What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial


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    love jeffree bUt thE sTrAws R sO WasTefuL

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    Hey scorpio!! November 18th here !🤗

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    OK WAIT a second...somebody tell me the YSL is the best foundation eh? and then Jeffreys concealer is the best concealer...Please help me from here what is next? contour?

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    Fucking yuck. Your a man yet look like this?? Hope we go extinct

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    Omg pleaaaaase take me to get my nails done by your nail tech my GOD I'm so shook.

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    Jeffree: “how are YOU?” Me: (Literally not ok. My feels have been excruciating and so overwhelming. Cried for 3 hours the other day hating on myself. Probably the biggest mental breakdown I’ve ever had to date) “I’m fine”

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    happy early birthday jeffree we love you

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    what about your vault? you going to build another one?

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    so yall if you do math jeffree x shane sell over 486.2m

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    Jeffree Star: Pig ment brings you back to life Me: That pallet better come now hurry up FED EX

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    is he trans gender

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    “diamonds on my face” 😂😂😂❤️

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    1 day away from sharing a birthday with Jeffree Star 🙄😭

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    Congratulations you two! Moving on and up 👆

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    Jeffree you need to come to Virginia Beach. I am so ready to go to a master class and my boyfriends mom would love a surprise like that. She would die.

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    Jeffery: leaves his 2million dollar vault right after it was done Me: if I lose my AirPods my parents won’t buy me anything for the rest of my life

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    *Jeffree Star moves* Me: But um you just built that vault

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    What about the vault?

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    I would love to see some moving vlogs.

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    Jaclyn hill x morphe brushes I see you!!!

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    I want Jeffree to make a video on his nails. Like where he gets them done and stuff

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    He should donate the makeup to me. Or at least the expired one. I'm wearing no makeup looks forever, bc im poor, lmao.

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    Just send your make up table to Texas I desperately need one 😭

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    YEAAH I *LIKED* BEFORE I WATCHED. *_WHY_* ? YOU ASK Because I Frocking Love Jeffrey so much. and you should too. if you don't...then DAMN YOU get your head on straight and see things as it is!!.. he is the SHIITE! I love him and so should you. Tell me why you dont if you don't...

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    Jaki cwel jebany zmien podpaske bo widze ciocia odwiedzila


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    dose it count of the other things like a month a go ?

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    Jeffree used the palette for blush and bronzer and proceeds to claim to not have an eyeliner. I’m screaming at the screen like USE MY RIDES HERE FOR EYELINER only to realize he was plugging his meet and greet by skipping over using the palette for eyeliner lol

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    U know he’s dirty Rick when he lil build the vault that cost fuck god knows now he’s moving I can’t handle this 😩👏 help me I’m poor 😂god I love him fp ❤️

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    Fellow Scorpio here. Hi howareya?

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    I hate the editing so mucho

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    I can hep

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    My birthday was on November 7th so my birthday already passed. I’m a teenager🥳♥️

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    The things Jeffree has in his trash pile would be in my treasure pile 😂

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    My birthday is November 15th too!!❤️

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    So he made a whole ass new “vault” thing in his house and is moving DAYYYUUMNNN💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂 yessssss

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    Use your lipstick for eyeliner!!! That’s what I usually do 👍🏽

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    Racist :

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    He is moving after he built that vault closet 😂😂😂

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    This guy's so weird

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    That lip doughnut combo though!

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    Jeffree I need a look from the mini pallet PLEASE

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    I can relate so hard on not understanding how I’ve outgrown such a large space compared to what I grew up with. It makes me feel guilty that I grew up with so little and I now even more than that seems like not enough 😔

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    How this is related to zombies???

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    I cant immagine out growing a mansion. Our family of 4 plus 3 cats and a dog live in a 1900 sq ft 3 bedroom house that we bought 15 years ago 😂😂

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    I’m happy your moving, change is good ! Can’t wait for a house tour, new beauty room. I think you should hold a contest, let the fans design your room. I’m sorry about your fur babies, your both in my prayers. 🖤🌻

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    how many times did Jeffree say its been a crazy year? a 1,000 times

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    Can I get a like for no reason?

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    Please make a tour of your new house once you settle in.

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    U are a boy

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    My dog of 8 years unexpectedly was diagnosed with cancer and passed away just two days later this past Halloween. Her loss was such a tremendous blow to me after a relatively great year... Pets are family and best friends, and it’s incredibly heartbreaking to relearn life without their presence or quirky behaviors coloring how you experience your day to day routines. I can’t imagine losing two dogs within just months of each other. I hope you and Nate are able to embrace the change you crave and are able to move forward without too much emotional hurt. You’re definitely not alone in your grief. Thank you and Shane for everything you’ve provided for your communities; the projects you both undertake are as inspiring as they are comforting to watch. ♥️ I can’t wait to see the rest of the series and where life takes you next Jeffree! And kudos for Scorpio twinning; my birthday is two days before yours on the 13th ;) ♏️

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    Omg I’ve been waiting for this

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    Aweee my daughter shares your birthday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Dang, I HATE IT when I outgrow my MANSION. Wait, Does a 1000 sq ft apartment count as a mansion?

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    You're a F*cking Balless Ass-Licking POS.. Drop Dead you Freak!