Why Cartoons Make Great Satire


  1. Will Schoder

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    Happy holidays friends. If you want to get reading recommendations every week, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter: bit.ly/2dDYX9W. Have a great new year. Grateful for you all, keep bangin' on your drum.

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    Just saying, I LOVE your videos, you have a highly intelligent view on comedy

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    Your videos are so good i love the philosophy you use and varied points of view. I like how you manage to deconstruct the world around us but not to show off or just get views but to create a powerful positive message that you can share with the world. You seem a very genuine talented creator making something you enjoy rather than someone who only wants success for the sake of success. Your first rick and morty video felt inspired and really struck a cord with me but tbf all your content is very good. Hope you can make a living from this and hope to see more amazing content.

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    Will Schoder Hey Will, just subscribed to your list, very interested to see what pops up. If I may, since it's my birthday tomorrow: What book/books make you go "you have to fucking read that"? I'd appreciate it greatly. Feel free to email me, and all the best to you in 2018! Pim

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    Happy Holidays! Love your videos, always look forward to new ones!

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    Happy holidays man . Always good to see a video from you.

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    Thank You 😉

  8. SpyMonkey3D

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    What's wrong with nihilism, though ? It's really not that harsh of an idea, it says "life has no meaning" objectively, and that's basically it. It doesn't mean you need to be a dick, or that you should kill yourself, gee, it doesn't even stop you from acknowledging that "need for meaning" that seems to permeate human society, and it certainly doesn't stop you from having empathy. The difference is that now, you can choose that meaning. (Tbh, I really think you can't be free if you aren't a nihilist, because if you follow "meaning", you're basically following what someone else determined was "meaningful")

  9. Dan Hickory

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    D A R I A I S G O D

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    Is Will Scoder a philosopher of the 21st century?? I think so!!

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    Interesting and thought provoking

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    Such high quality videos, this channel is phenomenal

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    What show is that 1:26

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    Probably American Dad

  15. David Umstattd

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    The gab between rhetoric and practice is the smallest in the US. But that won’t stop the left coast from trying to convince us that we are miserable

  16. uhadme

    uhadmeTahun Yang lalu

    you are the great american joke, idiots that are all talk and no action. waste of life drain on society. thanks for the great advice. you must be a billionaire and perfect person.

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    Will Schoder. The judges looooved your video, but your thumnail gave you a thumbs down. I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.

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    America is the continent, americans are all who we live here, bro

  19. Jamal Vargas

    Jamal VargasTahun Yang lalu

    I didn't like when oblongs and mission hill got the axe thank goodness they're keeping some of my favorites alive like power rangers and simpsons

  20. SamWallace Art

    SamWallace ArtTahun Yang lalu

    Y’know what’s great about animated satires? They only use generic inspirational background music for small amounts of time.

  21. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    This is spicy

  22. Don Leibold

    Don LeiboldTahun Yang lalu

    Great video! Do you have one in the works that details the tools in the satirist's toolbox (at 1:13)? Thanks!

  23. Backyard Stranger

    Backyard StrangerTahun Yang lalu

    Cartoons are forever.

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    Great video 👍

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    Awesome channel, congrats.

  26. Jay Little

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    The popularity of satire is rooted in the creators cool detachment from the subject. From that perspective, they cannot be questioned because they undermine the authority of anyone who would question them. What’s desperately needed is a willingness to put forth a new set of ideals that better reflect what we actually think is important in life beyond eating, having sex, making money and sleeping. If the kind of mind that tears down ideals submits their own ideals to the same slings and arrows of satire, what sort of positive contribution is possible?

  27. Pat Williams Studios

    Pat Williams StudiosTahun Yang lalu

    Cartoons definitely compliment satire! Not necessarily a cartoon but we used a cartoon filter for this skit of Kim and Trump and it helps convey the satire idreporter.net/v/video-IVIuK96iXDE.html

  28. mb 1998

    mb 1998Tahun Yang lalu

    That South Park clip perfectly reflects 2018 gun politics

  29. Marta

    MartaTahun Yang lalu

    I like some things about these shows, but I always feel a huge sense of alienation from them. I'm a lesbian, and a lot of media like this has so many jokes about gay people, it just makes me weary and tired. It wouldn't be that bad, but after a lifetime of seeing the same jokes directed at me and my friends, it's just hard to watch, even if it has other interesting material and ideas in it.

  30. Christopher Leavitt

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    is there a transcript of this somewhere?

  31. Harry's Haunted House

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    How the HELL does this video only have 28k views?! What a fantastic video - again! Your content is always worth the wait buddy, keep up the good work - I've always wondered why I love cartoons so much.

  32. TheChaserTV

    TheChaserTVTahun Yang lalu

    Wow, great stuff man. Your point about society overlooking nuance is so true. Everything has to be deemed black or white, either offensive or socially constructive.

  33. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks, Chaser! The nuance thing is really bothering me. There's a lot more to finding truth than framing things as good and bad. I appreciate the comment.

  34. Adam Scicluna

    Adam SciclunaTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Will, I want to get into making video essays. But right now my plan to write one consists of watching your videos and getting pissed off because I'm not that good yet. Any hints on how to start out?

  35. Adam Scicluna

    Adam SciclunaTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks so much Will, somehow you managed to help in the exact way that I needed. I'll definitely send you an email some time for some advice next time I get stuck. Again thanks so much, I can't wait to see what you put out next.

  36. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Adam, thanks for the nice comment! In terms of creating video essays, getting over the initial hump is the hardest part. It is a very involved medium, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered. It’s cliche advice, but it’s just a fact: the only way to get good is to sit down and get grinding on it. Don’t worry if you can’t meet certain quality standards immediately. You’ll get better. That’s what IDreporter is all about. People will connect with you and watch as you get better. They like that! They want to see you improve as a writer, speaker, and editor. My way is by no means the best way, but I'll tell you what I do for visual planning. Two things mainly: 1. I'll read and re-read a paragraph and let my mind visualize it. 2. Then ask, does that visualization A. actually work with the script?, B. seem aesthetically pleasing? and C. flow with the rest of the video? If the visualization passes through all the filters, then I figure out how it can be put into an editing program. If it is outside my editing/photoshop abilities, I'll take the extra time to teach myself how to do it. I always think it's worth it (IDreporter Tutorials are really great for this). I don't storyboard because the editing process is truly a process, and mapping it out would make it too absolute. The editing part is the creative part. Again, my advice to upstart video essayists is always just to start making the thing. Once you begin to learn the language of editing, you’ll be able to point out in professional videos how someone did something. Go through the backlog of your favorite video essayists and ask yourself how they did all the editing stuff. It will take time, but you’ll figure it out, and eventually, it will become second nature. For now, don’t measure yourself against others. Just try to wake up everyday having gotten better and keep beating your best work. If you have any other questions, shoot me an email: willschoder@gmail.com. Oh, and most importantly, choose topics that you love! The audience won’t care if you don’t. Good luck, Adam!!!

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    Hats off to you man, great video

  38. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks somika, I appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed it.

  39. Isaac Franco

    Isaac FrancoTahun Yang lalu

    Dude I love your videos, and Id love to see one on Jordan B Peterson

  40. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks Isaac, I appreciate that. I am a fan of JBP, though I cannot be considered a devout follower like many on the platform. I'll put him on the list, but figure I can't do anything until I read his books.

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    Excellent video essay! :)

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    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you Plexy, thank you very much

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    1.25x makes this watchable

  44. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    You're right!

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    Your contents never disappoint

  46. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks Victor -- and thanks for commenting

  47. Adrian Dezendegui

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    Ugh why use late season Simpsons, you could have used the ahead of its time Duckman.

  48. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    The peril of availability.

  49. Gabriel Wagnitz

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    I'm really reluctant to post on youtube comments but I just reallized I can't let this one pass: I'm a college student in Brazil and I really wish I had the money to become a Patreon to this channel. I watched all the videos, some more than once (the BoJack one is my favorite), and every time I watch I feel that I learned something about the world, about people and about myself. I'm saying I'd really like to be able to be a Patreon (I hope to get some income really soon) because I saw there that Will wants to make this a full time job and I can objectively say that my live would be better off with this. Thank you for your videos, Will.

  50. Will Schoder

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    Thanks Gabriel, I really appreciate the comment. You've stated the goals of the channel within your comment, so that's awesome. It's great to hear that this channel has made you better off as a person. Thank you, my friend. I really appreciate it.

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    Will, this was incredibly well done. Keep up the amazing work. Happy New Year.

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    Thanks Brian, I really appreciate that! Happy New Year to you too.

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    Great video man, so good. Keep it up :)

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    Thanks Ingame!

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    What a fucking brillant video

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    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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    Almost upvoted this video until John Oliver was shown during the "satire at its best" bit. Seriously? The entire premise of his show is that a whiny British guy whines and the audience is an echo-chamber so they cheer. Oliver is satire at its worst, satire on accident.

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    Awesome video man

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    Thanks Andres!

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    the background music is so calming

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    I'm just trying to get more people to sleep through my videos.

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    woo he's back! have a nice year

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    I'm back! Big year ahead. Have a good one my friend.

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    I still convinced you are one of the best IDreporter channels out here today

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    Hey thanks Quieper, I appreciate that. I'm glad you're a fan of my stuff.

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    I’ve often thought about the unrealistic standard of American Idealism sets for Americans, and how our politicians espouse idealistic policies but act out of accordance with these ideals, defaulting to money and corruption instead.

  67. Will Schoder

    Will SchoderTahun Yang lalu

    One of satire's jobs is to look for that gap and point of the corruption right in front of us. I'd say it does a better job on some weeks than others.

  68. AlaskaBoyAlex

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    I absolutely love your stuff man! I really hope you keep it up; I would definitely support a pratreon edit: the way you broadly explore a theme about media instead of exploring a single show or trope is surprisingly informative and very intriguing!

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    Thanks my friend, that's one of the goals of the channel--to look at thing a little more broadly.

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    Good job broski!

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    Thank you, brohan

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    Enjoyed this!

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    Thanks Meghan, glad you like it.

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    It bothers me how you pronounce Vonnegut. Still a great video.

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    Van-gut! Van-yup! Van-yoot! How would you pronounce it?!

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    This channel is amazingly great!

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    Goddamn your video essays are some of the most well written and complete out there. Everything is relevant and you never drift too far off topic. I know you don't post often but quality over quantity all the way

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    Yea baby! Quality over quantity to the MAX!!!!!

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    I think it works well because it says what people are afraid to.

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    Totally agree

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    Thanks Will! I'd like to be a patron once I get a job. I especially like the Mr. Rodgers video. It inspired me to buy "Thankyou for Arguing". That book, like your video, was a nice sauce.

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    I've been watching your videos for a few months now and I've loved everything you put out. Regardless of the topic, it's the thought that you put into everything and the questions you raise even if there aren't always answers.. that's what I love. Keep up the great work

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    I finally got the joke about Diane being an "Asian Daria"

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    There it is!!

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    This was an awesome video! Well analysed. I think using kids to reveal problems is a great idea. We disarm ourselves when it comes to them. See them as innocent :)

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    A class man. Thank you.

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