Why Fighter Jets Can Be Too Unstable


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    The Future of Flight : quantumantigravity.wordpress.com/

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    hi i'm in my freshman year of high school now i would have bought and contributed to the sale of the note books but unfortunately i only use and need binder paper but i'm gonna buy it because i'm taking industry technology classes and auto cad and solid works sucks for making a simple idea drawing of something that might not work so i'm gonna beg my parents to get me another note book and only this one so i can make simple drawings to just get the basics of what i want to use

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    What kind of grid is it? We EU students need 1cm grid notebooks..

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    I too can be (emotionally) unstable

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    This is an excellent video, thanks


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    I think your idea and use of 'automatically' is very flawed, no aircraft designed will return to or maintain a stable flight without input from the pilot... This is for large passenger planes, commuter planes that are smaller and fighter jets. There are many factors behind this reason and it would take a proper understanding of flight physics to explain it for clearly, however it should suffice for you to understand there is a reason and aircraft has controlled surfaces and that is primarily to keep the aircraft in a stable and purposeful flight path. All aircraft left to themselves will roll and crash!

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    According to a Grumman engineer who worked on the program the X-29's instability came from it's canards, not the forward swept wing. It was quite safe too with both analog and digital slight control systems. And for unstable aircraft the tail produces lift to push the nose down, not downforce to push it up.

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    OK, now, is it possible to make a plane that are unstable changing to both directions?

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    Gotta keep those poles in the open left hand plane!!!

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    Would really appreciate if you make a video about why almost all 5th generation stealth fighter jets are have similar design.

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    Sooo why su 47 chould be that success then x-29. U.S are unable combine art and lethal with same time

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    This was an awesome video. Actually explains the phrase told to us in ground school "moving the CG aft increases performance." Although now that I think about that more, that was in relation to fuel economy, so maybe not. Oh well, great video.

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    2 forces pulling on 2 ends.......ever see a "seesaw" snap? It snaps right the middle where your buddy Jo decided to sit putting splinters in his crotch. Similiar things can happen in planes. The main difference being the people in the middle are dead, not in severe pain. 9:49 Anyone who has ever made a plane with a center of gravity or mass at the back of the plane with the propulsion right next to it can tell you how fast that nose can go down if it at any point begins to go down. In fights, planes built this way have amazing dives and sharp turns for the built up speed from gravity, but going back up can A, tear the plane apart sometimes, or B, you cant pull the nose back up due to the force from the engine basically going to a downward direction so no lift is really generated without stupidly large wings make the craft on par in speed, hold more stuff, and have a slow incline speed and a lower angle of attack. Otherwise it just goes bat shit crazy and eventually explodes against whatever it hits like fireworks. Nvm, I kept watching and you hinted at the fact the nose got problems from it.

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    Real world aerodynamics: **exists** Ace Combat Planes: **visible disgust**

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    great video. I'll throw in some bonus facts about the F-16 since i've flown some flight sims in it (bit i am not a pilot). Because of the issues an aerodynamically unstable (or "relaxed stability aircraft") aircraft has with the center of lift moving forward as the Angle of Attack (AoA) increases, this creates a feedback loop where as the AoA increases, upward pitch increases which increases the AoA. This quickly gets out of hand to the degree that no pilot can reasonably control. To deal with this the F-16 makes use of a Fly-by-wire system. Unlike other aircraft (F-15, F/A-18) the F-16 is purely fly-by-wire, there are no cables nor hydraulic backups for manual control should the system go down, or the aircraft lose power. This is because again, there's a basically zero percent chance of a pilot controlling the aircraft without the flight stability systems. Being a single-engine aircraft this is naturally of some concern since loss of engine would mean loss of power and absolute loss of aircraft control. To alleviate this the F-16 has an APU which lasts about 10 minutes to provide power to the controls. In event of a minor engine loss where the engine may be able to be re-started, the F-16 actually can restart the engine with its internal starter (a fairly uncommon feature in US aircraft at least). While this fly-by-wire system is needed to be able to fly the aircraft at all, it also had a huge benefit of doing most of the work of flying the aircraft for the pilot. In flight sims i was able to take off in the F-16 (unladen) on my first try after watching a video tutorial, and reading a manual. The landing was iffy and i ended up going off the end of the runway because i touched down late, but the aircraft can only do so much for the pilot. One of the biggest advantages of the flight systems is how they prevent the aircraft from entering a stall -- supposedly a pilot is more likely to damage the control stick than they are to induce a stall from turning the aircraft. Finally, the flight stick is somewhat unique in that it originally did not move at all (with the more modern ones moving very slightly). The Control stick registers the force applied and uses that for control inputs. This is much faster than a joystick using potentiometers and a spring to return it.

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    11:26 , wtf!?

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    Speed is indeed life, especially in a P-47

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    Nah, altitude is more important for the Jug

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    there is an error at the end at "links to below low low" LOL, but nice video!

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    Having previous experience in aerospace engineering, this video is still highly informative for individuals regardless of their aerospace understanding. Its great for people with a large degree of understanding and especially individuals who want to understand the basic mechanics of an aircraft, brilliant!!!

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    Love the aerospace videos. From a past Aero Eng student that studied at UL.

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    They're not "too unstable". You're talking like this is an accident of design. They're exactly as unstable as they need to be.

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    Pretty sure the c.g. of that Cessna at around 3:20 would actually be much further aft. If memory and the internet serve, the datum on a C-172 is the firewall, and the c.g. is supposed to be between 3 and 4 feet behind that. Furthermore, the term center of lift can be misleading, at least as usually used. It's probably ok if you're just taking off or cruising around. However, consider a plane in a vertical dive. The wing, in most cases, is still trying to pitch the aircraft "down". For the center of lift to do that, it would have to be infinitely far away. The horizontal stabilizer doesn't actually have to push down, depending on how the airplane is loaded, the size of the horizontal stab, and how far back it is. On certain indoor model airplanes, like EZB's, you can sometimes see the lift of the tail bend the tailboom up. If you don't know what an EZB is, check this out: idreporter.net/v/video-3cLJQz10bNk.html Notice how large and far back the horizontal stabilizer is. The c.g. on a model like this may be behind the trailing edge of the wing.

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    BTW, downwash effects on the tail REDUCE pitch stability. Consider that, in level flight, the plane has to have lift equal to the weight. At high speeds, a lot of air is going past the wing, so, in order to get enough lift, it only has to direct that air down a little bit. At lower speeds, that air has to be directed down at a greater angle and velocity. So the downwash varies oppositely to what you'd like. Fortunately, the dominant effect is the changing angles of attack of the horizontal stab and the wing. But I don't really have the energy to explain that now. Probably most aircraft aerodynamics textbooks would explain it.

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    Your center of gravity for the Cessna is too far forward

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    It's because fighter jets don't talk about their emotional problems with their peers until it's too late, and one day they just drop out of the sky.

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    Hey Brian, I’m making a jet engine for one of my engineering classes and I realized I might be a bit overambitious, but I’m committed. Would it be possible to DM you some simple questions on twitter occasionally?

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    So is this why the new 737 aircraft pitch differently because the engines are located more up and forward?

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    Funny fact. I learned all of this via kerbal space program

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    Can you please take time explain about the #B737-Max8 air crash in light with MCAS?

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    Vox has done a video on MCAS

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    The Future of Flight : quantumantigravity.wordpress.com/

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    Best you've done yet, you should be lecturing stability! It only took me three months of flight mechanics to still not really get it ...

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    sorry, this may be too much from me to ask but could you go over the superbottle and electric motors from tesla? or how electric aircraft may happen in the future

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    love the dedication and simple animations w/ explanations

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    also, how can tesla shink the amount of wiring needed from a couple thousand meters of wiring to couple hundred?

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    there was a recent discussion with Sandy Munro from Munro & associates inc. (idreporter.net/v/video-i93VJ1PEp6o.html 47:50) he shares some things many being important when considering tesla's future, one of them was the superbottle. I was very intrigued by how one small thing can be a substitute (or combining. I'm not how it fits in the whole system) three major (cooling and heating) systems

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    Make a video on the future of NANO MATERIALS

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    Very interesting explanation about horizontal stabilizers. What about a delta wing? How does that works? Could you make a video about it?

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    Airplanes can not scientifically fly, they using telekinesis to make airplanes lift, airplanes all are too heavy and not capable of self sustaining in air.

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    Nice pictures but too many inaccuracies, it is not relevant to speak about stability without speaking of neutral point. Stability is not directly linked to the empennage type : aircraft with canard could be stable or unstable…. and what about tailless configuration (F-106, Mirage 2000...) ? This documentary is definitely not something to show for stability explanation.

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    Something is either stable or unstable. It may be difficult to control, but it is either of the two not in between.

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    I have a question regarding 5:50. Angle of attack is the angle of the surface against the current direction of travel. If the plane pitches down, it will also descend, so the direction of travel goes down as well. In the animation, the angle the wing surface against an arbitrary horizontal line. So how does this work exactly? In the previous example of downwash, it was explained, that the difference is caused by speed of travel, which makes sense for the same reason, that the second example with the wing outside the wash doesn't make sense. What part am I missing?

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    How does the Eurofighter fit into all of this. To my knowledge it is designed to be extremely unstable. I heard at some point that the aerodynamically stable position for a Eurofighter is upside down.

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    I think you should break this topic down to elements and explain all about stability and mention both static and dynamic stability. Because you are mixing these two together here.

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    Anyone who thinks 'the more unstable the better needs to get X-plane (any version), and try making a dynamically unstable aircraft that's actually flyable. getting the control curves dialed in right is hard enough when the plane is only *mildly* fidgety. There's a demo aircraft in version 10 called 'Deathtrap' it's a flying wing with forward sweep. How the hell it flies as good as it does, I don't know, but it'll end up going backwards if you so much as look at it funny.

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