Why NANO Vision Isn't Science Fiction


  1. Because Science

    Because Science2 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for watching, Super Nerds! Special extra episode today, then PROJECT THOR tomorrow. See you in Footnotes - kH

  2. frantz thomas

    frantz thomas2 hari yang lalu

    Question... If the process of Nanoscopy is as stated then wouldn't superman's vision be literally killing everyone and everything he looks at?

  3. Charles Fry

    Charles FryBulan Yang lalu

    Can we discuss the fact that AntMan would be dead? He was smaller than an Oxygen Molecule, he couldn't breathe.

  4. Curtis King

    Curtis King2 bulan yang lalu

    Kyle: I never prefer magic. Magic the gathering players: 😢

  5. BIll Geo

    BIll Geo2 bulan yang lalu

    Because Science OK, I still don’t like it... but I guess I can understand trying to do the best you can within the constraints of a crazy outacontol capitalistic society... keep it up...

  6. Carmine Napoli

    Carmine NapoliHari Yang lalu

    Amazing video and very well presented (I'll take it is as an ispiration for some presentation XD ), but I would like to give you some updates on this area. Indeed, recent works takle this problem changing "point of view" and (just to summarize tons of calculations) using quantum mechanincs tools, even if it's still in a early stage, there are clear evidences that is possible to beat Raylegih's curse. If you want would be amazing to start a discussion about it :)

  7. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master8 hari yang lalu

    so... I got bored and Kyle threw that microscope 21 kilometers high at 7:24 Edit: severe math mistake, only 5 kilometers

  8. Patrick Horgan

    Patrick Horgan18 hari yang lalu

    Oooh, tardigrades. Wait. I do not like you. You punched tardigrades multiple times. What is wrong with you? Like seriously. They are the most innocent beings in the universe and you pick them to punch their magnified selves? Really?

  9. Carlos Caraballo

    Carlos Caraballo19 hari yang lalu

    I'm convinced Alzheimer's is a pseudosymptomatic version of madcow disease.

  10. Jannes Planting

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    Stop, you'll make Heisenberg cry

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    Lol...you bend and extend your legs, very often, in order to rise your body and give emphasis to your statements, waaaaay alot....I didn't say too much.... because it's not ...it's just over the limit of being enough.....sorites paradox of speech reversed...

  12. Ultradude

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    Kyle: I might be making this too easy to understand Me: I haven't understood anything for the past 7 minutes

  13. Joseph Schichtel

    Joseph Schichtel25 hari yang lalu

    How hard would you have to throw a microscope to get it into the sun, and what would happen to you?

  14. RenzXVI

    RenzXVI28 hari yang lalu

    I almost cried when he beat up the cute tardigrade.

  15. rock climbing33

    rock climbing33Bulan Yang lalu

    Mind is blown

  16. DarkThomy

    DarkThomyBulan Yang lalu

    Almost unrelated but, how is it that when you're watching say, a big white wall during the day, you can actually perceive distinctly microscopic "things" that are in/on your eyes?

  17. Aziryse

    AziryseBulan Yang lalu

    How do I defeat gingers?

  18. Sebastian Nurkowski

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    PROPHET TRIGGERED Nanovision activated XD

  19. Chris Sam

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    I swear Kyle gets more and more drunk on power with every video

  20. Zach Kearns

    Zach KearnsBulan Yang lalu

    due to binge watching i have an odd second ever question for the channel why is it with a magnifying glass in the right position agel and distance from the medium i so choose to reflect on am i able to get the exact image of the light source i use, aside from the sun.....i only ask this question because i am a bit lazy to read exceptionally dry articles and you good sir do make it far more entertaining!

  21. Nyag Sestilio

    Nyag SestilioBulan Yang lalu

    "Peep tiny boys" 4:47

  22. Mattie Dumbrill

    Mattie DumbrillBulan Yang lalu

    When your talking about that light intensity graph, you are meant to have 2 slits rather than on got the interference to occur as it's young double slit equation.

  23. Lou Benedict Tungol II

    Lou Benedict Tungol IIBulan Yang lalu

    Well presented.

  24. Austin Burwick

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    Into the sun with you (breaks every bone in body

  25. Aaron John Cuestas

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    Why is Kyle punching the Tardigrade??!!

  26. Nathan Levis

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    very small vision

  27. Zachary Reed

    Zachary ReedBulan Yang lalu

    Here I was hoping it would he nano vision from Crysis.

  28. NoposhChigger

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    Why did you say my name at the end of the episode, I'm so confused.

  29. Nicholas Gavin

    Nicholas GavinBulan Yang lalu

    You should make a video about electron scanning microscopes

  30. consolemaster

    consolemasterBulan Yang lalu

    Outdated news. We now have transmission electron microscope which can take pictures of atoms! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmission_electron_microscopy

  31. Boom&Zoom

    Boom&ZoomBulan Yang lalu

    2:17 *PETA would like to know your location*

  32. Alexander Howard

    Alexander HowardBulan Yang lalu

    i have a mix between a question and something i myself can do, idk if its dust i see or if i cna literally see particles, but normally i see what looks like small pixels on a daily basis in my eye sight, i cna see perfectly, i sometimes think these micro pixels are the unregistered light in if i recall human anatomy correctly with the eye light cones, some kind of light receptors in the eye, but when i stare and concentrate into any blank space i will see particles, when i tell people they say i am seeing dust, but to what i see they move like electrons on an atom moving in a circular pattern at a constant, my eyes water when i do this as it strains them, its easier to see in sunlight, but they can be seen at any time of day, its just in sunlight they spin faster, to describe these particles they appear to be clear at the same time rainbow like, their smaller than the tiniest period you could make with a pencil or pen, my question to you is, am i seeing particles in the air or is it dust? i guess more so, with how much the human eye can conentrate on light could me seeing the glow of an elctron without a microscope possible i guess real life nano vision

  33. Eric Taylor

    Eric TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    1:30 I don't think placing an object in your eye will make it look bigger. I think it would just mess up your eye, everything invisible to you.

  34. Adrian Adkins

    Adrian AdkinsBulan Yang lalu

    I bet he runs blue

  35. SupremeJosh4

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    could you expllain lucy the movie on the powers she accumilatd

  36. Nat20 Damage

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    Thank you again kyle

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    I call water bear abuse on this video! Lol 😂

  38. pr000n000bie

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    3:30 Don't you need two holes wich are very close together to get this effect? o.O

  39. John Stevens

    John StevensBulan Yang lalu

    I have spent many a year searching for intelligent videos! I've been so thrilled to come across everything you've made!! As someone with a degree in computer science and math, I've always wondered if you will ever do a, "this is what we know vs here's what we need to figure out" video. Have a great one Kyle and keep up the great work! !

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    Finally!!!!! I'll be able to locate my penis! Because Science!

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    5:28 Kyle has the tesseract...

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    poor water bare got hit by evil smart Kyle


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    Novartis sounds like the name of a wizard

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    Behold! Novartis The Sponsoring!

  45. Olivia Bean

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    Fecal transplants are probably the closest thing to a magic bullet we'll ever get, 95 percent efficacy when many drugs are struggling to do better than the placebo effect is quite something. Also you have to keep in mind that the placebo effect was working 33-35 percent of the time last time I read up on it so it's a pretty impressive effect and has only gotten stronger with time.

  46. Brazilian Joe

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    You never prefer magic? WHAT ABOUT MAGIC THE GATHERING?

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    Who wants to learn?

  48. Mark Walton

    Mark WaltonBulan Yang lalu

    This is pretty interesting. Are there any ideas yet about how to use this molecular view of failing neurons to treat mental diseases, or is that still a long way down the road?

  49. ElswordBoss101

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    Doesn't Prefer magic, yet plays Magic

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    the way you say it sounds like Ernst Aber. Serios BUT :D

  51. Plocký

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    just look at the image from the microscope with a microscope. easy.

  52. the1stsoveriegn

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    Violence against Tardigrades? Australia says no!

  53. Known as

    Known asBulan Yang lalu

    This concept seems quite simple... I feel the hardest part would be making the tools. Either way, great video! I enjoy learning about breakthroughs.

  54. John Meise

    John MeiseBulan Yang lalu

    11:54 I'm beyond confused. Electron microscopes have been around for a bit and if they can see stuff even smaller than nanoscopy...why is nanoscopy some sort of breakthrough? I feel like that should have been talked about because I've seen electron microscope pictures before and they are amazingly detailed....but what you showed was....well, I assumed maybe it was even smaller than electron microscopes and so the "wonky" looking images didn't matter. But you said at the end that electron microscopes can see things that are way smaller so...*shrugs* :\

  55. John Meise

    John MeiseBulan Yang lalu

    0:40 Yes I do.

  56. Javier Horacio

    Javier HoracioBulan Yang lalu

    Electron microscopy could be called Amstrongoscopy, or Femtoscopy

  57. Carolyn Bellion

    Carolyn BellionBulan Yang lalu

    2:45 that’s the face my friends make when they ate something Spicy

  58. Overactive Imagination

    Overactive ImaginationBulan Yang lalu

    I know people love these super hero videos. Kyle, I have a suggestion. Task Master's instantanious knowledge powers. How does it work? If he can replicate any one action or a person's combative abilities [excluding deadpool] then how and why does it work?

  59. Michael Chaney

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    He prefers science over magic. Friend?

  60. Rayner Handrian

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    0:56 And AMD achieve 7nm processor 🤔

  61. Brayden Lee

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    Kyle isn't that light distribution only appear in the double slit experiment?

  62. John Larken

    John LarkenBulan Yang lalu

    I prefer Nanos - Copy.


    IRAHMORTHBulan Yang lalu

    Kyle, quick question. How do the drones in Spider-Man far fro home, survive entering the atmosphere at that speed? What are they made off? And how strong is Spider-Man that he can destroy the with one punch?

  64. Wondrrboy

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    Is there a difference between nanoscopic and microscopic? Is nanoscopic more micro then microscopic?

  65. Billy William

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    So they didn't disprove him, they just found a work around.