Whatever The Ball Hits, I'll Buy - Challenge


  1. CIA

    CIA3 jam yang lalu

    worst goal keaper i ever see

  2. YouTube Prodigy

    YouTube Prodigy7 jam yang lalu

    621 there’s a cat in the bottom right corner...😹😹😹

  3. Lightning Bolt

    Lightning Bolt7 jam yang lalu

    At 6:45 you can heat I think is a white cat on the right

  4. Ashley Mead

    Ashley Mead9 jam yang lalu

    Why didn’t Chris take the first penalty like this in the charity match

  5. Harvey Sweeten

    Harvey Sweeten10 jam yang lalu

    I would burn the Man U shirt

  6. daria finnegan

    daria finnegan11 jam yang lalu

    8:03 today the orange one

  7. guđrún hrafnkelsdóttir

    guđrún hrafnkelsdóttir12 jam yang lalu

    9:15 kittyyyyy

  8. Blake_Davitt YT

    Blake_Davitt YT13 jam yang lalu

    Idk why he didn’t pick like Gucci or a pair of yeezys

  9. Pratul Deka

    Pratul Deka16 jam yang lalu

    Everyone came here for IPHONE

  10. Mark anthony Perolina

    Mark anthony Perolina19 jam yang lalu


  11. Naika Rai

    Naika Rai19 jam yang lalu

    Sore losrr

  12. Jordan Rimmer

    Jordan RimmerHari Yang lalu

    Can I do that comp

  13. V.S. For sure

    V.S. For sureHari Yang lalu

    Hits Chris: buys Chris.

  14. V.S. For sure

    V.S. For sureHari Yang lalu

    Cristiano Ronaldo comes and breaks the net: gets everything.

  15. Random Stuff

    Random StuffHari Yang lalu

    l would be aiming for that top left corner to be honest

  16. Rattie Gamer

    Rattie GamerHari Yang lalu

    6:44 WHITE CAT IN BACK GROUND!!!!!!!

  17. SGB MasterBlasta

    SGB MasterBlastaHari Yang lalu

    How did you manage to get Ed sheeran in your vid

  18. Issac Says

    Issac SaysHari Yang lalu

    Is this Mr Beast? Oh my bad Just a cOpYCaT

  19. Xll_Rip_ You_llX

    Xll_Rip_ You_llXHari Yang lalu

    Fav part 12:49

  20. Marius Roevde

    Marius RoevdeHari Yang lalu

    He’s very desperate for views

  21. The Breakaway

    The Breakaway2 hari yang lalu

    So everyone nos, the Lynx is what britains call axe.

  22. Jayden Yung

    Jayden Yung2 hari yang lalu

    6:35 she’s triggered

  23. Lemon Dr Pepper

    Lemon Dr Pepper2 hari yang lalu

    Alright welcome back to Chris changes the rules

  24. Rupa Gurung

    Rupa Gurung2 hari yang lalu

    Hey what is 9+10=21

  25. bluefefe

    bluefefe2 hari yang lalu


  26. Skylar Corrodore

    Skylar Corrodore2 hari yang lalu


  27. Obey_Parzival

    Obey_Parzival2 hari yang lalu

    its a-dee-dahs no adi-das

  28. DeathBeast 51

    DeathBeast 512 hari yang lalu

    I genuinely felt bad for her when she hit the 50 pounds to spend in the morgz shop

  29. Ivor Williams

    Ivor Williams2 hari yang lalu

    5:25 you sounded so desperate to say that

  30. CBas Merkz

    CBas Merkz2 hari yang lalu

    Ummmm this is not it chief.

  31. Joseph Pupillo

    Joseph Pupillo2 hari yang lalu

    Lets go Mrbeast merch

  32. Epic rijul Epic rijul

    Epic rijul Epic rijul2 hari yang lalu


  33. Robbie Van Damme

    Robbie Van Damme2 hari yang lalu

    Just give them their prizes ya loser

  34. kerry jones

    kerry jones2 hari yang lalu

    Man U are better than arsenal

  35. Šimon Mlčoch

    Šimon Mlčoch2 hari yang lalu

    Tak naco si vtej brane

  36. Šimon Mlčoch

    Šimon Mlčoch2 hari yang lalu

    Hovno chytáš šak baba ti dá cool iba sakukas kam ti tan balon létá do brány

  37. ESP Talan

    ESP Talan3 hari yang lalu

    I’d rather have skimmed milk than Morgz’s merch

  38. The adventures of Flimski and Mashy

    The adventures of Flimski and Mashy3 hari yang lalu

    But you’re going to break what you’re trying to get..

  39. MerakiDraws

    MerakiDrawsHari Yang lalu

    The adventures of Flimski and Mashy the item isn’t in the box big brain

  40. 1000 subs With one vid

    1000 subs With one vid3 hari yang lalu

    Kelly got the worst third prize ever

  41. Schoko Drinker

    Schoko Drinker3 hari yang lalu

    Admit it bro, u just suck at goalkeeping

  42. Dominique Colon

    Dominique Colon3 hari yang lalu

    You should do the same thing on Christmas but with the boxes turned around so that they don’t know what they’re getting - Dom from United States Maryland

  43. Grayland Purches

    Grayland Purches3 hari yang lalu

    4:20 lol

  44. 100 Subs with no Vids!!!!! HARD!!!!!!

    100 Subs with no Vids!!!!! HARD!!!!!!3 hari yang lalu

    “That wasn’t me trying to sike u up....I just forgot how to run!!!!!!!! I DIED!! HAHAHAHA

  45. Valiant Seraph

    Valiant Seraph4 hari yang lalu

    Ho can you forget a normal human action

  46. Kakka3

    Kakka34 hari yang lalu

    6:18 a cat in top left

  47. Gavin Ratcliff

    Gavin Ratcliff4 hari yang lalu

    Not a challenge

  48. Ella W

    Ella W4 hari yang lalu

    Cute 🐈 on 916 seconds

  49. Ella W

    Ella W4 hari yang lalu

    Cute 🐈 on 903 seconds

  50. Im Tiga

    Im Tiga4 hari yang lalu

    6:20 the cat in the background

  51. govindji patel

    govindji patel4 hari yang lalu

    In thumbnail it shows a iPhone 10 ;-;

  52. Gaming Bro

    Gaming Bro4 hari yang lalu

    Click better there is no iPhone 11

  53. Flammene 08

    Flammene 084 hari yang lalu

    Shop misterbeast.com

  54. Ian Zyankali

    Ian Zyankali4 hari yang lalu

    Kaiserslautern is the best Team in world

  55. Max cook

    Max cook4 hari yang lalu

    F y tot are amazing you fa.g what a rat

  56. EDM Gamers

    EDM Gamers4 hari yang lalu

    What does the MD stand for in ChrisMD

  57. EDM Gamers

    EDM Gamers2 hari yang lalu

    Facts Taxi are u certain of it

  58. Facts Taxi

    Facts Taxi2 hari yang lalu


  59. DatOneBoii

    DatOneBoii4 hari yang lalu

    Notice in the thumbnail it says i phone 11 but there is only 2 cameras

  60. anders tüür

    anders tüür4 hari yang lalu

    8:21 when you try to finger someone but you miss

  61. YZ. TV

    YZ. TV4 hari yang lalu


  62. YZ. TV

    YZ. TV4 hari yang lalu

    Go sub to me everyone pla

  63. dorcas shathisane

    dorcas shathisane4 hari yang lalu

    nice goalkeeper girl