What's in my bag?! | Megan Margot


  1. Veronica Glapa

    Veronica GlapaTahun Yang lalu

    I can watch you alll day

  2. Kathleen Sauer

    Kathleen SauerTahun Yang lalu

    For the zipper that is sticking , sometimes running a lead pencil up & down the zipper teeth helps ; try that first & if still not great , a bar of soap rubbed on the zipper will help too

  3. Cristina Maria

    Cristina MariaTahun Yang lalu

    What brand of hair dye do you use?

  4. Delighted Mommy

    Delighted MommyTahun Yang lalu

    What is the white headboard looking thing behind you? Is that a heater? If so that’s pottery awesome and sleek looking

  5. Sarah Hébert

    Sarah HébertTahun Yang lalu

    Can you do a video about all your work you do before and about your experience and if you have some tips to find a job ? Pleaaaase would be so usefull haha Love u

  6. Rachel Villarim

    Rachel VillarimTahun Yang lalu

    I need the rose pink gold mini bag with a little ball in order to carry on beeing mentally wealthy!!!!!!!😁

  7. Blahhh Sparks

    Blahhh SparksTahun Yang lalu

    What kind of apple laptop you have ?

  8. Linda Rocha

    Linda RochaTahun Yang lalu

    It's okay I'm nosy too and I enjoy your vlogs ❤️ hehe

  9. Drew Prindle

    Drew PrindleTahun Yang lalu

    could you make a what’s in my suitcase?? it would be cool to know what you packed when you moved to another country

  10. Sup riya

    Sup riyaTahun Yang lalu

    Loving all the uploads🌸🌸🌸

  11. Rebekka Erki

    Rebekka ErkiTahun Yang lalu

    Also can you come to Belgium??

  12. Rebekka Erki

    Rebekka ErkiTahun Yang lalu

    Why are you so pretty😍😍😍😍❤️❤️😩😩

  13. Diamond Silver

    Diamond SilverTahun Yang lalu

    She looks hot when she blonde, black is cute nonetheless. BUT HOTT blonde :)

  14. Giuliana

    GiulianaTahun Yang lalu


  15. f catcheway

    f catchewayTahun Yang lalu

    you should do a what's around the corner vid when your out and about .

  16. halz win

    halz winTahun Yang lalu

    The eyelash hanging half way off IS SO RELATABLE 😂😂😂

  17. PaperHearts

    PaperHeartsTahun Yang lalu

    Please do a draw my life video! Ily

  18. abrissh

    abrisshTahun Yang lalu

    Love all your videos but my favs are just random vlogs ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  19. Emily Grace

    Emily GraceTahun Yang lalu

    Hi Megan I have been working out for about 3 months and I have lost 20 pounds and it's all because of you you really inspired me that I'm not gonna get pushed around anymore because I'm fat I'm gonna do something about it ! thank you so so so much for the tips in your other videos!❤


    НАЙТ ВИЖНTahun Yang lalu

    Girl, you're so AMAZING. you're my INSPIRATION to move on!!!! You give me a lot of power!!!!!YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO COZY AS FUCK!!~ I LOVE U SO MUCH. I'll be happy to see any of your vid!!!!!! THANK YOU

  21. taka trochę

    taka trochęTahun Yang lalu

    You are such a bright person, like watching you makes me being more positive and I really need it those days. take care x

  22. Janae Nicholson

    Janae NicholsonTahun Yang lalu

    Love these kind of videos!

  23. Grill Gemar

    Grill GemarTahun Yang lalu

    So I got a question, how long do you usually work out for? Especially when you started out? Like how many minutes do you run daily or something? You inspire me to become like you and I really want to start working out and losing weight but I just have no clue where to start.

  24. Grill Gemar

    Grill GemarTahun Yang lalu

    Megan Margot I see :0 Thanks for replying!

  25. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    Grill Gemar im actually in the process of making a video about that because im just starting to work out again! (I've been slackin the past few months) I usually run for about 30 minutes, but in the beginning I have to work myself up to it!

  26. Lena Yvette

    Lena YvetteTahun Yang lalu

    Everything about this video is YAAAAS. Like , alllll of them 💗 xoxo

  27. meriem hamdoune

    meriem hamdouneTahun Yang lalu

    You are so cute

  28. Helen R

    Helen RTahun Yang lalu

    Hi Megan, found your channel couple of weeks ago and by now I am up to date and totally hooked! First thing in the morning I check whether you’ve posted something new. Keep doing what you’re doing!! And come visit Belgium, we truly have the best food 👌🏼 (I never joke about food)

  29. made by gia

    made by giaTahun Yang lalu

    Megan, I got a quick question! so when you started working out, did you find cardio really difficult? cause for it's SO hard. like i can't even jog for a minute straight! how did you adjust to that? what did you find more effective? cardio or strength exercises?

  30. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    and i find them both very effective. Definitely do both!:)

  31. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    athenus omg yess!! Starting to get in shape is so painful in the beginning 😩 but that's cuz your body is getting used to it, the more you do it the longer you'll be able to go and it'll start to feel really good! My advice is to take as many breaks as you need when you run, eventually you won't need to take as many!

  32. Mariyah Kristine

    Mariyah KristineTahun Yang lalu

    Would you be able to do a drug store makeup tutorial or a dupe product tutorial? I’m learning how to apply makeup still and I haven’t bought any high end products yet 😅

  33. HIareUmad

    HIareUmadTahun Yang lalu

    put some ky lube on that zipper

  34. T. Dee

    T. DeeTahun Yang lalu

    HIareUmad I was thinking olive oil or wd40 but ok, lube it is 😂

  35. funnyjessy1995

    funnyjessy1995Tahun Yang lalu

    I heard a seagul and Now I want to go to the beach haha ^_^ love the video baba xxxxxx

  36. Nathalie Rohou

    Nathalie RohouTahun Yang lalu

    The best youtuber in France is Enjoy Phoenix. Her name is Marie. Love from France 😘👌

  37. amyann29

    amyann29Tahun Yang lalu

    yessss i love the black with gold metal detail, that's how all of my bags are lol

  38. Henna M

    Henna MTahun Yang lalu

    "This ain't no old IDreporter?!!" Lmao love this video. Just a precaution maybe have a pepper spray so you're safe!

  39. Ci La

    Ci LaTahun Yang lalu

    What French youtubers do you watch? I need to practice my french

  40. JuliaVideos

    JuliaVideosTahun Yang lalu

    Where did you get your bag from?

  41. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    JuliaVideos I got it from aldo!

  42. alicia huser

    alicia huserTahun Yang lalu

    Could you do a apartment/room tour? I'm really curious

  43. Yuliya Belopolsky

    Yuliya BelopolskyTahun Yang lalu

    Which French youtubers do you watch?

  44. Kate Xo

    Kate XoTahun Yang lalu

    I love your personality so much you're so gorgeous as well love from Ireland 🇮🇪x

  45. Whambozo Lala

    Whambozo LalaTahun Yang lalu

    Love the bag! Where did u get it from? Xx

  46. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    Whambozo Lala I got it from aldo!

  47. emily kitts

    emily kittsTahun Yang lalu

    “Tweeze it bitch” iconic😂💛

  48. Baneful Things

    Baneful ThingsTahun Yang lalu

    Fuzzy coin purse adorable!!

  49. lrose

    lroseTahun Yang lalu

    “Tweeze it bitch” holy shit

  50. lrose

    lroseTahun Yang lalu

    I 👏 want 👏 Primark 👏 in 👏 North 👏 America

  51. T. Dee

    T. DeeTahun Yang lalu

    They have one in NY I think.

  52. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    puckerjugs yesss they definitely need one! Don't know why they don't 🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. S K

    S KTahun Yang lalu

    Wow that blue on you is absolutely stunning 😍

  54. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    S K thank you!! ☺️💕

  55. Aliya Plummer

    Aliya PlummerTahun Yang lalu

    I was just thinking about making this video 😁

  56. Mariam Al-Hunayan

    Mariam Al-HunayanTahun Yang lalu

    Why did you move to England? :) Love you so much boo. Your weight loss video really helped me!!

  57. Tripan Randhawa

    Tripan RandhawaTahun Yang lalu

    loved it ♥️

  58. Princess q

    Princess qTahun Yang lalu

    Is the ghost still there?

  59. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    Princess q I haven't had any experiences recently, but then again I'm hardly home 😂

  60. Knight Nine

    Knight NineTahun Yang lalu

    I love your video so much!! 💕especially when you just chilled and talk about random stuff

  61. Paige Surtees

    Paige SurteesTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Megan, do you have any videos of you in Australia? New Australian sub here xxx

  62. Rebecca Rohde-Frisk

    Rebecca Rohde-FriskTahun Yang lalu

    Blue is so your color!

  63. 2Alexee

    2AlexeeTahun Yang lalu

    Congrats to you learning French! Je suis québecoise si jamais tu veux pratiquer ton français! :-)

  64. FreedomWriter3

    FreedomWriter3Tahun Yang lalu

    I'm nosy too! And I'm not ashamed. I ask people all the time, "what you got?" 😂​

  65. Lucious Mani

    Lucious ManiTahun Yang lalu

    You're a Cashew Nut . . Lol

  66. sofia taps

    sofia tapsTahun Yang lalu

    i love ur vids could you do a skincare routine?

  67. Gina

    GinaTahun Yang lalu

    Where is your necklace from?

  68. Kathleen Sauer

    Kathleen SauerTahun Yang lalu

    I think in a previous video she said her necklace is from Swarovski

  69. kailey king

    kailey kingTahun Yang lalu

    Haha I fricken love these types of videos haha

  70. flxwercxrpse

    flxwercxrpseTahun Yang lalu

    Haha same im nosey too

  71. Hira

    HiraTahun Yang lalu

    Was your old job Sephora? The one you couldn’t keep?

  72. Megan Margot

    Megan MargotTahun Yang lalu

    Hira no I worked there when I was in Canada! Only for a few days tho before I quit 😂

  73. Sarah M

    Sarah MTahun Yang lalu

    your videos make me feel so relaxed and happy and empowered?? and definitely come to London! 💗