yang lalu

    There is something called the DOLLAR STORE

  11. Megan Jackson

    Megan Jackson19 jam yang lalu

    She is weird af

  12. eloka chisom

    eloka chisom19 jam yang lalu

    You are just too stingy and dirty🤮🤮

  13. leungbabe

    leungbabe21 jam yang lalu

    This bitxh is ridiculous

  14. Halil Hadzisadikovic

    Halil HadzisadikovicHari Yang lalu

    This is the most depressing video i have ever watched in my entire fucking life

  15. Atrocious

    AtrociousHari Yang lalu

    Did she just allow them to film her showering

  16. X5R

    X5RHari Yang lalu

    So she claims to go to "promotional events" to get her hygiene items. I guarantee she's getting stuff at pantries and churches that are meant to help the poor. She is a horrible person.

  17. X5R

    X5RHari Yang lalu

    Mental illness.

  18. babe sug

    babe sugHari Yang lalu

    So how much she makes and how much she saves from that lyfestyle?

  19. IWouldMakeColaForGen

    IWouldMakeColaForGenHari Yang lalu

    Watch iamunbeautiful_kate and then you'll understand. It really changes your perception of this video. A lot of you should be ashamed of what you've said to this woman

  20. Mohammad reza Daghagheleh

    Mohammad reza DaghaghelehHari Yang lalu

    So disgusting

  21. Beatriz Souza

    Beatriz SouzaHari Yang lalu

    Omg i mean you can wash your clothes at home but that is not the right way

  22. Therese Frantz

    Therese FrantzHari Yang lalu


  23. Ana Glanton

    Ana GlantonHari Yang lalu

    She don’t use toilet paper but there’s a roll in there 🥴🤦🏿‍♀️

  24. Mom Dayo

    Mom DayoHari Yang lalu

    Dang, when she dies, all that money she stashed away will be enjoyed by someone else!!! Dam lady, live a little!!! Lol

  25. HoneyNectar

    HoneyNectarHari Yang lalu

    I’m the only one that thought she was using mustard for toilet paper. 🙃

  26. sailor moon 27

    sailor moon 27Hari Yang lalu

    To me

  27. sailor moon 27

    sailor moon 27Hari Yang lalu

    You need toilet paper otherwise its disgusting I got a brother and sister who do that its un hygienic

  28. Thor Treslan

    Thor TreslanHari Yang lalu

    I really wonder what her parents were like

  29. Thor Treslan

    Thor TreslanHari Yang lalu

    1:42 WTF

  30. crazzi-j north

    crazzi-j northHari Yang lalu

    So she has enough money to own a home but she refuses to to live like a normal person

  31. crazzi-j north

    crazzi-j northHari Yang lalu


  32. LOL

    LOLHari Yang lalu

    watch the video “i am unbeautiful” it’s basically her backstory and extremely sad. pls stop making fun of ppl before you know what they’ve been through, you wouldn’t want that done to you

  33. Nayan Mipun

    Nayan MipunHari Yang lalu

    Use jet water, toilet paper is of no use, and use soap before anus getting licked

  34. mag m

    mag mHari Yang lalu

    ATTENTION! Before commenting and criticizing this poor women please watch this video of her: idreporter.net/v/video-vB9AD1wzv8Y.html. She does indeed have cheapskate ways, but this show has exaggerated them. Please stop calling her mean names and judging her based on what you see on "REALITY" TV. She's actually such a sweet person who wants nothing more than to be accepted.

  35. Thea’s World

    Thea’s WorldHari Yang lalu

    Does ash have the cronaivirus?

  36. s e l m a

    s e l m aHari Yang lalu


  37. Michael Maughan

    Michael MaughanHari Yang lalu

    No one spends 100 dollars on a hair cut it is usually 10 or 15

  38. Michael Maughan

    Michael MaughanHari Yang lalu

    It’s so outrageous that beds cost hundreds of dollars, but then I say I spend 1050 dollars on my bed and I get a new one every year

  39. Mayo Lane

    Mayo LaneHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who was cringing while watching this?

  40. Lauren Hunt

    Lauren HuntHari Yang lalu

    Say as she doesn’t use toilet paper but there’s some next to the toilet???

  41. candied clown

    candied clownHari Yang lalu

    She did an interview where she said she regretted doing this show so much, and that most of it wasn't real or heavily exaggerated. She said this amplified her self esteem issues so much. :( She didn't think there would be such a negative reaction.

  42. angelic lunar

    angelic lunar2 hari yang lalu

    She can at least shop at the dollar store or coupon.😐

  43. Jessica Mili

    Jessica Mili2 hari yang lalu

    " I barely cook" Me- " girl what do you eat? Do you eat?.....and i dont think you buy food "

  44. J.-Army S.

    J.-Army S.2 hari yang lalu

    Do they have dollar tree where she lives 😭 someone give a year supply of soap and toilet tissues

  45. J.-Army S.

    J.-Army S.2 hari yang lalu

    Oh man I saw this years back. I was like...smh smh. She makes a good amount of money. Just buy a pack of four toilet tissues. Cmonnn

  46. Griffen Kogarashi

    Griffen Kogarashi2 hari yang lalu

    to be fair, using soap and water to clean up after a shit is much cleaner than using toilet paper...but using your bare hands after a fresh dump is quite questionable

  47. Erget King

    Erget King2 hari yang lalu

    There is toilet paper in the vid in your toilet

  48. JJ S

    JJ S2 hari yang lalu

    If most people lived like this they could retire after 10 years..

  49. kow shi

    kow shi2 hari yang lalu

    Your home look like so messy...

  50. Raul Ionuț

    Raul Ionuț2 hari yang lalu

    bish im washin me n my clothes

  51. Wendi

    Wendi2 hari yang lalu

    The elastic shorts and I have the same life span currently

  52. Jordan Torres

    Jordan Torres2 hari yang lalu

    Y’all criticize her but in a recent interview she discussed how some of the stuff she did in here was fake so quit judging and do research

  53. Coco Nuuut

    Coco Nuuut2 hari yang lalu

    I would very much agree on using water and soap instead of just fucking toilet paper. Anything else is just too much like bruh..

  54. Barbara Perez

    Barbara Perez2 hari yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-vB9AD1wzv8Y.html TLC you should be ashamed of yourself. This lady spoke about what this video did to her self esteem in 2013 and years later you still reupload it in 2019. Shame.

  55. DemeAnimations

    DemeAnimations2 hari yang lalu

    Im going to be a virgin forever.

  56. Goga Enac

    Goga Enac2 hari yang lalu

    Thank goodness for free air ! She wouldn’t pay for it

  57. Mary Reyes

    Mary Reyes2 hari yang lalu

    Why live in the most expensive state? Move to the Midwest

  58. Shadae Pares

    Shadae Pares2 hari yang lalu

    Am so sorry for that shorts

  59. xiao mei

    xiao mei2 hari yang lalu

    Just wonder one day you die by car accident..and the money you saved in the past are sitting in the bank..life is too short to be stingy to yourself...

  60. matter dowe

    matter dowe2 hari yang lalu

    Time is money be careful how you spend it you won't get it back remember that . I see her logic in a lot of ways