What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial


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    thanks sir very useful for me to clear my doubts


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    I need SAP PI material

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    Production floor will not dispatch the finished goods directly to sales dept. F/G will be picked up by the inventory and then inventory will deliver the F/G to sales. Wrong flow shown here in this video

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    Guys dose erp and sap are simular ro Microsoft dynamics axapta, i know that 2x axapta are handling everything?

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    All these good comments yet not one of you can tell me what the hell “ERP” is an acronym for based solely on this video!!!!!

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    Listen to the first few seconds of the video... the narrator clearly describes what you are asking. Open your ears boy! :)

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    Enterprise Resource Planning

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    I produce meth and use the decentralized system. So I should use ERP and eventually become like Walter White. Got it.

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    accounting systems and technology lessgo

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    The apostrophe is not necessary in the word LIES at 1:47

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    I watch a video on what a SAP is and now I understand what one is much better than I did from reading my textbook.

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    NRFP. Spot dead. Leftblow#

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    Join with The winner yoh ALl damn⚡️🍷 can P RICH. 🤬mf

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    Run time minute ~1:45 The success of any organization lie's in effective communication and data exchange within the departments/ BU as well as associated Third Party Should be The success of any organization lies in effective communication and data exchange within the departments/ BU as well as associated Third Party

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    excellent video

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    Use a White narrator for better results.

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    SAP is the literally worst ERP software ever. We had alot of issues using this damn SAP. Thank god it's over now.

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    We have just implemented and started using it. It is by far (and I really mean by far) the least user-friendly software I have worked on. And yes, it does keep on having problems but everyone is still optimistic since it is still new. I hope it works for us.

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    "Integrating the data becomes is times & money consuming." You folks needs to proofread this presentation.

  22. Nandu Nandini

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    You have a typo instead of "data" you have "date". Needed more proofreading.

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    sap is why the world will end

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    have you submitted any vedio regurding supply chain managment????

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    What is SAP - easy, its Suffering and Pain

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    Thank you all clear

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    📣📣The arabic subtitle is wrong📣📣

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    Mafi Mushkila

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    So what does the SAP stands for?

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    Systems, Application, Products in data processing

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    Wir brauchen mehr als 3 Buchstaben! XD

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    Sounds like a sales pitch

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    Sounds good and clear in presentation, turns to be money laundering and failed projects in real life

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    me gusra

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    Am BA student, can i get SAP course?

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    okey u need to change the fucking title of this video. goddamn waste of time

  38. Kamil C.

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    Solution? Centralized Data management. Problem? Single point of failure. Honestly I don't see how ERP or SAP is anything else than automation of manufacturing management processes. There are no new paradigms or ideas brought within, yet this video tries to impress us that there is some revelation included. Video tackles artificial issues brought into picture out of nowhere. Where did the delay to access the data come from in decentralised system compared to previous situation? Are you telling me that accessing the Inventory Data by Sales department in decentralised system is taking so long that customer has time to change his mind? Are we talking about days or what? This nothing more than dishonest ad mixed with tech babble.


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    SAP is a heavy legacy of the past. Products are very backward. Many firms suffered huge losses from the introduction of this system. This system has a very powerful advertising campaign. And before you decide on its purchase and implementation, you need to very well examine independent sources. I would not recommend this system to anyone.

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    we have SAP and we still can't get product out the door... not sure how this helped too much but maybe it was worse before who knows! :D

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    Garbage, that it is. The day after turing invented the computer, every beginner programmer though how to organize enterprices with software. Nothing interesting here.

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    I still don't know whasSAP.

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    Production floor will not dispatch the finished goods directly to sales dept. F/G will be picked up by the inventory and then inventory will deliver the F/G to sales. Wrong flow shown here in this video

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    0 words about SAP! dislike

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    best explanation

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    Stops All Progress - SAP

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    How to downvote adds

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    This is what you came here for : 05:47 You're welcome.

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    Thank you for the very helpful video!

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    Simple and the best ... thanks for the Video

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    so what does SAP stand for?

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    Systems, Applications, & Products in Data Processing

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    What is SAP? Is it a company? And ERP is the software developed by it to manage business right?

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    i'm your new Subscriber! thank u for uploading.!

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    SAOP is the worst ERP I have ever used. Very unintuitive, very slow, full of icons that are not applicable for the user and located in places you never expect them to be.

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    it SUCKS

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    Thank you..... So much this video.

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    using navision axapta presentation (dynamics AX) for selling SAP

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    SAP sucks

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    turn around while you still can!!!!!!!

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    What is minimum eligibility for doing sap course


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    Nice 👍


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    There is no word about SAP..can u explain it

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    Really good explanation. Keep up good work. It is very helpful.

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    I love it when someone explains SAP in 10 minutes or less...goodness. This is an oversimplified overview. I would like to point out that in an SAP system, production doesn’t directly interface with vendors. There is also no shop floor execution, unless you have an MES system, which SAP doesn’t really have an offering. You can also have an ERP without production, but you will need purchasing in your overview. I’m not clear why production and shop floor are separated. There is so much more to this, that I literally am not clear where to start. Keep in mind, sales is not the only driver of demand, you do not need production in all systems, there is also controlling and profitability (finance is so much more than a bubble). I’d just wrap this in a big disclaimer bow.

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    I guess the 'decentralized sucks' argument doesn't stand anymore with blockchains... exactly a decentralized system that solves all the abovementioned problems.

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    Thank you for the explanation but your transcription is terribly in need of help.

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    Amazingly told about ERP 👍100% agree