Why BLACKPINK is Ridiculed in Korea Now?


  1. Korea Crush

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    Sorry for my husky voice, I have a bad cold T.T I'll be back with a better voice next time =P Thank you always for watching my videos! 💜

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    hope u get better

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    Korea Crush get well soon💜

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    Your voice is fine :) But I hope you feel better!

  5. Mae Auditore

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    Who cares man

  6. Isyirah Nur

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    Phuphu Zen u can share but doesn’t mean u can tell everyone she is fake and disgusting. Just keep it to urself or if u rly want to tell someone. Tell it to a cat or dog who doesn’t know who is Blackpink. Understand!??

  7. 7 ckingmad

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    Its not Jennie's fault its you 🖕

  8. Samira Subba

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    Sat up Bakpek is set rar

  9. Ng Kenzie

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    I am your 666k view lol

  10. Aniki CODE

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    Ibighit need to adopt BlackPink and have them collab with bts .-.

  11. Lalnuntluangi Hnamte

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    M more of an ARMY than BLINK...however...shitty videos like this are the ones that drive our talented idols to depression and suicide.....so think before you want to gain viewe how much damage u can cause to others

  12. Rose blackpink is my bias

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    I want blackpink to come to northeast India, their popularity here is no joke along with bts

  13. kookiessncream

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    yg really shouldn’t be using artists to shield them. it’s so wrong they are humans not shields. yg really did these artists wrong.

  14. kookiessncream

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    yg really isn’t the best company they should just transfer to other better companys / agency. yg does not treat blackpink with the respect they need.

  15. Gabriel Baldivino

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    Hey blackpink is not over what are you saying about the blackpink I don't belive You because I love them YT flag this vid its not funny

  16. Bob Xie

    Bob Xie3 hari yang lalu

    But isn’t black pink extremely active in the US?

  17. Alexander Ivens

    Alexander Ivens3 hari yang lalu

    If blackpink is going to end............HELGA IMA NOT LET THAT jSkSKsKsKsKDjDjsjjdJdjdjd! I even printed blackpink photos 😥

  18. jooyaana nona

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    PH blink will always love blackpink

  19. BinnyChoiSoobin UwU

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    I know this may not be the case but in my opinion if they lost most of their popularity wouldn't they have disbanded earlier and for the people that were laughing about them losing their popularity shouldn't be saying that in which they don't have the popularity they have so they should shut it

  20. Dark

    Dark4 hari yang lalu

    BlackPink famous Internationally But not in Korea?

  21. Mansi Rodrigues

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  22. Hazuka kurzawa

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  23. Selai Coklat

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    no this isnt true i saw some indonesian youtuber upload she goes to their private stage and give a little compilation of it and it was totaly crowded and super full

  24. Courtney Livingstone

    Courtney Livingstone5 hari yang lalu

    because YG is a _snake_

  25. Saxe Coburg Gotha

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    If you attend the Private Stage.. ... You know that this isn't true... So unreal.

  26. kim Jennie

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    No one can stop me to stan BLACKPINK FOREVER !!!! ( m.idreporter.net/block-UC-nfysWnjDIlpYsy7pg3DHg )

  27. Laureen Light

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    Wait… Did BlackPink debut with Whistle or Boombayah?

  28. Jonn Marvy Santamaria

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  29. Veronica

    Veronica6 hari yang lalu

    Blackpink is famous in international then Korea. Even their concert wasn't sold out. They were giving away tickets. My friends went to their concert in Korea. There were a lot of empty seats. Compare to Yg ENT saying it was sold out when it was not.

  30. Percilla Zuniga

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  31. Gozar Taipodia

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    So what if Black pink is not popular in Korea😏 black pink still have world wide blinks😇 Korea population is less then blackpink fans I guess. Don't u dare to say that BP don't have fans😑

  32. 真狂言无良

    真狂言无良7 hari yang lalu

    I bet they were force into being sex slave

  33. Vaidehi Madkar

    Vaidehi Madkar7 hari yang lalu

    Who wants yg family back?

  34. asunax kirito

    asunax kirito7 hari yang lalu

    Is not that. With all the YG shit going on it’s bound to hurt Blackpink. It’s not Blackpink fault or lose of popularity’s. YG CEO living then and all the shit that happened it’s bound to hurt ALL the groups :( it’s sad to be honest I just hope Blackpink don’t get hurt :( If they left YG it will hurt them, but in my opinion it will hurt them more if they stay. This is my opinion. But I support their decision and I will always support them. Hope everything works out for Blackpink

  35. moon Jungkook

    moon Jungkook7 hari yang lalu

    k pop best everyone popular , don't hate any k pop band .. they all best !

  36. Whatsitallabaaat

    Whatsitallabaaat7 hari yang lalu

    They should sign up to a US label, then they could sleep around, get tattoos, twerk, become total sluts, and sing songs about meat filling their puss. It'd be great.

  37. Princy Sana

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    Feeling very bad to see this😭😭😭💔 ,blackpink is best forever

  38. joan Alonso

    joan Alonso8 hari yang lalu

    The main reason is that the tickets were so fucking expensive and it was during a weekday so that is why it was empty 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. David Shafer

    David Shafer8 hari yang lalu

    I support BLACKPINK!

  40. runchranda xo

    runchranda xo8 hari yang lalu

    the fan meet hadn’t even started!! This is such bullshit. All the fans hadn’t even arrived yet. If u watch blackpink diaries you’ll see the venue was full.

  41. Aoa Hey

    Aoa Hey6 hari yang lalu

    runchranda xo yeah that’s true

  42. Lucy Modi

    Lucy Modi9 hari yang lalu

    Black pink are the reason that korean industry came to light without them know one knows what is k-pop...

  43. Sarah M

    Sarah M9 hari yang lalu

    I still like blackpink tho. But some of my friends. I dunno. Seems got tired of kpop and they are blinks and exol and armys. Maybe coz of age. People grow and become bz in life.....

  44. Bottle that JIMIN kicked

    Bottle that JIMIN kicked9 hari yang lalu

    YG doesn't deserve them...

  45. Pem Coins

    Pem Coins9 hari yang lalu

    Remember 2ne1?

  46. Hugh Govina

    Hugh Govina9 hari yang lalu

    Oh no! All my precious babies are suffering because of other people's mistake. Ugh!

  47. Urza.

    Urza.9 hari yang lalu

    ya'll need to realize teenagers dont have a shitload of money to spend on so many groups fan meets lol

  48. Rosè Rosè

    Rosè Rosè9 hari yang lalu

    I'm Korean and this is not TRUE

  49. Ren Ren

    Ren Ren10 hari yang lalu

    YG BOYCOTT is really happening, that's true. It's sad that these 4 innocent girls got included in that (as well as other yge artists). Maybe koreans got fed up of the same old songs because YG isn't doing his job right. They never lost their popularity, honestly they get popular more and more. Maybe not that much in Korea but in other countries, BP is the gg who's really dominating. I also heard that the tickets were really expensive. How we wish that fan meeting was held in other countries where the girls are really loved well and more.

  50. neovxr

    neovxr10 hari yang lalu

    these girls are wonderful on any level thus I listen and read. sounds very interesting what you tell here. I'm not korean and ultimately I have no mercy and can speak my mind freely. this story looks very systematic and the roots can create havoc and breakdown in the whole industry and society. given that "road to peace" is in trouble also. it looks like the worst marriage of a fukushima phenomenon with excess of "utang na loob" (don't know the korean expression) and super-patriarchic waste and destruction of human capacity, which also can be seen as utter hubris. another issue is loss of capacity that could and would come from great women. please allow me these international examples as it is a concern to many countries in similar ways. now I might have understanding, when YG is a great artist on his own in his function to create a beautiful "product", but has some human difficulties and weaknesses. but it stops here. * the fukushima thing means that it was impossible to criticise technical failure and lack of system development (wrong way of getting temperature data), until the failure became an ultimate catastrophy. and this happens just of insane, archaic hierarchy and outdated values of gerontocracy. even china talks about meritocracy that should go before age and rank hierarchy. at least in theory. if YG fails, then he must be gone. it is a detriment to the whole country. but perhaps if he gets the message, he might be motivated and find energy to correct himself, be honest and humble, and collectively with staff and artists they can do better. they respect him but they are not able to help him because of hierarchy "values". * next is a about owing way to much. you cannot globalize your industries this way. not only that western powers will ostracise. but it is a detriment in any modern economy. because things cannot move on, and consequently, huge, wonderful, precious (wo)manpower gets lost and dumped, just because they are perpetual property/locked assets of someone who has failed. how stupid is this?? because this fact will multiply with the fukushima structure, that the failure will be admitted only when it is totally too late and everything is destroyed already. this utang na loob in financial ways exists also with western "casting stars", and dumbs down the whole music culture. but possibly, this ownership/slave system in medieval style is worse in eastern asia. formulas about compensation and change, that are much more versatile, and less cruel to the artists, have to be created and implemented. artists must be allowed by explicit law to change management after let's say 4 years. please do campaign for such a law! because they will only change if the management is really failing, and will change timely then. and - tax income by globalized sales will be able to continue because of the quality of the artists. Lao Tze tells something like this. when the state system is tumbling (by elite corruption), there are the brave apparatchiks who have to jump in. or when the relatives are quarreling, there is the piety of the good children. but they all can do only so much. * this looks all super patriarchic and parochial. especially against women. you will fail in competition, if young women with huge achievements, talents, clout, and influence on wide audiences, have no say in politics and management. they should be allowed to speak truth to power. they should be asked, and their deep insights and smartness could greatly help with all kinds of improvements. naturally, it is required they have to be educated, serious, and honest. these 4 young women have clearly understood how the business works. they should take part in the leadership, because they have huge merits that they would not have otherwise, if they weren't worthy, smart, educated, talented, and diligent. and public judgement about girl artists also is way too cruel and not reasonable. their purpose is not transcendent super perfection, but productivity and a good time with good emotion and optimism. and sometimes, art can be enlightening. which I think is true for blackpink. no matter in case the various narratives got inflated for the sake of clicks and ratings, these principles will be crucial for the future of any business.

  51. neovxr

    neovxr10 hari yang lalu

    artists and celebrities should not be seen as workhorses who have to make up and compensate for systemic weaknesses and lack of developmment in society and economic structures. nor for political problems. their fame contributes on many levels, but it must not get eaten up for compensation of problems in the nomenklatura. this applies to many countries. but the public will have to catch this idea, and will have to enforce its consequences. hierarchy is unlikely to deliver, if not under such pressure.

  52. trey magnus

    trey magnus10 hari yang lalu

    If they leave YG they'll be just fine, remember they are signed to Interscope in America which is one of the biggest labels in America.

  53. Brianna Pleitez

    Brianna Pleitez10 hari yang lalu

    Bad timing but BLINKs come on let's go stream ddu du ddu du it's almost at 1 billion views we're at 993 million right now LETS KEEP IT UP

  54. Brianna Pleitez

    Brianna Pleitez10 hari yang lalu

    5:58 that's me YG don't deserve Blackpink in my opinion I want Blackpink to leave the company and go to JYP

  55. Marvelous 86

    Marvelous 8611 hari yang lalu

    Im always a blink lovers until the end

  56. Bobby Jones

    Bobby Jones11 hari yang lalu

    All these companies need to hire more stagf

  57. Marilyn lo pik chung

    Marilyn lo pik chung11 hari yang lalu

    Ok i hate blackpink but i dont think they deserve this.

  58. Emma

    Emma11 hari yang lalu

    Thanks god BLACKPINK have more International fans than Korean ones.

  59. Lawmkimi Tlau

    Lawmkimi Tlau11 hari yang lalu

    Ehh just shut up...u just wanna take down yg plus blackpink and our beloved Black label just wanna tear ur mouth..just shut up already...I just love them keep flying..cos they are the one. Who taught me to fly

  60. Christian Fernandez

    Christian Fernandez12 hari yang lalu

    Duh...Philippines is still here..hello

  61. sly tora

    sly tora12 hari yang lalu

    um, the pic was taken before it started.

  62. Noah Virata

    Noah Virata12 hari yang lalu

    Not to be rude but this is a lie some are real but some are not

  63. AngelKitty AJ

    AngelKitty AJ13 hari yang lalu

    I really like bp and i don't want them to leave their company but i just want them to participate in activities that would make us feel more connected to them like a comeback, tv show, you know.. SOMETHING

  64. Tae Kook

    Tae Kook13 hari yang lalu

    I think they just need to drop a new album, i think the reason why they are losing fans is because they havent came out with a new song in what feels like forever...im still a blink but i my self is kinda sad that yg isn't letting them let out an album or let alone let rosè have her solo

  65. Magar Pushpa

    Magar Pushpa14 hari yang lalu

    No black pink should not over 😨😨😨

  66. sonicbun

    sonicbun14 hari yang lalu

    Can’t believe Somi chose YG over JYP....

  67. Samiha Ansari

    Samiha Ansari12 hari yang lalu

    sonicbun JYP limits somi by her singing tone, and YG suits her image better, the badass one

  68. Gift B

    Gift B14 hari yang lalu

    BLINK and YG stan here🤚🏻

  69. Jazmin DG

    Jazmin DG14 hari yang lalu

    I LOVE YG's Artists because all of them have the 'SWAG' Presence each debut. They have a 'COMPLETELY' different aura whenever they are on stage. Through different concepts and different clothing and all.