Wolves v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/23/2020 | NBC Sports


  1. Sugal Chat

    Sugal Chat10 hari yang lalu


  2. Do the Do

    Do the Do11 hari yang lalu

    Mo salah best player in the world and keeps hating

  3. Sim Stander

    Sim Stander16 hari yang lalu

    Liverpool fans: we happy with a draw. Liverpool Fc: nah

  4. Florencio Resendiz

    Florencio Resendiz21 hari yang lalu

    Jimenez gracias por poner nuesta bandera en alto y gracias a los wolfes .🇲🇽🐺

  5. Manchester United

    Manchester United28 hari yang lalu

    Is it just me or salah never pasts to his teammates 😐😐😐😐

  6. MarssSAD

    MarssSAD29 hari yang lalu

    Man Salah is so selfish, had the opportunity to setup teammates on 3 separate occasions & chose to force a terrible shot instead

  7. mook Williams

    mook WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    “Throwing coach”

  8. Rodrigo Garcia

    Rodrigo GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    Jimenez the best player of the game, what a goal!

  9. AJ Chupa

    AJ ChupaBulan Yang lalu

    I was disappointed in the ox... wasn’t his game 😒

  10. Jonathan Gadzini

    Jonathan GadziniBulan Yang lalu

    I hope king mo sees the comment section here.... 5:11 ????? 🤮 I love the dude but that just looks bad any day of the week.

  11. Ki Ki

    Ki KiBulan Yang lalu

    Ferguson could bench Salah ... if he plays like this I would be mad there If somebody don’t want to pass If u don’t want to pass / assist At least Score .... Anyway congratulations 🎉 Liverpool Seem like this year is yr real year

  12. Andrés Tudor

    Andrés TudorBulan Yang lalu

    I don't understand why Klopp bought this Nip boy. Is it a sponsor's request

  13. Benjamin Ombeni

    Benjamin OmbeniBulan Yang lalu

    This is why we love the Premier Ligue. In the meantime, La Liga is becoming more and more boring.

  14. Ansel Bryant

    Ansel BryantBulan Yang lalu

    who still waiting for man. united vs burnley to drop????

  15. Bill Clinton

    Bill ClintonBulan Yang lalu

    Pretty sure this was manually picked to be trending. Just make a trending page for sports already

  16. yee yee

    yee yeeBulan Yang lalu

    Why did Salah not pass to the open man

  17. Damilola Williams

    Damilola WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    The best team in the world right now

  18. Erick Diaz

    Erick DiazBulan Yang lalu

    They scored cause salah lost the ball 😂

  19. Buyi Majola

    Buyi MajolaBulan Yang lalu

    I get goosebumps when Traore has the ball.

  20. Elmo273

    Elmo273Bulan Yang lalu

    Salah is such a ball hog

  21. FirelordCujo5.0

    FirelordCujo5.0Bulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool hadn’t been scored on in the last 7 games , y’all know who was the last team to score on them besides a EPL team !? Mexican team Monterrey Fc 🇲🇽

  22. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    10,000 Subscribers With no Videos ChallengeBulan Yang lalu

    if there was one team who i thought could beat liverpool it would be wolves..they gave liverpool a run for their money

  23. D Danelle

    D DanelleBulan Yang lalu

    As a Liverpool fan, I can say going into this match had me concerned. Wolves are a tough, tough team to play against and I wouldn't be surprised if they skim the top 5.

  24. drsnowmon

    drsnowmonBulan Yang lalu

    7:13 Textbook header

  25. Jr

    JrBulan Yang lalu

    Raul Jimenez is currently tied 7th in goals this season with mane, sane, salah and sterling 🤯🤯

  26. Lazy King

    Lazy KingBulan Yang lalu

    Raul is Sensational.

  27. Marissa Sandoval

    Marissa SandovalBulan Yang lalu

    Who do you go For😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  28. Lex Will

    Lex WillBulan Yang lalu

    Minamino could have had two goals in this game. I love Salah, but he's too selfish at times. Trust me, I know strikers are supposed to be greedy, but Salah takes it to a different level. Twice, Salah had no shot, but instead of passing to a wide open Minamino, he forced two shots.

  29. Flaco Fausto

    Flaco FaustoBulan Yang lalu

    Grande firmino !!!


    HULK HOGANBulan Yang lalu

    41st win on the 29th... unstoppable force

  31. Ruben Limon

    Ruben LimonBulan Yang lalu

    I was one of the haters who used to rail on Jimenez for not being good enough. Now, I’m here to apologize and admit that my judgement was premature. Raúl, sigue haciendo lo que estás haciendo. Te estas ganado a todo Mexico!

  32. León Garcia

    León GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    🇲🇽 Jimenez Golllll

  33. A Lopez caste

    A Lopez casteBulan Yang lalu

    Wolverhampton es el Toros Neza de inglaterra!! Puedes tener a tu equipo pero este equipo enamora con su futbol!!👍

  34. Ben Allen

    Ben AllenBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool is so lucky they got a lot of games that they didn’t deserve

  35. an Le Nhat

    an Le Nhat28 hari yang lalu

    Well!! They did but lucky come with world class skills will make you a champion, that's why Liverpool deserve to win a premier league this year although they were lucky in some games!!!

  36. John Gomez

    John GomezBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you NBC for this amazing channel! I really enjoy watching the premier league highlights!!

  37. BigDickMcFlick

    BigDickMcFlickBulan Yang lalu

    Love the "Stairway to Heaven" walk out. It's not "YNWA" but it's passion

  38. Wilman Pineda

    Wilman PinedaBulan Yang lalu

    Traoreé 👏

  39. vcdc

    vcdcBulan Yang lalu

    Braking point 09:44

  40. vcdc

    vcdcBulan Yang lalu

    Bravo Jimenez! Team-based goal at its best! 06:04

  41. vcdc

    vcdcBulan Yang lalu

    Born to be selfish 04:44

  42. darkhumphrey

    darkhumphreyBulan Yang lalu

    And Mo being super selfish these days. . That could've been two goals converted at least

  43. darkhumphrey

    darkhumphreyBulan Yang lalu

    As a Kop I want Traore

  44. Devrim Tiryaki

    Devrim TiryakiBulan Yang lalu

    Wolves are great! Traore running Robertson ragged. Jimenez making Gomez look like a Sunday league defender with his clever movement. Rui Patricio aging like a fine wine. Brilliant

  45. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando HernandezBulan Yang lalu

    Buenas jugadas de Raúl Jiménez así que siempre juegue que no baje de nivel que sea un orgullo Méxicano

  46. let's talk about it

    let's talk about itBulan Yang lalu

    Now you understand why Mané is important on this team. Robertson struggled to stop Traore.

  47. Coach Yo

    Coach YoBulan Yang lalu

    This was by far one of the most exciting games. Stocked for the Reds win but man!! The more I watch Wolves they just don’t quit! Such a resilience to them.

  48. Jose Rojas

    Jose RojasBulan Yang lalu

    🤬vale v............

  49. Nice Guy Eddie

    Nice Guy EddieBulan Yang lalu

    Snooze fest. Rugby rules!

  50. OmarGaming HD

    OmarGaming HDBulan Yang lalu

    Salah is a ball hogger😂


    RIK-A OFFICIALBulan Yang lalu

    the wolves and his coach are winning a lot respect! I wanna see them in UCL next year !

  52. carlos mesta

    carlos mestaBulan Yang lalu

    Would love to see Wolves and Jimenez-Traore playing champions Next year!

  53. MettaWorld Peace

    MettaWorld PeaceBulan Yang lalu

    Raul jimenez best striker in the world

  54. wondu xx

    wondu xxBulan Yang lalu

    Salah is the most selfish player at the moment

  55. Kar Farah

    Kar FarahBulan Yang lalu

    Last game Ithihad Stadium 🏟 They might loose. Because they put the kids these much unfortunate they win league by that time

  56. ErrrrdayImShufflin'

    ErrrrdayImShufflin'Bulan Yang lalu

    One game where Mo Salah is greedy with the ball and everyone forgets how many assists he's been racking up.

  57. alipetuniashow

    alipetuniashowBulan Yang lalu

    Mo salah kick their arses

  58. TheWitness1001

    TheWitness1001Bulan Yang lalu

    4:45 Mo Salah is greedy. He could've passed the ball.

  59. Salvador.M10

    Salvador.M10Bulan Yang lalu

    Jimenez is the most overrated player

  60. Joseph Joseph

    Joseph JosephBulan Yang lalu

    Adama is a complete footballer damm!


    NATHANAEL PARKBulan Yang lalu

    I live wolves. They came into the preimer league like 1 or 2 years ago and they are competing against great teams like Liverpool.


    NATHANAEL PARKBulan Yang lalu

    I agree to myself.