When your crush finds out you like them | Clip from 'Fleet of Time'


  1. AsianCrush

    AsianCrush9 bulan yang lalu

    Watch the full movie ‘Fleet of Time’ for free on our website: bit.ly/2twI0AH *only available in US & Canada*

  2. Vials Vials

    Vials Vials2 bulan yang lalu

    I want to watch it when will it be available in UK


    LUVERDA SNEED3 bulan yang lalu

    I can't

  4. Shahana Nargis

    Shahana Nargis5 bulan yang lalu

    I want to see "the world of us"

  5. mendes army are the best army

    mendes army are the best army5 bulan yang lalu

    csn you just make it avaibile in all lands😩😩

  6. mia mia

    mia mia6 bulan yang lalu

    Please make it available in Europe🙏

  7. allan johnnie

    allan johnnie10 jam yang lalu

    She. Is. Gust. In. Love. With. Him

  8. Christel jane

    Christel janeHari Yang lalu

    Im afraid to tell him that I like him because our friendship might change. That's why it's better to be silent haha

  9. kim park hyori

    kim park hyori2 hari yang lalu

    6:28 nobody gonna talk about this guy screaming in the hallway

  10. Aneesha Prasannan

    Aneesha Prasannan2 hari yang lalu

    I had a crush when I was 13 yo. He was kinda family relative and One of my friends betrayed me and told him, we never spoke after that. I had another crush when I was 16-17 yo. He used to stare at me, eventually, I started to stare and HE made me famous at school telling everyone I liked him. Then he ran whenever he saw me and rejected me telling I had a reverse bite but it was cute though after that I never looked at him, we avoided each other.

  11. Sungwon-hae Manhi Manhi

    Sungwon-hae Manhi Manhi5 hari yang lalu

    lmao I don’t talk and everyone else just minds their own business at school. Good thing I came out of my shell though

  12. bts fan

    bts fan7 hari yang lalu

    At the end it was really good music

  13. Bailee Smith

    Bailee Smith7 hari yang lalu

    quick question... why does almost every girl in that class have a bob cut with bangs? Edit: I had a crush on one of my dads close friends son I never admitted it but I still like him it don't matter he's 2 years older than me (I THINK?????) and lives in Texas while I'm in Nevada

  14. Seyma Ipek

    Seyma Ipek8 hari yang lalu

    My first Crush was one,who don’t even know who i am.(lol thats going to be a story time). We went to the same school and in the middle of high school year I started noticing him.He was the same as me and I really started having feelings for him.Somehow I thought he would like me back and we’re both in love.Of corse it wasn’t so.He liked another girl.like he REALLY liked her.She too. I was like the third wheel and it was embarrassing.I felt so sad -w-.1 year passed and I got away bout him.Them.THEN.I texted him on WhatsApp.Somehow he was not the same.he was much friendlier and he was very nice.Like yeah... Now I’m avoiding him. Little Jerk lol

  15. Dêprēssëd çhīld

    Dêprēssëd çhīld8 hari yang lalu

    My first crush was doraemon

  16. when the fire nation attacked

    when the fire nation attacked9 hari yang lalu

    everyone’s talking about their crushes and I’m just like uhhhh

  17. Zainab M. Adam

    Zainab M. Adam9 hari yang lalu

    Me reading people's stories and wanting to have a real life crush because Jimin and Kai do not know I exist. 🥺

  18. Snow flakes

    Snow flakes9 hari yang lalu

    I had crush on my best friend for months and thought not to confess as I thought he likes someone else ... But then I gathered courage and confessed to him and found out that he already had crush on me since a year ....and now we are happy together....😅😇😁

  19. 프모나

    프모나9 hari yang lalu

    Well my crush found about me liking him...cus I slapped him middle of the field cus I was jealous of a girl..well never answered me cus he is a quiet guy but now me and my friends find him staring at me and I don't know why

  20. Viola Changsan

    Viola Changsan9 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone else think that the dude with the glasses who rubbed the blackboard looks like Jason from The Good Place.

  21. Ji Hye Unnie

    Ji Hye Unnie10 hari yang lalu

    I wanna tell a story about my crush too. But I just remembered that he's a celebrity.

  22. Michell Baez

    Michell Baez10 hari yang lalu

    y hay que ponerse a llorar por eso?

  23. Hannah Rae Cabajon

    Hannah Rae Cabajon10 hari yang lalu

    Why does it seem like everyone in the comments section has confessed to their crush? I'm just over here waiting for the day when he'll walk up to me and say that he likes me. But I know that that will never happen. 😭😓

  24. B Taco

    B Taco11 hari yang lalu

    im genuinely attracted to this dude

  25. Harriet

    Harriet13 hari yang lalu

    Okay so everyone is telling about their crush stories so here is mine: I had crush on this boy in my class for years and I never had the courage to speak up to him. So this was last year at school so I had to gather the courage and tell him when I get the chance that I like him so much from years! And I got that chance on my birthday, I invited him on my birthday along with many classmates [ because I didn't want to give him the hint that's why I called more classmates] And yeah the birthday went well, he gave me a cute necklace as a gift, i really loved it and I was sooo happy!! That maybe he is interested in me. So I texted him after I reached home that I really liked his present!! And we talked for a while and I finally confessed to him. But rather than saying that I liked him for years I said I have gained a crush on him recently ( which was a total lie because it has been 5 years or so me being in love with him) So yeah it turns out he was a total douche and not only he rejected me harshly also he told everyone about it, that how crazy I am for him :'( And even my friends didn't knew that I liked him for so long so they all too acted weird. But I'm okay now :) I'm in college now and now I look back at my past I don't even know why I liked him!

  26. イデーン

    イデーン13 hari yang lalu

    my crush called me ugly and then my friends said they were not wrong. had to throw some reality into the crush stories.

  27. jungsuga park

    jungsuga park14 hari yang lalu

    Yay I have a crush too and he is my classmate, but the worst thing here is he have a girlfriend already. He always talk to me and he even called me little sister ahh I don't want you to be my big bro I want you to be mine.😭

  28. Giss C.S

    Giss C.S15 hari yang lalu

    I've only had one crush, it was in high school. He still wears glasses and was the shy type, he would get a red dot on his forehead when embarrassed (maybe he still does). I never confessed and I'm not sure he knew or suspected. Or maybe he knew, it doesn't matter now. I used to lend him my homework and patronized him on group activities. On the second year he got interested on a girl (the hot type) and they dated, after that I had a boyfriend just because (now that I think about it maybe I was heartbroken 😂). He wasn't the sweet kind of guy I thought he was at the begining, but very childish and pervert. But he was my crush nonetheless. He doesn't look like my ideal type anymore but he has his place in my memories. He has been the only on after all.

  29. Devanshi Sharma

    Devanshi Sharma16 hari yang lalu

    I actually had a crush on my senior but he wasn't on any social media and I wasn't brave enough to approach him in school. I saw him in a picture with a guy so I tried approaching that guy. Eventually, I started like that guy and forgot about my senior. After a year we met. And like started dating. I lost interest after a few weeks and just broke up with him. Now he's totally over me but I'm kinda still missing him lmao.

  30. She He

    She He16 hari yang lalu

    And here I am...I told my friend about my crush a lot and she told me she would help us out....and now? They are datinggg! Isn't that sweetttt!

  31. Maghfiros Vir

    Maghfiros Vir22 hari yang lalu

    I have a crush in high school.. I was crying in silent at home coz i couldn say anything to him until we graduated.. Now i end up marrying his bestfriend.. Funny thing😅


    VANESSA YONG XUAN XUAN XVI23 hari yang lalu

    i have a crush but im too afraid to confess or do anything since we might be going on our separate ways after graduating from our school :-) but i will never regret liking him

  33. Chloe Maughan

    Chloe Maughan23 hari yang lalu

    The group looks fun to hang out with at lunch time. I wish people weren’t shitty to me at school.

  34. Rayhana Alzarrad

    Rayhana Alzarrad24 hari yang lalu

    When my crush found out I liked him he went ‘WHAT EWWW’ lol we were like 10 so....

  35. wollstonecraft x

    wollstonecraft x24 hari yang lalu

    Storytime. so, basically, the summer before school, I told my second crush that I liked him. I ran away after I had confessed, and my friends kept teasing me about it. When school started, I had found my feelings had disappeared, and we decided to forget what had happened. When I was walking to my math class on a normal day, I found this boy talking with all his other friends. Nothing about him caught my eye until he smiled. I still remember that feeling. Suddenly my heart would stop pounding, and my stomach felt queasy like there were butterflies in there. I had never felt that before with my other so-called "crushes". Then he entered his classroom and disappeared behind the door. I knew I had fallen for him. HARD. I also finally experienced what a first love really felt like. I have watched him from afar several times. But have never dared to talk to him. Whenever I decided to, my fight or flight response would kick in, and I would flee. I know all his friends because they are my friends too. He is so amazing. He has brown roots, with bleached highlight. He also is short. And I am twice his height. He has a deep heart tearing voice. And his smile could cure diseases as fast as it takes for a bts concert to sell out. I have given him two confession notes. The first one, since two of my friends, gave it to him, he didn't know who had actually liked him(me). He doesn't know my name. I tried talking to him once, but he seemed sort of not interested, and walked off. Another time, I tried saying hi to him, and he had earphones in, so I thought he just couldn't hear me, because he didn't reply. But when his friend called him once, he immediately took them off, and walked towards him. I am usually loud and outspoken. And all my friends say that I can literally make friends with anyone, because I just walk up to random strangers, especially new students, to make them feel comfortable. I also seem kind of annoying because I talk to much as you can tell. But whenever I am around him, I feel shy, which my friends find weird, especially since I become mute/quiet whenever he is around. The big question I want to talk to you guys about is, SHOULD I TALK TO HIM????!!!!

  36. YaY33t

    YaY33t25 hari yang lalu

    If you don't like cliffhangers don't watch this movie

  37. Dragon Taehyung

    Dragon Taehyung26 hari yang lalu

    Why is it always the girl that faints, yo do people really gotta portray females as the "weak one" most of the time. Like bruh -_- and why must girls cry all the damn time

  38. Mrs. Bhuwakul

    Mrs. Bhuwakul27 hari yang lalu

    I met my chrush at a fair because my friend came with her bf and his friends and one of them asked for my instagram and since then we were texting and after a month I told him that I liked him and he said :"how can you like someone like me you deserve a handsome guy" (he always tells me that Im nice and pretty). And now we are dateing the only problem is he lives far away from me :'(

  39. Mrs. Park Chimchim

    Mrs. Park Chimchim27 hari yang lalu

    Amputa hanggang Sana all Lang ako dito

  40. Giaidaber Tromp

    Giaidaber Tromp28 hari yang lalu

    Welp. Since everyone is talking about their love life... here goes nothing. Let’s see... it all started 2-3 years ago when I started to have a crush on this guy. Funny thing was that I knew him and his family for about 14 years or something but I only started to crush HARD on him sice 2-3 years ago. And me being the akward, shy and having no self esteem whatsoever decided to ignore him COMPLETELY thinking it too ugly or annoying or childish to speak to him. But I still hung out and texted her sister and talked with her family but I avoided him. The thing is that idk how to act around boys my age🙁. But ALL of this was about to change this year because I was getting a new chance to make everything right between us. We went to the same school and church but I never ended in the same class as him. But that’s exactly what happenend this year. When I told my crush’s sister in which class I was in she started laughing. I was like ‘why are you laughing?’ Then she said that I was in the same class as my crush and I ALMOST had a HEARTATTACK. My heart could have litterally jumped out of my chest because it was beating so hard. This was my chance to make up for everything; to stop ignoring him in hopes of becoming officially friends. But on the first day of school; you know the saying ‘old habits die hard’? Welp. I ignored him. ...... Yeah. I know. I’M FREAKING STUPID. THAT WAS MY ONLY CHANCE😭😭 This happend this year and almost half the year already passed and I still haven’t had a conversation with him for more than 1 minute. We text sometime’s on Instagram but sometimes he reads it but doesn’t respond. Welp this is stil going on and I hope that ne day we coild become friends and I could help him. Idk. Pray for me🙏🏽☺️🙁

  41. Jazmine Condado

    Jazmine Condado28 hari yang lalu


  42. Justin Seagull

    Justin SeagullBulan Yang lalu

    Well, my crush doesn't know that I exist... :)

  43. Denden Mendioro

    Denden MendioroBulan Yang lalu

    I have a crush and I was about to tell him but then it turns out he has a boyfriend 😢

  44. Denden Mendioro

    Denden MendioroBulan Yang lalu


  45. XxDiamond GachaxX

    XxDiamond GachaxXBulan Yang lalu

    I didnt have breakfast today and i haven't fainted 🤔🤔

  46. TheTransGenderKid

    TheTransGenderKidBulan Yang lalu

    Heh u know I got a crush but I can never talk to him me and him share a hospital room and he can’t talk he usually rights stuff down but when I got out of hospital I never saw him again and I didn’t have a Another crush at all since

  47. hpluser

    hpluserBulan Yang lalu

    Love the comment section .Every one is telling their own stories it feels like the whole world is my family😀😀😀

  48. Fucking watch Marvel agent carter

    Fucking watch Marvel agent carterBulan Yang lalu

    my crush found out i liked him and he liked me back but then he acted like he liked my best friend instead of me i mean like after telling me that he liked me he spent more time playing with my bestf and talking to her so like idk what to do anymore :/

  49. Cecilea Haiden

    Cecilea HaidenBulan Yang lalu

    I used to be so popular in primary school almost everyone liked me except my crush he hated me and one day he asked me if i ate his chocolate and i said no but after a while he came back with two boys who captured me and then he punched my stomach, lol

  50. Sarah Ramjitsingh

    Sarah RamjitsinghBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like they coulee got someone prettier

  51. Animesh Boi

    Animesh BoiBulan Yang lalu

    0:37 wtf these clothes are in Pubgm

  52. nabila k

    nabila kBulan Yang lalu

    It reminds me of my crush, i think he has already found out that i like him, but he act like he doesn't know 🙄

  53. Meghana kaluva sale

    Meghana kaluva saleBulan Yang lalu

    idk why but i usually tend to get crushes on the people who sit next to me at the beginning of the year

  54. Clout Jam

    Clout JamBulan Yang lalu

    When you have a crush on 7 men in a group named BTS but they don't even know you exist and are way older than you😢

  55. Prashant Patil

    Prashant PatilBulan Yang lalu

    Reading all these comments really makes me feel good, seeing so many people talking about their, instead of cursing lives it feels better to read the comments that give us hopes😄that there are people just like me nd life still can get better

  56. Agatha Chacon

    Agatha ChaconBulan Yang lalu

    Can anyone tell me if this has a happy ending? Cause if it's sad, then I don't want to watch it 😅

  57. dondondon matafaka

    dondondon matafakaBulan Yang lalu

    I had a crush back in high school, she was a junior, our buildings were next to each other. I moved my seat to the window so we could see each other from the classrooms. Long story short i didn't confess then she became my best friend's girlfriend, I ended up being the third wheel for 3 whole years (3 of us would go everywhere together) till they broke up. it's been 14 years now I have never told her that i had a crush on her.

  58. Ashley Osorio

    Ashley OsorioBulan Yang lalu



    ŁØVĘ FØR ØŲR GIANŦ BABYBulan Yang lalu

    Omg that has happened to me, but totally different. Someone had written that i liked some random boy (I didn't even know who dat boy was lol). I simply went up the board and wrote "bullshit" underneath lol.

  60. Pretty Novie

    Pretty NovieBulan Yang lalu

    Asian crush is the one who lead me to watch movies and drama he recommend. Thank you👍🏻💕

  61. Malvika Saikia

    Malvika SaikiaBulan Yang lalu

    When I was in 6th grade a guy proposed to me...I didn't liked him at first but it changed after few weeks.... I was so nervous at that time when he asked me out again that I said No... Then he got dejected. Few months later he started dating one of my classmates... They both seemed happy... Later the boy moved to another school and we lost our contact. Few days after he left, his best friend came and told me he never loved that girl... It was always me... He was just trying to make me jealous... And truthfully so was I...

  62. Queen Queen

    Queen QueenBulan Yang lalu

    My crush found out and then didn't talk to me for about 6 months. Later he complained to his friends that I didn't try harder.. 😂😂😂

  63. still a mystery

    still a mysteryBulan Yang lalu

    when I made a letter for my crush saying " I know you like someone else but I still want to say I liked you since 4th grade" he smiled at me then BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM! He says Im just a friend I just didn't meet his standards 😭 so sad

  64. Marie Velasquez

    Marie VelasquezBulan Yang lalu

    I’m on mute, nmarie 🙄 get more crack that smile 😃 so untamed..

  65. I am Bleach

    I am BleachBulan Yang lalu

    nOoOoOoOoO. The character has the same name as me