Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong


  1. loveforthegame3

    loveforthegame3Bulan Yang lalu

    The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

  2. Abhijith P J

    Abhijith P J20 hari yang lalu

    @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

  3. Lil Ava

    Lil Ava26 hari yang lalu

    Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

  4. Aiwanano

    AiwananoBulan Yang lalu

    He spelled space wrong lol

  5. Aiwanano

    AiwananoBulan Yang lalu

    :o he got pinned

  6. Mathieu Leader

    Mathieu LeaderBulan Yang lalu

    the shape of the universe is close to a donut

  7. Dèyń Kílèyñ

    Dèyń Kílèyñ55 menit yang lalu

    Hahaha making this video makes you look like an idiot. Your illustrations are wrong. The sun doesn’t set it moves out of vision. No one will ever sail to the wall, you think that when the Antarctic treaty was put in place in the 60’s they are just going to let people go? If you did your research you’d know that there are specific no fly and no sail zones that’s why no one has seen the wall. I’m not sure if you’re a troll or you’re just an idiot? The earth is flat. Go and bend some water to something. Idiots

  8. David Mescher

    David Mescher39 menit yang lalu

    "The sun doesn’t set it moves out of vision." If you're going to claim that it is a matter of "perspective" and that it is not, in fact, below the horizon (and obscured by the Earth), please zoom in on the *full* disk of the Sun after it has fully set. And how are these mythical no-fly and no-sail zones enforced? There are *zero* credible accounts of anyone who has served in enforcement of these mythical zones.

  9. Dèyń Kílèyñ

    Dèyń KílèyñJam Yang lalu

    You’re all so delusional, the amount of evidence that nasa is a hoax, no one allowed to go to Antarctica, cgi for over 50 years. Physics and numbers made to SUIT the globe. It was unknown until someone MADE these numbers. It’s not rocket science. You are not moving at 1000mph. Seriously you’re idiots. Sheep in fact

  10. David Mescher

    David Mescher37 menit yang lalu

    You can *prove* that the Earth cannot be flat using observations (and basic calculations) that any high school student should be able to do. And using no data newer than 1900. Which rules out Antarctica concerns, as well as any argument regarding NASA.

  11. Devil 13

    Devil 13Jam Yang lalu

    Let's just pretend like the Earth was flat for a moment here. Ok? Ok. Why would the goverment want us to not know that? How would they benefit by hiding us that peice of information?

  12. Me the awesome guy

    Me the awesome guyJam Yang lalu

    The pac-man effect. really? Also, if they’re sailing on a boat to the edge wouldn’t they just pac-man over to the other side?

  13. PSIHedgehog

    PSIHedgehog3 jam yang lalu

    This one seems easy to destroy. Just ask, "What are mountains?"

  14. Paul Lucas

    Paul Lucas3 jam yang lalu

    Whay global ball is not right.

  15. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE4 jam yang lalu

    “Do not argue with an idiot, he will just drag down onto his level” -I don’t remember who

  16. UnknownStuff

    UnknownStuff4 jam yang lalu

    Time to disown ur mother

  17. Hop Dong

    Hop Dong4 jam yang lalu

    If you look at the universe from above, everything is flat so in another word they're not wrong

  18. jwn5

    jwn54 jam yang lalu

    I mean.. Man.. Before i even watch this, does this video even need to be?.. I thought i couldnt lose anymore faith in humanity.. But the existence of this video jumped it down to a deeper level...

  19. onlythetruth one

    onlythetruth one5 jam yang lalu

    Thought this channel would actually have some evidence of a spinning ball. But as usual nothing at all. UST the usual bs trying to make fun of flat earth truth. Wow!!!

  20. David Mescher

    David Mescher25 menit yang lalu

    @onlythetruth one I've seen lots of flat Earth arguments, but none of them survive honest scrutiny. When their arguments are rebutted, no flat Earther has ever done more than whine/wave their hands/throw a tantrum, if they even bother responding at all. Since it can be *proven* that the Earth cannot be flat, using math no more advanced than high-school level math, (not even pre-calculus), I'm open to hearing your so-called "flat Earth truth."

  21. onlythetruth one

    onlythetruth one34 menit yang lalu

    @David Mescher obviously you haven't looked for yourself. As per usual from globe cultist.

  22. David Mescher

    David Mescher37 menit yang lalu

    There is no truth to the flat Earth.

  23. Jason Wallace

    Jason Wallace6 jam yang lalu

    Research flat earth from real flat earthers. So much false info in here. Flat________

  24. David Mescher

    David Mescher27 menit yang lalu

    @Jason Wallace You apparently have a difficult time reading. Typical flattard. I said using *NO* data *after* 1900. Which means any claims of a NASA conspiracy aren't worth the air used to utter them, since NASA wasn't established until after WW2. I do know what I'm talking about, also.

  25. Jason Wallace

    Jason Wallace33 menit yang lalu

    @David Mescher lol ok globetard. What data before 1900 is irrelevant? Do you even have a clue what you're talking about?

  26. David Mescher

    David Mescher36 menit yang lalu

    Please provide information regarding the "real" flat Earth model, especially since any high school student reasonably competent in math can *prove* that the Earth cannot be flat, using no data gathered after 1900.

  27. VinhNTV

    VinhNTV7 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand the part at the end, explain plz

  28. Brian William Thomas Whalen

    Brian William Thomas Whalen8 jam yang lalu


  29. duy giang

    duy giang8 jam yang lalu


  30. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace7 jam yang lalu


  31. Golden Weed Requiem

    Golden Weed Requiem11 jam yang lalu

    Flat Eathers and Anti Vaxxers are the reason humanity can't evolve and that's a fact.

  32. Thomas Rottmann

    Thomas Rottmann11 jam yang lalu

    Keep trying.

  33. Games Ahoy

    Games Ahoy12 jam yang lalu

    the earth is a cylinder

  34. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace7 jam yang lalu

    ....as wide as it is high, and rounded off at both ends.

  35. Oddymon

    Oddymon12 jam yang lalu

    Ya basically what my parents say and are incapable of listening to any arguments because they also have the bible as their cop out.

  36. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace7 jam yang lalu

    My condolences.

  37. Xcite Carnalval

    Xcite Carnalval13 jam yang lalu

    Technology and the internet has made people more dumb and we seem to be getting lied to, confused and tricked!

  38. cardstarling580

    cardstarling58016 jam yang lalu

    Ummmmm there’s a thing called AIRCRAFT

  39. Papa Jodster

    Papa Jodster17 jam yang lalu

    *Guy roasts Mom*

  40. Howi Spangler

    Howi Spangler18 jam yang lalu

    Dude...my brain hurts. I cant get through this video. This is like arguing with a 5 year old

  41. Howi Spangler

    Howi Spangler3 jam yang lalu

    RubyIsBack I believe my distributor DistroKid did it. But I also received an email a while back saying I was an Official Artist on IDreporter.

  42. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack15 jam yang lalu

    Wait... How are you a verified singer and writer/artist?

  43. Minty

    Minty18 jam yang lalu

    To all the flat earthers, go on an aircraft at 35,000ft . Let's see who's right. Also,why would they earn from saying the earth isn't flat

  44. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace19 jam yang lalu

    Mad Mike used to be a flat Earther. Now he's just flat.

  45. David Mescher

    David Mescher31 menit yang lalu

    @CIKI CIEW He suffered a terminal impact with the Earth over this past weekend in a rocket. Looking at the launch video, his craft suffered a multiple parachute failure after launch (and possibly during, since one deployed during ascent).

  46. PotatoChips2001

    PotatoChips20015 jam yang lalu

    @CIKI CIEW He died.


    CIKI CIEW13 jam yang lalu

    Wait.. you mean that guy who launch himself last year? What happen?

  48. alixe denome

    alixe denome19 jam yang lalu

    Earth is flat

  49. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack18 jam yang lalu

    Bats are shats

  50. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace19 jam yang lalu

    Cats are bats

  51. Boss Nicholas

    Boss Nicholas19 jam yang lalu

    Flat earthers would like to flat out know you flattering loacation

  52. Blue Ghost9

    Blue Ghost921 jam yang lalu

    Prove the people who don't believe in Australia existing wrong

  53. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    I've never seen Australia, so it doesn't exist. I've never seen my brain either.

  54. Nyan Paul

    Nyan Paul21 jam yang lalu

    Guys, guys, guys.... I think we can all agree that the Earth is a *cube*

  55. Fort Nasawl

    Fort Nasawl21 jam yang lalu

    Dumb, no common sense people. The earth is not flat. The theories flat earthers come up with makes no sense and are theoretically, scientifically, and physically impossible. It would be all in the realm of magical

  56. Zoey Jackson

    Zoey Jackson22 jam yang lalu

    The earth is flat earth and there is no space

  57. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack18 jam yang lalu

    Nothing inside your conspiracy world exists

  58. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    Nothing outside my front door is real.

  59. Bobby Ranger

    Bobby Ranger22 jam yang lalu

    Flat Earthers will one day make up the majority of the human race.

  60. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    And Trump will be President for Life.

  61. DCD11MC

    DCD11MC23 jam yang lalu

    its sad how scientists in the 1960s wanted stuff like flying cars, over-the-counter medicine, and incredibly cool gadgets, but scientists now have to literally prove to people that the earth is in a spherical shape

  62. Rayan Amedi

    Rayan AmediHari Yang lalu

    The Earth is actually flat

  63. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace19 jam yang lalu

    Not actually.

  64. Arlit Bylyku

    Arlit BylykuHari Yang lalu

    I feel the biggest ok boomer coming on...

  65. Sirano Kerk

    Sirano KerkHari Yang lalu

    Sometimes I just sit back and ask myself how people can read science books and believe everything they just put in front of us to learn at school, but when it comes to reading a Bible we can't even sit 10 minutes behind it or Believe in it.

  66. Me the awesome guy

    Me the awesome guyJam Yang lalu

    Because what did those guys like 2000 years ago know that people today couldn’t scientifically test and prove

  67. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    I can read the Bible for more than ten minutes at a time. But I'd rather read a science book and learn something true about the world.

  68. dwheel39

    dwheel39Hari Yang lalu

    Why are you lying?

  69. Feiner Fug

    Feiner Fug2 jam yang lalu

    When did you stop harrassing little boys?

  70. Avinash Chitti

    Avinash ChittiHari Yang lalu

    How are ppl this dumb man???

  71. roger xiong

    roger xiongHari Yang lalu

    NASA documents admits that the earth is flat.

  72. Me the awesome guy

    Me the awesome guyJam Yang lalu

    Ok so NASA says the earth is round. According to you, its all lies and deceit. NASA says the earth is flat, it lines up with your agenda so it must be true.

  73. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    @David Mescher Indeed. These manuals also assume no weight loss from fuel consumption and perfectly rigid airframes for the same reason. This claim is also silly on the face of it. According to flat Earthers, NASA knows the Earth is flat but keeps this secret as part of their gigantic deception. Why would they admit it, then, in publically available documents? "Oops, I see Perkins in Publishing slipped up and said the Earth is flat. Let's just put it online anyway and hope no one notices." Right.

  74. David Mescher

    David Mescher22 jam yang lalu

    No, they don't. Flattard cherry-picked statements try and give that impression, but if you actually read the full documents in question (and are capable of understanding some of the big words), you'll find that ignoring the curvature of the Earth, and rotation of the Earth is an idealizing assumption. It's removed because including it does not significantly affect the outcome in a vast majority of cases, and it would significantly increase the model's complexity and required calculation time. The applications where it would be significant know that would be significant, and wouldn't be using the simplified models.

  75. Golden Legend

    Golden LegendHari Yang lalu

    Nah, im pretty sure the don't

  76. Tristan Bias

    Tristan BiasHari Yang lalu

    yo mama is not smart i hope she know that

  77. Izato Official

    Izato OfficialHari Yang lalu

    Flat Earthers : its still flat

  78. Oscarr

    OscarrHari Yang lalu

    You can even see the moon from Earth and that's a sphere... flat earthers have no brain.

  79. Mason Meyer

    Mason MeyerHari Yang lalu

    Welp, time to put your mother in a home and completely forget about her forever :)

  80. Troy Musni

    Troy MusniHari Yang lalu

    "The Pacman effect"

  81. Stick Stixk

    Stick StixkHari Yang lalu

    Course there's also pancake mike formerly known as mad mike

  82. Rahul Joshi

    Rahul JoshiHari Yang lalu

    Just take her for an Airplane flight... over Antarctica...

  83. Stick Stixk

    Stick StixkHari Yang lalu

    It's shaped lile a long john. A lava filled long john get it right man!!

  84. Rahul Joshi

    Rahul JoshiHari Yang lalu

    that is called as Fascists... not to listen to others... when asked to prove they dodge.

  85. [Legend] Black Falcon YT

    [Legend] Black Falcon YTHari Yang lalu

    Next video is water wet

  86. Corvus Corax

    Corvus CoraxHari Yang lalu

    Actually, the earth is banana shaped 🤪😆

  87. Jacob Brown

    Jacob BrownHari Yang lalu

    All dislikes are from flat earthers

  88. Pearl * Tears

    Pearl * TearsHari Yang lalu

    proving flat Earth using cardinal directions how do you use cardinal directions on a globe

  89. moose 215

    moose 215Hari Yang lalu

    whats underneath it?

  90. shaddy asilo

    shaddy asiloHari Yang lalu

    This video is the perfect explanation that the earth is not flat. This video is no scientific this is common sense.

  91. Roman

    RomanHari Yang lalu

    The world has been proven round a long time ago with the most simplest tools. One for example is shadows; take two sticks with identical lengths find flat ground stick one of the sticks in one place with same altitude as the other stick with equal latitudes that is still at daylight but far enough where the earth is supposed to curve, then check both sticks their shadows, you will find the shadow will be longer on one of the sticks than the other at the exact time of day.

  92. Eleni Tampaka

    Eleni TampakaHari Yang lalu

    Here's the million dollar question - WHY WOULD ANYONE LIE ABOUT THIS ? what's the benefit? if it was flat we'd know about it thousands of years ago. Eratosthenes over 2000 years ago measured the angle of a shadow cast by a stick at noon on the summer solstice in Alexandria, and found it made an angle of about 7.2 degrees, or about 1/50 of a complete circle. He realized that if he knew the distance from Alexandria to Syene, he could easily calculate the circumference of Earth.

  93. Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals

    Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop InstrumentalsHari Yang lalu

    Uuuu cant wait to see angry flat earthets comments....

  94. The_red_ barron

    The_red_ barronHari Yang lalu

    If the surface of water is always flat and water covers 75% of the earth, how can the earth be around?

  95. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceJam Yang lalu

    @Feiner Fug True, I was oversimplifying.

  96. Feiner Fug

    Feiner Fug2 jam yang lalu

    @Scott Wallace, but not even that is the case. Following mass distribution irregularitiues, sea level isn´t the same everywhere.

  97. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace20 jam yang lalu

    The surface of water is not flat but level, which is not the same thing. Flat means a plane, level means at a constant distance from the Earth's center.

  98. Golden Legend

    Golden LegendHari Yang lalu

    the size of surface of the earth is 100% , land covers 25% and water covers 75% , what is hard in this?

  99. Shan Old

    Shan OldHari Yang lalu

    "We will have flying cars in 2000s" - people in 1979 *41 years later* FLATEARTHERS - 2020

  100. eres

    eresHari Yang lalu

    you are sure those are 11 years bro?