Why Mason Mount Is Excelling | Mason Mount Tactical Profile | Mason Mount 2019/20


  1. Football Made Simple

    Football Made SimpleBulan Yang lalu

    Just how good do you think Mount is and how far will we go?

  2. Jurgen Angler

    Jurgen AnglerBulan Yang lalu

    in FIFA 2021 his rating will be 88 - 94. in FM 2021 his CA and PA will be 170 - 190.

  3. Milito Tafarel

    Milito TafarelBulan Yang lalu

    Football Made Simple 97%

  4. Justin Cumberbatch

    Justin CumberbatchBulan Yang lalu

    Beyond the moon

  5. Ardian Farizaldi

    Ardian FarizaldiBulan Yang lalu

    @HishamR89 still young, so many young player have this problem because they have big spirit and stamina. He'll improve

  6. HishamR89

    HishamR89Bulan Yang lalu

    Like Lampard said he can go all the way. A slight criticism i have of his game is hes often too rushed and he tends to do everything at a fast pace.

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  8. RasenRendan

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  9. Sebby Jaboki 22

    Sebby Jaboki 2227 hari yang lalu

    Kid can be an 89 rated player in the future

  10. Aravindh Balasubramanian

    Aravindh BalasubramanianBulan Yang lalu

    He could be as good as vierra or Roy Keane. Amazing thing about mount is his mental statistics - determination, aggression, concentration - much much needed for this Chelsea side

  11. Simon Maina

    Simon MainaBulan Yang lalu

    As a Liverpool fan i think Chelsea have a real gem in mount. I think he's the real deal. If he keeps a level head he will be at the top sooner than later. Real talent.

  12. Jurgen Angler

    Jurgen AnglerBulan Yang lalu

    And i bet he'll be targeted by Barca. Typically a player that Barca looking for..

  13. Ngonzi Henry

    Ngonzi HenryBulan Yang lalu

    The videos are amazing.. But the graphical representation (line graphs) could be better.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. rumi Barton

    rumi BartonBulan Yang lalu

    I think he need stamin

  15. Prince Agyapong

    Prince AgyapongBulan Yang lalu

    Big future ahead of Mason Mount ✅🔥

  16. Jason -

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    Is that NF in the cover picture? glad to know he’s a Chelsea fan 💙

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    I like your voice..You did Good review :)

  18. vicky saginy

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    What about R.L.C?????

  19. Regera Agera

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    Can you make one of this on havertz

  20. Akhmad Khairin

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    Dejavu Terry lampard drogba Tomori mount tammy

  21. Edit Man

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    Mount is shite

  22. Mario James

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    He is soon #1 in his position

  23. 白雪姫-Music

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    He really is the discovery in all big leagues for me!!

  24. NuriaMarinela Baltazar

    NuriaMarinela BaltazarBulan Yang lalu

    i think Mount will score 9 goals and assist 7 in the Premier League. will end the season with 12 goals and 9 assists

  25. Ajeet Jieroun

    Ajeet JierounBulan Yang lalu

    wow you should really be a professional football manager rather than a youtuber

  26. -Angga

    -AnggaBulan Yang lalu

    Give him no.10 shirt next season.

  27. HomeAgent 554

    HomeAgent 554Bulan Yang lalu

    What's his best position tho, is it left side, middle or 10

  28. Abba Bello

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  29. Abdul-Azeez Abu

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    Wow I just found this channel, and I love it. I was satisfied with the analysis completely

  30. Tapiwa Dhaura

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    Please continue to update on Chelsea

  31. Decyferme

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    Wow Pulisic rarely plays but has the second most dribbles??? WOW

  32. Decyferme

    DecyfermeBulan Yang lalu

    now i see

  33. Subhaan Ali

    Subhaan AliBulan Yang lalu

    Average per game

  34. Subhaan Ali

    Subhaan AliBulan Yang lalu

    It's per game that's why

  35. Mahlatse Mashile

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    Loving the Southern African accent👌👌

  36. Mahlatse Mashile

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    demas moha yeah I’m South African ,so it easy for me to identify it

  37. demas moha

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    Are you sure that he is from south Africa

  38. Luka ProCreations

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    Do a rise and fall of morinho at man utd

  39. Bayanda Jele

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    You sound South African bra 😮🇿🇦🇿🇦

  40. HenSt1985

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    with Mount and Foden in Endland's midfield... wonder how far they both can go. There's also Sancho and Hudson-Odoi... Abraham and then Gomes , Wan-Bissaka , Shaw , Alexander-Arnold...

  41. Ricardo Arjona Garzon

    Ricardo Arjona GarzonBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t forget Tomori and Reece James

  42. Jurgen Angler

    Jurgen AnglerBulan Yang lalu

    The problem with England is defense and England players lacks defensive discipline.

  43. Alex Dehaan

    Alex DehaanBulan Yang lalu

    I perhaps did't want to say this but...He can go to the top, right to the very top

  44. adolph Sow

    adolph SowBulan Yang lalu

    Lmao.. Redknapp said that about lampard in 1996..😁

  45. Parth Chopra

    Parth ChopraBulan Yang lalu

    Mason Mount: Lampard's protege?

  46. Matti Marbaniang

    Matti MarbaniangBulan Yang lalu

    The end of Lampard-Drogba era The dawn of Mount-Abraham era

  47. Ashutosh Mishra

    Ashutosh MishraBulan Yang lalu

    With Loftus Cheek returning Lampard has a big selection headache ahead.How do you fit RLC ,Mount,Jorginho,Kante into the same squad

  48. Crown Of Thorns

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  49. manvendra sharma

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    make a vedio on ansu fati also


    DION KUNGUBulan Yang lalu

    I mean this the only player that I can confidently say ,is truly the image of His manager Frank Lampard. I see Him play in Chelsea and I think he can offer more than just playing the advanced attacking positions. I mean looking at the English Midfield options, and also Chelsea at times , I think He can play a number 8 better than Ross.

  51. YB ONE

    YB ONEBulan Yang lalu

    Easily a better 8 than Barkley. Barkley cant play anywhere outside of the 10...

  52. Victor Omoseh

    Victor OmosehBulan Yang lalu

    Nice video

  53. Anant Agrawal

    Anant AgrawalBulan Yang lalu

    Is his best position the no.10 in 4-2-3-1 formation ?

  54. Football Made Simple

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  55. Riak Riak

    Riak RiakBulan Yang lalu

    Barca should sign him

  56. Adam Timung

    Adam TimungBulan Yang lalu

    He's not a Barça type player, plus it's way too early anyway.

  57. Amit Ezuthachan

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  58. Jean Carlos Olmo Negron

    Jean Carlos Olmo NegronBulan Yang lalu

    Barca this Barca that! Fuck Barca! He is blue! go away!

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    If it's FMS I click

  60. Reyan Reyan

    Reyan ReyanBulan Yang lalu

    Please can you make a video what is false 9 ????????

  61. Mohd Insan

    Mohd InsanBulan Yang lalu

    As long as Chelsea don't spent on players

  62. Intrinisic world

    Intrinisic worldBulan Yang lalu

    Great vid as always

  63. NelsonFromSA 1.0

    NelsonFromSA 1.0Bulan Yang lalu

    This Chelsea side are going places. With Manchester City looking like this and Liverpool's players' egos kicking in, Chelsea might have a chance or two. #KTBFFH

  64. mahip mahanta

    mahip mahantaBulan Yang lalu

    Hope so, considering that we lost our best player, had multiple key players injured & couldn't get any reinforcements in the summer window, we're doing pretty good, if we keep this up I'll obviously start believing, especially after a good transfer window

  65. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea lost to Liverpool at home 💁‍♂️

  66. Carlos Barton

    Carlos BartonBulan Yang lalu

    Mount should replace Barkley (not a terrible player IMO) in Southgate's 4-3-3 set-up for the England team. I feel he'll become a really important asset for Chelsea in the coming years, but there's still some way to go before I'm confident he'll become the next Lampard.

  67. Yusuf.Smail

    Yusuf.SmailBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki lol hanry. The Legend of Barcelona. And trash coach in monaco

  68. Šūβhř0 Ř0Ÿ

    Šūβhř0 Ř0ŸBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki Welcome mate. I appriciate your honesty.

  69. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Emmanuel Mbu thanks for more insults, dude!

  70. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Šūβhř0 Ř0Ÿ thanks, bro! You're right... we only has Thierry Henry

  71. Šūβhř0 Ř0Ÿ

    Šūβhř0 Ř0ŸBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki You footballing IQ is very poor. I think you are jealous that your team never had such a gem like Lamps....

  72. Rlh Puia

    Rlh PuiaBulan Yang lalu

    From the first time i watch Mount play against Manutd i was so attract to his style ...run..pass...

  73. Wan Zulhilmi

    Wan ZulhilmiBulan Yang lalu

    Rlh Puia yup i agree with you

  74. The Elite Sport

    The Elite SportBulan Yang lalu

    Can you do how to play CAM?

  75. Punit Khot

    Punit KhotBulan Yang lalu

    Is it safe to call him next Lampard ?

  76. Punit Khot

    Punit KhotBulan Yang lalu

    @William Roshi agreed

  77. William Roshi

    William RoshiBulan Yang lalu

    Too early mount is mount lampard is lampard Lamps cant play wide - mason can

  78. Punit Khot

    Punit KhotBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki yea, let's hope for the best

  79. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    Not if he can dribble and play wide

  80. rakesh uk

    rakesh ukBulan Yang lalu

    Mount will be the next Lampard and Tammy will be the next Drogba

  81. Batman Panther

    Batman PantherBulan Yang lalu

    There are some Chelsea fans or Chelsea twitter fans who don't rate Mount.😂😂

  82. Me myself and i

    Me myself and iBulan Yang lalu

    Selling Hazard and making Mount a first team player. Transfer of the year if you forget Pulisic

  83. Ahmad Sami

    Ahmad SamiBulan Yang lalu

    @Nishan Acharya Pulisic is a fantastic substitute but as a starter he's terrible some players work like that .. by time you'll see what I mean I know him since dortmund

  84. Nishan Acharya

    Nishan AcharyaBulan Yang lalu

    @Ahmad Sami he's a good player. Actually very good in fact. Lampard hasn't given him many chances and when he did pulisic has shown his quality by providing assist or running past defenses . Its just that he isn't good enough to replace Willian right now . Willian has been better this season.

  85. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Ahmad Sami give him a chance!

  86. Ahmad Sami

    Ahmad SamiBulan Yang lalu

    Lol , Pulisic is a shit transfer anyway

  87. Amirul Haziq

    Amirul HaziqBulan Yang lalu

    I just scared if this only happen on honeymoon time tho. Just like man utd's ole at first

  88. YB ONE

    YB ONEBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki With Hazard where 3 teams bottled it at the same time. Any difference from what's happening now? This team was also 6th till Arsenal started losing games and same with United last year...

  89. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Afi Othman if honeymoon is 5th in the league for a team that came 3rd last season? 💁‍♂️

  90. Afi Othman

    Afi OthmanBulan Yang lalu

    Hopefully not

  91. Jiren DaMacc

    Jiren DaMaccBulan Yang lalu

    Good one.

  92. IE

    IEBulan Yang lalu

    Lampard is shaping up to be a legendary coach as well as a legendary player for Chelsea. Before the season started, I predicted Chelsea would improve massively with: 1/ Getting rid of Hazard 2/ Getting Lampard as a coach.

  93. Sujay Dubey

    Sujay DubeyBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki You need not to go to Stamford Bridge to show what a big fan you're. Maybe Stamford bridge is more accessible to you. I had never been to Stamford bridge, since it is way far and costly for me but that doesn't degrade my love for the club, you're just fortunate. And about Derby, he would have finished top 4 if Mount and Wilson would have not been injured. The team had less quality than what he inherited from the last time and it was his 1st career job. I don't remember Klopp, Fergie or Guardiola doing wonders in his 1st season, their team was playing shittier. We had played with 2 big teams, united was disaster, the 1st game. Liverpool was unlucky. No where he lacks talent. He improved chelsea, improved the atmosphere, the mentality, I see improved Willian and Jorghinho, I see an team scoring other than a player, I see us not giving up, I see a team in the making, which I never saw with previous manager.

  94. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Emmanuel Mbu I think if you check my videos you will see me at a Premier League football match 😂 I've probavly been to about 300 live Premier League matches, Stamford Bridge at least twice and seen Chelsea live about 15 times. Thanks for the insults, though! Chelsea has a goal difference of 4... Liverpool 14 and Man City 18... even Leicester has higher. I actually think Chelsea are doing ok. One day they may even be great. But I think they have not shown it yet. (Every team has injuries e.g. for Arsenal Bellerin, Tierney, Holding have not played one game and Lacazette has missed 3)

  95. Christaki

    ChristakiBulan Yang lalu

    @Sujay Dubey thanks for the insults, bro! Firstly I've probably been to Stamford Bridge more times than you. Secondly, I didn't say he's done badly. In fact I think Chelsea have done ok. I said I don't think Lampard has shown that he is "shaping up to be a legendary manager" as the original post said. Legendary managers like Fergie, Klopp improve teams league positions and win big games. He did not improve Derby's league position nor has he improved Chelsea's (yet), nor has he beaten a top team (yet) so that's why I made my original comment. He may one day do all those things (or not)

  96. Emmanuel Mbu

    Emmanuel MbuBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki u certainly do not watch football matches from the way u speak , u are the type that just look at score line and conclude from there , cos if u do u would not have been saying this nonses, Chelsea at the moment is one of the best if not the best football in EPL , the philosophy of the team has totally been transformed by Frank , scoring goals for fun , taken into consideration they began the season with some key players injured ,like Ngolo kante , Loftus Cheeks, Rudigar Emerson started well but now injured ...any person who do not see the wonderful work frank is doing at the moment is either blind or delusional.

  97. Sujay Dubey

    Sujay DubeyBulan Yang lalu

    @Christaki I think you're deluded Arsenal Fan boy. If you would have watched both the games Chelsea played to Liverpool, you would not have been saying this. Klopp has his balls in his mouth. We were the better team anytime in both the game, except the finishing we lacked. If not because of youth and their inexperience, we could have killed the game. Let me know a Manager who brings a 16 year kid to debut against Liverpool, when we are a goal down, that's what a fearless manager looks like. We lost to United, it was our 1st game and all the goal was for individual mistake, again inexperienced backline cost it. Arsenal may be 1 point ahead of us but do remember, they have done nothing good to be there, having best attacking trio in PL and winning the game 1-0 where your defender luckily heads in and the opponent missing 3 one on one chances, I will only say luck and not a team performance. Anyone who is watching premier league game unbiased, will tell you how shit is Arsenal playing and how fun is Chelsea to watch. Dude you're comparing table standing? Most of the teams at the moment is at same points, the table has not yet been segregated. United is 2 points above relegation and at 12. Compare after 38 games, Arsenal has a habit of switching off after winter break, we will see where we end up

  98. moses kuol

    moses kuolBulan Yang lalu

    Thank buddy for doing my suggestion. Chelsea fans let celebrate Mason Mount video here with likes.

  99. r.i.t vik

    r.i.t vikBulan Yang lalu

    A video upon Jordi alba

  100. TiagoSilva Football80

    TiagoSilva Football80Bulan Yang lalu

    Bro can you do Xavi Hernandez or Sergio Busquets?

  101. SAF

    SAFBulan Yang lalu

    Frank Lampard is showing great managing skills. From a Championship side to the most competitive league in the world.

  102. 90AlmostFamous

    90AlmostFamous27 hari yang lalu

    @Dany Osuna yea when ole took over from mourinho and was winning games, utd fans were over the moon lol

  103. Dany Osuna

    Dany Osuna28 hari yang lalu

    @90AlmostFamous no one said that of Ole lol

  104. 90AlmostFamous

    90AlmostFamous28 hari yang lalu

    They said similar of ole , time will tell

  105. M M

    M MBulan Yang lalu

    @Dany Osuna Yes

  106. Dany Osuna

    Dany OsunaBulan Yang lalu

    I once read that Lampard have an IQ of 150 points, that is beyond many scientist and presidents, but I did not believe that Seeing how he is managing Chelsea I think he does have that level of intelligence, and besides he looks like a good guy I bet the team relies and loves him

  107. Atul Bhalerao

    Atul BhaleraoBulan Yang lalu

    He actually seems to be heir of lampard. He will succeed a lot under lampard.

  108. RasenRendan

    RasenRendan25 hari yang lalu

    @HenSt1985 I don't see why not

  109. HenSt1985

    HenSt1985Bulan Yang lalu

    lets hope Lampard can stay for at least 3-5 seasons at Chelsea...

  110. Sassy Ranma

    Sassy RanmaBulan Yang lalu

    What a great player they have on their hands. The way he caught Ndidi and Webster with their pants completely down against Leicester and Brighton definitely showcased his good football brain. 😊 Overall, it's nice to see Chelsea doing well with their talented starlets. Video suggestion: *How Jorginho went from "Sarri's son" to Chelsea's maestro.*

  111. Martey Jeff

    Martey JeffBulan Yang lalu

    Absolute baller

  112. Micah Tshibangu

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    Notification gang where u at?

  113. Micah Tshibangu

    Micah TshibanguBulan Yang lalu

    Yung Lsg sad...

  114. Yung Lsg

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    At school and work :-/