Why It’s Almost Impossible to Drive a Golf Ball 450 Yards (ft. Dustin Johnson) | WIRED


  1. Ol Hornytoad

    Ol Hornytoad54 menit yang lalu

    So 450 is NOT the limit. 🙄 p.s. don’t show us your swing again. Thanks.

  2. Geoffrey Lin

    Geoffrey Lin7 hari yang lalu

    The world record is 512 by Mike Austin.

  3. kunkulis960

    kunkulis9609 hari yang lalu

    The sound at 12:23 holy poopschnitzel

  4. beenosh n

    beenosh n9 hari yang lalu

    Why does he keep talking about his father?

  5. A A

    A A9 hari yang lalu

    One day, robots will replace humans in All sports. If the world doesn't end of course.

  6. Rich Lozi

    Rich Lozi9 hari yang lalu

    My farthest “fluke” drive was approx. 305 yards. Never again.

  7. The real TFK BOT

    The real TFK BOT10 hari yang lalu

    People who make the vid: why it’s impossible to drive 450 yards. Also people who make the vid: proseads to show man who drove 30 yards longer 🥴🥴ThiS MaNN DroVE iT 480 YArDs

  8. brett neuberger

    brett neuberger19 hari yang lalu

    Pretty nice swing for not playing in 20 years.

  9. AsmodeusClips

    AsmodeusClips23 hari yang lalu

    Yards and miles... can you Americans start using some civilized units of measurement?

  10. Robert Tucker

    Robert Tucker25 hari yang lalu

    Why it's impossible to take a dump larger than 20 pounds

  11. Mark Stratton

    Mark Stratton28 hari yang lalu

    All that video to basically say it's NOT impossible to drive a golf ball 450 yards.

  12. Foreman1329

    Foreman132928 hari yang lalu

    Biggest complaint I have about this series (which I absolutely love) is that you do not even mention the metric system. When you say 700 yards, you have to realize that 90% of the world doesn't get it. I would rather prefer you saying "700 yards which are x meters"; I don't think it would be a lot of effort but it would certainly improve the quality of the video for non Americans.

  13. Haydenater S

    Haydenater SBulan Yang lalu

    Mans clearly never seen Happy Gilmore in action

  14. The App Store Chronicle

    The App Store ChronicleBulan Yang lalu

    PGA Tour, not PGA. Separate entities.

  15. Jeremy Broussard

    Jeremy BroussardBulan Yang lalu

    Distance is determined by velocity of swing, not power.

  16. KennyTheKid

    KennyTheKidBulan Yang lalu

    The Happy Gilmore approach could give more distance to pass the limit

  17. Andres Rossbach

    Andres RossbachBulan Yang lalu

    Wired:releases video Happy Gilmore: am I a joke to you

  18. Jeff Parker

    Jeff ParkerBulan Yang lalu

    I literally watched that movie a couple days ago 😂

  19. sawy78

    sawy78Bulan Yang lalu

    I just completed reading these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) a week ago before going out and putting the exercises to the assessment. I had been at it for 30 years, but I was astonished that my swinging skills was still boosted. The drills have aided with small details I had never paid much attention to.. .

  20. Raymond Lee

    Raymond LeeBulan Yang lalu

    I'm also highly consistent... highly consistent all over the place

  21. Sanichuka kun

    Sanichuka kunBulan Yang lalu

    farther? yards? Stop being so american, it is annoying.

  22. Sanichuka kun

    Sanichuka kunBulan Yang lalu

    Talks about miles and 10 seconds later measures in metric...

  23. Thumper 1968

    Thumper 1968Bulan Yang lalu

    What the dimples do is make the ball fly and be able to be controlled by the player. If you hit a ball without dimples you will mostly hit knuckle balls with crazy movement.

  24. 1K subs without video challenge?

    1K subs without video challenge?Bulan Yang lalu

    Oh yeah well tell that to Happy Gilmore

  25. A Geary

    A GearyBulan Yang lalu

    Just a clever Taylor Made advert......

  26. Seize The Day

    Seize The DayBulan Yang lalu

    Mark Costello just hit it 455 yards at the 2019 World Long Drive World Championship. There are two types of people: Those giving excuses why it can't be done, and those doing what they say can't be done.

  27. sandman4224

    sandman4224Bulan Yang lalu

    One name - Mike Austin.

  28. Tommy Wilson

    Tommy WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    COR needs a revisiting fellas... always a point of diminishing returns. Every PGA will surpass it with a "nonconforming face".

  29. Jim M

    Jim MBulan Yang lalu

    AAAAnnnd... almost 15 minutes later, the question wasn't answered! LOLOL

  30. Joey Cortez

    Joey CortezBulan Yang lalu

    Idk what's worse Dustin Johnson choke or Atlantas to the pats

  31. Charlie Martin

    Charlie Martin2 bulan yang lalu

    Buddy in the long drive competition hit it 455 the other day........

  32. CCX Training

    CCX Training2 bulan yang lalu

    Different shafts

  33. responsiboul

    responsiboul2 bulan yang lalu


  34. David Hedvall

    David Hedvall2 bulan yang lalu


  35. Michael McGraw

    Michael McGraw2 bulan yang lalu

    Dustin Johnson 489yds? But it says 450yds in the title I’m confused

  36. Myles Fecundo

    Myles Fecundo2 bulan yang lalu

    I think he meant, he land it in 450 and roll it to 489

  37. Samuel Bippus

    Samuel Bippus2 bulan yang lalu

    It has been hit over 450 many times by some world long drive champions.

  38. Henry barker

    Henry barker2 bulan yang lalu

    At least his swing is better than Charles Barkley.

  39. SAM IAM

    SAM IAMBulan Yang lalu

    everyone on earth can basically swing better than Barkley.

  40. YoiBoiEgg

    YoiBoiEgg2 bulan yang lalu

    450 yards equals 411.48 meters You’re welcome rest of the world

  41. YoiBoiEgg

    YoiBoiEgg2 bulan yang lalu

    @randoliof No literally almost the entire world uses meters. Go to school kid.

  42. randoliof

    randoliof2 bulan yang lalu

    The rest of the world uses yards in golf, soooo

  43. danish

    danish2 bulan yang lalu

    Because real estate becoming expensive.

  44. Perfect Gentlemen

    Perfect Gentlemen2 bulan yang lalu

    Zzzzz this is boring.

  45. josh s

    josh s2 bulan yang lalu

    dj lookin baked

  46. Talen Turnbaugh

    Talen Turnbaugh2 bulan yang lalu

    Long drivers have entered the chat

  47. Ezra Murti

    Ezra Murti2 bulan yang lalu

    Jamie Sadlowski: Hold my maple syrup

  48. Crystal Davis

    Crystal Davis2 bulan yang lalu

    I would just like to hit the ball 300 yards.

  49. wordpressobsessed

    wordpressobsessed2 bulan yang lalu

    It's also impossible to break a score of 18 on a golf course.

  50. Lee Doak

    Lee Doak3 bulan yang lalu


  51. Luke Busby

    Luke Busby3 bulan yang lalu

    Great Taylor Made advert!

  52. Cruel Abduhl

    Cruel Abduhl3 bulan yang lalu

    I hit a golf ball 450 yards once... two lucky bounces off a cart path and a third bounce to kick it back into the fairway. One in a million shot.

  53. Charles Neill

    Charles Neill3 bulan yang lalu

    Just drive of of mount Everest 8000,000,0 yards

  54. Marc

    Marc3 bulan yang lalu

    The longest drive was done by Michael Hoke Austin on 25-9-1974 (471 m).

  55. Théo Dietrich

    Théo Dietrich3 bulan yang lalu

    230 yards after not playing for 20 years wtfffff

  56. remmy100

    remmy1003 bulan yang lalu

    Didnt Mike Austin drive over 520 yards?

  57. Golf Guys

    Golf Guys3 bulan yang lalu

    Quality video. Very clear and understandable explanation.

  58. maskenmakkan

    maskenmakkan3 bulan yang lalu

    10:27 me busting a nut XD

  59. Thomas Simon

    Thomas Simon3 bulan yang lalu

    For not swinging a club in the last 20 years, your swing is quite impressive.

  60. edmund blackadder coc

    edmund blackadder coc3 bulan yang lalu

    John Daley?

  61. Brandon Spiegel

    Brandon Spiegel3 bulan yang lalu


  62. zach olson

    zach olson3 bulan yang lalu

    Did this video answer the original question? Not really imo

  63. Roberts Zubkāns

    Roberts Zubkāns3 bulan yang lalu

    *when i here that 700-something yards is about half a mile* Whyy don't you just use metric? It's much more simple

  64. KammaQwazi

    KammaQwazi4 bulan yang lalu

    Nah, I'll take my draw that jumps around like a wounded jackrabbit after landing.

  65. William Emerson

    William Emerson4 bulan yang lalu

    It’s further not farther

  66. Phong Vong

    Phong Vong4 bulan yang lalu

    Desired designed drivenized.

  67. Clifford Steinberg

    Clifford Steinberg4 bulan yang lalu

    Jesus. Why are you even attempting to teach a game you don't know? We are all now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.