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    Who knows this song Death surrounds my heart beats slowing down i can't take this world abuse i won't give i refuse this is how it feels when you fight back

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    Pres ron is a . . . . .

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    Wow, Preston always turns a SUPER day to a awful day. Thank you so much women ❀️

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    Preston is bedrock an obsidian that you cannot break


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    my big brother has a razer computer and i used it to watch the vid

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    You cannot break command blocks, barriers, portal blocks, and end portal blocks.

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    I loved this video and Preston 1 like for this guy πŸ₯Ά

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    Bedrock is my favorite item in Minecraft

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    Preston's 😎 O.M.G.😧

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    can lava break bedrock

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    Actually you can break bedrock with thousands of tnt or using the best pickax possible ff about a week

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    Did you hear Wallstreet at one point going, β€œMY EARBALLS!”

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    Who remembers this I wanna be I wanna be famous in cartoon Network in 2007

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    Total drama island is awesome

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    ( I KNOW THIS IS LATE ) (BUT) How preston feels : Hello darkness my old friend

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    R.I.P Preston (R.I.P stands for rest in peace, rest in pepperoni, rest in pizza, and rest in Preston) Lol

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    he kept falling "Hello darkly smiled friend!!!"

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    Can we just acknowledge that one time Preston said d*mn like a few years ago

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    Poor bob

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    6:44 preston sweared but they cut out the part cause he said mother **** (part was cut out)

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    Can i take a moment and say it has been a year since i subscribe to preston but what does TBNR means and also what does frags mean?

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