When a professional musician sits down at a public piano...


  1. Henri Herbert

    Henri HerbertBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for all the positive comments! I am performing a solo piano concert at The Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, New York, USA. Advance tickets here www.eventbrite.com/e/henri-herbert-tickets-69201528635 I also am performing every Tuesday at C Boy's Heart and Soul, Austin, Texas, USA from 9.30 to 00.30 and evrery Thursday at Skull Mechanix, Austin, Texas, USA, from 6 to 7pm.

  2. Zeljko Srdic Artist Z Globetrotter

    Zeljko Srdic Artist Z Globetrotter8 jam yang lalu

    Sir you are genius! I could listen to you all day!

  3. Fronk Your Death

    Fronk Your Death19 jam yang lalu

    Jose Cresencio Hey, when did you start playing?

  4. Henri Herbert

    Henri Herbert20 jam yang lalu

    @Contamminated Again That is very sarcastic.

  5. Contamminated Again

    Contamminated Again20 jam yang lalu

    @Henri Herbert - You're right, why would I expect you, the artist trying to get more clicks/hits/follows, to put a link for any potential Fan's convenience? My bad.

  6. Anko kt

    Anko ktHari Yang lalu

    Come to Kenya 1day please''

  7. Bryan Schwerin

    Bryan Schwerin6 jam yang lalu

    You got my blood hot f yea!

  8. awesomex1002

    awesomex10026 jam yang lalu

    dWo YoU KNW BoOoOOgie WoOoOgIe??????!

  9. Jason Crasto

    Jason Crasto7 jam yang lalu

    🃏 joker

  10. Zoe Green

    Zoe Green7 jam yang lalu

    when ur having and online argument with someone and they spell something wrong.

  11. Zoe Green

    Zoe Green7 jam yang lalu

    Wow! This is absolutely breathtaking u need to be heard by ears around the world

  12. Вова Крайнов

    Вова Крайнов8 jam yang lalu

    Нужно снять фильм про известного человека из бандитов и он этот парень должен с играть и главную роль и на фортепиано эту или другую сложную музыку .

  13. tabark Ali

    tabark Ali8 jam yang lalu

    He has an anger problems the worst playing ever his play has no soul

  14. Serjohn

    Serjohn8 jam yang lalu

    you go to buy your enema medication and here there is a dude breaking your balls ol'piano man over here giving everyone a headache

  15. Rich McLenson

    Rich McLenson8 jam yang lalu

    My forearms are tired just watching this guy. It's quite the workout playing that fast.

  16. Lee- MusicLover

    Lee- MusicLover8 jam yang lalu

    oh my gosh... MARRY ME! this is epic and you're beautiful haha

  17. Alexis Danna

    Alexis Danna8 jam yang lalu

    Music sure does bring people together. Beautiful thing!!

  18. Elsa R

    Elsa R9 jam yang lalu

    😮 Nice coordination 🧠🖖🏻

  19. Aku

    Aku9 jam yang lalu

    Today, IDreporter Recommended was a very good boy

  20. A C

    A C10 jam yang lalu


  21. Hammad Ali

    Hammad Ali10 jam yang lalu

    That Greta at 03:28 ? Lmao

  22. Elmer Gloo

    Elmer Gloo10 jam yang lalu

    While this is amazing. It’s not something I’d listen to for fun. Music like this is just to show off your skills and nothing else.

  23. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown10 jam yang lalu

    I really quite liked this, but I'm also feeling like this video should actually be called "When a professional musician sits down at a public piano (and then we dub the audio from his pristine studio recording over an out of tune public piano in a noisy big-ass mall with all sorts of B.G. noise and crap and whatnot so it sounds totally great)". But it's still kind of cool.

  24. MrSwift2568

    MrSwift256811 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if he'd suddenly dropped Claire de Lune in the middle of that. a few seconds of "wtf" then dropped right back into the aggressive heavy stuff.

  25. Robson Maciel

    Robson Maciel11 jam yang lalu


  26. Ben Marling

    Ben Marling11 jam yang lalu

    My forearms hurt from watching this

  27. foxibot

    foxibot12 jam yang lalu

    Mais cher, that was some power you have in those hands. You ever come to Louisiana I will have to have you met some people I know. You got the boogie woogie cher. My hands were always powerful too. But I don’t think I have that power you do in your fingers and shoulders. “Now you hear me now cher!” That just means I am impressed! C’est bon, C’est bon C’est bon!

  28. dantesinfernal0

    dantesinfernal012 jam yang lalu

    Someone call the Fire Marshall, cuz this dude just burnt this mall to the ground!

  29. Julia Zuo

    Julia Zuo13 jam yang lalu

    The fingers look like a crazy hand having a sesure

  30. Michu _

    Michu _13 jam yang lalu

    guys heathe ledger's still alive he plays piano

  31. FrostedMantis

    FrostedMantis13 jam yang lalu

    When a pro plays lvl.1

  32. Rully Fitria Handayani

    Rully Fitria Handayani13 jam yang lalu

    If I were there I definitely would be moving my feet and shaking my body; dancing!!!

  33. Terry Bagley

    Terry Bagley13 jam yang lalu

    I can't stand this style of playing. It's like ones brain after listening to trump bs.You're good. Nothing personal.

  34. Larissa MC

    Larissa MC14 jam yang lalu

    I was having a bad ending day, so I listened to you. Thanks for the smile in my face :D

  35. mark allen

    mark allen14 jam yang lalu


  36. Evan Okeefe

    Evan Okeefe15 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry but I really don't care for blues

  37. Josh Easdon

    Josh Easdon15 jam yang lalu

    Could watch this guy play forever

  38. Caleb Medina

    Caleb Medina15 jam yang lalu

    He looks like a talented Nicholas Cage

  39. ikaw nah

    ikaw nah15 jam yang lalu

    wow amazing talent !

  40. BebéTechManiac 2018

    BebéTechManiac 201815 jam yang lalu

    12K that can't appreciate good music, and can't recognize a great talent. One of the most difficult music instruments, you need 2 play 2 parts, and not only that... he did it from the top of his head, without papers.

  41. Annabel Barbour

    Annabel Barbour15 jam yang lalu

    Did no one notice the guy with the beard sheet

  42. Light Yagami

    Light Yagami15 jam yang lalu

    OMG man ur one heck of a talent

  43. 好猫

    好猫15 jam yang lalu

    My bro you amaz 👍

  44. Rui Alessio

    Rui Alessio16 jam yang lalu


  45. Dylly

    Dylly16 jam yang lalu

    people recording instead of just experiencing the moment

  46. G32

    G3216 jam yang lalu

    Holy moly... that level of techniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiique. simply amazing. The best side of human kind.

  47. Mate Beslic

    Mate Beslic16 jam yang lalu

    Do you know boogie woogie?

  48. Zany Lightning

    Zany Lightning17 jam yang lalu

    You look like some type of superhero. Ima just call you FastFingers...

  49. tuyiorla

    tuyiorla18 jam yang lalu

    I clapped from where I am now jajaja, loved it!!! greetings from Mexico :)

  50. FriedRice Gaming

    FriedRice Gaming18 jam yang lalu

    Why do people just sit there and watch lol 😂 this is that swing music you know you feel that shit in your soul to make you dance lol

  51. Billy Wood

    Billy Wood19 jam yang lalu

    Very impressive.x

  52. Don Savio Philip

    Don Savio Philip19 jam yang lalu

    Came here after a slight headache..🤕 Now..I've become dumb too...🙄


    割OTAKU KAWAII!!20 jam yang lalu

    Mientras tanto en México: Un vato tocando Fur Elise en Liverpool o Chedraui: -oye wey, mira ese wey, es un pianista. -No mames si es cierto. :0 -Le pedimos un autógrafo? -A huevo :v

  54. Robustix

    Robustix20 jam yang lalu

    sounds overdone tbh this isnt music anymore

  55. teddy

    teddy21 jam yang lalu

    This just reminds me how mediocre I am at everything

  56. Juan Caorsi

    Juan Caorsi20 jam yang lalu

    @teddy go man , kick someone's ass, take care they could kick back, that's life.

  57. teddy

    teddy21 jam yang lalu

    Juan Caorsi thanks Juan, that means a lot

  58. Juan Caorsi

    Juan Caorsi21 jam yang lalu

    Who told you this? Everybody is worthy in this world. Be proud of yourself.

  59. Dim Willow

    Dim Willow22 jam yang lalu

    this made my day


    I AM LEGEND22 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if one of his finger cramps.

  61. Juan Caorsi

    Juan Caorsi22 jam yang lalu

    Unexpected and free concert, and people doesn't even stop ? What's the hurry about?

  62. Raheel Shaikh

    Raheel Shaikh22 jam yang lalu

    Hiiii, I belong to comment reader community

  63. musictranscription

    musictranscription22 jam yang lalu

    I'm transcribing this song

  64. Ashish Shukla

    Ashish Shukla22 jam yang lalu

    He was holding his breath for so long. Lol

  65. Flameblade69

    Flameblade6923 jam yang lalu

    Awesome stuff. I know next to nothing about how to play a piano so whenever I see someone playing they always seems like gods to me. I see this piece played a lot, is it really difficult to play compared to others or what?

  66. Zodiac Dior

    Zodiac DiorHari Yang lalu

    So ignorant people, idiots looking for shops only. everyone has the price of everything, and value of nothing. stupid people. what a great musician.

  67. Fazri Gading

    Fazri GadingHari Yang lalu

    Play slowly and people can understand your music!!! :)

  68. jonesy12221

    jonesy12221Hari Yang lalu

    My fingers actually ached after watching this!