What Is Love?


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    Thank you so so so much for this

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    Baby dont hurt me

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    What an amazing man you are!!! Bless You, so proud of you

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    Wait this guy is 51.........

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    That's her name, Pollen. Then I can fix everything after I hatch from my egg again.

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    Hotdog with Ketchup, I need Pollen.

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    Wooo thank you

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    100% true

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    Love is Endless. In Love do we live, move, and have our being. As certain also of our own poets have said, "For we are the offspring of Love.”

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    From Since I was a kid you where and still are my favorite actor! Everything that comes out of your mouth is gold! I got so much respect and admiration for you Just wish one day before I day I get the chance to meet you in person to thank you for being such an amazing Human in a world full of hatred and misery and suffering❤️ we need more people like you Thank you Will 🙏❤️

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    Love is whatever Jada tells you it is from what ive been seeing XD

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    Great question, I think they are friends.

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    Jittu krishnamoorthy an Indian..the Indian...proud of him..

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    This was so good

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    It's not supposed to make you feel uncomfortable or something but you are wrong about hippopotamuses.

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    People don't look at other people that way. Pair bonding. Inner beauty. The reason for your name is because you think that you are supposed to be a hippopotamus.

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    Pure Truth 🙏🏾 *Listen *Understand *Validate Thee greatest gift to yourself and to experience with another divine soul #awesomeawareness

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    That's a perfect name for you. Hotdog with Ketchup on Top.

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    Hotdog with Ketchup on top. Your name.

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    Early Morning shall be your servant. He gets $2 and you get $10. Hide your eggs. I don't have a name for you.

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    Please write a book with all of your wisdom!

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    This video is helping me overcome something hard in my relationship right now. Thank you for this. You are a blessing.

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    such a beautiful message

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    Shrek is love Shrek is life

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    I don wan any definition of love..for me love is Anand and Anand is love...for me love is..after getting hurt from u , after Ur pushing me ..away from you ,after knowing your circumstances and mine I'm still having strong feelings for u.im still having that feeling not to see u in hurt and sad I'm still having that feeling to see u smiling is love....if it's one sided than that's ok...I usually becomes angry on you and myself but still I could never be able to think as a SELFISH person when it comes to you that's love...I wants to see u grow, energetic as always , Prosperous and most importantly happiest person on this earth 😊love u tons....ive been considering u as my family from begging and I'll pray Ur happy and will always be...

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    I love how within all this congested and repressed society now a days we have people like you will. a speck of light that to many is becoming a shining star!

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    Will Smith, this is so deep and there is so much truth in everything you say... thank you for this.


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    I think love is that thing what most people search for love isent a contract or a tool to me love is that thing where it can bring so many friends together i say that love is nothing you cant love loving somebody is the gift that the world or god or somebody gives for us to make life love if life to me that's what I think love is

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    Its many of us who never experienced true love. And learned to live a peaceful life Not expecting to ever experienced love. But hope one day love pays them a visit.✊🏾

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    I've been married for 29 years to my BEAUTIFUL wife. Married at 15 and 18 we learned together what love is. It's not the walk on the beach as you see on tv, true love shows up when you spouse is sick in hospital for a month and your tired and worn out but still being strong because you are thier strength, cleaning up messes they make but just happy their here to make it. My wife is my Queen. God heal her.

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    One word.... powerful

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    R.I.P you were such and genuine, lovable person I can’t believe you are gone you will be missed #resteasywillandjaden 🥺😭

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    Love is such a strong connection❤

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    I think he’s on point, but my definition of love is way broader.

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    As you said, reflecting on what you may not understand is key to truly get comprehension of..