Will It Ramen? Taste Test


  1. Angela Tampol

    Angela TampolJam Yang lalu

    who's here for the noods

  2. Andrew Brandt

    Andrew BrandtJam Yang lalu

    here for the noods??

  3. Shedanigan

    ShedaniganJam Yang lalu

    good noods

  4. Adrian Ponce

    Adrian Ponce2 jam yang lalu

    Anyone from will it grill cheese

  5. Anthony M

    Anthony M2 jam yang lalu

    N O O D S

  6. Sam Hayes

    Sam Hayes3 jam yang lalu

    I don't know if it said it anywhere in the video, but what _kind_ of brain matter was that?

  7. XxEnderCookiezxX

    XxEnderCookiezxX3 jam yang lalu

    NOODles, I get it, that was smart XD

  8. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller5 jam yang lalu

    Mmmmm noods. :3

  9. WTFIamAwesomeness

    WTFIamAwesomeness6 jam yang lalu

    anyone else here because they wanted to see the noods?

  10. Brasc

    Brasc7 jam yang lalu

    Followed this link from GMMore and found noods.

  11. The Last Centurion

    The Last Centurion7 jam yang lalu

    ohhhh you pesky tricky GMM Crew

  12. quicksilver8122

    quicksilver81227 jam yang lalu

    great mythical "noods" lmao

  13. Disco

    Disco7 jam yang lalu

    I'm here from the description link from the twinkie grilled cheese taste test.

  14. Ashley Shubert

    Ashley Shubert8 jam yang lalu

    Here from the grilled cheese twinkie episode!

  15. Charmite Stone

    Charmite Stone8 jam yang lalu

    Phenomenal noods must say.

  16. Lewis Galvin-Elston

    Lewis Galvin-Elston8 jam yang lalu

    That's a scotch egg you morons

  17. Melody Media

    Melody Media9 jam yang lalu

    anyone else here for some noods

  18. Manyamz

    Manyamz9 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes, noods. XD

  19. Dennis231

    Dennis23110 jam yang lalu

    Wait I was promised noods. This is a ramen episode. Oh.

  20. Bigboisupreme 420

    Bigboisupreme 42010 jam yang lalu

    They say 75 degrees is cold laughs in Missourian

  21. capitalismgood

    capitalismgood10 jam yang lalu

    Get it? Noods....

  22. Brandon Davis

    Brandon Davis11 jam yang lalu


  23. Christian Dicus

    Christian Dicus11 jam yang lalu

    Came here from the nood link.

  24. James C

    James C11 jam yang lalu


  25. samuraininjamaster

    samuraininjamaster13 jam yang lalu

    Noods, I get it.

  26. Chris Mayes

    Chris Mayes13 jam yang lalu

    I came here for noods

  27. Videffects HD

    Videffects HD13 jam yang lalu

    Will it cotton candy?

  28. Videffects HD

    Videffects HD13 jam yang lalu

    I wanna make soda ramen

  29. djangoDakoti

    djangoDakoti14 jam yang lalu

    Who came here for noods??

  30. JTSharkAttack

    JTSharkAttack5 jam yang lalu

    Nice noods

  31. Jace Davis

    Jace Davis14 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes noods

  32. Max Rona

    Max Rona14 jam yang lalu

    I found the noods

  33. Jose Cortez

    Jose Cortez15 jam yang lalu

    These are not the noods I was looking for

  34. inbal

    inbal15 jam yang lalu

    SeND nOods I wonder who will get that one...

  35. Molly Forward

    Molly Forward15 jam yang lalu


  36. Brandon Christoffel

    Brandon Christoffel15 jam yang lalu

    This was the noods I was hoping for

  37. A Human

    A Human15 jam yang lalu

    Some great “noods”

  38. AT

    AT15 jam yang lalu

    Who came here for the noods

  39. CloudSteele

    CloudSteele15 jam yang lalu

    Man, where were these noods when I was growing up?

  40. xJuiCYxxJaYx

    xJuiCYxxJaYx15 jam yang lalu


  41. Trav-D

    Trav-D16 jam yang lalu

    Clever Girl

  42. Goldenafro

    Goldenafro16 jam yang lalu

    Just here for the noods

  43. J

    J17 jam yang lalu


  44. Tristan Selwyn White

    Tristan Selwyn White17 jam yang lalu

    Some fine noods

  45. GhostlyWhisp

    GhostlyWhisp17 jam yang lalu

    Here for the noodz

  46. frank bivona

    frank bivona17 jam yang lalu


  47. Skulgan

    Skulgan17 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes Noods

  48. Dark Legionnaire

    Dark Legionnaire17 jam yang lalu

    came for noods got ramen

  49. Tracy Lo

    Tracy Lo17 jam yang lalu

    Who's here for the noods?

  50. Darth Talon

    Darth Talon17 jam yang lalu

    These are my favorite type of noods!

  51. Colton Pinder

    Colton Pinder17 jam yang lalu

    Ahh yes, the noods.

  52. TravOn 2Wheels

    TravOn 2Wheels17 jam yang lalu

    Just here for the Noods

  53. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones18 jam yang lalu

    Link for "noods"

  54. Perfectionz

    Perfectionz18 jam yang lalu

    Here for noods!

  55. Tommy Chong

    Tommy Chong18 jam yang lalu


  56. ZzDanishzZ

    ZzDanishzZ18 jam yang lalu


  57. carella211

    carella21118 jam yang lalu

    Where da noods at?

  58. bibektg

    bibektg18 jam yang lalu

    Here for noods.

  59. Nathan Allen

    Nathan Allen19 jam yang lalu


  60. yeet yeet

    yeet yeetHari Yang lalu

    _i love ramen_

  61. JayDee Perry

    JayDee PerryHari Yang lalu

    What type of brain was it