Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?


  1. Greg Riba

    Greg Riba14 menit yang lalu

    When you offer retail sales in the markets, that should be an indicator to that community right? If people are buying your frozen burgers in a retail store, dont you think they would definitely buy them fresh at a store? OPEN MORE WHITE CASTLES PLS MY CITY DOESNT HAVE ONE AHHHERHHGHHRHGFHRH!!!!

  2. hi

    hi20 menit yang lalu

    They've been meaning to get around to it, they just keep smoking.

  3. William Hill

    William HillJam Yang lalu

    Steamed burgers no thanks

  4. KOFFIN nails

    KOFFIN nailsJam Yang lalu

    Hahaahh in and out is way better way better and they are 1000 miles away also

  5. Tori Sharpe

    Tori SharpeJam Yang lalu

    they taste like snot

  6. KOFFIN nails

    KOFFIN nailsJam Yang lalu

    5:30 wtf is up with her eyebrows

  7. Clickheredude

    Clickheredude2 jam yang lalu

    White Castle just sucks ass

  8. Kelli Johnson

    Kelli Johnson4 jam yang lalu

    Come to Scottsdale, Az just ooened a couple of months ago. U'd think the were serving gold. Its the 1st in Az.

  9. Opochtli

    Opochtli5 jam yang lalu

    Utah next location white American

  10. DOOM667

    DOOM6677 jam yang lalu

    can u open a few in germany please.

  11. colin lobo

    colin lobo8 jam yang lalu

    You can buy Frozen Sliders at Walmart .YUCK

  12. Freddy Marcel-Marcum

    Freddy Marcel-Marcum10 jam yang lalu

    Because anything white is bad.

  13. d d

    d d11 jam yang lalu

    Dumb stoner movies that are given to crap actors on to end a career in a child actor's life and career

  14. d d

    d d11 jam yang lalu

    The Chinese probably changed a lot more than just a few thing's they understand how a small chain in America will need some work

  15. d d

    d d11 jam yang lalu

    International for them is not such a great idea

  16. d d

    d d12 jam yang lalu

    And bigger companies do experiment to work on improvements

  17. d d

    d d12 jam yang lalu

    Other companies came up with improvements over the the old castle

  18. michael cameron

    michael cameron13 jam yang lalu

    We all know what really happened. Harold and Kumar ate them out of business.

  19. Chris Stephenson

    Chris Stephenson13 jam yang lalu

    I heard the patties arent actually grilled. The bed of chopped onions are on the grill and the patties are on top and cooked by the steam from the onions.

  20. bmcmanus28

    bmcmanus2814 jam yang lalu

    Why? Overpriced.

  21. youngswhtx

    youngswhtx14 jam yang lalu

    Love this place!!!

  22. John Anderson

    John Anderson15 jam yang lalu

    The reason why there not that big is because there cheap and have a good good customer service I don't know I've never been I'm just guessing

  23. Welaa Elrafie

    Welaa Elrafie17 jam yang lalu

    White Castle 🤮🤮🤮

  24. B S

    B S17 jam yang lalu

    I would eat at white castle if my small city had one :(

  25. Annabell Holmes

    Annabell Holmes17 jam yang lalu

    I hate white castle

  26. douglas byron Smotherman

    douglas byron Smotherman17 jam yang lalu

    Nobody gives a s*** about 2,000 to you understand you keep talking you're going to get fired I'll sue this company will be fired fake news I thought you are fake news Donald Trump fake fake fake fake fake

  27. douglas byron Smotherman

    douglas byron Smotherman17 jam yang lalu

    It never opened in the second biggest state beaches California

  28. douglas byron Smotherman

    douglas byron Smotherman18 jam yang lalu

    White Castle does not deserve any credit because I was never in California

  29. Lydia Hammond

    Lydia Hammond20 jam yang lalu

    I just went to White Castle for the first time a month ago. the one in Harlem Hands down best fast food hamburger I've had in my life. not including shake shack god bless

  30. The Bryant Watkins Channel

    The Bryant Watkins Channel21 jam yang lalu

    Very informative, thanks for posting 👍😊

  31. William Nelson

    William Nelson22 jam yang lalu

    It used to be.

  32. William Wynn

    William Wynn23 jam yang lalu

    I do not think there is a white castle in Ga. So I got a big box of them from the grocery store. They were so bad the dog would not eat them, and that is the truth. We have Krystal's 40 yrs ago they were really good. But now they are awful. Come to think of it All the fast food places sux. Not long ago I went to KFC and it taste Nothing like it once did. I went to Hardee's and got two chicken meals, $20. It was OK, not good, damn sure not great. I stopped going to McDonalds because the food was so bad. The last time I went there I ordered 2 hamburgers 20 nuggets and a shake. In less than 2 min. They had the shake on the counter. 10 min. later they handed me my order , well most of it. I told them they still owed me a hamburger. another 5 min. of waiting one of girls working behind the counter asks " Did he pay for it " the cashier said yes. And then they ignored me. All together it was 45 min. I left with my 2 hamburgers 20 nuggets and a cup of milk. By this time the shake had melted. No matter how nice and polite you say anything there are some who's mission in life is to screw you over. Either by not giving you what you paid for OR starting an argument. And this happened to me the last two times I went to a fast food place. So I do not go back to them.

  33. Alerta TV

    Alerta TV23 jam yang lalu

    Mc Donals is NOT FOOD is monster GMO franken garbage , CNBC will NEVER tell you this company's run side by side with Pharma Industry, they are here too POISON you so you can get diabetes , High blood pressure, is all MIND CONTROL FOR ZOMBIES

  34. Stephen Crabbe

    Stephen Crabbe23 jam yang lalu

    They can not be franchised also one of the best jobs Ive ever had

  35. Stephen Crabbe

    Stephen Crabbe23 jam yang lalu

    Because it is still family owned

  36. David Starkey

    David StarkeyHari Yang lalu

    They also treat their employees like crap slave-driving micromanage don't pay on the cost of living when you stop in White Castle just ask their employees how the corporation treats them and Lisa Ingram that's running it she sexist she favors her females

  37. fredfirestoner

    fredfirestonerHari Yang lalu

    what do they use for beef in China? water buffalo??

  38. Arch Dawg

    Arch DawgHari Yang lalu

    We got one in Pontiac! Been there a long time too. We used to have 2 in Waterford aswell but those closed down...Great place to eat!

  39. R Brown

    R BrownHari Yang lalu

    Actually White Castle copied a small Hamburger business call Cozy Inn which is still in Business (Salina, Kansas), Cozy Inn still makes the original hamburger untouched in over 90 years...I just spent over an hour at a new white castle in Scottsdale AZ to try there current burger, it was not worth the time...they were terrible

  40. ozawashere

    ozawashereHari Yang lalu

    well i have never seen a single white castle wonder why its not a fast food giant? im not even going to watch the video but im gonna guess its because of poor managment