Why I Quit Engineering


  1. isai alvarez

    isai alvarez8 hari yang lalu

    Were you a communication systems engineer?

  2. Chacob

    Chacob23 hari yang lalu

    I kind of hate the idea of working for someone else I can't lie which means I'm screwed

  3. Slartibartfast

    SlartibartfastBulan Yang lalu

    I get the commuting argument - I have a 20 minute commute and twice people have driven into the back of me on my commute. I really hate the commute wondering if the idiot tailgating me is about to ruin my next two months(phone calls, garages, hire cars etc) by driving into me. Also I have front and rear facing cameras and the UK police do absolutely nothing with regards to dangerous driving, even when there is a crash, because they are "under resourced"(a euphemism for lazy).

  4. OGUN

    OGUNBulan Yang lalu

    I completely agree, especially with number 5&6.

  5. Andrii Shumskyi

    Andrii ShumskyiBulan Yang lalu

    Company stealing your idea and giving you a miserable fraction of the value you've created... I've heard of that somewhere...

  6. J. Smart

    J. SmartBulan Yang lalu

    It sounds like being self-employeed or a freelancer would be a much better fit.

  7. Oscar

    Oscar3 bulan yang lalu

    So, it all boils down to management. I’m studying my second year in engineering in technology of construction(it’s in swedish and I don’t know the correct definition in English) which is a bachelor only, but might get a masters degree. I think about how bureaucratic the work seems to be. Have you heard about “teal management”? A friend of my father told me he worked under that system and loved it. All coworkers hade their own business and more or less practiced as consultants. They take the work they want and the obligations to the company are way fewer than a regular employment.

  8. Jen 33

    Jen 334 bulan yang lalu

    In my younger days I befriended and had dated Chinese engineers working for defense contractors. This group of guys that I knew, They were all contract workers without benefit with pay much higher than employees. They worked 60 to 80 hours a week and all of them invested in stock market. No one was having career satisfaction. It was a job to amass savings. Fast forward 20 years, none is left in the industry, be it contractor or employee. 80% of them are divorced and facing mid life crisis (I didn’t marry any one of them).

  9. Jen 33

    Jen 334 bulan yang lalu

    They were just pragmatic, not hating. They knew they couldn’t possibly work such long hours for long. It was a quick way to save a lot in case contracts got canceled and lay-off to follow.

  10. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush4 bulan yang lalu

    Interesting sample of people. Probably hating your job and life in general can have that unhappiness leak over to your personal life. No one wants to be near a grumpy person.

  11. Raiders of the lost Narc

    Raiders of the lost Narc4 bulan yang lalu

    I love that LEGO skit! Talk about a draining job... that’s splitting hairs! 0.01%. Your channel has blown up! I’ve been watching your vids for over a year. I think of you as a financial guru in economic practicality. You, Dave Ramsey, David Bach, Warren Buffet....I truly think you are helping so many have hope!!!!! Thank you, BTB. ♥️

  12. Egene Starr

    Egene Starr5 bulan yang lalu

    your little stuffed dolls in this video do not make me feel comfortable you are at adult level yet, i can now understand why you quit, you sound like you want everything your way...i mean seriously, how can i take you seriously if you as a ADULT have little child toys in your video as decor????

  13. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush5 bulan yang lalu

    Lol... I did get my way. I stopped the rat race.

  14. james le

    james le5 bulan yang lalu

    That’s a good example of job. Do more of those videos

  15. Alex

    Alex6 bulan yang lalu

    I'm not so sure what he switched to

  16. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush6 bulan yang lalu


  17. Zeek M

    Zeek M6 bulan yang lalu

    The thumbnail was deceptive. You could have at least explained using finger puppets.

  18. jatinkg1

    jatinkg16 bulan yang lalu

    Come to Bangalore.. you can cover 6-7 KM in just one and half hour !!!!

  19. Matt Ball

    Matt Ball7 bulan yang lalu

    What are the select few that are 'really really good'? From you video, it seems that what you think you are getting into and what the 'day-in-the-life' is are two separate entities. What fields of engineering are the best in your opinion? Thank you !

  20. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush7 bulan yang lalu

    Generally ones where you have more autonomy with what you do with your time. No matter the field, they have these positions available and are generally pretty high level.

  21. Erik Schmunzeler

    Erik Schmunzeler7 bulan yang lalu

    Is it possible to be a freelance electrical engineer? LOL

  22. Suraj Grewal

    Suraj Grewal8 bulan yang lalu

    Why don't you go, the 'great Scott/ big Clive / eevblog' way and bring out some home-brew products?

  23. TheRainHarvester

    TheRainHarvester7 bulan yang lalu

    I concur! I hope to do this too! I have some really neat products that I will kick start soon. Follow my channel if you're interested in the journey.

  24. Pixel Puppy

    Pixel Puppy8 bulan yang lalu

    your reasons are the same reasons why I quit my job too. 🍻

  25. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush8 bulan yang lalu


  26. Paws Not Claws

    Paws Not Claws8 bulan yang lalu

    I’ve never liked the idea of working for a company just sounds terrible to me

  27. BlackWorldTraveler

    BlackWorldTraveler8 bulan yang lalu

    Paws Not Claws My salary was $160k a year. Was a aerospace metallurgical engineer at SkunkWorks and NASA. Have an AMT and NDT license as well so moved to Tulsa to be an inspector/mechanic at American Airlines. Less traffic easier life. Now $135k-$160k/yr. Cheap to live here and paid off my 30yr mortgage on my upper middle class home in 9 years. I take off 3-4 months total each year on top of my 5weeks paid vacations and paid holidays. Also work 3-4 days a week. I would say this is pretty flexible. Heck I don’t even go to work if there’s ice and snow on the road. Still max my Roth 401k and Roth IRA. Still putting aside at least $4k/mo. to savings and emergency fund. Also dropping my pay each year lowers my MAGI to qualify for Roth IRA contributions and max that out as well. I get full benefits and 401k that’s pretax,aftertax,and Roth with self direct and $5k-$8k/yr company match. Also free lifetime global flight benefits and 90% discount on other world airlines. So working for a company isn’t bad. Not terrible at all. It’s fun taxiing a Boeing 777-300 or Dreamliner from the gate to other side of airport among other things. Have a state of the art gym at work that’s free to employees. Allowed me to own a rental in Rome, lake view home/bed&breakfast in Lugano Switzerland,and a second condo on Marco Island that’s all paid for. Completely debt free. And 1.5 million 401k,$700k Roth IRA,$3k/mo. pension,and other taxable savings,investments,passive income. Retiring 15 years early next year.

  28. Paws Not Claws

    Paws Not Claws8 bulan yang lalu

    BeatTheBush tru:/ I just have two part time jobs I like it better because I feel like I have more flexibility and one of my part time jobs offers benefits

  29. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush8 bulan yang lalu

    It isn't ideal but if that is the only means of producing income, then most people are stuck.

  30. Yuko Freeman

    Yuko Freeman8 bulan yang lalu

    Smart move, I get you.😃

  31. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush8 bulan yang lalu


  32. Oliver Li

    Oliver Li8 bulan yang lalu

    Translator's situation: Source text: xxx xxx xxxxx xx x. Translation: What is it made of? Boss sees and asks, "Why isn't it 'What is it made'?" Then, he goes onto instances 2, 3, 4 ... 30 in one day. Translator's feeling: Arrrrrgh!!!

  33. Leslie Chow

    Leslie Chow8 bulan yang lalu

    I have been in my first development position working on X-Ray systems for 18 months now and hate it!. Wish I never embarked upon Engineering.

  34. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush8 bulan yang lalu

    Hmmm... maybe at least switch job to something else to give it another go?

  35. David Bloyd

    David Bloyd9 bulan yang lalu

    Wow, that skit is so accurate. I feel the same way. Energy going to fake work to people that have fake jobs.

  36. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush9 bulan yang lalu

    Faking it is just a waste of energy and waste of LIFE. Gosh!

  37. Creating Julie Silversmyth

    Creating Julie Silversmyth9 bulan yang lalu


  38. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush9 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you!

  39. Phantom Warrior

    Phantom Warrior9 bulan yang lalu

    i feel you. im an engineer as well. its my first post graduation job. My employer is pretty chill but are stickler for us to stay at work min 40h a week and make a stink over leaving early even if nothing is going on. and i have worked their 2 years now and they still won't give me a laptop. if i have to work outside of work hours, i have to come to work.

  40. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush9 bulan yang lalu

    No laptop huh. It's standard at most companies as they are so cheap these days. You employer doesn't seem to be adhering to standards. I suggest applying at other places right now.

  41. Anshuman Srivastava

    Anshuman Srivastava9 bulan yang lalu

    i have a bachelors of EE as well, working as a software engineer rn... i'm in the process of switching jobs at the moment :p yea there's a lot of processes involved

  42. whispers from my arse say

    whispers from my arse say9 bulan yang lalu

    When I worked at Toronto hydro. I was given projects that right off start was known it will not be built. some would take at least afew months to complete. All that work and pay todo a project that is destined to be shelved, forgotten and redone by someone else. This wasnt just afew projects or afew people. This was an issue with the entire department with 1/3 projects that were designed actually being built.

  43. Seann T Hawj

    Seann T Hawj9 bulan yang lalu

    I'm nunber #5 disowned by asian family😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Greg B

    Greg B9 bulan yang lalu


  45. Greg B

    Greg B9 bulan yang lalu

    Just follow your dreams and enjoy life 👍😉

  46. Kamase

    Kamase9 bulan yang lalu

    But don't you miss your work friends?

  47. Apple Green Tech

    Apple Green Tech10 bulan yang lalu

    You’re the Engineer of your life 💯

  48. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush10 bulan yang lalu

    =D I'd like to think that. You don't have to be an engineer to do it though.

  49. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell10 bulan yang lalu

    corporatism is slavery.

  50. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush10 bulan yang lalu

    Well.. sort of. At least you do not get whipped.

  51. S G

    S G10 bulan yang lalu

    Wait did you mention the senseless politics, gossip which exist in every company?

  52. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush10 bulan yang lalu

    Ahhh... too typical to mention?

  53. Peace Corp

    Peace Corp10 bulan yang lalu

    same thing in education. many quits frm bureaucracy alone

  54. Peace Corp

    Peace Corp10 bulan yang lalu

    those who scaled up the corporate ladder were not the smartest people etc... but the most manipulative, oppurtunistic n brutal human beings.. thats a fact.. most of the time.

  55. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush10 bulan yang lalu

    It seems bureaucracy extends all professions.

  56. Dan Skups

    Dan Skups11 bulan yang lalu

    USA has turned people into machine and people realize we arnt machines so we give up on life haha.

  57. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Interesting... pretty close to reality.

  58. David L

    David L11 bulan yang lalu

    Should change your title to quit your job, NOT quit engineering. After I first graduated from UCI master degree, I changed my job twice every year. My salary were all over the map, from $50K to 100K to 40K ...I really didn't care how much they pay me, as long as I could learn NEW things. My mother thought I was crazy. I learned enough from each company to have enough knowledge to establish my own business and work for myself after 8 years of working for others. I used to commute 1-1/2 hours to work, and 2-1/2 hours back in SoCal. Now, I am my own slave.

  59. Yashar H. Naman

    Yashar H. Naman11 bulan yang lalu

    Are you of Vietnamese descent?

  60. Jean Roch

    Jean Roch11 bulan yang lalu

    If you feel documentation is "just paperwork" then you're not an engineer, you're a technician. You like doing techy stuff more than you like actually engineering things, and that's alright : it just seems that you really needed to work _for_ an engineer, not _as_ an engineer. I mean come on, would *you* fly on a plane for which there is no technical documentation and traceability ? Also, if you're feeling you should retain all rights on everything you design as an employee, you should also feel you should pay for all the expensive tools the employer puts at your disposal to do your job. Do you know how much an OrCAD license cost ? Or SolidWorks ? What you're asking is the same as a factory worker saying he wants to bring home all the products he's building on the factory line. Get real, please... or life is really going to disappoint you.

  61. Hamoud Rodriguez

    Hamoud Rodriguez9 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you so much. Unfortunately youtube turns everybody into an expert even though he has no true deep knowledge and experience about the subject matter at hand. I always pitty the poor kids that listen to this kind of BS. They need to get real and get real jobs... something a guy selling clicks and adds does not honestly care about...

  62. Jean Roch

    Jean Roch11 bulan yang lalu

    @BeatTheBush I didn't expect a reply, but I don't see the point of yours. I'm talking about what the work of an engineer is, you're telling me about how you made friends. Non sequitur. I've been a systems engineer for 20 years, 90% of my work is writing specs and making sure they are implemented faithfully, the other 10% is prototyping stuff when I need to de-risk a technological choice. By comparison, the guys who implement my specs do maybe 10% documentation work, excluding stuff like Doxygen (which is not documentation) and maybe 10% admin stuff, the other 80% is coding or drawing schematics or laying out boards, what have you. They don't engineer anything, they mostly apply datasheets and API's to implement a solution. "Fighting words"... maybe I've met too many people with an engineering degree who complain that their job involves some Word and Excel. Truth is, that's a part of the job they don't teach you in school, so I can understand how a fresh graduate might think it's out of place. I've been around, most engineering schools only give lip service to engineering as a process, at best they teach you what "SCRUM" means and how the V cycle works. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe the teachers are out of touch with the industry. Fact of the matter is, it's well known in aeronautics that no plane gets to fly passengers until its printed documentation literally outweighs the plane itself. That documentation is written by engineers.

  63. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Whoa, those are fighting words! I had this very nice technician lady help rework some of my boards. I really enjoyed my team back then. I even eventually made friends with the accounts people that sits a few cubes down from me.

  64. Kevin Vc

    Kevin Vc11 bulan yang lalu

    leave 15 minutes early and sleep 15 min after you commute and before work

  65. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Hmmm who can actually sleep 15 mins only? I guess you just close your eyes.

  66. Justin A

    Justin A11 bulan yang lalu

    you and Engineered Truth should just go somewhere and suck each other off you losers. Most of the things you are complaining about is called life and being an adult fuckhead

  67. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Lol. You sound bitter. The things I complained about is no longer in my life. So as I did complain, I did something about it.

  68. Paladin Seven

    Paladin Seven11 bulan yang lalu

    Honestly, the best advice I would have for you is to grow the fuck up. Work is toil, pain and strife for a good cause...your and your family's future. It's not necessarily fun, but it can be. You don't look that old and you said you have already worked for a few companies, so consider that bouncing around and dropping out makes you a bad employment risk. A 30 minute commute is a fucking joke. I know many people, including myself who've commuted minimum 3 hrs a day back and forth to work. You speak of your great ideas, maybe you have them, but there is a reason why you build stuff and your superiors manage a multi million dollar company... there are a lot of other considerations you may not be aware of...like product profitability and market acceptance. Reporting on what you are doing is also very important for those who manage you to know, especially when you are doing detail work. They are there to get a job done while mentoring and growing your skills. If you stick to it you will mature and find yourself in much better employment situations. If I said things like this to my father, he would have kicked my ass, and for good reason.

  69. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Nice one! =D

  70. Dev

    Dev11 bulan yang lalu

    Engineering is wayyyyyy to hyped up

  71. Dev

    Dev11 bulan yang lalu

    @BeatTheBush Im an industrial maintenance mechanic.... we have engineers come on the floor sometimes, and they have no idea whats going on. I make six figures too btw.

  72. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    They don't have cool songs about engineering.

  73. mthwr

    mthwr11 bulan yang lalu

    Just dont ...

  74. mthwr

    mthwr11 bulan yang lalu

    @BeatTheBush Quit for having a boring job if you don't have an alternative !

  75. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu


  76. Léo Knight

    Léo Knight11 bulan yang lalu

    I'm really intrested in electrical engineering but I'm still not sure what to specialize in, can you make a video explaining the different branches or domains for an electrical engineer to work in ?

  77. That Guy

    That Guy11 bulan yang lalu

    Give me 60k a year and be happy with time with family, friends and free Time, then 100+k with stress, long hours and unhappy.

  78. That Guy

    That Guy11 bulan yang lalu

    @BeatTheBush True, but I'm a single guy with no Kids or Wife, and life is sweet with doing things I like, buying things I want and less stress and Drama in my Life. Happiness and peace of mind are Paramount to me.

  79. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Taking a pay cut to get more time isn't really feasible for many. If you are going form 100hr/week to 40/week yes. But not so much 40hr/week to 20hr/week unless you go for part time jobs.

  80. Trong Huynh

    Trong Huynh11 bulan yang lalu

    you just sound like a bitch

  81. Leo

    Leo11 bulan yang lalu

    I am no Engineer, HOWEVER, I think the problem is traditional Engineering jobs. My presumption is that you guys work with "standard models", there is no reinventing the wheel. You apply what already exists to problem and boom, done...now write a report about it. If you are a construction engineer, all mathematical functions are documented, you simply copy and paste it to work on that new bridge being constructed downtown. You are not inventing a new bridge. The research field could be more satisfying to someone who does not want a traditional office engineering job.

  82. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Few people will invent something new and useful so not all engineers are cut out for doing so. Broadly speaking, many are caught up doing unless tasks.

  83. señor pepper

    señor pepper11 bulan yang lalu

    i just keep playin the lottery. i figure if i got 3 mil i wont never have to work again. thatl b the day🤑

  84. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    I have a video on lottery. Odds are terrible.

  85. Nudedragon

    Nudedragon11 bulan yang lalu

    My old job had three crews, morning, day, and night. Morning and day would look busy and getting nothing done while the managers watched and did nothing too. Then the night crew would come in and we would all Sprint to do the work of three crews in eight hours, for barely over minimum wage, and on only a few hours of sleep. Nobody wanted to work except the one crew that had no manager supervision. Go fucking figure

  86. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Interesting! lol.

  87. ardaduck

    ardaduck11 bulan yang lalu

    I dislike how most people like you just blame it on a specific boss, company, branch or party but doesn't understand that the whole system is like this. Become a little class conscious please.

  88. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Lol. Yes and no. There are a few good jobs out there as I had jobs where I really enjoyed working for a boss.

  89. JoJo

    JoJo11 bulan yang lalu

    Do you like George Carlin?

  90. BeatTheBush

    BeatTheBush11 bulan yang lalu

    Don't know the name.

  91. Dev Chatterjee

    Dev Chatterjee11 bulan yang lalu

    It depends a bit on what you are looking at it for. Remember, you can be your own company, but that required you to do alot of things that just aren't engineering. Some people actually enjoy a 9-5, but i think it's key to understand when to and when not to.

  92. Ghost F

    Ghost F11 bulan yang lalu

    I don't know about the work but I feel like engineering in school is sucking the life force out of me. I only have 3 semesters left and I'm still making 40's on my exams. If I fail a class again this semester and my graduation is delayed again im legit going to go into a really bad depressed state.

  93. ij137

    ij13711 bulan yang lalu

    I've been wrestling literally for YEARS wiether or not to quit going to school for electrical engineering. Halfway through I took a break to join the Air Force and go to work so I could get married and make some money. This video really helps me think. I've wrestled with feelings of...slavery, not having my own life. Sounds like you had similar feelings and ended up quitting! Probably will end up finishing up my enlistment and go work for a drone or UAV company doing avionics, currently working avionics for the F35. thanks for the video.

  94. Carole Whosoever

    Carole Whosoever11 bulan yang lalu

    Again. Thank you for all your videos

  95. EdoVIPER

    EdoVIPER11 bulan yang lalu

    Working with engineers , all I can say is that its not easy , and I respect your craft overall

  96. KamaKuriProductions

    KamaKuriProductions11 bulan yang lalu

    After working my way through college at a gas station earning minimum wage, commuting to school 40-50mins, I see my engineering job coming up as a huge blessing. I've been humble/poor my whole life so I'm willing to do whatever I can for a better life. Yeah it sucks - the drive, bureaucracy, etc, but life is always about priorities, I'm just tired of being broke. We will always be complaining about something, but remembering your roots makes it easier to live with.

  97. Motivation G

    Motivation G11 bulan yang lalu

    Try working at Walmart lol! Only make 21k and hold people's hand all day,prepping for engineering school.

  98. James

    James11 bulan yang lalu

    Subbed. You broke this down genuinely