Who is the Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge


  1. Sean Wortley

    Sean Wortley4 jam yang lalu

    Form left the chat

  2. ibie139

    ibie1395 jam yang lalu


  3. The Dominashion

    The Dominashion6 jam yang lalu

    FaZe: yo he is insane bro. Nobody: Ninja: you’re trash kid.

  4. Rhys Kirby

    Rhys Kirby9 jam yang lalu

    73k likes... How and why??

  5. Rhys Kirby

    Rhys Kirby10 jam yang lalu

    This video is an embarrassment to the fitness community

  6. Rhys Kirby

    Rhys Kirby10 jam yang lalu

    Not one rep. Cunts. Go back to gaming

  7. ramman 21

    ramman 2116 jam yang lalu

    None of them know how to do any of these

  8. GhostX YouTube

    GhostX YouTube17 jam yang lalu

    On bench press you go all the way down to your chest and then go back up

  9. Joseph Atkinson

    Joseph Atkinson17 jam yang lalu

    Okay faze clan let's re do the pull ups but this time let's do them correct

  10. Brett Farr

    Brett Farr18 jam yang lalu

    alex is ass at pull ups you have to go all the way down

  11. Isaac Garza Escobar

    Isaac Garza Escobar20 jam yang lalu

    They should’ve said shorty

  12. Adam Contreras

    Adam Contreras20 jam yang lalu

    Can y’all stfu y’all acting like bodybuilders

  13. bella b

    bella b21 jam yang lalu

    chris heria needs to watch this

  14. Rodrigo Gomez

    Rodrigo GomezHari Yang lalu

    It's Faze what do you expect? Someone to do a 360 clap behind the back, touch their toes pull up?


    LITENROGHari Yang lalu

    lol, this vid joke

  16. Yousif Al Freeji

    Yousif Al FreejiHari Yang lalu


  17. Faisal Aziz

    Faisal AzizHari Yang lalu

    Waste of a gym

  18. Jamie Cunningham

    Jamie CunninghamHari Yang lalu


  19. Mo Jama

    Mo JamaHari Yang lalu

    4:25 i did better pull ups in 4th grade

  20. Khant Soe

    Khant SoeHari Yang lalu

    When adapt said jarvis that's twise your size and then I looked how much it was and it said 125 and then I noticed that that's my size but I'm a fourth grader

  21. Klesti Ujika

    Klesti UjikaHari Yang lalu

    The tank

  22. Shanthosh Ravi

    Shanthosh RaviHari Yang lalu

    where is highsky

  23. Syhensei

    SyhenseiHari Yang lalu

    Tommy got guns

  24. Marc Boehmer

    Marc BoehmerHari Yang lalu

    Bench press*

  25. Marc Boehmer

    Marc BoehmerHari Yang lalu

    Ahhahahah yo thoses arent even pull ups

  26. LostEons

    LostEonsHari Yang lalu

    Was I the only one that laughed at 15:36

  27. ツAyNyboiny

    ツAyNyboinyHari Yang lalu

    When the wish add comes in Wish : Plz buy me :) I will go only in one condition Buy me I am cheap Me : WTF NO GO AWAY Wish : as you wish get it cuz I’m wish ok nvm you don’t get it and I’m not going 🙄 Like if u want the add to be gone 😡 If you u do press the like button 👍🏽 No I’m not black

  28. ash greninja _YT

    ash greninja _YTHari Yang lalu

    Ajmkdixmsmxmjxksmsmsiwinncjcjwd Just some random words😂😂

  29. Jacob Weitzler

    Jacob WeitzlerHari Yang lalu

    Next time have a trained pro watch and judge

  30. xXyoujustgotsaucedonXx c.

    xXyoujustgotsaucedonXx c.Hari Yang lalu

    Teeqos face:16:19 When ur chicken nuggets are ready 10 minutes before expected

  31. Jacob Weitzler

    Jacob WeitzlerHari Yang lalu

    Those pull ups were not all one rep each like wtf the wall sit were good the curls were all wrong for the bench not everyone hit there chest so cheater bench press also a good way to get hurt cause most of you couldn’t do it without help only one guy could do it also apex didn’t win he had help

  32. strik YT

    strik YTHari Yang lalu

    Cleo big boy

  33. RaVeAfteRaVe M8

    RaVeAfteRaVe M8Hari Yang lalu

    What are these niggas doing, can’t even do a proper rep

  34. Whitney Mawae

    Whitney MawaeHari Yang lalu

    Sooooooo that don’t know how have one correct rep on bench, curl, or pull up, but you can 360 no scope and crank 90’s😂

  35. Lucas Nielsen

    Lucas NielsenHari Yang lalu

    Lifting sim

  36. GabrieL Gampleys And BloGs

    GabrieL Gampleys And BloGsHari Yang lalu

    My brother has 19 years old and in bench press is 375 lb sorry i dont speak english

  37. Fztez

    FztezHari Yang lalu

    Nobody: Literally Not a solo: Apex: I haven't worked out in 3 months

  38. Edgar Garza

    Edgar GarzaHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if censor was there

  39. kyza

    kyzaHari Yang lalu

    all the people saying they are not pull ups, let’s see you do this shit as well

  40. retro fusionz

    retro fusionzHari Yang lalu

    Half reps... nice💀

  41. EW - 07MS - Greenbriar Sr PS (1423)

    EW - 07MS - Greenbriar Sr PS (1423)Hari Yang lalu

    who create faze ?

  42. pro gamer

    pro gamerHari Yang lalu

    Nickan did it for jarvis

  43. Wiktor Kacki

    Wiktor KackiHari Yang lalu

    Where is faze rug???

  44. NoahMaynardTV

    NoahMaynardTVHari Yang lalu



    IM_CRXCKEDHari Yang lalu

    I’ve done wall sits for 10 mins straight! So now I know I have stronger legs than most of the faze team

  46. LoLplayer

    LoLplayerHari Yang lalu

    Imagine quarter repping 235 and thinking u did it

  47. ClutxZz

    ClutxZzHari Yang lalu

    *8:58** when you bust but she keeps sucking*

  48. Soda FN

    Soda FN2 hari yang lalu

    Touching chest on bench every member but cheo... literally all of them cheo- i got you

  49. Top Fortnite

    Top Fortnite2 hari yang lalu

    Jarvis Was the best

  50. Andrew Findlay

    Andrew Findlay2 hari yang lalu

    That’s not even considered a pull up, it’s a neutral grip pull up and is 10x easier than a normal pull up

  51. Owen Pruitt

    Owen Pruitt2 hari yang lalu

    The cringe

  52. Devon Masey

    Devon Masey2 hari yang lalu

    It was so sad watching them trying to lift. They weren’t even lifting they were just yanking it up

  53. Mars

    Mars2 hari yang lalu

    Cut the 17 year old some slack.

  54. Xavier Chapman

    Xavier Chapman2 hari yang lalu

    FaZe Adapt is the best FaZe member

  55. Tyler Martin

    Tyler Martin2 hari yang lalu

    That dog was pumped at 1526 he headbutted that ball like a bull

  56. Davis Dooley

    Davis Dooley2 hari yang lalu

    Jarvis bench rep was just sad

  57. Echoez

    Echoez2 hari yang lalu

    That’s why apex doesn’t take his shirt off, he wants to come out of no where, and shit on kids when when they least expect it

  58. Davis Dooley

    Davis Dooley2 hari yang lalu

    Worst pull ups, curls, and bench press form I have ever seen. Didn’t even go all the way down at all

  59. PROFESSOR YT 772

    PROFESSOR YT 7722 hari yang lalu

    “I haven’t worked out in 4 months” benches 225

  60. Juchag115 _

    Juchag115 _2 hari yang lalu

    No one: Not a single soul: Apex:I havent worked out in 3 months