What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?


  1. Noah Johnson

    Noah Johnson2 jam yang lalu

    Bruh I thought I experienced the Mandela affect because I saw this with the fish first and then I see this with the snake so I was like ummmmmm

  2. Akira Ward

    Akira Ward3 jam yang lalu

    Poor arnold😟😟

  3. EvilAnonymous Uchiha

    EvilAnonymous Uchiha5 jam yang lalu

    Why are u doing this to Arnie.

  4. • j h i n o •

    • j h i n o •Hari Yang lalu

    Happy Tree Friends in a nutshell

  5. Game Boy

    Game BoyHari Yang lalu

    poor snakey

  6. Trenton Henderson

    Trenton HendersonHari Yang lalu

    0:23 why do they have to put a Crainer ad on Google??????


    NIKO KORWAM3 hari yang lalu

    WTF that i just watch

  8. Foxy Gamer Blade X

    Foxy Gamer Blade X3 hari yang lalu

    The woman just teleports at 0:07

  9. Kayla Mi’angle

    Kayla Mi’angle3 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: My grandma on thanksgiving:0:09

  10. Richard Emanuel

    Richard Emanuel3 hari yang lalu

    This is definitely not child propied

  11. Brett McGrigg

    Brett McGrigg4 hari yang lalu


  12. PandaMan007

    PandaMan0074 hari yang lalu

    _I don't need sleep, I need anwsers_

  13. Petruta Mirea

    Petruta Mirea5 hari yang lalu

    Tv that

  14. Potato_Gacha12

    Potato_Gacha125 hari yang lalu

    Why would you even do that?

  15. K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な

    K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な6 hari yang lalu

    I guess you could say that Arnold is a....glutton for punishment?

  16. Ruben Gonzales

    Ruben Gonzales7 hari yang lalu

    You are dead I don't know what to say but boom Arnold is dead will I mean Arnold is going to be dead in a few minutes

  17. Ruben Gonzales

    Ruben Gonzales7 hari yang lalu

    How does that even work with the big elephant

  18. Demon Cat Gaming 22

    Demon Cat Gaming 2210 hari yang lalu

    Soooo..... never eat a snake, and never touch a frog, got it

  19. DS -Share Your Pet's Stories

    DS -Share Your Pet's Stories16 hari yang lalu

    Wtf did I just watch😬

  20. Emmanuel Amponsah

    Emmanuel Amponsah18 hari yang lalu

    getting bitten by a SNAKE IS NOT BAD ENOUGH YOU HAVE TO EAT IT

  21. bombflames

    bombflames18 hari yang lalu

    I love the KISS reference in the back drop :D

  22. Tiankuo Hua

    Tiankuo Hua18 hari yang lalu

    This is how many times he confused poison with venom 👎

  23. Raymundo Romero

    Raymundo Romero22 hari yang lalu

    Poor arnold

  24. TheDarkHour_5 eyes

    TheDarkHour_5 eyes22 hari yang lalu

    It’s always a finger that dies not Arnold

  25. Scott Armstrong

    Scott Armstrong23 hari yang lalu

    Put as many in you’re butt still Arnold’s ☠️

  26. Jeanne this Is my Channel click Here

    Jeanne this Is my Channel click Here23 hari yang lalu

    The most venomous snake in the world is the sea snake

  27. Use Code Sushi And ignore my username

    Use Code Sushi And ignore my username27 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone saw the error when Arnold enters Asia?

  28. THE fACt ZoNE

    THE fACt ZoNE27 hari yang lalu

    Poor Arnold.🙄🙄😅

  29. DylandoGloyder

    DylandoGloyder28 hari yang lalu

    I liked this only because I’m a troll and 10 thousand people are offended by this for some reason. 🤷‍♂️ 😈

  30. Chickennugs Oil

    Chickennugs Oil28 hari yang lalu

    **what if u swallows the most venomous snake** So I see the table have turned

  31. Wither Skull

    Wither Skull29 hari yang lalu

    Worst Chinese food company ever

  32. Xavior FC

    Xavior FCBulan Yang lalu

    Scorpion come from

  33. A. Word

    A. WordBulan Yang lalu

    And hell

  34. A. Word

    A. WordBulan Yang lalu

    I heard him say ass

  35. Pikachuanimegirl 223

    Pikachuanimegirl 223Bulan Yang lalu

    Jesus give him a rest

  36. Asean Epic

    Asean EpicBulan Yang lalu

    0:06 *:Tp Waitress Front car*

  37. It's Abhimanyu

    It's AbhimanyuBulan Yang lalu

    Arnolds finger always gets cut

  38. Aaron and The team

    Aaron and The teamBulan Yang lalu

    Why do we need arnold to keep dying

  39. Nolan Nguyen

    Nolan NguyenBulan Yang lalu

    i saw the lady appear out of no where

  40. *gυη ѕєρтιм*

    *gυη ѕєρтιм*Bulan Yang lalu

    1:38 Thanks for watching *BYE* Me: *ight imma head out*

  41. Ondra Rypota

    Ondra RypotaBulan Yang lalu

    Onli one scorpion is dagerous

  42. Ignacio Cadriel

    Ignacio CadrielBulan Yang lalu

    Omg really this is how many times Arnold has gotten into different trouble 👎

  43. Viress Gamer

    Viress GamerBulan Yang lalu


  44. Tix87

    Tix87Bulan Yang lalu

    Arnold: Eats the most venomous snake ever "Meh" Arnold: Loses a finger "Faints"

  45. Navjot Singh

    Navjot SinghBulan Yang lalu

    arnold is life saver he is a super hero.

  46. Blue knight

    Blue knightBulan Yang lalu


  47. AGENT 27

    AGENT 27Bulan Yang lalu

    Who would win Humans that had millions of years of evolution to the near point of populating another planet or on hoppy boi

  48. HackingIsFree

    HackingIsFreeBulan Yang lalu

    Me its exotic food Me *watches this video* Me :Only objectif LEAVE

  49. ruzmaq

    ruzmaqBulan Yang lalu

    whats the venom name of frog he said ???? can anyone reply me please

  50. Eloisa Mora

    Eloisa MoraBulan Yang lalu


  51. SparkZ Aryan

    SparkZ AryanBulan Yang lalu

    Why is jelly and slogoman in the background?

  52. Multiple_ MAG, here

    Multiple_ MAG, hereBulan Yang lalu

    Why do people dislike these videos

  53. K.P. bounce

    K.P. bounceBulan Yang lalu

    Didn't even answer the question on the front of the video

  54. kOdAk CoMpAnY sUxS

    kOdAk CoMpAnY sUxSBulan Yang lalu

    Welcome to the another episode of *why the hell is this in my reccomendation - part 69*

  55. study programmingCS

    study programmingCSBulan Yang lalu

    Aren't we all Arnold from God's perspective?

  56. DablonianDavis_FK

    DablonianDavis_FKBulan Yang lalu

    Narrator: Serious side Also Narrator: Learning side

  57. Juan Carlos

    Juan CarlosBulan Yang lalu

    G E T Y O U R A S S D O W N H E R E

  58. Wholy Name

    Wholy NameBulan Yang lalu

    Being beaten up by snake or frog isn’t worse than being beaten up by mom

  59. Troy NgUyen

    Troy NgUyenBulan Yang lalu


  60. Afif Gaming

    Afif GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Me: Ok