When a professional musician sits down at a public piano...


  1. 89 Alpha

    89 AlphaJam Yang lalu

    This man should be platinum. Not the garbage you commonly here nowadays

  2. M 21

    M 21Jam Yang lalu

    Weird flex but ok

  3. Foto Charly

    Foto Charly4 jam yang lalu

    Se nota el gusto o la influencia de la musica de Jerry Lee Lewis

  4. Amby Milo

    Amby Milo5 jam yang lalu

    Wtf? Heath Ledger?

  5. Sectordx12

    Sectordx125 jam yang lalu

    He looks like a mixture of Ben Affleck and the bad guy agent from the matrix

  6. jbohnoff

    jbohnoff6 jam yang lalu

    Song sounds terrible!

  7. Frostbite - Gaming & More

    Frostbite - Gaming & More6 jam yang lalu

    If you want more piano stuff, then go to Joe Jenkins, (youtuber), he has some good videos

  8. StreetSpeed10

    StreetSpeed108 jam yang lalu

    Badass lol. Makes you wanna get up an dance lol.

  9. Khalil Mansouri

    Khalil Mansouri8 jam yang lalu

    The piano: I have never had an orgasm like this before

  10. Yuhui Chen

    Yuhui Chen8 jam yang lalu

    When 1900 finally got off the ship

  11. Mia Allen

    Mia Allen8 jam yang lalu

    i hate all these people. there’s nothing i’d be doing at a mall unless i’m *pressed* for time that would deserve more attention than this man.

  12. Pro Patte

    Pro Patte9 jam yang lalu

    this would be the most annoying alarm song

  13. Siju Mathew

    Siju Mathew9 jam yang lalu

    What the hell am doing with my hands 😬😬😬 hope u guys might think the same😂😂😂

  14. big boy Y

    big boy Y10 jam yang lalu

    He even has the side burns to prove it

  15. Ogponline battlefield 1 Yes im better

    Ogponline battlefield 1 Yes im better10 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha that little girl is priceless " what am i hearing right now"

  16. Clint James De Paz

    Clint James De Paz11 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if that piano was a girl.

  17. Niko Soear

    Niko Soear11 jam yang lalu

    Imagine this guys finger fucking skills..

  18. Δημ Μπα

    Δημ Μπα11 jam yang lalu

    You are a man if you use your fingers like this . We salute you

  19. Mătuşa Goa

    Mătuşa Goa12 jam yang lalu

    He is so fast I needed to check the video speed

  20. peter monaghan

    peter monaghan13 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Windows crashing: 2:16

  21. 6strprodigy

    6strprodigy13 jam yang lalu

    He made Jerry Lee Lewis proud.

  22. Luka 2000

    Luka 200014 jam yang lalu

    T-800: I need a vacation This piano: *Lmao good joke*

  23. Dinohero188

    Dinohero18814 jam yang lalu

    User:piano stand name: Henri Herbert

  24. Kim M

    Kim M14 jam yang lalu

    Our dumbed down society doesn't even realize the extreme talent this guy has and what it takes to be that good of a pianist.

  25. YmnTiger

    YmnTiger15 jam yang lalu

    4:02 feels like hes getting possessed or something😂

  26. eZ Way

    eZ Way15 jam yang lalu

    This guy is a bot.

  27. Ratnamany Ambikaipakan

    Ratnamany Ambikaipakan15 jam yang lalu

    Why is his face like that tho

  28. Jody York

    Jody York15 jam yang lalu

    Wwow watching this i saw so many ppl walk by totally void of all emotion and totally blind to anyone or thing atound them sad

  29. JOE

    JOE15 jam yang lalu

    Whattttt theee fucckkkkkk mannn ?

  30. Mesut Çoban

    Mesut Çoban15 jam yang lalu

    he knoes boogie woogie

  31. EvyBevy

    EvyBevy16 jam yang lalu

    My mom can do better cuz shes asian


    INFINITY 2U16 jam yang lalu

    I think the music is kind of noisy but I just don’t know why I listened 4 times

  33. Amit Bajaj

    Amit Bajaj17 jam yang lalu

    So much energy He is a trained powerhouse

  34. Anton Patton

    Anton Patton17 jam yang lalu

    Hands down amazing

  35. Valentin Wawki

    Valentin Wawki17 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand why 15000 people gave this impressive video dislikes.

  36. Valentin Wawki

    Valentin Wawki17 jam yang lalu

    I think all these people envy him. Because they can not do such a great thing.

  37. C P

    C P17 jam yang lalu

    This shit is AMPED. Makes me want to put down my Six Shooters and Dance~! YEEHAWW

  38. The Thanos

    The Thanos18 jam yang lalu

    His using speed drugs isn’t he?

  39. Sander Palm

    Sander Palm18 jam yang lalu

    The real question is why he looks like James Franco

  40. Bismah Mansoor

    Bismah Mansoor18 jam yang lalu

    Can you teach me how to play piano...? Its my dream to learn! :(

  41. Jon

    Jon20 jam yang lalu

    Cool. I get the be the first to post the lyrics. "instrumental" Fin.