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  1. Because Science

    Because ScienceBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for watching, Super Nerds! One number I forgot -- if you stacked all Bezos' $1 bills, the stack would pass the orbit of the International Space Station... *30 times over* -- kH

  2. morten hundevad

    morten hundevad19 hari yang lalu

    well are we talking a bilion long or short system ? its a big differance ? vs even more so with trilion and up... vs long system makes more sence in any case .. bi = 2 so a milion milion .. trilion tri 3= 3 milion milion milion in order for this video to make any sence tho we need to know what system is used =P <3

  3. Cyberdemon-1

    Cyberdemon-1Bulan Yang lalu

    There's a little more to Solar cycles, than previously believed. Here's a video depicting the world ending catastrophe cycle, researched by our own CIA. *The Next End of the World, CIA Classified information* idreporter.net/v/video-B_zfMyzXqfI.html

  4. Insane Troll

    Insane TrollBulan Yang lalu

    There are some problems with that claim. First, Bezos would probably have very few $1 bills. Second, if he tried to convert all his money to cash by selling his stock, the price of his stock would crash and he would have much less money than the nominal value of his stock. Third, there probably wouldn't be enough $1 bills in reserve for him to convert his money to $1 bills. Fourth, at best you could pile bills up a couple of metres before it toppled over. Also, if you tried hiding money under a mattress in a stack 30 km high, then it would be very easy to see, defeating the purpose of hiding the money there.

  5. J Fez

    J FezBulan Yang lalu

    So 180B is his net worth. I'm curious to know what his gross income is?

  6. Cameron Strommen

    Cameron StrommenBulan Yang lalu

    without thinking i skipped 10sec, 27 times to start watching this video, only to then realize it when i regained control of my consciousness..

  7. New Kidd Games

    New Kidd Games12 jam yang lalu

    "not going to get into the politics of it".. too late... this view point is political. it doesn't take a genius to know which side of the aisle you are on. the little bits of evidences you have left in your videos indicate you are left wing. That isn't a bad thing, it is what it is. I enjoy your content whatever political beliefs you hold. BUT the fact of the matter is I could probably have a sit down and name off things you believe without having told me. I could be surprised, but unlikely.

  8. rodya255

    rodya2557 hari yang lalu

    Tax the rich.

  9. AngryWelshman

    AngryWelshman8 hari yang lalu

    Teacher are grea..Ad about a game

  10. Voidriven

    Voidriven10 hari yang lalu

    Kyle: "I'm totally not a supervillain" Also Kyle: "Be pretty awesome to be Dimir. Lazav's right hand boi" (。ŏ_ŏ)

  11. Robert Davis

    Robert Davis11 hari yang lalu

    Late to the party on this video. Little off subject but worth noting...net worth factors in your assetts. He probably has a lot of money but much of his worth comes from the value of his business (physical property included), products, and investments. Plus cash. Minus debts.

  12. Christopher Michael

    Christopher Michael12 hari yang lalu

    Imagine how many poor, starving orphans you could feed without being so greedy you'd not really lose much wealth?? I'm poor, disabled, have rare diseases only 6k Americans have it & it eventually kills you. Yet I'd still give up everything I have to help just 1 kid out of 1 orphanage EVEN if it was a cure or helping the kids. I'd give my life, any money even if I were the richest. I don't hate anyone but I don't think everyone is good. Most rich people are only giving money to look good in the news. Most, not all.

  13. Xercister

    Xercister12 hari yang lalu

    I watch these because the content is interesting. Learning more about science is just the awesome side effect associated with the content.

  14. Oscar Silver

    Oscar Silver13 hari yang lalu

    Hi Kyle. Love the show. :) But there's a problem when you think of the devaluation of currency. Ever seen the new Monopoly games? You can't buy anything for $60 anymore :( or even $1000. The thing about it is, the US Government owes not just Billions, but Trillions of dollars in the same currency that you were talking about on this show. This makes us add zeros to a lot of things in our economy, from houses to fuel to food and so on. So it's not necessarily the numbers that are ridiculous, but the units of measurements that we choose to measure these things. You said yourself, if you use $1 bills, you will get the most amusing illustrations. There has been discussions for years in changing the US currency situation. From changing the $1 and even the $5 unit to a coin, to exchanging the current dollars to New Dollars, to going to a one world currency. But if you wanted to continue in the said insanity of circling the sun money, the current US debt could encircle the sun over 800 times... and no sign of slowing down the insanity :P

  15. Kevin O'Neal

    Kevin O'Neal14 hari yang lalu

    Billionaires dont have that money in cash, however. In the case of Bezos, its almost completely amazon stock.

  16. 9to5BioOrg

    9to5BioOrg16 hari yang lalu

    Being a billionaire isn't "absolutely insane" , it's absolutely wrong, and represents a fundamental flaw at the heart of modern capitalism.

  17. Roth: The World Ender

    Roth: The World Ender16 hari yang lalu

    Why don't u like hugs tho?

  18. Lord ofNosgoth

    Lord ofNosgoth16 hari yang lalu

    Your lack of understanding of how upper finances work and how such a thing is achieved and what will end up happening to the overwhelming resources you are referencing is brobdinagianly stupid. Who the fuck are you to determine how much - or little - of any one given thing a person should or should not get? You know what, Kyle, I've been watching your show since you started doing this and used to enjoy it. I've been fine correcting some of your stupidity in the comments - which you have made it a point to blithely ignore, even though I've proven you incredibly wrong on every occasion - but this is unforgivably ridiculous in the extreme. So, I will offer you this opportunity: How would you like me to utterly obliterate your stupidity on this subject first? Because there are multiple counts, including the scientific, that I can completely blow you away on. Either stick to the science and keep your shitty opinions to yourself, or pack your bags and get the fuck off my planet.

  19. Brennen Nichols

    Brennen Nichols17 hari yang lalu

    If I went to ravmica I would be best friends with mormir vig!

  20. Brennen Nichols

    Brennen Nichols17 hari yang lalu

    "A THIRD OF THE WAY TO SPACE!" I LOL'D. So. I had a thought. Every scary end of the world movie has a statue of liberty scene. How much force would it take to take her down? Think you could do the math for a tsunami??? It could wait until the day after tomorrow...but atleast done before 2012! Ha

  21. Jonny W

    Jonny W19 hari yang lalu

    I'm not sure I get the part where its insane to be a billionaire, simply by doing thought experiments about $1 bills stacked in different combinations. That's the same as arguing that its insane that we have billions of cells and and if we made a line with them it would stretch to [Fill in the blank]. Talking about billionaires as if they have literal billions of dollars in cash isn't realistic at all, people with that kind of wealth have that wealth due to property they own (stocks, real estate, personal property, etc.). Sure if they sold everything they may end up with that money, but no one even close to that wealthy does that. Most of the time, like with Bezos case, the vast majority of his billions are evaluated from his share of ownership in Amazon, which isn't fungible, liquid cash. Rich and powerful people throughout history have accumulated wealth through ownership of property and assets, often by force. Today, people such as Bezos become worth extreme amounts of money due to people freely buying their services or investing in their companies, which doesn't seem that unfair or crazy by comparison.

  22. David Sanders

    David Sanders19 hari yang lalu

    I can relate to the kid that stormed out of class and said he would never need to know the subject. Funny enough, I'm an engineer now, and I literally use multiple disciplines of math every day.

  23. Lizzy Keele

    Lizzy Keele19 hari yang lalu

    Well now I gotta know, which guild would you put yourself in in Ravnica.

  24. Scotty J

    Scotty J20 hari yang lalu

    how tall would that be if it were a stack of pennies?

  25. Sagashi

    Sagashi21 hari yang lalu

    He could give each person on earth 15 dollars and 42 cents.

  26. Orion Della Silva

    Orion Della Silva21 hari yang lalu

    If you say a Ferrari or Lambo is exactly $1million, at $108billion, Jeff Bezos could buy one supercar every day for almost 300 years (rounding, of course). Even $1 million is an inconceivable amount for most of us. Politics aside, that's an absolutely insane amount of money.

  27. NotToday, Sportsfans!

    NotToday, Sportsfans!22 hari yang lalu

    No...... you didn't covertly throw in your political opinions at all! Seriously. Cut the bullshit. We get it. You're left wing. Hooray..... no one cares.

  28. NotToday, Sportsfans!

    NotToday, Sportsfans!22 hari yang lalu

    I miss the awesome Kyle we had years ago. That dude made learning so easy and enjoyable. This dude we're stuck with now is just a hair's breadth away from being another mere SJW on IDreporter.

  29. FlameSage09

    FlameSage0923 hari yang lalu

    I thought it was more like $180B

  30. Flame Warden Lunash

    Flame Warden Lunash25 hari yang lalu

    Love the face that Kyle made when the question was popped regarding how hard a golf ball would have to be hit to be flung into the jetstream. That face was priceless and had me laughing so much. Love the show, Kyle. Have fun and stay safe in the Void.

  31. TheRoadfarmer

    TheRoadfarmer25 hari yang lalu

    "I'm not gonna get into the politics of it..." *Gets into the politics of it*

  32. Bernat

    Bernat25 hari yang lalu

    Philanthropy from the rich is a lie. Tax evasion, image cleaning, conscience cleaning... The millions they fool with that so they don't get angry and demand a fair system and seize the means of production...

  33. Alan Lee

    Alan Lee25 hari yang lalu

    The force awakens wasn't big. It was a let down.

  34. ANGUS 4277

    ANGUS 427725 hari yang lalu

    Kyle, Love the Because Science channel and what you do here. I was wondering if you are either a deep fake, or a clone of Tom Cruise or perhaps an alternate Tom Cruise from a parallel universe or quantum reality.

  35. James Dean

    James Dean26 hari yang lalu

    less than 100 of an inch, and people wonder why metric is a better system. dollar bills are .0043 inches thick, in metric it would be 0.10922 mm.

  36. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström27 hari yang lalu

    Wondering - is net worth the same as cash or cash equivalents though?

  37. Connor D

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    What would breaking bads meth do to you

  38. Connor D

    Connor DBulan Yang lalu

    What would breaking bad meth do to you

  39. ichsehnursoaus

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    defak, you "like all the intrigue"? as if real life wouldn't have enough of dat shit.

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    What's your actual education?

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    Man, I keep missing his live shows and I wanna ask about the Oxygen Destroyer...


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    What would happen if a gamma ray burst hit the moon?

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    OH MY GOD! You would be an AMAZING teacher. And the show idea of traveling the country to substitute-teach real classes is BRILLIANT! Especially if you focused on students who normally struggle with the subject matter. I'd watch.

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    here's a question how fast is ghost rider at its top speed

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    Dimir and ravneca Kyle is amazing

  47. Jeremy Hagen

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    What about Saudi royal family money? There are rumors that they could be trillionaires. They don’t pay inheritance tax and don’t have to declare income so nobody really knows how much they have.

  48. Patrik Thors

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    I wounder how much coke or poop he could scrape of all of those dollar bills :P

  49. Thomas Peputofules

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    So you found all the old articles and reports about Bill Gates when he had $180bn and just repeated it with less?

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    could you do a video about the leap of faith

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    Kyle can you PLEASE do an episode on the super soldier serum?

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    That is a ludicrous amount of money! Preposterous, even!

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    How many sensu beans should flash eat to get enough energy for his subersonic lifestyle, and would it mean he didn't have to eat constantly?

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    voice over

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    Learning how to think analytically and how to learn complex stuff has merit in and of itself, even if the subject doesn't ignite that particular student. And math is useful to Everybody.

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    Damn. Not only is he a nerd. He has amazing hair. Is a basketball player. And oh, he's gigantic. 2 meter 17 centimeters. Is there anything negative? Yes. His one leg is shorter than the other.

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    Hey! kH! Could we do a video on what if we poured a LOT of molten salt into the sea?? Or a video about the fourth dimension with a diagrams? 🙇🏻‍♂️

  59. Giant Peach James

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    $108,200,000,000 × 6.14in = 664,348,000,000in = 10,485,290.40 miles ÷ 2,720,000 miles = 3.85 Solar Circumferences = 421 Earths 🤯

  60. Josh Sat

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    good thing its not physical money....

  61. Joe Labster

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    If I had billions of dollars I might not be concerned with these two questions: 1.Does it really save total energy used to use low vs med on your dryer and med vs high ?? My electric company sent out an email claiming this, but is it really true? 2. Is trisodium phosphate really responsible for algae bloom or is it a different kind of phosphate used in agriculture and the reduction of trisodium phosphate in dishwasher detergent was no gain for the environment and the loss of clean dishes everywhere?

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    Can we have an episode about orbital elevators? Like the whys and why nots. Wanna hear Kyle's thoughts.

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    Privet comrade Kyle.

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    You should teach my class...bunch of uneducated people who need science to understand why I tell em to be quite.

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    When we look at distant galaxies, about how many are no longer actually there?

  66. tawon1984

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    The richest person ever was Mansa Musa I. He was the ruler of 14th century West Africa and worth 400 billion!