Why Is Amouranth Allowed To Do This?


  1. John Hall

    John Hall4 bulan yang lalu

    Guys just to clear a few things up: 1. As I state in the video, I have no definitive evidence that any shady or inappropriate behavior is happening. I’m merely trying to draw attention to the possibility that it could be. 2. I have no ill will toward Amouranth. I don’t believe she’s a bad person at all and I could not care less how she makes her money. 3. DO NOT GO HARASS AMOURANTH. This video is not a call to action that you can use to justify any kind of insulting or degrading behavior. Don’t be bullies. 4. Remember that she is a human being trying to make the best of her life like all of us. She’s not a “Twitch thot” that needs to be defeated. She’s a person like you and me.

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    Love your videos

  3. Jamie Walkerdine

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    John Hall It makes me so happy how you talk about this kind of thing without dehumanising the people! It’s too common and it’s sad

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    Is she a tranny

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    Hmm point🧐🤨

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    LMAOOO @ that mod. What a fucking MORON lmfaooooo... iLL bE iN STpEaCheS CHat FrOm NoW oN

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    Ur notfat UR notugly

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    *Well I think!* you need more subs :v

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    Tons of girls do this on twitch, fuckin creepy.

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    You are kind of just hating, no?

  11. Felicity Luka

    Felicity Luka2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey John, Overall, great video. It takes a contextual and well thought out look at something that is highly controversial, and I appreciate that. I am a big Amouranth fan myself, after finding her ASMR on Twitch during a rough time, and my initial impressions were that she was down to earth and refreshing compared to a lot of content I see that is very scripted and tailored. I want to address some things, to be the Devil's advocate here: 1. The "husband" discussion - As far as I know, there is no supporting evidence of this being real at all, as this is something that can be easily fabricated. The community is almost entirely certain this was faked, which wound't be far fetched due to her popularity and content. 2. I understand completely your point about the potential for underage people to receive a reply to a comment that can be seen as sexually suggestive. In response I would say that Instagram and it's parent company Facebook have their guidelines and policies and those are based on the age requirement of 13+. Outside of the legal spectrum, Policies and guidelines from companies, and thus their content moderation/enforcement practices are not meant to be "parents" for their users. While it is their job to keep offensive and harmful content offline (which they do) they also have to weigh what is ACTUALLY harmful content vs. what is sexually suggestive. The more visually offensive the content is, the higher priority it takes. On a different note: Amouranth does not have the context you supply here, which is the content of each account she replies to and whether or not that person "looks" underage. I do agree that if genders were reversed it would be quite suspect and have a heavier weight, but that statement also implies we are ignoring historical context in areas like inequality, sexism, gender-based data on sexual misconduct etc. Thank you for pointing out the point of intent, though, that is a much needed addition to the topic. 3. The topic of fostering the idea of "buying attention": While I agree that yes, it can lend itself to adding to that mindset, especially for younger people, I feel it really needs to be said that people are responsible for their own behavior and expectations. Amouranth is in no way saying or implying that if you donate, sub, patreon etc. that you have a better chance at any romantic interaction what so ever, especially on a 1 on 1 basis. I can agree that to younger viewers it can tiptoe into the realm of supporting "women are things you can buy" but only barely. Again, the internet and it's resources are not parents, and even so, there is enough online to rapidly out pace any idea that "you can buy womenz". Again, thank you for your attention to context, and pushing to clarify your intention with this video.

  12. NOO NOPE

    NOO NOPE2 bulan yang lalu

    She not selling out to kids...... men are subbing to her not kids. Sure some kids get in the low tiers but thats it

  13. NOO NOPE

    NOO NOPE2 bulan yang lalu

    Im a fan of amouranth. I agree with her statement none of their business if she married or not. Just xause u give someone money doesnt mean shit. These sad men need to grow up. He just traded 1 bimbo for another it sounds like.....

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    ok so i found you through DanPlan and he was right your wholesome and there’s not a single douchy bone in your body

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    Love your vidios

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    So passive aggressive, but I love it.

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    Im here from danplan :)

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    Just binge watched all your videos and subscribed!! Love your content dude, keep it up!! (I was sent by Danplan btw :D) can’t wait to see your channel grow!

  19. Cryptid Cutie

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    ugh I've never heard of this amouranth chick before but she basically sounds, more or less, like a cam girl who is marketing herself otherwise. it's fucked up because her young(ish) fanbase can't fully comprehend that she doesn't actually have feelings for them, she's just giving them attention in exchange for money. it's manipulative and icky.


    CITY GIRL PRAIRIE LIFE3 bulan yang lalu

    I don't think the fact that underaged boys are giving her money bothers her. I don't think she really cares about anything but money. She's an adult who can do what she wants. But giving false hope to her "fans" is pretty sad.

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    You are so sweet and wholesome

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    I really love your channel!! Your voice is so soothing! I found your channel through DanPlan and honestly you’ve become one of my favorite channels.

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    Im here from danplan! And i dont regret it!

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    I totally agree with you. I don't care about how she portraits herself, I just hope that she doesn't do anything she'll regret later on.

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    Boy, I love your hair!!!

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    You have a voice of a god

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    I love you're videos

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    Damn dude, I love your vids. I know you're gonna do amazing. And keep up the good work, I'll be supporting you here and on the discord

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    The intro made me laugh and the rest of the video is pure treasure, I'm so recommending this channel to all my friends 😂😂😂

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    Man your vids are good

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    Not the best argumentative video I’ve seen out of the 4 I’ve been able to view so far (new here). It needs more background info because I don’t know who Amouranth is. I’ve never even heard of her before. That’s definitely on me, but I can’t be the only person who doesn’t know. It’s also kind of weird that the only “evidence” pointing to her possibly aiming this towards underage audiences is an anonymous instagram page that could be anyone of any age. Weak argument that more background knowledge and actual evidence would have helped. The disclaimer towards the end is very honest though, and I can appreciate that.

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    Your father and I are getting a divorce

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    ... how doyou know of that girl? o.O (just joking)

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    It would have been funny if john just flirted with random people in this comment section lol

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    Thanks for the video, your commentary on this stuff is really good.

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    Saw the title of this video and without even needing to watch your video I can tell you why she gets away with whatever it is you're talking about in your video. I know IDreporter is global, however, the U.S. pretty much dictates what 'sells'. Having said that the U.S. is also a capitalist society. And because of that the Market reigns supreme. Lastly, what does the Market want time and time and time and time and time again? You guessed it; those three little things: 1) fear 2) humor 3) SEX! So, why is she allowed, or anyone for that matter, allowed to do "XY&Z" - M O N E Y (period)

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    Did you read this comment?

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    No one cares if you’re from dan plan or not

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    Its nice to know that people still try and help because sometimes the people involved or on the "inside" don't know what it looks like from "outside" and it could end up helping them.

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    Amouranth seems to be the girl version of Romeo Lacoste

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    Your not fat

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    I’m glad there are videos like these about these things or I probably would have fallen for a lot of these things that IDreporterrs and other influencers use to get money out of you

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    Also people who said he was hating at her for her half naked photos he is concerned about her interactions with her viewers

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    2:20 XD

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    Your eyes are oddly... Small and... Not round.

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    Omg sorry I literally just got it sorry omg this is so funny cause of the CARTOON eyes omg sorry im so stupid

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    Lol yeah? I am not hating just purely found this to be so random and funny

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    @katherine is uwu have you seen his other videos?

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    Ummm are you................high?🤣🤣

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    I am grateful that danplan showed me this IDreporter channel

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    Actually you don't look ugly at all. You look and remind me alot of one of my best friends Stephen actually 😅 Maybe that's one reason I like your channel alot

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    I'm sorry but my mind first went to Stephen from DanPlan

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    From what I can see it the way you presented this video is pretty much how one should go about things when showing concern for this type of behavior. you didn’t click bait us with the title and even and showed that it’s all not as big a problem as you suggest. I do think that if she would like to continue this type of behavior she do a bit of a disclaimer of 18+ only

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    why do i... love your voice so much my dude

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    How are you so savage yet so respectful

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    Clear and direct language while never forgetting the facts that I could be wrong and that the person I’m criticizing is a human being.

  60. David J

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    Dude, get a life. If the former mod is dumb enough to think he's got an irl chance with, basically, a cam girl, that's his problem. You got nothing but evil thoughts and inuendo and are using them to bash on a girl making a living how she can. And all of her cosplay isn't all that bad. In the words of our President: FAKE NEWS!

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    Every one lets agree to disagree to give this up it happened and we can’t change it

  62. David J

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    @Steve Your Average Hamster He has no proof whatsoever that she is so much as saying good morning to anyone underage. The so-called mod? When you're a grownup you have to know if it's serious flirting or flirting just for flirting's sake. If you don't, you get schooled.

  63. Steve Your Average Hamster

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    David J Also it not fake by proof of others are talking about her.

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    David J Also DONT say Us because I am a girl.

  65. Steve Your Average Hamster

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    David J Dude He has sold proof of his claims. Plus she’s not like other girls because she’s a popular streamer/insta model and not all girls do sellout-ish stuff like her abusing a guy’s feelings through flirting just to get some money. If she put as much effort into a normal job as she does flirting with fans, she would get a raise.

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    I'm here after danplan and after the ''Amouranth's Fans Are Mad At Me :( " video

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    5:50 That's so wholesome. I'm so happy I came across this channel and it's very clear that you really care for your fans and put lot's of effort in your videos. Keep it up mate.

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