Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners


  1. Ghost wizard

    Ghost wizard22 menit yang lalu

    Me, showing off with my multicolored rainbow hair, male, high weels, skirts and kissing my black boyfriend everytime i get in a huge crowd in Japan: Fuck you -sadly, i don't have a bf, but i sure as hell would walk like i own the fucking place, fuck you Japan-

  2. Jens Kosch

    Jens KoschJam Yang lalu

    Wow, I am from Germany and I learned that it is polite in formal circumstances to leave the off-hand under the table on your lap, or rather it is impolite to put hands on the table and super impolite to put elbows on the table while eating (in formal settings). Cleaning up the table is definitively a thing in Germany too (at least I always do that). Squatting in public spaces is something I also think weird (leaning against walls or pillars is OK). In my experience talking to strangers is a more local cultural thing. In Germany in the Northern part (and definitively in Berlin) it is a bit weird for strangers to talk to you, in the South it seems more common. I experienced the same in New York (and to a degree the whole of New England) compared to the South and a friend from Seattle had minor culture shock when he moved to the South (within the US) and strangers just talked to him with any pretense.

  3. DeAvionna Sanders

    DeAvionna Sanders3 jam yang lalu

    I’m black and some of these are just manners. Me growing up In a black household just makes since🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Boku No Anime Theories

    Boku No Anime Theories3 jam yang lalu

    Me: I wanna go to Japan! Also me after this video: ok maybe not-

  5. Lilly Eatsbananas

    Lilly Eatsbananas3 jam yang lalu

    1. Question...does Tokyo have benches.?

  6. Vincent Paul Gáspár

    Vincent Paul Gáspár5 jam yang lalu

    Blocking traffic? LOL We have that problem in NYC too. It drives me crazy!!!

  7. SeanN

    SeanN7 jam yang lalu

    Can we ask a legit japanese psychologist???

  8. Ein Mann

    Ein Mann8 jam yang lalu

    why i dont like japanese, they add advertising at the beginning of a video, in the middle and also at the end, thats not blockable with an adblock ad, its rude to me because it ruins my expirience watching a video.

  9. Mr. T

    Mr. T9 jam yang lalu

    Hi everybody ! I was in japan between April and June (90 days) this year, (2019) and in short, If I could, I would stay there and never get back to my country of origin. However, (with a few exceptions, and mostly when it comes to younger people), it is very difficult to get acquaintance with the Japanese people, witch I find frustrating, though I'm kind of a outspoken open-minded and outgoing person and I love to have some social interaction with the Japanese, not at least with the Japanese ladies, whom I found to be very attractive, (in general). Now, I'm an old guy, so if you think what I think yo're thinking about me mentioning that I would like to interact whit the Japanese ladies, think again, ok. Now (as pointed out), it is quite difficult to interact spontaneously with the Japanese and some say it is because of shyness or lack of social skills. Regardless of witch (and I'n not to say what is the reason for this), I really loved Japan and i would love to go back again.

  10. Sopasboyz

    Sopasboyz9 jam yang lalu

    Meanwhile in the Philippines, sneezes open in public and doesnt clean after eating, and Filipino Time and talks too loud in public like every one wants to hear what they have to say.

  11. Big John

    Big John9 jam yang lalu

    Who doesn’t get pissed from people being late?

  12. ViVi

    ViVi10 jam yang lalu

    For people complaining about the title... Please, it's no secret Japan is hella racist to foreigners who live in Japan (I'm not talking about tourists, only foreigners living there). Those people get discriminated like hell... In terms of jobs and living space and entering certain restaurants, cafés and hotels. So if you want the title to change, you'll have to change your behaviour first.

  13. Slowpoke85

    Slowpoke8514 jam yang lalu

    Wtf! I LOVE Japan even more now! All that stuff that annoys them annoys ME too! So many people here in America have no sense of manners or common courtesy....

  14. zadoww

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    Masks are useless against protecting you from airborne pathogens.

  15. frigid pneuma

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    I just want to immerse myself in the true culture of Japan. Thank you for making this easier

  16. jaow

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    Rubbish video title

  17. Senna R.

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    確かに飲食店とかファストフード店で食べ終わったら片付けたりすることが多いですね。 だいたいファストフード店などは片付けがセルフだったりするので、次に使う人のことを考えて零したものは拭いたりします。 時間にルーズなのも相手を待たせたら悪いと思うからかな…? 相手の気持ちになって考えることが多いのでそうなのかな?🤔

  18. FlashCombo

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    Japan turned away homeless people from shelter... www.foxnews.com/world/typhoon-hagibis-japan-homeless-shelter-outrage-evacuate-aftermath

  19. godzila zilagod

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    Japan hate foreigner couse they nuke by american twice :D

  20. Aud _Tree

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    When Japanese comes to Hawaii it’s just like that, but love your video!!

  21. Bored 4Life

    Bored 4Life20 jam yang lalu

    Me and my mom always try to clean up a bit after we eat. I live in America and I’m not sure if other people do it. It might be different since I’m part Latino. (My moms side)

  22. kaoko111

    kaoko11122 jam yang lalu

    My wife follows two IDreporter channels (in spanish) that talks about japanese culture from a foreign perspective (for any spanish speaker, the channels are Nekojita blog and La Esponesa. Both have very cool content) so once she was showing me one of the videos of Nekojita (a series they do called "Japón con Jamón"), in some part of the video the guy (they are a couple, She's japanese and He's spanish) talks about all this order stuff. And how he feels in another planet sometimes cause Well, he's spanish and the smallest of things seems rude to them, i get that in a foreign country You must be extra carefull with the respect but man there's too many small things that is very easy to screw up.

  23. byonca robinson

    byonca robinson22 jam yang lalu

    Uh, Japanese people are actually just indifferent. Its not that they dislike or like you, its just that they feel like you do: They don't know you, and have no reason to know you. So they don't try to form an opinion of you unless you catch their interest or need to do so. So this is kinda inaccurate and a bit judgmental. You don't see Americans trying to talk to each other all friendly and stuff most of the time, now do you? Most of the time Americans are ignoring each other or yelling at each other.

  24. mr double z

    mr double z22 jam yang lalu

    Japan is silently vibe checking all of us espessally the slavs for squating

  25. lance

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    ts very ignorant to stereo typical all foreigners.

  26. Steven Penny

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    Great video. Thanks. I arrive in Tokyo October 24th for my first visit.

  27. Miku Izayoi

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    Guys to answer the question is..... Logan Paul

  28. Call me daddy

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    I am basically a Japanese. Nice!

  29. London Calling

    London CallingHari Yang lalu

    Japanese have good manners and clean country. I dont see anything wrong with that. I'm in the US people are dirty, throw trash on the street and can be so rude. I walk my dog and almost everyday I have to go to the street where cares drive to get around someone who is blocking the sidewalk.

  30. London Calling

    London CallingHari Yang lalu

    Japanese have good manners and clean country. I dont see anything wrong with that. I'm in the US people are dirty, throw trash on the street and can be so rude. I walk my dog and almost everyday I have to go to the street where cares drive to get around someone who is blocking the sidewalk.

  31. Herman Esau

    Herman EsauHari Yang lalu

    Doesn't bother me. Good for them. I respect that.

  32. Joshua Barajas

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    Because they are so up tight quiet and don't speak up they want people to just act like polite quiet shy robots

  33. mango chan

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    -not squating- That one guy im my class that lays instead of sitting: hahahahah

  34. mango chan

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    What the fuck i didn't knew that effect yet -yeet-

  35. ヨシダサクラ

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    Btch i don't wear a mask when I'm sick i share them with my friends

  36. кеLy каLiиосна

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    This dudes full of 💩

  37. Joze Butinar

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    Japanese are stupid

  38. Kumi12341

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    3 and 10 is everywhere. And in some cities I.e. NYC or Boston, some people will look outwardly angry at you if you just suddenly stop walking or are interrupting the flow of traffic just standing there.

  39. Great Leader

    Great LeaderHari Yang lalu

    You could rename this "10 rules for new york city" and you'd still be spot on.

  40. Great Leader

    Great LeaderHari Yang lalu

    having both hands on the table is pretty good manners in the US, having your elbows on the table is bad manners.

  41. Thought Kernel

    Thought KernelHari Yang lalu

    How to apologize for WAR crimes and NANKING in Japanese ?? very important !

  42. Jail Trump

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    Great tips thanks for sharing.

  43. Jheng C

    Jheng CHari Yang lalu

    Am not a Japanese I live here I came from Asia too.. Japanese and I hates other foreigners its because we don't like noisy people inside train.. Too irritating... Urusaiiii

  44. Zavier Bartlett

    Zavier BartlettHari Yang lalu

    Lol nothing new for an introvert. These are basic practices everybody should follow.

  45. Dana Uy

    Dana UyHari Yang lalu

    Hey kuya Paolo, about the tourist trap part. I'd love to know about tourist trap Otera culture...if you know or have encountered any. I've been looking at learning meditation culture in Japan and honestly I don't know how deep and real some Oteras coud be about being open to foreigners to learn about it :) that could be interesting.

  46. Oscar Uetz

    Oscar UetzHari Yang lalu

    Japan sounds pretty cool aside from not talking to people

  47. Nishant Rathi

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    Where can I get that tshirt? That's a dope tshirt


    ORA ORA ORAHari Yang lalu

    I really like this channel, subscribing

  49. Dipa Abraham

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    Well Japanese have racist History, due to their seclusion before they opened in Meiji era and the world war and they colonialism. Eventhough racism is everywhere, Japan is the first Asian Civilization that have racist history

  50. SarahLJP

    SarahLJPHari Yang lalu

    8:45 I’m American and I tend to clean up after myself at a restaurant. I don’t think it’s common here. I’ll also gather additional plates, utensils and whatnot. Basically I’ll do exactly what you show.

  51. 餅_RAMちゃ!

    餅_RAMちゃ!Hari Yang lalu

    This is because the face looks smaller when masked.🥺

  52. Gabe Johnson

    Gabe Johnson2 hari yang lalu

    I would like to move to Japan from Th US! Do you have any tips on how to get started?

  53. AlexNander

    AlexNander2 hari yang lalu

    Bruh I’m from Finland and all of the things mentioned in this video except for the wearing a mask while sick thing are just commonplace, like seriously these things are just good manners not some kind of special Asian/Japanese specifically behavior smh

  54. Dilip jai singh

    Dilip jai singh2 hari yang lalu

    It's really good Japanese don't like foreigners bcz really they are misbehaved, exploiters, rough ones don't care about others culture. Bravo for Japanese to stick to their rules. ❤❤❤❤ Japan.

  55. The TAnDos

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    Are you asian you look like a filipino?

  56. 1983simi

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    Blocking traffic... someone forgot to tell the Japanese tourists in my European hometown about that rule ;) Just kidding... well... half... Yeah I also get annoyed at tourist groups blocking the way in my hometown, but then they do bring good money to the country, so I try to get into a host mentality and tolerate/entertain that behavior.

  57. Gialei Soriano

    Gialei Soriano2 hari yang lalu

    If they don't like talking to strangers, then.... how do they make friends???

  58. そだち血洗島

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    it is only case in the street

  59. Amelia Crisp

    Amelia Crisp2 hari yang lalu

    Gialei Soriano I'm hoping you make em through friends of friends... and sometimes there are anomalies who like to be loud and talk to others... maybe... I hope so.

  60. Amir Rezazade

    Amir Rezazade2 hari yang lalu

    So, it's a country to grow depression.

  61. Amelia Crisp

    Amelia Crisp2 hari yang lalu

    Amir Rezazade Unfortunately that's already basically proven. Very sad...

  62. momonatu

    momonatu2 hari yang lalu

    Japanese people like to follow rules? That's what I thought for several years and the thing I used to like the most, because I love it, until I found out they follow it only when it's convenient to them. An example: Once, though I was the first, with only another girl being there too, to ask a dancer for a picture together, I was told to move to another place to take it, but meanwhile many people gathered there and they invented a queue out of nothing and so I was waiting patiently for some people to take pics before me, though they clearly came after me, but I just don't like to discuss. When it was my turn (it had been for a while, I would say), he refused to take the picture with me and made me go to the end of the queue, though I was already waiting for the people who skipped my turn before. I thought: that's incredible and SO RUDE, because I didn't react at first, since I entered the queue when I was told to, but they insisted that I had to go further back in the queue and that's when I said: "No! Why should I?" I was almost leaving because I was so confused and didn't understand anymore where did they want me to wait in the queue, because they were repeting all the time "no, here no"... I was speechless. I guess Japan has changed a lot over the years. They used to follow rules, but now I am sorry to say, they are just like everybody else, if not worse. At least people in Europe know when is each others turn! I miss the Japan of 20 years ago. I give it a ZERO regarding following rules and honesty and I can write a book about it, trust me.

  63. Dreamimgflower D

    Dreamimgflower D2 hari yang lalu

    As someone who worked at a restaurant. I can totally understand why Japanese don’t like tourists who don’t clean up their food. Whenever we had Japanese customers they would always bright up my day because of how tidy they are.

  64. Jason Romano

    Jason Romano2 hari yang lalu

    So I've been living my whole life almost like a Japanese. I do care for others but most of the time they take my kindness for granted.