What Hygiene Was Like For Medieval Peasants


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    What one item would you take back to Medieval Europe?

  2. enkadu007

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    Probably a ak 47

  3. Karizma Means

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    Irish spring soap

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    The Wenches!

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    Wikipedia.... So I can invent alot of stuff

  6. Evaristo Fernandez

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    Weird History Peniciline


    KIDxTRUNKSxSSJ12 jam yang lalu

    Medieval person: Gets a pimple Doctor: Bloodletting you to death thinking they have bubonic Plague

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    What about the middle east and asia?

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    I wouldn't last a day without my blow dryer...or toilet paper!

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    What if in the future, human is disgusted at us for not curing cancer? 🤔🤔🤔

  11. Night Crawler

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    Watching this makes me realize that l am belong to that medieval peasants history. 😁😅 I was born were l don't have a plastic utensils like plates and silver spoon and we used coconut shells instead and ate using our bare hands. Our laddle were made of wood and coconut shells too. Our dress were mostly made of flour sacks too including undergarments using an abaca or banana fiber.😁 We don't have a comfort room like have a nice toilet bowl too 😂 we only used a very deep hole and just covered with a piece of wood and used Toble juice made of plants were no flies and insects wanted to go near it. Insects dies if they do. 😅😁 We had a lot of hanging brown tissues too..🤣😂which is the dried banana leaves and sometimes dried mud in case. 😁😅 We do had a big swimming pool ever which is a river !! And l used to fetch water for nearly 4 hours and l need to dig myself up everytime l fetch a drinking water. I used gabon leaves to make the water fresh and ganit fiber to make it more cleaner and we'll filtered. 😂😁 I used a big bamboo as a gallon way back then too. 😁 And round wood as a wheeler. 🤣 When we catches wild pigs we don't have a fridge too but we used salt only which we made it by ourselves too. 😁 We store the meat using the salt and put it up the highest coconut trees to make it more fresher We don't use a gas stove before too, we used 3 big stones with a firewood with a pot which we made it out of a red mud from the mountain clay.🤣 And about hygen; l used guava twigs as my toothbrush with salt as a toothpaste!!! And l have a perfect teeth atm!! 😁😊 We don't have mouthwash way back then too but we used fresh coconut wine or mostly coconut vinegar without any preservatives. We used to minced and ate fresh and young guava leaves as a mouth freshener,😁 or sometimes oregano leaves but tastes ewwww.lol so l prefer guava leaves instead. And about period; 🤔 we used stitched unused clothing we don't use a twigs as a tampons. Lol😂🤣😁 we used ganit fiber which is so itchy ..so if you're on your period on my times, you can tell it the way she walks and moves. Lol Despite all of that mediaval hardship l am very proud of myself now which is l am one of the health care provider. ☺️ Living in the city we're never sleep. 😁But l miss thus days really.

  12. Canadian Villain

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    1:53 contradicts 4:22 you make the case that peasants because of the amount of work it takes to bath or clean themselves they rarely did but then at the later part say that is was common for peasants to clean themselves?

  13. Siobhan Beatrice

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    I feel so bad for those people.. we have it so good... none of us should be depressed or anxious.. they had a miserable life....

  14. enkadu007

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    The body haa ways of naturally washing itself over a period of time, but you still have to rinse off blood dirt and so forth

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    Toilet paper wasn't used in the old day.

  16. Angel Olivares

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    White people were so fucking gross. While they were thowring buckets of shit and walking through them in the streets, my people thrived in agriculture and had a waste system.

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    Their hygiene was about the same as a modern college student.

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    6:49 thought something else was going on there

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    Wow. I haven't yet looked (I just subscribed), but I'd like more videos on any and all Medieval topics.

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    Nice to see Mark Hamill in the thumbnail.

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  22. Princess flower The real gamer

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    Why didn't they just wash their bodys with lemon, and put some garlic behind their ears to keep the lice from their hair.

  23. ChocoBabiChan

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    And yet, they referred to brown people living in the bush as uncivilized heathens. At least those "heathens" were disease free and hygienic.

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    Bench with a poo hole


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    This is channel is fucking stereotype!

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    How the heck did we survive?!?

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    Medieval European peasants. Rest of the world ain't like yall filthy Europeans

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    No deodorant no thanks no dove or dial soap or shampoo no thanks.

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    That was a looong time ago with all the crap on the streets and shit in die river. (laughs in Indian)

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    Religious authorities didn’t put shame on menstruation ! Where are you getting your information From?

  31. Eli Carraway

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    It’s infuriating how the church, therefore society used to demonise menstruation. And of course, some cultures still do. Eff you, people - your very existence comes out of the menstrual cycle. You should be blessing it, not condemning women.

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    Fair enough but it does get in the way of decent sex once a month and nobody likes a moody mare either.

  33. Elaini

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    The English speaking videos often focus on the medieval Britain and whatnot, but the medieval hygiene standards were actually very different depending on the region's culture in Europe, so we can't really call the standards uniform. For example, the Vikings or Celts were often portrayed as dirty savages by their enemies or those who rewrote history in the later centuries. But in fact they were very careful about their hygiene as the archaeological evidence suggests. They were "too clean" for some cultures they encountered.

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    Off to brush my teeth.

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    People definitely weren’t having oral sex during this period.

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    Extra tangy back then......

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    Absolutely disgusting... talk about nasty... just so nasty

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    Lmaooo "uh. Whats that smell?" 🤣😂🤣

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    Pretty much like homeless people todeh

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    Made one avoid going down on someone all together.. forget about the idea of rimming.... I’m sorry... I couldn’t resist😂🤦🏻‍♂️

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    California starting to look like this!

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    It’s HERB not erb my dear friend

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    Hot water, hot water cleans very well. I haven't used soap for about 15 years and I am cleaner than most people. I also wash my Dick, balls and ass, very important.

  45. Karl Hanks

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    This seemed more like a European thing. Apparently the rest of the world were relatively MUCH more hygienic. Not saying they smelled like roses but Europe was an anomaly, even dogs and pigs are more hygienic than medieval Europeans. Aristocracy and religion seem to blame

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    Exactly. Positively gross.

  47. J K

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    There has been a push in recent years to depict the medieval period in a much softer light. "It wasn't that bad" "The Dark Ages didn't exist" "Peasants were actually pretty clean" Historical revisionism is rampant today, especially on certain IDreporter channels. Thank you for this historically-grounded video. Keep up the good work.

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    Bet the “kitty” was smelleeeee....

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    Make me want to wash my ass right now

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    1:59 "some peasents decide NOT TO WASH AT ALL" OMG EWWWWW!!!! LMAO

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    Other indegenous civilzations were. Much more advanced in cleanliness Europe the dark ages. their diseases took the natives out history says europeans took over with steel and diseases.

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    Doctor I have a small head ache Doctor release all blood from body and take all vital organs out

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    At that time, india was much more ahead in hygiene ( apart from outdoor toilets), champoo was originated there along with super cheap clothes and neem brush, coal soaps, itar (perfume-for nobels), etc and in hindu tradition person cannot enter kitchen to cook without taking a bath

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    So while washing your clothes your garments ended up more nasty than they were before??

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    Sounds like average hundreds of californian homeless person

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    Nice documentary but horrible voice.

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    Huh and they say white people are clean :P

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    Wow! First time I've been disappointed by you guys at Weird History. I've studied history and have found all your stuff functional, factual and funny..... oh you were one of my by gone lecturers..... but this time you disappoint, you have given natural therapies, my second Masters degree, a bit of a hard wrap, admittedly, administered by fools in the cases you site but guys..... come on, before chemicals reproductions were developed thatsvwhere we had and used properly with a heathly lifestyle, I am sure you will find have great potential to rise again to replace the all too common crap we put in our bodies in the last 20 life times. How about an episode about natural therapies. But beware because as in all things there are a lot of shisters out there...... Start here ...Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who knows you may learn a thing or too along the way PS How about an episode on Alvin Toflers, Future Shock? Please Keep up the good work Eric☆

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    "I have a barber/dentist appointment" SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERYBODY!!!

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    They sound like modern day indians lol.but atleast i thank the indians for inventing flush toilets .I don't know if indians benefits from their own invention but we Europeans and rest of the world clearly do have great benefits from your invention .

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    I know the women I met on Match.com were pretty Med Evil in terms of smell. Need to dip that beaver and bring your ass some soap and it’s 2019!

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    We are like bonobos. Hahahahaha

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    One day future human beings will look back to us and think how garbage our time was and be pleased to not live here :)

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    How did ANYONE SURVIVE to the modern day?

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    Barber performing the teeth removal...oh

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    I wish I could have parasites. Stupid health making my life good.

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    So your telling me people used essential oils in Medeival times to cure sickness and it didn’t work? Hmm, who does that sound like today?🤔

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    twig tampons sound like a living nightmare

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    Was that bed from skyrim?